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Hi ladies, I'm sooo ready to begin this journey to...

Hi ladies,
I'm sooo ready to begin this journey to a better me. I'm 26 years old and I have never experienced anything outside of Texas living and pretty much a home body outside of working. I'm finally ready to make a change with my life and for starters with this body that I have. I will be 27 this year and I just want to feel and look 27. I am comfortable in the skin I'm in but I would like to enhance myself and get to my old weight and younger self I was in my early 20's. I gained weight and just can't take it on my body any more. The aches and the pains on my body should not be occurring for me at my age so I am making the necessary changes now to reverse to my old self. I'm working out 4-5 days a week and eating healthier and getting myself ready seeing how I want to lose 60 pounds prior to my surgery. My weight falls off pretty quick I just have to stay positive and committed to my goals. With that being said I'll get to the important parts. I'm getting lipo, liposculpture, and bbl with Dr. Edgar Contreras in the DR. I feel he is going to give me the body I will be happy with at the end of the day. I debated between him and Yily for a while and came to the conclusion I would choose him. I've heard the stories and read the articles but im convinced he's gonna give me the body goals that I dream of. My wish pics are Alyssa sorto and Bernice. I chose these two women do to similarities in body frames with mine. They both have long abdomen/torso areas which I have as well plus I have large breast already so I figured it may reflect the same after surgery. And as far as the hips and behind for these ladies. I'm looking for a little less but as full as these too. I want to look as natural as possible. I'm scheduled for Sept 20th this year. I've waited and missed out on so much in my life for so long I'm ready to take this step to the bootyful side.

Patiently waiting...

Everything that can go wrong is going wrong. I'm managing to keep a
positive outlook at everything at the end of the day. I have so much excitement for this procedure I don't want any negative thoughts to ruin it. I gonna get back in the gym today so I can melt away some of this cake I had for my birthday yesterday lol. On another note I might have to push my surgery back to October 27th due to issues at work for not having coverage for my days requested and my fear of not losing the weight in time. I have faith tho so I won't give up

Back on track

Alrighty! I had to switch my date to 10/27 but that's just fine. Gave me more time to get things in definite place at home and work for when the big day comes. My suitcase is basically packed and ready to go. Today I ordered the last few things I would need for my sx such as my urinal, those arnica tabs, I got a neck pillow for the flight I want to be at as much ease and comfort possible, got a hand held fan just in case it gets too hot for me (I sweat a lot) and I ordered compression socks. All on eBay for $20.44 Not a bad deal at all. It's getting closer and closer to the big day I'm so excited it's all I can think about. I'm working on my weight loss prior to surgery it's a big struggle but I'm staying focused and positive for the big day. I have great things goin on in my life as a business owner now and I'm in a very happy place. Contreras Doll Coming sooner than later

Weighing my options...

I have been trying to get information from everywhere regarding recent surgeries or news regarding my dr. Unfortunately nothing come up which leads me to insecurities with Contreras. Maybe I will have to dig a bit harder for some info. But as of now I have looked for new Dr's and have gotten new quotes. I'm really leaning towards Yily who was my all time first choice or Mallol. Mallol might be the man for me. They Both gave me responses in less than 24hrs and answered all my questions the same day I sent them. I haven't heard from Contreras in weeks after emailing him some questions and concerns. Also I'm ready to book my ticket and recovery stay but I need to be for sure and no last min planning. I have my supplies and everything I need I just need assurance from a Dr.

So Contreras finally hit me bakc

After I made my decision to switch docs Contreras has finally risen! I'm still skeptical cause he emailed me back but did not answer any of my questions. He just said " your date is confirmed" . (Lol) it's not funny but what does that mean? does mean bring yo butt on to the DR so I can bless you cause I got you. Or does it mean you gettin on my nerves with all these questions. Whichever I'm still on the back burner with my decisions. I want good results and I'm not sure what to do
Dr. Edgar Contreras

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