BBL, TT, and LIPO with Dr.Cabral-24 YO Mother 1 child

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Hello! I've been on Realself for about a year now....

Hello! I've been on Realself for about a year now. I deleted my other page because I had yet to fully make up my mind about surgery or even a doctor. I decided to go with Dr. Mañon after setting my heart on many doctors. I've gotten quotes from Duran, Robles, Medina, and Disla but something always got in my way of booking. It was mostly the communication. It extremely hard to get in touch with some of them and I would like a Doctor I can reach in case something goes wrong. My friend used Mañon on her second round and her body is beautiful. I'm excited about booking with Mañon! This morning I paid my deposit and booked my date. MARCH 28th!! I'm traveling with a surgery body and friend it makes everything much easier. We have found a recovery house and I'm paying my desposit for that today as well. Everything is coming together and I can't wait until March!

Due Date Change

My surgery buddy and I changed our due date so that it would best fit our work schedules! This is great considering I just got a new job and I would like to get over my probationary period

Gaining weight :(

So this morning I weighed myself. 215.4! Not good, I want to be at least 200 for surgery. I guess it's okay because my surgery isn't until April. Hopefully I can find some discipline and keep the weight off. I have yet to find any realistic wish pics. :(

Wish pics

I want someone who is realistically shaped so that it is acheviable for me.

I'm my on wish pic lol

Plastic surgery simulator app is awesome!!! Hopefully I come back looking like this!

Pre OP pictures?

So I'm so ready for April. I'm tired of my mommy pooch, love handles and uneven breast.

Change of doctor.

Hi guys my date hasn't changed but my doctor has. I have decided to go with Doctor Cabral.

Lots of changes and steps closer!

So I pushed my date up with Dr. Cabral. March 28th is my confirmed date. I am also getting tummy tuck, bbl, lipo and chin and arm lipo. I am super duper excited! I applied for my passport this week and my hemo is 12.5 so I'm working on that as well. I can not wait until March.

Wish pics!!

Making sure to show Cabral these!!

Just some pre ops!

Almost 3 months pre op!

Passport on its way!

Hi ladies! Still hanging in here really ready for March. My passport should be here next week! Dr. Cabral communication is awesome.

I'm staying at Daisy's recovery house and paying my deposit this week. I'm hoping to get my plane ticket this week also but it may not be in my budget. Any who! Almost time!

Got my passport!!!

Good news to my horrible week. I have the freaking flu and my days and nights have been horrible. But I got my passport and I was the light!

Medical leave and employment

Hey guys! So before I was approved for medical leave, I stressed and stressed over how would I tell my job I need to take off for surgery. Just some advice its best to be upfront. My surgery isn't until March and I let them know I was scheduled for surgery maybe a month or two ago. Surprisingly they have been very supportive and are finding ways for me to not have to take leave with out pay. I know we might not want to share our journey with everyone but to just let them know as soon as possible and they will be more inclined to help!

85 more days!

So not much to update one except, I'm still going to Dr. Cabral and I'm still scheduled for March 28th. I checked with him again about my quote and I was quoted 5300 for BBL, TT, lipo along with chin and arm lipo. I inquired about inner thigh lipo so hopefully I can get that as well!

I need to lose twenty pounds

I'm 5'9 221 my bmi is 32. I want to get back down to 200. My bmi is 28 at 200. Although I'm still under the bmi requirement I'll still feels better st 200.

4 wish pics! 80 more days!

All the girls are cabral dolls and this is generally what I'd like my results to be like

73 more days, flight booked, supplies gathered!

Today has been awesome! I got so much done this morning. I booked my plane ticket. I'm leaving March 26th and staying at a resort for two days. I got all of my supplies, I found post op care and everything is completed and u have two months to go. It's awsome I can't wait ti get down and get surgery and meet Dr. Cabral. I worry about the crowd in late March but hopefully it won't be too bad!

70 days pre op- boobs will definitely be round 2

Really really really, anxious. March can't sooner and I can't wait to get rid of the mommy tummy and get me a big butt. I'm feeling even more confident in my choice in Dr. Cabral. I really wish I wouldn't and pushed my date back, but I guess it works everything happens for a reason.

69 more days!! Supplies!

I feel very prepared for surgery. I've gotten all my supplies together. I got some stuff myself and I bought a post op surgery package from

61 days left a surgeon change AGAIN!

Bare with me guys. I've changed doctors maybe 4 times since I've decided to get surgery. I was dead set on medina, Duran, Mañon, Cabral, and now Mañon again. I originally paid my deposit to Dr. Mañon back in September. I originally chose him for a reason. He's a great doctor and I feel like he can also get me where I'd like to be. My surgery date hasn't changed, nor has my recovery home, bust my doctors and procedures I'm also doing breast. YAY! I'm super excited. I was a little bummed about changing doctors but I realized it was for best and everything happens for a reason! Anywho I can not wait!

53 more days to go!

53 more days until I leave for DR. I'm growing inpatient as of late. And I'm also frustrated with my hemo! But overall, I'm happy I'm only one month out from surgery. Most importantly, my money is aligned and my supplies are gathered. Just working on this hemo. ????

Surgeon change AGAIN?!??????

So! lol. I'm going to back with Dr. cabral. I know I know I have 41 more days and I have decided to switch doctors again. So here's the thing. Some of Mañon's work is a hit or miss. I'm not a small girl and I'm tall. I need someone who will do a great job and not saying Dr. Mañon can't because he delivers on some ladies but usually on smaller girls. Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know of change!!

29 more days!

Well March 26th I'll be in DR awaiting surgery with Dr. cabral. It almost doesn't feel real but I'm super excited and can't wait to meet him. I can't believe I've come this far in this journey with out giving up. This truly feels like it's meant to happen. I have everything together so now I'm just waiting on my date!

27 more days and here are some pre op pictures

So 27 more days and wondering if I can budget arm lipo. I want it, it's not a necessity but it would a great improvement. I know I can just work out and get my arms to slim down. What do you guys think?

PCP cleared me for surgery, but BP a little high :(

So 23 more days until I leave for DR and I was a little upset yesterday. I went to the doctor for clearance of surgery and I got it, but she mentioned my BP was a little high 144/77. She noted she wasn't worried as I've never had a history of high readings and sent me on my way. Because I'm such a worry bug I began to panic. OMG what if this stops me from getting surgery. Then I realized I can take control of this I can do better on my eating and exercising. Also, it's just one reading. Who's to say that's exactly even my accurate blood pressure. I will check again Saturday and before I leave but I'm not going to stress myself for it. All I can do is do better. Everything will work out and I'll be seeing you guys on the flat side.

Tons of emotions

Well, this week is over and I'm starting to get nervous. I leave March 26th for DR and I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself. My last day at work will be on 24th. I know super close then I won't be back until the middle of April. Lordy, I've gotten everything done. I'm just anxiously waiting.

Made it to the flat side!

I had surgery Monday around 12 pm with Doctor Cabral. I was the first person to get get surgery. Is office was wasn't crowed really. You have to tell them what you are there or you will just be waiting. I got tummy, lipo, and bbl. The pain is bad but bearable. The muscle repair hurts the worst.

6 days PO

Not much pain. Just a lot of stiffness.
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