Sculpted by Contreras 06/23/14

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I am 32 years old and a ps virgin. I received...

I am 32 years old and a ps virgin. I received quotes from many different surgeons and initially went with Dr. Baez. I love her work and she was very responsive to my emails. While doing my research I came across Dr. Cabrals work and fell in love with it. I have read all the stories about his past and I am very aware of it. I did have to think really hard and from all views. I work at a hospital in an OR so I know what can occur. I realize that risks come with any surgical procedures and have seen it myself during routine procedures. With this being a elective procedure that is a risk I decided to take when I opted to go through with this.

I have already booked my flight and my BBL is scheduled for June 23rd. I am now trying to decide if I will recover at CIPLA or a recovery house. I am just so anxious and I am ready to go NOW, lol...

Pre op testing, I dont want to run into any issues!!!

So as part of my preparation I am making sure that all my labs are good so I do not run into any issues when I get to the DR. I have an appointment scheduled with my PCP next week to get labs drawn and hopefully everything is on point. I did however purchase an at home HIV test at a local drug store. I was so nervous, everytime I get tested I get super nervous. I'm not one of those people that think it can't happen to them, IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE!!! Needless to say I took the test as soon as I got home and the wait for the results was the longest 20 minutes. Thankfully my results came back negative. So I got that out the way now I just need the results of my labwork scheduled for next week to see where I stand. I am so anxious I wish I could leave for the DR like RIGHT NOW, lol.

Looks like I will be traveling alone!

3 friends were supposed to be going with me to the DR all wanted to get procedures done. They have ALL backed out. O well, I am still going my ticket is already purchased! This process is already overwhelming and emotional, but this has just really made me feel some kind of way. I was really relying on us to support one another, especially since I haven't told anyone else. I know I will be ok I just wish they would have let me known sooner. They are gonna wish they went once they see my results, lol!


So I know this may be a bit premature but I have started gathering supplies. I really don't want to take too much but I do wanna make sure I take the right things.
So far I have:

germicidal wipes for surfaces
Steri strips (not sure if I'll need those)
gauze pads
Antibacterial swabs (for incision sites)
Alcohol pads

What I still plan to get:

Female urinal
bath wipes
Bleach spray
Antibacterial soap (or will the hibaclens be sufficient?)
Compression stockings
Q tips
Maxi dresses
Nursing pillow
Arnica tabs and gel
Stool softner
Chux pads
Protein drinks
Vitamin c
Iron pills
Sleeping pills
Maxi pads

Ladies am I missing anything or is there anything I need to add?

Boppy Pillow

Question, I know it may be dumb but I am gonna ask anyway. What is the benefit of using a nippy vs any other type of pillow and how should you sit on it? I just wanna make sure I understand.

I know I need to begin a healthy lifestyle

now before surgery in order to maintain it after surgery, but I just can't get motivated. I would truly hate to waste my money on surgery if I don't plan to take better care of myself afterwards. What's a girl to do?

For those who opted to recover at CIPLA

I have a question for those who have had sx and opted to recover at CIPLA. Did you still need to bring all of your own supplies as if you were staying at a recovery house, or are the supplies just standard items one would need during recovery?


I am 3 months away and I am so nervous. I have most of my supplies, my plane tickets is paid for, time off of work,my passport, and childcare taken care of. I still need the rest of my supplies and I need to decide where I want to recover at. I am really swaying towards recovery at CIPLA because I will only be in the DR 6 days after my sx and would feel most comfortable there, plus meals and massages are included. I would just really feel much safer recovering there. I know a lot of people said that the staff is not nice but I can deal with that. I am so ready for June to be here but at the same time I am so nervous, which I guess is to be expected. I have been in contact with Dr. Cabral weekly and I am very comfortable with choosing him as my surgeon. I just want my new body so bad. I feel like this will be a life changing event, but then I think will my life really change that drastically and will this really be worth it? If it doesnt change anything else it will make me feel better about myself and motivate me to be better to my body and that is all that matters, Right? Well I am sure we have all had a rollercoaster of emotions and it is only natural, but I have no one else to vent to.

Sculpted By Contreras

Hello Ladies I am now 16 days post op. First off I will say recovery is no joke. No matter how much you think you can prepare for recovery, you cant until you actually go through it.

My review will be very concise. I did switch doctors and Dr Edgar Contreras did my BBL on 06/23.

My correspondence with Dr Contreras has been wonderful from the start. Whenever I message him he responds promptly and answers any questions that I have. My consult with Dr Contreras was on 06/23. I arrived to his clinic and was very impressed, it was very clean and modern. I was advised by his secretary to get testing done which consisted of bloodwork downstairs in the lab and then an EKG with a cardiologist at an offsite location. Once testing was completed I came back to the clinic and was informed that my hemoglobin was 13.5 and that I was good to go for surgery that day. I met with Dr Contreras in his office which was very nice. He took me inside the exam room and marked me up. He did advise me that my results would be optimal if I included a Tummy Tuck, although he knew that was something that I was not ready for at the time. He informed me that he just wanted to let me know that. I left his office to get prepped for surgery.

I was placed in a room and got changed and then taken to the OR. I was placed on the table to have IV and epidural placed. the IV was placed first and medication was given to me to calm me down. It instantly made me sleepy, then the process of placing the epidural began. I recall feeling the pinch of the epidural being placed in my back as I sat up and then being laid down in order to wait for the medication to work. The anesthesiologist beganto test me to see if the medication was working and it was not. We waited for what seemed like forever and the medication still was not working so I was told that it would have to be removed and another one placed. The second one was placed with success. I remember yelling to his staff tomake sure that he makes my butt big over and over again until I fell asleep (LOL)...

I woke up in a room and my new body was bound, I couldn't see anything, but at that time I didnt care because I could still feel the effects of anesthesia and just wanted to go back to sleep. I slept all night, the next morning I was awaken by breakfast and the nurse coming in and out a few times to change my IV fluids. Hours later I was cleaned up, got labs drawn and then taken to get a faja at the faja shop inside Dr Contreras clinic. After my lab results came back I was able to go to the recovery house I was staying at. The rest of that day I felt ok with minimal pain (I am assuming that was after effects of the anesthesia). Now the next few days I felt like pure crap... My entire body was sore, I was so swollen I was way bigger than I was before surgery, it actually looked like I had nothing done, I was tired and had no appetite whatsoever. I had my first massage 2 days post op. I had so much fluid I had to go to the clinic on the 4th day post op to have fluid removed from my back and abdomen. I am not sure how much total was removed but it was a lot. The Dr that saw me advised that I come back the following day which was a Saturday to have the Dr on duty remove more fluid. I came back Saturday to have fluid removed but there was none just lots of inflammation. I was uncomfortable in pain and I hated that wretched faja (I still do)...

I leave the DR that Sunday ( I only stayed 6 days post op). I was swollen in pain and my body had not started to take form yet, but I decided I had no choice but to be patient as I had a lot of swelling. Honestly I was growing impatient because I saw nothing but swelling and bruises. Then I swear like out of nowhere I saw my shape that Dr Contreras sculpted, this was like day 12 after 2 additional massages and 2 days of nothing but peeing. I literally peed every 5 minutes I could not even sleep it was so anoying, but I was beginning to feel much better and my swelling went down drastically. Since day 12 my body has done nothing but form into a beautiful sillouhette, I have a major arch in my back and my hips are to die for. My but is perfect it is a nice bubble and matches my hips perfectly, my butt and hips are perfect and I love the arch in my back... my stomach of course is still swollen but my waist is geting so small. I have never had a real waist before and I cant keep my eyes of my waist and the arch in my back. The two combined make for the perfect butt. I am so happy with the way Dr Contreras sculpted my body I just can not keep my eyes off myself and I am excited to see how the final result will look. My daughter told me the other day to tuck my booty in, LOL!

I am very with the Dr I chose despite what anyone else may have to say. He has been very professional and responds to all of my correspondence in a timely manner with thorough responses. I feel like I made the perfect choice and I would refer or advise anyone who is interested in going to him to do so. I feel confident that my results will only get better from here and I am truly thankful to him for that. I have already had a major boost in confidence and I feel good about myself. I do not regret the decision I made at all...

I will try to post some pics soon

Sculpted by Contreras 12 week update

I haven't posted in a while and I was going back and forth whether I should post pics or not. I love my results and am happy with the outcome. Recovery is really a process and is not something that happens overnight. I have watched my body transform over the past few weeks and I'm truly in love with it. Don't get me wrong some days I do look at myself and see small things that I want done or some days my butt doesn't look as big as I think it should, but I always have to remind myself I look way better than I did pre-op. I receive so many compliments on my body it's insane.

The only complaint I have is that I have to get ALL new clothes, LOL, everything is too big. I should have included cost for a new wardrobe in my surgery cost. I don'tkeep up with my measurements because I don't want to get caught up in worrying if I lost an inch or 2 in volume. I do know I went down a band size in my bras but up a cup size I had to get ALL new bras too.

All in all I am happy with my results. I opted not to get a tummy tuck although the Dr did suggest it in order for me to have optimal results, but I'm fine with the way I am right now. Maybe later on I will have it done, but right now I'm loving the new me regardless. I still wear my faja daily or some type of shapewear. I just received a Salome vest I ordered and have been wearing it to bed and when I go to work. It really helps with the compression on my lower abdomen that my faja doesn't provide anymore.

I have attached some pics and if anyone has questions feel free to ask... By the way my PS is the SHIT... I love Dr Contreras. I keep him updated regularly on my progress and he ALWAYS responds and does so in a timely fashion, he is the truth!
Dra Edgar Contreras.

Dr Contreras is who completed my surgery. I have nothing but nice things to say. I love my PS!

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