Bbl,tt,lipo of the Arms Bac an Sides - Dominican Republic

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I'm 27 a mother of 2 I reside in New York, an I've...

I'm 27 a mother of 2 I reside in New York, an I've been doin research on doctors in DR for quite sometime now basically a year. I decided to go with Dra.Robles i put a lot of thought in it an actually scheduled my procedure for the 12th of April 2014 I arrive the 11th though. Dra.Robles an her assistant were very easy to get in touch with I basically scheduled this whole thing in 2 weeks. I'm getting a bbl,tt,lipo of hips,bac an arms an boy am I excited. I was feeling a little funny on makin a 100!deposit but something jus tol me to go with the flow. I've been watching numerous YouTube videos on the surgery been reading an googling pictures it's like I'm obsessed lol. I made an appointment for the 22nd of feb for my CBC so there's 2 more things I have to do now which are book my plane tickets an get my passport which I plan on sending out this week the excitement is killing me but my nerves are acting up to. My stomach cramps up from watching the videos but I've dreamed of doin this basically for 3 years now so there's no turning bac I jus wana feel sexy again!

I wear all black wen goin out

Simply becuz I feel fat an I'm not comfortable with my body I want that video vixen body small waist nice hips an big ass, is that tol much to ask for? Lol

Lost for words

After reading so many good things about Almonte and seeing her beautiful work I'm at lost for words, I had a minor setback with the questionaire though it didn't wana download :-( to my computer an wen it did it wouldn't let me type so I had to use a co workers phone to complete it. If Leslie doesn't get back to me this week to let me kno everything's a go then ill stick with my first choice, but now I'm questioning if I shud get a bbl I already have an ass, my fear is it will be a lil too big once the stomach and bac area is lipo I kno it's Gona look bigger than it seems so I'm thinkin about replacing the bbl for a lipo of the thighs or something idk. One thing about us women is sometimes we are never satisfied an although I hear "u dnt need surgery, there's nothing wrong wit u" all the time it's jus like let me live it's my body I'm tired of hearing everybodies else's opinion!


Ok ladies I've been lookin at Dra.Almonte who also has all inclusive packages and does a great job on the ladies plus she offers to do more with the body than Dra.Robles I'm so confused now idk wat to do... This is harder than I thought.... She requires a deposit of 350 which is taken off the quote this is way more in my price range but now I'm jus clueless help what do y'all think

Laura FaceTime me!!!

So I jus spoke to Laura, Dra.Robles assistant and boy is she beautiful inside and out, she answered a lot of my questions and concerns and jus made me feel safe my heart is telling me she's def one! She also let me kno I can start takin my vitamins now even though it's 2 month pos sx!!! Ugh anticipation is killing and thank u Laura I feel so much better xoxoxo

A mnth away

It jus dawned on me I'm literally a mnth away from my sx date!!! It will b takin place on the 5th an I started all the vitamins already and waiting on my results for a CBC test many emotions running through my head. I jus wana make it bac in 1 piece I have 2 boys to live for their my life an my mom who is my support system! Sheesh time sure does fly an all I keep thinkin about is how this is my bday present to myself never fully get to treat myself. I received an email confirming everything an jus stating wat I shud pack, that's one thing I haven't done yet in need of my supplies anxious,nervous, excited I jus ask that everyone keeps me in their prayers wishing me a safe an prosperous journey god is good all the time!

I jus dnt know

Hey ladies as my date approaches I'm kinda scared seems like every other day I'm hearing some sort of bad news happening in D.R during and after these surgeries I would like to kno wats everyone's thoughts on this an how do u go about in trying to stay positive cuz the closer my date gets the more of a nervous wreck I am 0_o

Knowledge is key

I jus wana take the time out an let all the sx girls kno that it is very important for u to let ur doctors kno all the info on u, if u suffer from diabetes if u have high blood pressure, I jus read an article of a young women only 18 years ol in Miami went for a breast augmentation at coral gables cosmetic center an Becuz she was allergic to the anesthesia she now suffers looks like a totally different person ask urself is it worth ur life???? She has a 5 yr ol son an basically has the mind of a vegetable please pass on an educate others it's one thing to have surgery an another to lie of reasons that may cause ur life!!! Thank u an stay blessed Barbs!!!


I literally have 3 more days an I'm flying out!!! I dnt kno wat to feel at this point I'm jus excited ill b riding along wit my homey!!! 3 more days sheesh send all the prayers this way guys with all the negativity I'm gona need it

Loving it

Here are some more pics ladies

Loving the New

More photos for my Dollz

My input

So I kno I haven't posted in a minute but I'm doin fine I had to have fluid removed from my bac like 3 times first it was like an orange color then it became dark red I actually have a little right now that I'll b removing this week comin up hopefully it will b my last time. I'm in love with my body wen I see it, I wear this faja 24-07 for the best results an am on the last hook right now. My waist is so small I'm in love with my hour glass shape I'm very happy with the doctor of my choice!!!
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