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I have been browsing real self for quite sometime....

I have been browsing real self for quite sometime. I originally had my heart set on a BBL WITH Dr. Cortes in Houston tx but After sending him pictures and receiving no response I began to read reviews on here. The most consistently good results seem to come from the hands of Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran. I love the waistlines she sculpts and the consistently perfect asses she creates. As a young girl growing up in an urban neighborhood, I was often teased for my wide flat booty. In addition to that, I had always been on the chunkier side and did not develop breasts till' late in my teens (they still aren't much to brag about). My body was & is a source of constant disappointment and even when I was active, my booty didn't match my thicker thighs and hips. My current boyfriend ( & father of my 2 kids) always jokes that my front doesn't match my back, meaning that my figure in the front would lead you to believe I had a butt, but NO WAY JOSE! I joke about it, but it really is quite a pain. I can't wear anything form fitting. I hate shopping for clothes because it takes hours to find anything to suit my frame. Anyways, I am hoping to get a quote ASAP from the infamous Duran for a BBL & possibly breast augmentation. I haven't really been able to get ahold of her accept for an email saying she would get to me when she could. I've sent pics to her whatsapp fb and gmail but still haven't heard back. I'll probably try Bella vita next. I have to have sx before June 10th because of school, or I will have to wait another year!!! Anyone who wants this procedure knows how hard it is to have to wait!!! Id have had it last week if I could (seriously!). I'm going to post some questions soon, and if any DR Dolls (or any others for that matter) have any tips, advice, or answers for me I'm all ears!!


Okay I have an honest question here!! I find myself becoming a booty-holic!!! To discover there is a REAL possibility that you could have the body of your dreams is quite intoxicating, wouldn't you all agree??!! I spend hours looking at wish pics and review, and even more hours in the mirror contemplating what need sucked out lol. My question is this: I am enrolling into a full time nursing program in July. I hope to get my surgery in early June so that I have plenty of time to recover. What do you lady's think would be more of distraction from my studies. A) constant booty greed or B) The recovery (faja, squeem,the emotional bbl roller coaster)
I ask this because I can't decide what makes more sense...To get this done before school so that I won't have to be very physical during my 1st few months of recovery & so I can enjoy it ASAP, or wait untill I graduate to reward myself, and so my recovery doesn't distract me from my books! I'm at a loss!

Finally got a quote!!

So this morning I woke up to an email from the ever elusive Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran!! It was bitter sweet though because she told me by my pictures she wasn't sure if I needed a tummy tuck, but because I have two kids she gave me the Tt price too. It was Tt,BA, full lipo, & bbl for 6800. Without the Tt is was 6,000. Way more than what I was originally thinking. Keep in mind Dr Baez quoted me 4300 for Bbl, lipo,& breasts. That's a 1700$ difference plus Baez includes your meds and only operates on one girl a day. I'm torn lol!! Durans results are very consistent! She always provides the the great sculpting & nice full booties. I've never seen a bad duran review. On the other hand, the few Baez reviews I have read were good, the few before and afters I've seen were great( a lot of them were skinnier so they weren't as helpful to me). I think dra Baez could give me what I want but I know dra duran can. Any advice???
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