BBL,LIPO and TT with Dr. Contreras - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello, I'm Jenny and I'm 24 years old. I weight...

Hello, I'm Jenny and I'm 24 years old. I weight 200 pounds and I'm 5'5. The initial doctor that I wanted to have my sx with was Dr. Yily but unfortunately for me, she is on maternity leave and I want to have body done before new year. After viewing some of Dr. Duran work I decided that I wanted her to do my body but she never reply yo my email and phone calls so I decided I need to find another doctor. the next doctor that I had in mind was doctor Cabral but he have few days within a month so I decided that choosing him will not be in my benefit. Final doctor i choose to look into was Dr. Contreras, I emailed him a few questions and he answered me promptly and also mention to him about his death controversial, he clearly explained to me that yes it is true but that was 20-15 years ago and now that he know better he haven't have any death afterward. What i like about him so far is the fact that he not afraid to talk about past issue. EVERYONE MAKE MISTAKE SO LETS NOT FORGET THAT
So I decided
I choose Dr. Contreras as my doctor because I believed he can give me my dream body.

Please no negativity

I did not create RS account for people to start with their negative thing. I did my research and I make sure that I do everything I need to go into sx with great health. If you don't have nothing positive to say then don't say nothing at all. I have few weeks to have my sx and negativity is so not what I want right now. REMEMBER THIS IS MY STORY, SO PLEASE LET ME LET ME TELL IT BASED ON HOW IT IS FOR ME. I DONT WANT TO BE GOING BY OTHER PEOPLE STORIES, THAT IS THE MAIN REASON I DID MY RESEARCH BEFORE MAKING A FINAL DECISION.

One of contreras doll

Spoke to her on Facebook

List of supplies

After doing a lot of research and being part of so many Facebook group, I picked up few info from each and this is what I have as my list of supplies.
Manuka Honey
Arnica lotion
Ultrasonic massage
Long thick pads
Antibacterial soap ( Help fight MRSA which stand for staph infection)
White beeter
Maxi dresses ( 5 of them)
Lovonox ( Help with blood clot)
Fajate garment( bought 2 on ebay for 120)
Ez pee


Antibiotic cream
Lysol disinfectant spray and wipes
bio oil
Plastic mattress covers
Flip flops
Alcohol pads
Pain meds
Thrombocid cream
Boppy pillow
Stool softener

Where to purchase supplies. FOR FAJATE GARMENT.
Amazon for the MANUKA HONEY
Walmart for my ultrasonic massage and most of my supplies.
Nursing ( free just pay for shipping) for my ticket and hotel




Hello ladies, i've decided that instead of bbl I want to do my boob. I'm a 40 g and i weigh 200 pounds and for me having a breast reduction with lift, tummy tuck and lipo are the most important. I will however go back to for a second round for more lipo and then get my round fat assssss

Staying at Contreras Rh

I booked with an hotel but just found out that it's an hour away from the clinic so I decided that I will be staying at the recovery house. It's $60 a night including food, nursing services and yes wifi. For transportation he's charginge $75 round trip. Please ladies, if you decide to go to an hotel make sure it's close to Contreras clinic just in case of emergency.


Since I decided to do my breast instead of BBL, I dont know what supplies I need for the breaset reduction and lift. So if any of yall ladies had a breast reduction and lift already feel free to guide me. Thanks

My supplies ladies

Me at 240 pounds

Me now 198 pounds pre op

22 more days

Doing my last sx shopping today. I added surgical bras, dermoplast, levonox, more rosa oil, a bottle if alcohol and one more full body garment with a surgical bras attach to it.

My first sx dream

Had an horrible dream last night....dream that I was getting ready to have sx with Duran and when she gave me the blue pill I drink it but still wasn't knockout and when she start doing by tt I felt everything. I told her i was in a lot of pain but she refused to stop what she doing so I decided to get up and ran out with an open belly. SMDH these dream man. Def know that everything will go well with my sx. I decided to just get tt, breast reduction and lipo then May I will go back for more lipo and my bbl and this time I will go to Cabral or Duran maybe Contreras but will decided when the time is close.

New quote for second round

I sent Dr. Contreras for a new quote for bbl and lipo and he quote me $2000 great price for me at this moment and thinking of going on spring break if not I will wait for august. Cabral price is 3000 and Duran is 3500. I don't know who I will end up with for second round but who ever I end up better give me the ass that I desire lol
Dr. Edgar Contreras

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