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To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please...

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.


This whole experience has been overwhelming to say the least. First off I love Yily's sculpting techniques she is the bomb , however I've not seen any results that I really like besides Rockyworld who already had a nice ass :) and petitemama who has a nice butt from the side, haven't seen a full ass pic from behind but I lover her results! So that 2 , other girls haven't really showed nice ass pics!

I tried to sike myself out with whole "we'll my shape is more important so I'll take an ok booty"lol One day I read a post from one of Yily's girls and she said Yily isn't giving volume to the ass!!!& about 9 post op girls she didn't see no Donks/ big butts ;( ! I got really upset and almost cried 4real ! I want to be summertime fine . So I started researching other Dominican surgeons! I came across Cabral but read about Malpractice in the states so I quickly dismissed that thought! Then I came across ranting & raving about Dra Augustina Duran!!! Her sculpting is on point ! I was floored by her tiny waists and tummy tucks !!! But the main shocker were her ASSES !!! Good Lawd have mercy lol so I emailed her on a whim 15 minutes later my phones dings for email, I check and who is it?? Duran !!! Very quick, sweet, very humble & not afraid to give ass! I asked out of curiosity what was the most CC's she ever grafted ! She said 1400ccs but that it truly depends on how much the skin can take!! So in my email I told her that I'm already scheduled with a surgeon at CIPLA on March 18th & wanted to know if she had a opening that day ! She said yes I have 2 spots!!! So I asked about a deposit she told me don't worry about deposit and I can pay her when I get there. I've spoken to her 5 times in 2 days with answers to my questions!!!
So ladies I have a task on my hands so soon I will have a final choice!!

Hey dolls I'm back !!! first of all thanks for all...

Hey dolls I'm back !!! first of all thanks for all the prayers I had a very uneventful surgery , no waking up, no transfusions or etc only thing is that my ass is too big to put my legs down to even sleep!! but overall my experience was great! JM Spa is amazing. They are very helpful and will assist you. I think a lot of people get assisting mixed up with slaving !!! These women work really hard!!! but yes I would recommend the Spa !!! this recovery is no joke , but with time we all with survive. I will post pics later . I just figured out this darn WI-FI I'm still swollen right now ladies . Duran gave me 1400 cc's each side.

Hey ladies! I have a fever so I will post pics...

Hey ladies! I have a fever so I will post pics 2morrow ok !!!

Ok ladies I can't sleep so I guess I will type!...

Ok ladies I can't sleep so I guess I will type! First off I will my experience with Duran a 10 ! No exaggeration ! She's such a doll! Okay well I got to the DR really late , my flight was all messed up which caused me to be cranky! Junior & Jaqueline came to pick me up. I got to the RH about 1130 pm the whole house was silent. I took a long wash and went to sleep! The next morning I was up and ready about 6am me and another Duran doll rode to CIPLA together ! So we get to the clinic the decor was beautiful it made me feel warm and comfty. Jaqueline leads us to the lobby and we meet about 4 others girls! Of course we do the who are you here for small talk !! Blah blah anyway so me & the other girl sits down and start talking then we see more girls! I'm like wow there's a lot of girls here today! So this tiny little petite girl is rounding up patients and she calls my name I'm like "yes" she says let's do your blood work! She points to my girl and say "r u for Yily too?" She says "no we are here for Duran" so now I'm confused its already 4 girls waiting for Yily and you thought 2 more were hers? So I say "I'm not going with Yily , I sent an email 2 weeks ago which was replied too asking me how can you all make things better , so that I will keep my date!" So she scurried off! Next thing I know I see this little sexy lady sway up the stairs in a mini pleated red dress. Her hair was perfectly manicured & swept into a bun. It was Duran she looked at us and knew who we were instantly! So she asks that we follow her! We follow her to her office she tells me that she was just confronted about being a patient thief! She was really hurt and was stern about not wanting problems with Yily! I told her I'm grown,it's my money & I told her in enough time! That was that! Anyway Duran drew on me in her office ! She initially told the other girl she would go first but then put me first because I had less work ! She marked me for arms and thighs ! I'm thinking ok how much more is this? So I asked she said " I don't charge you extra I see your body needs more then I thought so I do it" I'm like wow ok ! She gave me a hug and a kiss and showed me to labs! The lab work was quick & I was cleared for surgery !! She gives me compress thigh highs and leads me to my room! The room was nice ! Modern leather soda, tv and a night stand! Duran's nurse came in with a blue pill once I was dressed in my gown! Next thing I know a guy came & transported me to the operating room! They took my Monroe piercing out ugh ! The room didn't look like a operating room that would be in the US but it serves its purpose ! Duran was there with me the whole time as her crew prepared! She leans over and says " time to make u a Doll" next thing I know I'm woke and the side effects of the anesthesia is kicking in! I can't stop shaking but I knew it was normal! I was freezing. My roommate went and got me some more blankets!! I'm grateful for that! I wasn't in pain just stiff! I reached down in my bag & grabbed me a muscle relaxer because I knew the pain would come after anesthesia wore off! I was right! My nurse gave me pain meds in my IV so now I'm super high lol anyways Duran came to check on me and showed me pics of my surgery on her cell phone! I really didn't know what I was looking at but appreciated her ! ............... To be continued!!

Continued....after Duran kissed my forehead and...

Continued....after Duran kissed my forehead and rubbed my hand she made her exit! I looked under the sheet and realized I was ass naked lol ! I thought I was to have on a garment? What ever I was comfty! So my nurse was falling to sleep sitting I told to lay down & when we need her we will call her!! She happily went to sleep! My roomy needed her more than me but in any event she was on point! So the next morning Duran pops in with our garments and examined my scar and lipo areas ! Stood me up took more pics and showed me my new body! She instructed her nurse to wipe me up and put me in my faja! She gave me her cell phone # told me she'll see me in 4 days but if I need anything to please call her! I hung on tight to that number lol while at RH nurse Anna told me everyday that Duran called to check on us! I was very happy that she was there for us!

Now ladies this some REAL ! PLEASE READ!! If you are considering Duran please please please do it tastefully !!! Don't email her with nonsense about Yily! She would prefer not to know that you considered her first!! She don't care about Your quote from Yily , her prices are her prices!! Please contact Yily's office in a reasonable amount of time to cancel ! Don't show up at CIPLA with two appointments with each of them !!! It's tasteless & even tho I switched ... Yily knew I canceled yet RS didn't !! There's unbelievable tension at CIPLA and my doctor is too nice to be in the middle of the DRAMA!!!

Last pic for a while!!! Not keen on being directed...

Last pic for a while!!! Not keen on being directed !! Enjoy

Hey ladies! I'm now 6 weeks & healing well!!!!...

Hey ladies! I'm now 6 weeks & healing well!!!! Very minimal pain!!!

Duran has created a monster

Hey ladies just came back to check in ! I'm 3 mos po and I love my body !! Duran is the BEST

Happy 1 year post op

Hey dolls !! 1 year ago today Duran changed my life !!!!! I love the new me !!! Thank all u dolls for following my story !!!

1year baby

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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