BBL+liposuction+ Breast Augmentation + Vaginal Rejuvination. Soon Tobe Dra. Baez Doll!:) - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi guys! I inquired with 3 different drs. Dra yily...

Hi guys! I inquired with 3 different drs. Dra yily quoted me at 6,900 dra. Duran at $6,700 and dra baez at $5,000. I chose dra baez, not only because she does an awesome job but also because she only does 1 surgery a day and she's not over-worked. She gave me the august 29 date even though she's not suppose to do surgery on that date. I'm very excited!

I didnt choose dra yily because everytime i ask her for a price. It increases every single time. And she's not consistent on the pricing. I know she's the master of sculpting. But i would rather have someone whowould remember me and could actually accommodate all my questions. :)

Dra. Duran in the other hand is very sweet as well. She actually accommodated me. But i really need vaginal rejuvination. And i cant reach her price. I only have a month to save girls. Hehe.. :)

Personal info.

Height: 5'2
Weight: 125lbs
Age: 20s

I told dra baez i dont want them to inject fat on my hips. I dont want BIIIIIiGGGG asssssss! I want a fuller ass. :) and for my breast. I am only aiming for a full B. probably around 225cc each breast. I dont want anything too big. I just want everything to be proportioned on my height weight and looks. I like everything to look as natural as possible. Hehehehe. As for my vaginal rejuvination, i asked her to in ject fat on my labia majora and fix my ugly labia minora to make it look younger. If you guys have suggestion for private parts lightening creams, etc. please let me know :)

I know its a lot of operation. But i know, after this, all the pain is gonna be worth it and i'll be a more confident and happy woman. :)

Purchased meds andnother stuff needed for surgery! :)

Purchased meds andnother stuff needed for surgery :)
Vitamedica arnica montana 30x
Vitamedica bromelain
Water pills
Iron with ferrous sulfate
Vitamin C
Caltrate multivitamins women under 50

boiron arnica cream
Lioton heparin cream
Mederma scar treatment (once a day)
Eucerin intensive healing lotion
Liquid bandage (water proof)

Black 2xs VEDETTE shapewear open bottom, mid-thigh post op garment
Sanitized wipes
Surgical Gloves
Maxi pads
Boppy pillow (leachco cuddle-u)
Silicone strip

I was thinking if will need the following:
Descansa breast pillow

What do you think girls? Am i missing something besides the clothes, shampoo and other hygeine stuff?

So far, a my expenses for this surgery are as folllows:
Delta airlines plane ticket ($580)
$250 for purchased items for surgery

What recovery house do you girls suggest? :)


I forgot to put on.

Dulcolax stool softener :)

It was advised that you take arnica and bromelain 1 week before and 10 days after surgery so you wont swell and bruise much. Waterpills is for balancing the water distribution thus making you not swell for long. Mederma is for scar removal while the dulcolax will help soften the stool becaisenits very hard to poop specially on the first few days after surgery.

I chose vedette open bottom because you dontbhave to remove it anymore if you need to go to the restroom. And it has a hole for the butt and its seamless. :) it wont leave marks. Hehe. :p but i also purchased lipopads for tighter compression and lessen the marks.

Will be leaving for dominican republic tomorrow! :)

Hello guys! I have A lot of update for you :)

I will not do vaginal rejuvination anymore. So the total amount for BA, liposculpture (whole back, waist, arms, inner thigh, abdomen) and brazilian butt lift is $3,900.

I already sent dra. Baez my full payment via wire transfer. :)

Instructions: the details they will need for the wire transfer are as follows:

- bank name
-name of the recipient
-account number
- swift code
- state where the bank is located

I dont owe dra baez anything anymore. All i need to bring is the balance for the recovery house, massage and extra expenses.

Recovery house:

I chose Yasmin's recovery house. They are worth 55/night.

Rate: =>US 45.00* for a share room with AC.
=> US 55.00 for a single private room with AC.


It includes;
=>transportation*, ( from and to Airport and all the doc's office ONLY) A pharmacy will be delivering the medicines.
=>Nurse Visit, Two times per day- check up, and clean up-
=>Three meals; with either; juice, soda or milk.== You must bring snacks, if you eat a lot- Only the three meals will be provided. (Please be aware that the Dominican custom is to have a big meal for lunch, BK and Dinner are light meals)
=>You will be ask a us 100.00 deposit,(if not paying through Airbnb) and the remaining of the balance must be pay at your arrival in CASH!.... (Please be advise I do not take Credit Card, and will not accept PayPal payment.)
=>Be aware that before we reserve you a room, you must read some Rules and agree to them.
=>An additional US 35.00 will be charge IF you require someone to stay with you the whole night at the clinic.
=> => The night of the Surgery, will not be charge, if and only if you come from the Airport (5am -7am) directly to the Clinic. If that is not the case you will be require to pay for all your nights. (Its like going to a Hotel and paying for a week and then requesting the hotel to give you your money back for the night that you slept out with a friend! it doesnt happens)
=> Cable tv
=> You must be a minimum of 8 days for airport transportation to be free. If staying less, a fee of us 70.00 will be charge for both trips.
=> => We are only 10 mts from CIPLA and other Clinics in the city, (Depending on traffic)

I will stay there from august 30- september 4. Hee is my computation:

Its 5 nights @ 55 = 275.00 +60 transportation bec you are only staying 5 nights, its a Total of US 335.00

I already sent my downpayment of $50 through paypal


Absorbent Underpad ( for bed protection)
Short waist apron ( to hold my drains ;p)
Urinal (P Ez)
Lipo foam

Heavy protection adult disposable underwear/ diaper
Lots of wet wipes
Antibacterial wipes
Surgical gloves
Gauze pads
Waterproof surgical tape for the incisions
Hibiclens ( anticeptic, antimicrobial skin cleanser)

Arnicare arnica gel (bruising, swelling, muscle pain and stiffness)
Diaper rash ointment
Anti-itch cream
Mederma advance scar gel (remove scar)
Bacitracin ( antibiotic, prevents infection on wound, etc)
Heparin (prevents clots and removes bruises)

Oral meds and vitamins:
Bromelain with quercetin ( reduce swelling. Take 3 days before surgery for 7 days. 2 capsules, 3 times a day)
Arnica montana 30x hpus ( reduce sweeling, bruising and pain- 3 tablets, 3 times a day)
Vitamins c with rosehip
Water pills
Dulcolax ( stools softener)
Pain reliever pm ( with sleeping aid)

Sports bra front hook
Comfy sports bra
1 comfy denim shorts
1 pajama
1 towel
3 small towels
2 smooth small towels
Vedette open bottom 2xs compression garment
3 underwear
1 shorts

Shampoo & conditioner
Body oil( for massage)

Nutritional shake ( if i lose my appetite) - 6
Boppy pillow ( very important)

Reciept from BofA for wire transfer ( prrof that i already paid dra baez :) )
Green card
State ID
Ticket receipt
Money for recovery house
Money for massage


English spanish Translator
Currency exchange
Magic jack
Google map

Contact info:

Dra baez
Telephone: 809-689-9342
Mobile Phone: 809-890-8143
Bolivar avenue 208, Suite 405, Instituto de cirugia especializada, santo domingo, Dominican Republic

Leopoldo Navarro #73, Don Bosco
Contact #: 809-916-3543/809-685-4812

Please feel free to ask questions :)


Dont forget the following:

Ponytail ( you dont want your hair hanging around)
Plastic bag ( for dirty clothes)
Packaging tape
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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