BBL W/arms Included 32 Yr Old 5'9" 196.5 Lbs

I haven't yet booked the procedure. I have been...

I haven't yet booked the procedure. I have been reading a lot of reviews and trying to decide if I will go local or DR/Miami. This is a review of the consultation process, and will be updated with more information if I decide to book.

I emailed for a consultation based on some of the results that I saw from other RS users: (Doll4lif, Msjimmi3, JayJay137, aNewHer). However, after reading some reviews from people who got infections, I'm leaning toward not going to DR. The most informative review I have read here is BEY1115. However, other good ones: (MzBrowneyes, BellaCP).

The response was quick to my inquiry.

BBL W/arm Lipo Included 32 Yr Old 5'9" 196 Lbs

I haven't yet booked the procedure. I have been reading a lot of reviews and trying to decide if I will go local or DR/Miami. This is a review of the consultation process, and will be updated with more information if I decide to book. I just finished my consultation today, and will be very detailed to help me keep track for my final decision-making, and to hopefully be helpful to others as well.

Set up for the consultation was easy. I can't remember if they contacted me from a realself inquiry or if I called the main office line, but there was no wait time. I spoke to Kat, the office manager. She was extremely nice and easy to talk to. She set me up with an appointment and sent me information about the office and forms via email.  Parking at the office is very easy. The consultation, pre-op, surgery, and post-op takes place in the same facility. It is not obvious from the street that this a plastic surgery office. It is only when you enter the courtyard that you notice all of the offices are for other plastic surgeons and/or the surgery room. You enter the building through the courtyard after parking in the lot behind the building. I liked the privacy this created. The grounds (courtyard area, etc.) are very well kept. At my consultation the Dr. informed me that they have been doing cosmetic procedures in the facility exclusively and for 25 years with no complications (I may have gotten the number wrong...forgive me if so). When I walked into Dr. Vistnes's office I was immediately greeted by a woman named Jerry. She was really nice and welcoming. The office is very neat, clean, well decorated, and smelled nice. I love it when a place has a pleasant smell. :-) I felt very comfortable in the office and in the waiting room. After completing my forms I was able to see the Dr. immediately in his office.  Dr. Vistnes began with asking me questions about my medical history, the type of procedure I was interested in, and what my goals were. I told him what my goals were, and he discussed the options available to me (more on that later). Dr. Vistnes was very knowledgable and patient when explaining the procedure and options. He asked several times if I had questions, and spent considerable time answering all of my questions fully. Based on the initial consultation, I feel very confident in the Dr.'s recommendations and abilities. After meeting with him in the office, I went to an exam room and changed into a gown so that he could give me more specific information about the procedure. During this exam, Jerry was also in the room. He asked me what my area of most concern was, and generally examined the other areas that I wanted to receive lipo and fat grafting. I felt comfortable during the exam, and informed about what the procedure would entail and the results I could expect.  The "skinny" on the procedure: Dr. Vistnes told me that he could remove up to 6 liters of fat, which is the equivalent of approximately 12-13 pounds. However, because the removal of fat through liposuction is targeted to particular areas, the impact is 3 times what you would get from losing a similar amount of weight equally distributed throughout your body. I don't know if I'm explaining this as well as he did, but it made sense to me at the time.  Because I told him that I'm also interested in continuing to lose more weight through diet and exercise, he said he'd also prescribe appetite suppressants after the procedure. With the combination of the procedure, diet, exercise, and appetite suppressants, I got the impression that I could potentially reach my goal weight/shape within 6 months. My goal weight is between 130 and 160 lbs. I know that is a big range, but a lot of it is based on what my shape will be after getting fat grafting and lipo. I'm more concerned with having a flatter tummy, smooth back and bra strap areas, and toned arms. Whatever the scale says, that's not as important as how I look and feel.  He recommended traditional lipo to harvest fat for the grafting process. He also recommended laser or ultrasound assisted lipo for the remainder of the lipo procedure. The benefit of LAL or UAL is that the recovery process is shorter, there is less bruising, and a skin tightening effect. He felt confident that he would be able to harvest a sufficient amount of fat from my flanks and abdomen to give me a desirable result on my buttocks. He also stated that my skin elasticity was good and that I the amount of fat that would be needed to remove from my torso and arms would not exceed the maximum amount allowed for the single procedure. (I was concerned that adding arm lipo would mean that I wouldn't be able to get the desired effect from the torso lipo).  My goal was to add more volume to the center of my butt and hip area to create an hourglass shape. I was confident after the consultation that the Dr. understood this goal and would be able to effectively do this for me. He recommended general anesthesia for the procedure, and said that it would take approximately 4 hours. The anesthesiologists are from Stanford and charge separately for their work. The cost breakdown: Surgeon fee: $6500 for lipo of the abdomen, waist, flank, lower back, brastrap and arms, fat grafting to the buttocks Garment: $95 Credit card surcharge (not applicable to me as I will pay by check): $195 Facility fee: $3061  Anesthesiologist doctor fee (for general anesthesia): $1273 Overall, I was very impressed with my visit. If I decide to book with this Dr. I will come back to write another review and include photos.

BBL with Lipo of Abdomen, Flanks, Back, and Arms 32 Yr Old 5'9" 196 Lbs

I haven't yet booked the procedure. I have been reading a lot of reviews and trying to decide where to get this procedure. This is a review of the consultation process, and will be updated with more information if I decide to book. Also, please note that this review will be as much a comparison of my experience with other local plastic surgeons as it is a review of this particular practice.

Set up for the consultation was easy. I called the main office line, and there was very little no wait time. This office differs from every other places I've considered because they charge a $50 consultation fee. Parking at the office is easy but crowded/cramped. There is a security guard standing near the door of the parking lot, but you don't have to check in when you walk in. I suppose he's just there the cars? As I stated, the consultation takes place in a nondescript professional building in downtown Stockton. I've actually never been to Stockton and know very little about it outside of the recent news about the mayor being arrested for alleged impropriety with at-risk youth. On my trip out there I discovered that this place is far from the bay area. I don't know what made me think it was local (I honestly should have googled this before the appointment day), but the travel for me was 2 hours there and 1.5 hours back. During rush hour, I imagine it would be considerably more. There were a lot of people milling about around and in the building-- adults and children. I noticed that the building housed an eye clinic and a children's clinic, but other than that I couldn't tell what else was in there. Compared to the place I visited in Palo Alto, this clinic location is not nearly as private, and I was not particularly impressed with the building itself (it was dark and dingy and the elevators seemed like they were 100 years old) but the inside of the Dr.'s office was nicer than the building itself. The woman at the front desk was very nice and greeted me right away. Still, when I compare this experience to that of my first consultation, I much prefer the first. I arrived on time to my appointment but I didn't see the Dr. until about 20 minutes later. Some of that time was filling out forms, but most of it was just sitting in the waiting room and then the exam room. By the way, the forms ask for your social security number. I have a somewhat irrational bias against business that ask for SSNs for no reason whatsoever. Another random annoyance--when I was directed to an exam room, the woman at the front desk took a photo of me (fully clothed just my face). I think she said it was for information purposes, but again, what is that all about? I was too flustered when the camera came out to say anything but had I been quicker on my feet I would have declined. They also include a standard waiver about the use of your photographs in the forms which I did not sign. When Dr. Kludt came into the room I was a little surprised by how young he looked. I almost asked his age and skincare routine, but I didn't want to be rude ;-). He began by asking what I was there for, I explained the procedure I wanted, and he went over what to expect. Because I had done quite a bit of research prior to meeting with him, I didn't have a lot of questions. He made one comment that got a bit of a side eye (well internal side eye)...something along the lines of we don't do or you don't want some kind of enormous butt. Well sir, maybe I do want an enormous butt. Why the judgment? All kidding aside, I don't know if his standard of enormous is the same as my own, and I probably should have followed up to get a better idea about that, but I didn't because at that point I was pretty certain I'd be going with another surgeon. Nothing against Dr. Kludt personally, from the limited interaction we had I do think that he would be able to perform this operation well and he is certainly the most affordable option based on my limited research. However, money is not an issue for me and I simply don't want to travel so far for this procedure. Also I was more impressed with the facility and Dr. I saw in Palo Alto.

Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vistnes was very calm, knowledgable, and pleasant. He listened and asked lots of questions. I highly recommend this Dr. based on my consultation.

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