British Baby...BBL & TT Dr Baze Yes Please - Dominican Republic

Well I am starting from beginning, so need to do...

Well I am starting from beginning, so need to do everything, just payed deposit which the lady's at the bank took all year.... lol but dun. Email my copy of receipt..
Hoping for the 19th of October need to find a RH now... any help with anything from you dolls is a MASSIVE HELP.????
Before I forget talk to your dr.(GP) it made me feel all the better about my decision. I'm 33 with 2 kids baby 8mth. And I wanted to know if was in good health.
As my last labour was hard and had to receive blood,
Made me think of all those donors.... if your are one thank you. You save lives.xx

The 3 most important people to talk to

There are 3 people who you should be telling what you plan to do.... in no order.

1: YOUR Dr . GP.
I decided to go and sit down with my dr, 1st I needed to check my bloods, and 2nd he knows your health better than you do.
I decided to get straight to the point.I was nervous about the 1000 of questions like why.
To my surprise the 1st thing he said is you are not the 1st and won't be the last... instant stress realise.
As we sat and he grew more interested in RS. And how us ladies obtain information on our doctors. He made sure I had all the test i needed and what he thought would be helpful.


Most of us are afraid of disapproval.
But if you think you are ready they will understand. Just make sure you let them know you have research your dr and even show them the site (RS)
It's important for your mental.

3: YOUR HUSBAND/ WIFE.(partner)

By know I'm sure you have discussed it. And most likely are being supported.
IF you don't have a partner tell your good friend who you know is a TRUE FRIEND.

Starting some gentle Iron

So I did my bloods... and as I wait for the results I thought, why not start some Harmyoglobin building.. so I asked my chemist and he recommended this..
As anyone tried or using it?
It seems to have all Dr Baze recommended.
Folic acid,vitB12 and iron.

Recovery house...PLEASE.. :(

Please Dolls help! don't know where to start! I have under 2mth to go and the last thing I want is to settle .
I don't want to compromise on my recovery,
But not trying to get taken for a ride, herd these places try to squeeze ever penny out of you.
I whatsapp Real recovery
#849 205 -2018
$65 a night $20 massages..
But just feel like I need to check out other places.. this is driving me crazy..
Any help....?

Disappointed in Dr' Team.

So. I have payed my deposit and was hoping for some sort of following up from the person I spoke to view email,
But I am the one constantly emailing them.
Starting to think twice about this. :(

I still have not received any info about when I should be trying to get into the country, what I should be doing now, would have liked a list of what we should be doing or bringing.
If it was not for the Dolls who post all this info on here. We would be lost.we should not have to be reading through 100s of review for basic information, that we should be told.
This a major surgery, not a dam hair cut. Pissed as hell with the service so far...

Rant over... SMDA

OMG. Flight Booked

so i have just booked my flight, £1075.00 with IBERIA, i know its a... lot, but its because its 1st class back, cant do 8+ hr on that new Ass, going vi Madrid,
its all soaking in now its a lot of money, so i got a rush of excitement.. yeah! (clasping hands)
omg this is so going down, feel like i have put some wight on thinking o it will go to my Ass, but now im think i will get on slimmimgworld and shift a bit, just want to be healthy,
where are my ladies at man, anyone from the UK doing/thinking about this?

To Do To Buy LIST!

A list of what to buy and what might be a good idea.x

i just copped the list as i will be using it, and i know you might be needing it too, xx

Schedule Labs (if they're not done by surgeon)
Schedule lymphatic massages for after the surgery (if your surgeon doesn't provide)

Female urinal (won't be able to sit after surgery)
Bleach spray & baby wipes to clean yourself until you can shower again
Anti-bacterial soap to clean your incisions
Neosporin for drain sites after they're removed
Alcohol pads to make the area sterile before taking your Heparin shots (to prevent blood clots)
Q-Tips to clean around incision sites
Gauze pads & medical tape to redress drain tubes
Camisoles/tank-tops to wear under garment to avoid skin irritation
Maxi dress or something loose fitting that's easy to slip on and off after surgery
Easy slip-on shoes (so you don't have to bend over and tie them)
Compression stockings to help prevent pulmonary embolism
Compression Sleeve (only if you're getting arm Lipo)
A big pair of panties in case that time of the month arrives
Boppy pillow to protect your booty after surgery
Faja or compression garment
Epifoam or board/foam
Arnica tablets to help with bruising and swelling
Stool softener/laxatives
Pre-op vitamins and post-op protein shakes to help repair body

Nice-to-Haves (But Not Absolutely Necessary)
Suction hooks to hold up drains while showering
Sugar scrub (sugar and olive oil) for your pre-surgery shower
Body scrubber to help reach an itch
Hand lotion
Firming lotion
Empty bottle to put syringes in
Socks to put over compression stockings
Old towels/linens/shower curtain to keep from staining new linens
Neck/body pillows
Chux Pads
Pills organizer
Mederma Cocoa Butter (for scars)
Chapstick/Vasaline, something to keep your lips from getting dry
Band-Aids to cover incisions
A good camera to document your journey
Folding chair to assist going to the bathroom (cut out the bottom of the chair and position it over the toilet)
Yoga mat to place behind knees

If You're Traveling, Don't Forget:
Body wash and baby wipes
Fill doctor prescriptions before leaving
Protein powder shakes, fruits and veggies
Reusable tote/bag to carry stuff in
Ponytail holders
A good camera to document your journey/any electronics you'll need
Shaker cup if you're bringing protein shakes

Omg less than a mth

UK to DR Baze in less than a mth, so today I decided to book with Real was really easy. And they are quick to response. Well everyone I tried was to be fair. Why I chose them!
PRICE of course I need a private room and there price was right. I'm a light sleeper, like very light.
The street lights come on i wake up. Lol

Anyway yea I was thinking about Princess as they provide a lot of the stuff you need like
, transportation Airport And doctors appoiments, WiFi, cable , private bath, 3 meals daily, 1 snacks, laundry, nursery care 24/7,Ac, hot water, cameras. Massages Here $25 us. Suplies as chux, alcohol, Medical taipe, gatore, gloves, & gauze.
Double room: 85 dollars
Triple room: 75 dollars
Private 95 us
the price is 65 us per night
include 3 food
2 snack
nurse 24
massages is 20 per 1
85 us private room.
So it boil down to price....
As I am typing i am wondering if Princess will give a better price if I ask.....
Will try.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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