BBL, TT and Breast Lift With Implants- Baez - Dominican Republic

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Hey ladies, been in need of this surgery for a...

Hey ladies, been in need of this surgery for a minute and have been lurking RS for about 4 years now. I'm expecting my third and last child (4 1/2 months pregnant) and plan to leave a deposit to book my surgery in 2017!

My top doctors so far are Duran, Yily, Cabral and Baez. I'm fairly sure I will be going with Baez as her reviews are amazing in terms of her patient care and the fact she only does 2 procedures a day.

Looking for a SX buddy

I'm hoping to book for January 2017. Now considering Baez and Duran and possibly but not likely Yily. I've been hearing good things about Tropical RH. I've also decided I'm hiring a personal nurse for the first and second nights. Maybe we can share. Will be travelling from London, UK. It's a long way away but the excitement is killing me!

Torn between doctors

So I've decided I'm going to document my entire journey and research. The in depth reviews have been a god send for me and I can't thank you enough so I'd like to make my contribution as well.

Am still deciding between Yily, Duran and Baez. I'm going to start looking into Cabral and Almonte too. Reason being is apparently Yily is no good at breast lifts and Duran often refuses to do all procedures at once. Her coordinator has said that I will have to wait to a physical examination to see if I can have all 3 procedures done and I'll be damned if I fly to DR to be told no. I don't want to do this in 2 separate operations as I feel bad leaving my kids for 10 days as it is.

I have no issues with Baez but her results are not as popping as Yily's and Durans as far as I've heard.

So eager to leave my deposit but I'm going to be patient n research the hell out of these doctors before so decide.

Anybody know anything about Cabral or Almonte?

Leaning towards Baez

Ok so after much deliberation and help from my RS sister I think I'm going to choose Baez, she is definitely the safest and risk free option plus her results are amazing. I really think she should get more credit.

In the process of trying to narrow down my recover house. My must haves are:

English speaking staff
Real medical staff
Medical beds that recline
Good food
Own bathroom (for hygiene purposes, I plan to thoroughly bleach mine down before surgery)
Beach view and pool (willing to compromise on this)
Hot water
Back up generator
Safe storage for valuables

List of questions I'm going to email to RH's

Are the staff fluent in English?

Can I provide food for the cook to prepare?

Do the beds recline? Are they hospital beds?

What type of pillows are provided?

If I stay in a triple room will I share a bathroom with the other 2 women?

Are male companions allowed?

How often are the bathrooms cleaned?

Is there hot water?

Are they safes for valuable items?

Is there a back up generator?

Where do patients have massages? How much are the massages?

What is the nurse to patient ratio?

Any more I should add?

I really like this


The massager I intend to use, don't want any seroma's or hard lumps

Pro's and Con's

Here's a list Tween19 sent me. Really helped me to choose a surgeon:

Determine what is most important to you because the best breast doctors are not the best in BBL and Liposculpture unfortunately. Is communication and aftercare more important to you? Sadly there is no doctor in DR that has it all in 1 package. You will have to trade off something for what matters to you most.u
If I have a good body already with good fat storage (no saggy/excess skin), a little something on my behind already and was more interested in having an excellent breast work, I would choose Baez (the lady), Robles or Disla in that order. They have had no reported deaths or infections that I know of. Baez has top notch communication and aftercare and uses FDA approved implants which costs a little bit more. She is also the only one that has textured implants which stay where they are placed and you won't have to worry about your implant dropping or wearing a breast band. Their Liposculpture and BBL on small girls with enough fat and no saggy skin is on point and amazing. If you are in the same RH with Baez or Disla patients, you will envy the aftercare they receive. The doctors clean the incisions themselves and take care of their patients better than any of the other doctors I will talk about. Robles aftercare is great as well but the time taken to book an after care appointment and wait time to see her is just horrible. If I'm a big lady or have tons of excess skin, I will not go to any of them except maybe Robles. You will not like the results from them if you do, except if you want to console yourself by the fact that you look much better than what you started off with, but that's not what you paid for or is it? Some of Robles patients are complaining of their belly not being flat after TT.

Duran is great with after care and does it herself and communicates very well with her post op patients but it will cost you an arm and a leg to get through to her to get a quote or a surgery date, but it is worth it at the end. She is one of the almost well rounded doctors there, good with all body types, her skills are just crazy. She does good breast work with different lift techniques depending on your body and what you ask for, note that I said good not excellent like Baez. She sculpts a lean and mean torso like Cabral but she still maintains the definition at the waist line for extreme curves. The S curve at the back and the curve at the bottom of the butt cheeks differentiates her patients from that of other doctors. By looking at pics I can tell if the doctor is Duran or Cabral (their work is quite similar and different from the others). The only faults she has: extremely difficult to contact initially, 1 reported death, infections more than 2 that I've read of, 1 patient still unable to walk post op, some complaints of volume loss from BBL and hips and some have complained of belly bulging after eating (that may be normal I think?)

The great Yily acclaimed to have mad sculpting skills, yes I agree but when she actually does the work herself, there are lots of reviews to prove and disprove her results. Yily is a skilled and excellent doctor for certain body types. If I have a good skin tone (big or small it doesn't matter), some foundation for BBL, no TT, breast work or any other lift required I would go to Yily. I would also require a guarantee that she would do the job herself. Yily is hit or miss, when she does the surgery herself and gets a hit, the results are jaw dropping awesome but when she misses, it is quite mediocre. For breasts, she misses more than she hits, her Liposculpture success depends a lot on body type. There has been lots of complaints on belly not flat after TT, loss of volume from BBL and hips with time and horrible breast work. Communication is okay for pre-op but mediocre to non-existent for her post op patients. Aftercare is handled by another doctor, so it's great. A lot of how I took care of myself after my 2nd round was what I learned from my 1st round aftercare with Dr Anna (Yily's post-op doctor). Yily's cons: 1 death due to sepsis, several cases of infection, burns, poor communic...

Medical Beds

Ladies do any of you know a recovery house with medical beds and own bathrooms?

Any reccomendations please? TIA xx

Dr Liranzo- Veneers

This dentist came highly recommended on the high class recovery house's Instagram. Seen people have work done from $800-$2500. Still waiting on my quite. For those prices why not? He's based in santo Domingo. PM me for his email address.

Labioplasty, Vaginoplasty, Botox and Juverderm fillers

Any body know of any doctors that perform these procedure in the DR and have good results?

Recovery Reviews

Real Self really need to have a way to set up reviews for each recovery house. Would make things a lot easier than having to trawl through people's reviews... IJS

Surgery Buddy

Ok so im 95% sure I want to go with Dr Baez and 80% sure I want to stay at Serenity recovery house. I've decided that I'm going to hire a English speaking nurse so that I can have one to one care for at least the first 3 days. I also would like for her to translate for me, help me with transportation (if I need to go to the shops or to the beach etc). I'm planning on going in December on the 8th. Anyone want to be my surgery buddy?

Labioplasty Vaginaplast Botox and Juverderm

So Yily does Labioplasty/vaginaplasty for $1500 if you have it with a procedure and $3000 separately. Waiting to hear back from Baez if she can also do this as Id really like to go with her. Yily also does Botox and Juverderm for $300 per area.

Ultra Cavitation and Laser Lipo

This spa looks amazing! They do ultra cavitation procedures, laser lipo, facials, teeth whitening ($95!!) and also vacuum therapy. The prices in DR are so cheap so I'm planning on doing it. Just waiting to hear back if I can have ultra cavitation on my abs after tummy tuck to help break up hard areas.

Booked Princess Revovery House!

Paid my deposit for Princess Recovery, my flight and Dr Baez. I decided on Princess as id heard only good reviews, the place looks lovely and most importantly they have hospital beds. Remember it will be painful to use are stomach muscles after the TT and I need to be as comfortable as possible after surgery so I can get some sleep. I'm going to book Dr Liranzo for veneers in October as he's said I can only book 2 months before. I was quoted $2700 and a extra $700 if I wanted gingival peeling which is where they make your gums lighter. Also going to have a consultation with Dr contreras for Rhinoplasty. I'll decide to go with him depending on what he says during consultation. If I decide not to, I'll go with Dr Maloney in the US instead. Dr Baez will be doing my Botox and Juverderm. 6 days later I will have rhinoplasty with dr contreras under local anaesthetic. Still looking for a SX buddy for 5th-18th December 2016 xoxo

Dominican Republic December 2016- Phillipines February 2017

Hey Dolls. So I've decided to bring my mum and 3 kids with me. Couldn't face leaving them for so long. They will be staying at the acuarium resort hotel. I'm going to do 4 days in princess recovery, 1 day before surgery to prepare myself and stay for 3 days after. I'm having a private nurse for 3 days just to make sure I have someone there for me all the time to do everything for me. I'm also having a morphine pain pump for 3 days. My nurse is going to give me iron infusions before and after surgery. My surgery is scheduled for 21st December.

I'm hopping to get my hemo up to 14/15 so I can do TT, BBL and BL with implant all in one round. If Dra Baez says no I'm just going to go with BL and TT as I have enough ass already.

Decided not to get my nose done in DR. Going to go to Dr Yappy in philipines in February. Really cheap to travel there from London and hotels are cheap a top. The price I would have paid in DR covers me for surgery and travel so why not. Also planning inner thigh lipo and possibly a chin implant too.

My supplies total so far is £700/$900, think this is way too high and from what I've heard people end up not using most things so am going to eliminate some things off of my list.

I'm slowly starting to cut out meat of my diet with lots of fish fruits and veg. Taking iron supplements and will start blood building vigorously from after I have my baby in August. Any suggestions for what worked for you?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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