BBL Part 3 - Round 2 coming soon!

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I had my BBL done in Miami with Dr Perry in March...

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I had my BBL done in Miami with Dr Perry in March of 2013. He did wonders for my body, but I am wanting a round 2. I was left with uneven lipo of the stomach, a small dent in my right butt cheek, and a "dent" in my right hip despite having hips fat grafted as well. By no means is this shotty work done by Perry, these things just take a few rounds to perfect. If you want to see my before/after pics you can check out my old profile: QTwithabootie I loved his work and wouldn't take back having surgery with him at all. He's sweet, so skilled, and he literally changed my life. People say now that my ass is perfect, but booty greed is REAL girls! lol. I want more of an hourglass figure and more exaggerated projection. Bc I am a mom I don't need to look like Yaris or some video vixen. I just want to be a better version of what I already am.

I need more lipo of the upper back/bra line area. My backfat is still present, so that needs to go ASAP. Also, there is remaining fat in my middle back/waist area, and in my upper abdomen. I am wanting more projection, a more exaggerated "S" curve/shelf, better sculpting, and slightly rounder hips.

My next question is WHO do I go to? I was thinking of Contreras or Duran. Yily is the queen of sculpting, Duran is the queen of booties, and from what I've heard/read Contreras works on all the beauty queens in DR. It's hard to choose a doc. UGHHHH

I've gotten a quote from Contreras and Yily months ago, but Duran is impossible to get a hold of. I have spoken to her once on FB then she vanished. FML...hahaha.

Any recommendations, ladies? Also, does anyone who had surgery know someone in the BK/Queens area who drains seromas? I have a small silver dollar sized seroma in the triangle area of my lower back above my butt cheeks that never reabsorbed. I just want to get rid of it. My GP won't do it, and I don't really want to go to the ER unless I absolutely have to, as it's not an emergency.

Deposit made with Ghurani at Vanity Cosmetic...

I made my Round 2 deposit with Dr. Ghurani yesterday. Abner is my patient coordinator. Cute as a button, and young (you can tell. He's peppy, sweet and very attentive). So far, so good. I thought at the end of the day, it's easier to get ahold of a US doc. I have seen amazing results from Dra. Duran, but have also heard of some crazy complications, infections, sciatic nerve damage, necrosis, etc. coming from her and other Dominican docs. I think I would feel more comfortable staying in the US just IN CASE something happened.

Anyway, the protocol at Vanity is this: You put down a $400 "deposit" to reserve your dr. I know Ghurani, Fischer and a few others work out of Vanity. That reserves your price (any specials that they're running, etc) and your doctor. Then you have to make a 30% actual DEPOSIT once you know your date, or want to reserve an actual date. Then the final payment is made 2 weeks before your surgery date. I still don't know what month and day I want to have surgery yet (thinking of going down in Sept or Oct with my girl Sculptmenow who also put her deposit down), so I put down the $400 for now. They DO accept care credit, and I think another financing option as well. They offer 6 months no interest, 12 months 14% and so on. They also offered a package for $7000 which included a driver to/from airport, a place to stay (either their surgery center or a nearby hotel), food (breakfast/lunch I believe), 7 massages, post op meds, and one garment. Which is a pretty good deal IMO. My round 1 with Perry cost altogether over $11k, so $7 more is scary, but if it's going to fix my problem areas, then it's worth it. ;)

Ok, now to the real deal...WHAT I WANT. Perry took me from awful to amazing. People say now that my body is amazing. Usually men, lol. But I want more. The booty isn't my main concern. I am equally concerned with the liposculpture and HOW my body and booty look together. Not just a big ass. Truthfully, I don't want a BIG ass. That is not me. I want my figure to be more exaggerated, but not freakish. Anyway, Perry did the damn thang on me, that's for sure, but I was also left with uneven lipo on my stomach. Especially around the belly button theres a sort of "fat pooch" in the shape of a donut around the BB. Also, the lower abdomen is SUPER flat. Like 0 fat in sight. But if I bend over, you can see that the bottom is flat while the top of the abdomen, above the belly button up to right below my breasts, there is still a lot of fat there to take. Also, I need a much more trim back. Full back. Sides/sides underarmpits, bra line, and the BACK FAT IS KILLING MEEEEE! So there is a lot going on that I'm still unhappy with.

Ghurani wants me to gain 5-10 lbs so he can locate the abdomen fat and have enough to work with. He agrees that as of right now the back fat should be enough to work with to get more junk in my trunk, but he wants more fat in the abdomen to ensure the lipo is even this time. I am SOOOO dreading this. I do NOT want to gain weight again. I think if I am having sx in Sept I will stop doing cardio and eat whatever I want for the month before. But unlike last time I REFUSE to go 9 months without eating healthy or doing cardio/weighlifting to gain weight. I felt like a disgusting animal last time, and I also firmly believe that being in shape helps for post op recovery. So, we'll see...

Also, unlike last time I refuse to be on the quest to find the right doc. I have been pretty quiet on realself, and looked into many docs for my round 2. I feel Ghurani is honest, realistic and knows what he's talking about. His price is right, and he has a good reputation. So I feel like this is the right fit for me, so I am DONE. I am not looking anymore, like I did last time. I yoyo'd so much I annoyed myself, lol. So this time I am sticking to it.

Just a few pics of my dream body. This girl on IG, I forget her name. Anyway, her body is incredible. Ghurani says "I have a larger frame than this girl and I can be as curvy as her, but a little bigger."
All I know is that I may not come out of this with a 23" waist, but if I don't come out with at least a 25" I am going to freak the fuck out. LOL. I ended my last journey at 27.5", so I don't think 25 is unrealistic. I just hope I get what I want out of this, bc a round 3 simply isn't going to happen.


Here are my most recent pics of body and booty.

More pics

Here are some more pics of me. Not too shabby but I need more booty. Haha

Help, who to choose: Cabral, Contreras, Duran, Robles or Almonte????

So, my last post was completely SET on Ghurani, but if any of you ladies have been following the Ghurani threads you know that him and Vanity are completely FULL OF SHIT! Seriously...smdh. How can you run a business based on LIES and get away with it??? Anyway here's the scoop with that drama:

They took a deposit from me and promised me that that locked in Ghurani, and I could choose my date at a later time (bc I still wasn't sure on when). They agreed that it locked in my doc and price, bc literally the next day he went from charging $4500 to 9,000. DOUBLE. Then out of nowhere my patient coordinator just completely stopped contacting me at all, come to find out he quit, bc it was full of drama and deceit there, so he bounced. Anyway, now Ghurani is no longer doing BBL at all (unless he has flip flopped BACK to elite to work exclusively with Salama AGAIN, wtf knows at this point). They kept my deposit and instead of calling me like a normal, honest business would, I had to find out via RS and I called PISSED. They of course don't give you straight answers and put you on hold and pass you around for an hour. Finally I get a new patient coordinator that took over my case bc Abner left, and she is PUSHING Dr Fisher on me. I mean PUSHING. I'm like wtf would I trust you guys at all? Not only with my money, but with my life???? You can't even return a phone call for Christ's sake... Anyway, me and my girl Sculptmenow have decided to get our deposits back and move on. Girls, PLEASE get your deposits back and just go straight through your bank, credit card company, or Care credit, etc. My new coordinator said she would refund me but it will take 6 weeks. Bump that! It takes a minute. The real truth that I found out about Vanity is that they do NOT know how to manage their money. I found out from someone who worked there that they bounced a check to an employee bc they are so broke. So that is the real reason they are taking so long to refund deposits...bc they simply DON'T HAVE IT. They have already spent that money. It's a shame, and I wonder how long before they completely go bankrupt in general. I'm very bummed about this bc I did love Ghurani's work, was more comfortable with staying in the US, and the price was right, but everything happens for a reason. Not to mention I just found out that Ghurani was just sued by a girl bc he gave her a really bad infection and she won. So...maybe this was for the best.

Anyway, moving the search is on for a new doc. I have set my sights on DR, and me and Sculptmenow are going together and are finally comfortable with the idea of traveling abroad for this surgery. Now the hard part is finding the right surgeon. The DR produces bodies that you just can't get here in the US, plain and simple. But the drawback to that is that IF shit hits the fan there's nothing legally that you can do about it AND your doc is far far away and you can't see them or sometimes even get a hold of them for post op care. At this point, that is a risk I'm willing to take, but I have to choose the right doc.

Duran produces some really great butts IMO, but she is super swamped. I mean so busy that you can't even get a quote, and I'm not sure how I feel about this. How can you tend to someone post op if you can't even hire someone to tend to your emails? I dunno, but her work is great. But I've also heard about her infections, the sciatic nerve fiasco and the chick having to re-learn how to walk, plus I've read that she's not even performing her own surgeries, she just IN the room, and her surgeons in training are doing it. Hmmm, not sure about that.

Yily is a master sculptor but I've read some 50/50 reviews on her. Even one review saying someone else was performing her surgery and that some man slapped her bc she woke up during surgery and started screaming. They they put a blanket over her face. I would BUGGG the fuck out, hard, if that happened to me. So she is out. Even the POSSIBILITY that that could happen freaks me out. No thanks.

Cabral IMO gives really great bodies if you want to be thick. I personally love really petite curvy girls. Like skinny with hips and butt. Most of his girls on his IG are all really thick (legs, etc) which isn't my thing, but there are a few girls on there that have my body type. My girl just had surgery with Cabral a week ago and she looks amazing tho. She had her round 1 with Yily a year ago, and she was small. Cabral has the ability to find ALL fat on you and USE it. Since I am small, I don't want to gain weight if I don't have to. Plus all the girls on the Cabral FB page all say he is the doc for me based on my wish pics. That he can make me look better than that. Hmmm, it's a hard choice (especially bc of his checkered past), but he is def a contender.

Robles does great TT, there is no question about that. And can transform bigger girls like crazy. But I just wonder how she can REALLy sculpt smaller girls, like myself. Plus her assistant Laura is amazing at communicating and getting back to you in the beginning, but after a day or two and having more questions she just falls off, which annoys me, so I'm not sure about her.

Almonte's assistant is AWESOME. SHe answers EVERYTHING, in detail, on whatsapp and in a very timely manner. I have seen some good reviews on her, but only a few great BBL results. I don't want to count her out bc she's underrated and has little RS reviews. But her assistant did send me a few pics of her before/afters and there is one really nice transformation. But the great thing about her is that she is SAFE. Not at CIPLA, and she really is concerned about your health. She won't work on you if your hemo is under a certain amount, and no aggressive lipo (5L or more removed) if you're under 15. I like her so far.

Finally there is Contreras who I LOVE. I just think he is so sweet. I speak to him whatsapp and he is amost kinda flirty. He says I have a beautiful face, and that he can transform me into my wish pics no problem. I've heard that he does amazing work on smaller girls, which is what I am. I also heard that he worked on Carolyn Aquino, who is one of my wish pics. I fell very comfortable with him, and he gets back to me super quick. I know about his sketchy reputation as well, but I've also heard great things about him. Honestly I was thinking of going with him a few months back, and was part of his FB group but I didn't like the bitchy girls in there, so I kinda affiliated his groupies with him and said no thanks. I know you can't judge a a doc based on a few bad girls, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth. But HE alone, sans fb drama, is great and I've liked what I've seen thus far. Plus I've heard that he is THE doc for anything breast related in DR, and If I decided to get a lift while I'm there I'd feel comfortable picking him for the whole package.

So that's what I have on my brain. LOL. Any of you have any suggestions, advice on picking the right doc, or input? Please HELP ME pick a doc. ;)

What to do...

I am at a standstill right now. I don't know who to go to. As of now, I really like Dra. Tania Medina. She is a sweetheart, very knowledgeable, and does great work. Also she isn't in CIPLA (which is a huge plus to me) and her hospital/facilities are modern, super clean, and reminds me of the kind of standards that we expect here in the US. I have to say, I love her so far. The number one thing I love about her is that she said I DON'T need a TT (bc some docs immediately see some loose skin and BOOM, you need a TT. I am not ready for that kind of scar at this stage in my life). I like that she said as of now she could probably get about 3-4 Liters of fat from me. Most docs see my pics and that I'm small and immediately say I need to gain weight OR that I don't have much fat to warrant the surgery. I've even been told to look into implants. She said my wish pics aren't really realistic unless I gain weight. So a smaller little bubble butt it is! lol

Also, I had a follow up with Dr. Perry last week. I have to say, I love him. I really feel like he's a friend of mine I haven't spoken to in a while. He's SO funny and just generally a sweet, sweet man. He saw my pics and basically said that I look great already and that he fears that anymore work might mess me up. He said why tweak perfection; which really had me I NEED to do this? I don't. Round 1 was a necessity. My body was just a mess, and I was self conscious. Now, since I've been working out 6 days a week and eating right, my body looks almost like what it did post op. Like that body that I fell in love with. My only gripe is that although he took 4.7L of fat from me, my upper half doesn't match my lower half. I am small, with a big rack, so I've always been top heavy. But I have more back fat around the bra line/armpit area that I'm not happy with. Also, the flanks could be worked a little more, and to fix the unevenness in the upper abdomen area. My thoughts were WHY waste the fat? And just reinject it to make the booty a LITTLE bigger. Somewhere along the way I started liking Cabral and these huge cartoonish donkey booties, that now in retrospect, doesn't match my body type or my perosnality. I am 31 next month and a mother. I am not a 22 year old chick in the club, or a bartender, or a stripper. When I was 22, yes. That ass would've been mine. But at this stage in my life, that look isn't for me. I want to be an improved version of myself. Moral of the story ladies: sometimes you have to take a break from RS or the fb groups and just digest the info. Don't become influenced by the other ladies. Don't fall into the "what is popular" category. Stay true to yourself and what YOU like. I started liking natural bodies, and now I will end up with a natural looking shape; not a Jessica Rabbit wannabe. ;)

That being said, I am still afraid of going to DR; especially alone. But if I were to go, Dra Medina would be my choice. If I stayed in the US, I don't have the slightest clue what I'd do. Maybe I don't need a round 2 right now after all. I'm going to give myself more time to think about this; but as of today I like Medina.

Updated pics

Here are some updated pics. After 9 weeks doing body beast and eating 50/30/20 macro diet. 19.7% body fat. I'm feeling myself again. ;)

Final decision...Dra Tania Medina Nov 2-10 Dom Republic

Very excited that I've finally made the decision between medina and Cabral. As much as I love Cabral I have a daughter and I need to think with my heart and not my head. My daughter is my heart. If I got hurt, burned or even died for a big ass she'd be devastated. Not to say something couldn't happen with Medina, bc ALL surgery carries a risk. But given cabral's recent issues (a few deaths, rumors of more burns, etc) I've decided to take the safe route.

Medina responds to me with an hour. Herself. Not a spouse or assistant. Only works in 2 patients per day and does all the w

Ugh it cut me off

^ does all the work herself, not done by a 10 person staff. I also chose her based on realistic expectations. I love stripper curvy bodies. I just do. But they aren't practical for ME! I'm a white mother; a professional, in my 30's. It wouldn't look right on me to look like a stripper or starlet. Lol. I'm cool with cute laterals and a little more bubble.
Here are some recent pics of me and medinas recent work. I'm excited and so relieved that the hardest part IMO (choosing the right doc) is finally over.

She's $3500 full torso lipo/bbl. Additional areas (chin, thighs, arms are $300 additional per area). All tests and garments included. Only thing extra is about $175 for meds.
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