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Hi!! Ive been on RS for a few weeks researching...

Hi!! Ive been on RS for a few weeks researching doctors and Ive finally decided to share my journey. 2 years ago I had a bbl with lipo in Mexico. My results were great but I didnt get the big butt and curvy figured that I always dreamed of. Now Im ready for Round 2!! After going back and forth in my head for a few weeks and receiving quotes from Diaz, Baez, Yily and Cabral, I decided to go with Cabral. If Duran ever decides to reply to my emails Id consider switching to her. Yes, I know about Dr. Cabral's history but I believe he can give me my dream results and I want to get it right the second time around. At first I was very nervous but after communicating with him on Whats App my mind is at ease. There are risks with any surgeon. After my first surgery I developed a seroma becuase my incisions closed up when I got home and I had a faja burn that later developed into a keloid scar. Im currently taking my vitamins and trying to gain a few more pounds to get the best possible results. Im still looking for a RH. Im considering Recovery Armonia. I haven't found any negative reviews about them. I would love to find a sx buddy!! During my first sx I stayed in a hotel room by myself after surgery. That was a horrible idea but I actually did pretty well by myself. Lol So I think Ill have an even smoother recovery if I have nurses assisting me. Im scheduled for surgery on August 28, 2014.

New Quote

Got a new quote and its cheaper!! Im so happy but Im worried that I'll get there and they'll use the original quote. I guess I just have to walk with my emails as proof and of course extra cash. Has anyone ever had any issues with a Doctor not honoring a quote?

Pre-Op & Wish Pics

Forgot to mention that the new cheaper quote is from the same doc, Dr. Cabral. I emailed him a year ago and got a cheaper price and when I booked in June 2014 I got a higher price. I emailed him and he said he would give me the price from 2013!!


Here are my pre-op pics. Im trying to gain more weight. Ive been eating like crazy but have only managed to gain 2lbs and I have 41 days left before surgery. Ugh. I think I have a lot of hidden fat. Do you guys think I have enough fat to recieve the same results as my wish pics? My wish pics are all pics of Cabral's work.

Flight & RH Booked

Booked my flight today! ! I'll be in DR 8/27/14 - 9/7/14. I also paid my deposit for the RH. I'll be staying at Real Recovery Armonia. Now all I have to do is get medical clearance from my PCP. Im a bit worried though, ever since I started taking Vitamin B Complex my skin feels like its being poked by pins and needles. I really hope there's not a problem. Im also nervous because I know Im going to get a long speech about the dangers of going to DR for surgery. I spoke to another doctor about it and I got a long speech about body dysmorphia. Ugh. Maybe if I say Im going to Florida they'll feel better about it. Lol. I guess I shouldn't lie tho bcus if anything goes wrong after surgery or if I need draining I'll be going back to see the same PCP.

Mixed Emotions

Im nervous, excited and scared. Im a ball of mixed emotions and this isn't my first time!!! This will be my 2nd round. Lol. Surgery is the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing that i think about before bed. (Im single w/ no kids. Lol) This time around im more worried about all the things that could go wrong, after reading all of the negative stories here on RS about the doctors in DR. So now Im paranoid and I swear Im feeling all kinds of aches and pains as I get closer to surgery. Lol ugh. I just cant wait to see my PCP on Friday to make sure that Im in good health.

Supply List

*****29 Days until SX!!*****

I havent bought anything yet. Here's my supply list, am I missing anything? Im most concerned with the items needed for my incisionss. After my 1st round my scars keloid, so this time around I want to prevent that from happening. I plan on going to my dermatologist after surgery (after the 1st surgery I received steroid injections to flatten the keloid) but while Im in DR I want to make sure that Im taking care of my incisions properly. If you ladies have any suggestions let me know. Thanks for your help ladies.

Supply List:

Baby wipes 
Disinfectant wipes 
Antibacterial Soap
Stool Softeners
Compression Socks 
Arnica gel 
Arnica tablets 
Female urinal 

Wound care items:
Alcohol prep pads
Sterile gauze
Steri strips
Medical tape
Bacitracin ointment

Maxi Dresses
Mens undershirts
Flip flops
Tooth paste
Shower cap
Shower shoes


I hate typos. Lol

Realistic Wish Pisc?

So....Im up looking at butts lol and I was wonderingggggg. Are my wish pics realistic? I really dont know if I'll be able to get the body that I want because of my build. Im tall and most ladies with great results are usually short and petite.

My measurements are currently
Bust: 42
Waist: 32
Hips: 42
Height: 5'11
Weight: 175lbs

Ive gained 5lbs so far but I really dont want to gain any more weight because I usually gain weight in my face. Yuck. Are my pics realistic?

PCP Visit

I got my lab results back and Ive been cleared for surgery!!! hemoglobin is 11.5 :(
Im 23 days away from surgery, so my doc thinks thats enough time to get my blood count up. Im going to double my dosage of iron pills and get some Geritol. My doctor also doesn't think I have enough fat to get a bigger butt *sigh* I really dont want to gain anymore weight. I want to be slim with a big butt!

Increase Hemoglobin

So...I have exactly three weeks left to increase my hemoglobin!!! Im currently at 11.5 and I spoke to Cabral and he said it has to be a 12, soo the race is on!! I'll continue to take 325mg of Iron per day along with Geritol.

I visited my local natural health food store and they recommended:
-Beet powder
-Maca Root
-Chlorella Powder
-2 shots of fresh wheat grass DAILY

I'll be mixing the powders with water and drinking it everyday. I did some research and they all aid in boosting your hemoglobin levels.
I'll also be adding lentils, spinach and liver to my diet. I made a huge pot of lentil soup today and it was so delicious!! So I'll be having lentil soup daily as a meal. Im also looking for the hemoglobin tea to purchase online. Do you ladies have any other suggestions?

My HEMO is 13!!!!

Just got back my lab results and my hemo went up from 11.5 to 13!!!! My last labs were on 7/31, so I got it up in two weeks! Now I can finally breathe again. I was so stressed out about having to possibly postpone my surgery. I do think I overdosed on iron tho. For the past three days I've been experiencing chest pain so ladies dont do what I did! I thought I was having a heart attack! I went to the doc yesterday and he said its nothing to be worried about and its probably just gas and told me to take tums. So im going to hold off on taking any more iron until the chest pain goes away. Ill check my hemo again before I leave for DR.

Total Cost $$ & RH Update

So I decided to switch recovery houses. I decided to go to Real Recovery instead of Recovery Armonia after reading some recent reviews on RS. It actually turns out to be cheaper and the overnight nurse and airport transportation is included in the quote and their massages are $13US. It sucks that I lost my $100 deposit with Armonia. Does anyone want my deposit for $50? Lol

Here's the breakdown of my total cost. I only budgeted for one new faja because I have two old stage one garments that I might walk with. Im walking with $800 extra. Do I need to convert some cash to Pesos? If so, how much? I dont plan on going shopping or site seeing.


SX: $3200
Consult: 185
Faja: 120
Meds: 230
Flight: 360
RH: 750
Massages: 130

Extra $$: 800
TOTAL: $5775

Surgery Tommorow

I made it to DR. Got in around 11am.. Im staying at Real Recovery and everyone here is friendly. They actually sent someone with me to Cipla for my consult today. I was greatful because my Spanish is rusty and most dont seem to speak English. I finally got to see Cabral around 7pm this evening for my consult. I did my labs, (my hemo went from 13 to 12.6) my EKG and paid for my surgery. Cipla is very nice, nicer than I expected and his assistant Maria is so nice! She made me feel so comfortable! I guess after a long day of using my translator app it was nice speaking to someone who understood me. After speaking to Cabral Im even more confident about choosing him as my surgeon. Im actually excited about tommorow. He said hes going to make my body beauitful! Lol I could hear the excitement in his voice. Lol He also suggested I do inner thigh lipo to get more fat. Which is $300 extra and he honored my quote of $3200 so that brought my total to $3500. Im going into the clinic for 7am tommorow. I'll see you ladies on the other side!


I made it ladies. I was Cabral's first patient this morning. Ill update when im feeling better. Thanks for the well wishes and prayers.

SX Day

Hi ladies. I just wanted to share my surgery experience. I went in for my surgery at 8am on Thursday. I was Dr. Cabral's first patient of the day. I went up to his office, paid for my meds and faja and then went to my room to change into my gown. By 8:30 they had given me the blue pill and then I was being wheeled into the operating room. During the surgery I woke up for what felt like a minute or two and I could feel them lipo-ing my back. It wasnt painful, just very uncomfortable and I waved my head side to side to let them know I was up. Shortly after I fell back to sleep. I then woke up in the recovery area with two other girls. It was so cold when I woke up, my teeth were chattering, my butt and hips felt like someone had strapped weights to my lower body and I was laying  on my back. I kept asking if I could lay on my stomach but they said no. After an hour or so they took me back to my room. Waiting for me was my overnight nurse, during my entire stay at the clinic she never left my side. I couldn't imagine being in my room by myself. Ladies if your going to Cipla you NEED an overnight nurse or better yet travel with a loved one so they can fight your translation battles for you. I dont know what I would have done if I didnt have the Translator App on my phone.   When I got back to the room I messaged Cabral on whats app to ask if I could sleep on my stomach bcus I was worried about my butt deflating. Lol Ten minutes later he showed up to explain to me that I had to stay on my back.  I needed to hear it from Cabral himself.

That night I only slept for about three hours bcus I was so uncomfortable. The next day the nurses came to check my blood and they told me my hemo had dropped to 6.9 and I would need a blood transfusion. I was so scared but I agreed to it because Ive heard horror stories of women dying after refusing to get the transfusion. I didnt recieve the blood until around 6pm, after that they cleaned me up and put me into my faja and I left for the recovery house. 

Last night was another sleepless night because I kept having to get up to pee. Every time I woke up the nurse assisted me. They have been such a great help here.  I got to see my body today. My butt looks big but so does my stomach and hips. Lol im just swollen all over. Even my face is swollen. Posting pics at this point is pointless because I look big all over. When the swelling goes down I'll update with pics.

Swell Hell

Today Im 6 days post op and Im still very swollen. Ive had 5 massages so far and haves been drained 3 times with a needle to remove fluid under the skin on the front of the stomach. As the days go by Im not getting any smaller. I spoke to the Doctor and he said I had lots of scar tissue from my previous lipo two years ago so, im guessing thats why I have excessive inflamation. I also found out that he put 1400cc's on each side. Dont let my pre-op pics fool you. Cabral said I had lots of fat. I really hope he was exaggerating about 1400cc's lol. My butt looks really big now and with a smaller waist its only going to look bigger. Im not sure if Im ready for all this ass! I look like a pregnant woman with a big ass. When I walk I look like I have a tail. Lol I fly home in 4 days and Im praying that the swelling goes down. Some of the food has been very salty so I was thinking on asking them for only fruits, salad, oatmeal and juices for the next four days. Oh I forgot to add that my period came 3 days after surgery and I always have issues with Bloating during my period. So, I guess my excessive swelling is a combination of things. Do you ladies have any suggestions? I didnt want to post until I looked better but I thought ill let you ladies see what Im talking about. *sigh* Whenever I see post op pics its of tiny waists and big boots....what happened to my tiny waist?! Lol

Depressed & Venting

Im so depressed. I keep crying. Everyone around me thats recovering looks great. Every post op picture that Ive seen on RS looks great and they all experiencing the same swelling. So, why do I look like crap? I know its early, but post op you usually see a glimpse of ur new figure right after. I guess Im just emotionally overwhlemed right now. Everyone keeps telling me its normal but why am I the only person that looks likes this?! My waists measures 37 inches right now. I look pregnant. I look like I went into surgery overweight. I dont even look like I've had surgery. After my first surgery I could see the difference in my waistline and an hourglass shape even with the swelling. I guess Ill just stay out of the mirror and off of RS. I just cant wait to get back home so I can be miserable in the comfort of my own home.


Hi ya'll

Its been a minute. I was depressed after surgery but Im in a better place now. Now Im just waiting for the swelling to go down. Everyone says my butt is huge but I think its just okay. Lol I know I have to give it some more time. I was going to wait a little longer to post pics but what the heck. Lol I hate when ppl disapppear after there surgery and never come back to update. However now I do understand why. Lol im still very swollen and very lumpy. My waist is only 31', pre-Op was 32' so I know its going to go down. Im absolutely loving my hips. I can see my booty from the front. Lol. Do you guys know any good sites where I can purchase a butt out stage 2 garment? I have a butt in stage 2 garment but I want to free my booty and let it grow. Lol

Real Recovery Review

Hey guys, so I never wrote a review on my experience at Real Recovery aka Tropical Deluxe not to be confused with Real Recovery Armonia. They really need to change their name because so many confused them with Armonia. I had an awesome stay at Real Recovery. It was like staying with family. The apartment was cleaned daily and our rooms would be cleaned every single day and beds made if we stepped out of the room for more than ten minutes. The rooms were very comfortable; all the rooms had AC and a ceiling fan with a flat screen TV and cable. The RH was actually a three bedroom apartment on the 6th floor that can accommodate a total of 8 girls at a time. Two rooms shared a bathroom, which I was a little concerned about, but it wasn’t a problem because they cleaned the bathroom every single day. That might be the only negative about staying there if you’re the type that needs your own space. I hate rooming with anyone but I was actually happy that I got a double room because I would have been bored out of my mind by myself. The staff was super friendly and even though they didn’t speak much English we had no problem communicating using the translator app. Every day the cook would come in and find out what we wanted for breakfast and let us know what she was preparing for lunch and dinner. The staff made sure that we took our medication on time every day, they would even wake us up in the night to take our meds and no matter what time you got up in the middle of the night you could wake the nurse to assist you. Our fajas and other laundry were washed every day free of charge. We were also not charged extra for our post op doctor visits. Oh and the driver, Fernando always had Wi-Fi available in his vehicle.  We found out there was a grocery store and bank three blocks away and requested to go there twice and Ruth the owner took us in her personal vehicle each time, free of charge.  When you go for your pre-op and post op visits they send someone from the RH with you, which is a great help because not much of the staff speaks English at CIPLA. When I came out of surgery there was someone from the RH waiting in my room and she never left my side that night; every time she heard me move she was there at my side checking on me. I don’t know what I would have done without her. If would definitely recommend Real Recovery to anyone, the staff is friendly, the place is clean and its affordable.

5 months post op

Hey Ladies
Just wanted to give you guys an update and share pics. Im happy with my results my butt is still at 44-45 inches if its a good day. My waist is still at 29 inches. I had a lot of scar tissue from my first surgery before Cabral so Im still getting massages to try and break down the old scar tissue. I believe once I do my stomach will be flatter. Im still very swollen and have to wear my garment everyday and I feel like there's still fluid. I cant wait for the swelling phase to be over. Oh and I still have some back fat. Ugh. Thats it for now. Good luck on your journery future dolls!
Dr. Hector Cabral

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