Contreras Bbl Lipo Ba Rhinoplasty March 3 -Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi I am in london and planning to go to the...

Hi I am in london and planning to go to the dominican the beginning of march staying for 14 days @ real recovery ammonia
I have my heart set on yily as my dr and got an initial quote within 24 hours but it was not for all the procedures so still waiting for a full quote so I can send deposit and book my ticket
I have also mailed Baez and duran for quotes and waiting to hear back but as I said my heart is set on yily

Dr duran on holiday ?

I contacted dr duran as I had not got my full quote from yilly
We emailed back and forth and this morning I woke up to an email from a duran email address saying she is holiday in cyprus and has been robbed can I send 800 via western I'm not sure if this is a scam or not


I have been finding getting quotes and emails from coca exhausting it seems like they don't want to answer any questions just fire a figure at you and that's it
My quote experiences so far
Yily- responded to my email within 24 hours gave me a quote for 4500 for bbl lipo and implant replacement I emailed back asking her to add rhinoplasty as per my email and to lock in 3rd march 10 days no response tried to call assistant didn't speak English and just put me on hold or rather put phone on table and ignored it when i asked if anyone spoke english ...(thank you for the 80 pound phone bill to listen to you breath ... Nice touch )

Baez- responded to email within 24 hours didn't send any prices even though I asked 3times I eventually added her on Facebook and got a price it was 5000 for bbl lipo and ba please more expensive than yily really ! I messages her asking her what's included no response

Duran - email hacking fiasco not her fault but I'm not sure I communicated with her but my half naked pics are out there with someone

To be honest none of theses dr are filling me with joy I am starting to wonder what would happen if I had any issues when I came home as I can't even get a quote or communicate

I emailed contreras he responded super fast and answeded all my questions his quote was for 4500 but didn't include anything other than surgery and stay in hospital for bbl lipo ba and rhino this is a great price so I will be looking at going with him as his response was quick and he seems to be the only doc who answered my questions and looked at my pic

About me

Ok so I am 34 Mixed race (or tri racial for you gals from the us ) i am kinda small in heigh 5,2 or around 136 cm I weigh around 130 pounds and I am a dress size 10 to 12 uk size I am not a big girl or a small girl and any weight gain goes to my stomach and thighs I have one child age 16

I am no stranger to plastic surgery I had breast implants and lipo before my implants are vintage now lol 13 years old and are quite big around a 34 f uk size and my lipo was done about 9 years ago on my stomach my lipo to be honest didn't really do that much for me as back then uk dr were not very aggressive

I would like lipo to make my stomach flat and my waist small and to sculpt
A bbl for a big heart shaped ass
Ba for bigger firmer breast
Rhinoplasty as I broke my nose a few years ago and I have scar tissue and a bump to side

I have attached a pic of me along with my wish pic

Another pic and wish pic

I know my wish pic is probably not reality lol but a girl can dream


Hi whilst in the dominican I am thinking of also doing some dental work does anyone know of a good dentist who does veneers I have just asked dr alonsofor a quote

Surgery done loving my contreras results

I had my surgery with contreras and everything went smoothly I am so glad I chose him as my doctor and i met some truely lovely ladies here at his clinic
everyday I am getting happier and happier with my results I would not hesitate in recommending him his staff or his recovery house to anyone


Ok so I arrived in dominican on Sunday night around 9pm after my long flight from Spain. I was taken straight to contreras clinic by my driver and the next day I had my bloods done and was taken to cardio,I did not pay for either of theses as I queried it with cashier as it didnt say anything about paying for these in my quote my quote just said 500 for faja medicines and medical so I told cashier I assumed these test came under medical and were included in medical and I was told this was fine I paid for my surgery by card but there is a 5% charge and although quote is in dollars money is taken in peso

I saw doctor around 3 o'clock and under his advise I opted to have a breast lift as well I had my surgery around 8pm I did not wake and was out cold during all surgery

I had bbl lipo to arms inner thighs stomach and back breast implants and lift and I had a rhinoplasty 3 days later as it can not be done at same time my cost was 5500 dollars

Recovery was no joke I was sore beyond belief bruised so badly I looked like a purple smurf and the first day of wearing faja was hellish but I got used to it after 24 hours

I was so glad I stayed at contreras recovery house the food was good the rooms were clean the nurses friendly and contreras visited me a few times I also received after care wound dressing change fluid removal everyday and night by dr penna

I started my massages on day 3 my first one was painless but after that it was nothing short of agony I had fibrosis small lumps in my stomach and the massage therapist massaged these away and used lazier to soften they have mostly gone now but it was not a pleasant experience

All in all I love my results I have hips for the first time my ass is nice and big and my boobs are round and high dr contreras defiantly worked his magic

English speaking nurse

whilst here in the dominican I met an English speaking nurse i found english speaking nurses or English speaking anyone where hard to come and she is truly an angel she works for a well known doctor but she is available for hire privately for nursing should you wish to stay in a hotel or need an overnight nurse she is also available for translation as her English is perfect her email is her number is 1-829-2763965 any more info just what's app her

Traveling back to Europe

My journey back was via Madrid
The 8 hour flight is not the comfiest in the faja but was better than expected
2 problems I encountered
Do not buy perfume and alcohol in dominican as it will be be confiscated in Madrid I was very disappointed when they confiscated my Chanel perfume and grey goose vodka when I went through security at Madrid to get my london flight
Make sure you get a letter from doctor for travel before you leave because of my faja and my visible bruises this created a big problem at security and the frisking lady contacted the police who said they would have to give me a full body search this changed when I was taken in to room and showed my letter the lady was really nice and just made me lift up my top for a visual check so be warned if you do not have letter the police will make you totally strip faja and everything in a small cubicle

Other contreras reviews

I would also like to point out the following few points

contreras new state of the art clinic and recovery house has only been open for 3 months and as such had some teething troubles but I noticed dr contreras wife personally asking for feedback as to any changes that could be made.. I was happy with all aspects of my care and the recovery house which is new and clean

I would also like to point out that whilst staying for two weeks I saw over 40+ ladies surgery results all were on point and no one had complications or any infections dr contreras results speak for themselves his patients are mainly dominican so a lot of staff do not speak English

I was asleep for the entire length of my procedure I did not wake up once

On the day before I left I noticed a lot of scar tissue forming in my nostril after my rhino dr contreras personally removed this for me it was a minor procedure that he could have easily got another doctor to do but he personally took the time to do this himself even though he had a full room of ladies waiting for surgery

I am over the moon with my results and will post pictures as soon as my swelling goes down but in my opinion dr contreras is a master of his craft


I'm not gonna lie ladies the Faja is a bitch to wear I am counting down the days until I can take mine off and burn it ( I hate the faja) the best advise i was given Is not to buy another one and take it in with a seamstress every few days the lovely massage ladies at contreras clinic took me to a seamstress 2 mins away from the clinic to get mine taken in as 10 days post op mine was loose the faja has to be crazy tight to give you the right compression they advised me to take it in by 2 inches every 6 days and not to waste money buying stage 2 garments etc this saved me a lot of money and also means if you keep taken it in you can switch to spank when you have taken you faja in by at least 10 inches even though I hate the faja it is great to know that my body will decrease by 8 inches or more as I already look tiny
Dr. Edgar Contreras

I was very happy with doctor contreras his response to emails is super fast and he was very honest with me in terms of the surgeries I wanted and results I could not fault him or his work and would recommend highly

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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