BBL hopeful! 5'4, 130 Pounds ---> Miami Bound! ---> VANITY COSMETIC ---> DR. FISHER!

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Before BBL


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BBL candidate

Hey dolls, I had some trouble getting started on...

Hey dolls, I had some trouble getting started on realself so, I'm a little late with my posts. So! My surgery date is really sneaking up on me! Here are a few quick tidbits about me - I'm 34-years-old… no kids... and I live in Atlanta - quick interjection, I'm from Louisiana… a real live bayou Creole girl! I decided a while back I wanted to have the surgery. I already have a very nice figure, but there's always room for a little more ass right?! LOL! Anyhow, today is February 18, 2015 and I'm FIVE days away from having my surgery! Initially, I planned to have the surgery in late-2014 with Dr. Yily in the Domician. I have a girlfriend who went there and she looks GREAT! I started doing my research and chickened out of the Dominican. Why??? Because I need to be right here in the states just in case sh*t gets too real LOL! I researched doctors from ATL to MIA to NYC to LA and all points in between and I settled on Dr. Fisher at Vanity Miami. I know, I know, I know, Atlanta is the hub for big butts, BUT I see BBL girls out here all the time and I'm not of fan of the results I see from doctors in Atlanta… they tend to lack in the overall contouring of the body (strictly my opinion). It's one thing to have a huge butt, it's another thing to have a perfect butt and the perfect body to match it! I mean I'd like to enhance to my backside, but there is SOOO much more added value in a tapered waistline, and curves! So, Dr. Fisher it is! His method seems ideal for me and I love what I've seen in terms of his patients results! I've done tons of medical research and trust me... I've viewed my fair-share of asses on realself LOL! But, I still feel a little unprepared. Maybe it's because I'm just a wee-bit nervous. Or because I haven't posted anything official on my realself page LOL! That's all about to change. I'm counting down and will document as much as possible throughout my journey! I kindly ask for everyone's support and prayers! I will keep you all posted every step of the way! Thanks dolls!

Before Pics! 5 days PRE-OP!

Here are some before pics I took 5 days. For some reason they didn't upload properly yesterday.

Tomorrow is my big day… I made it to MIAMI!

Hi dolls, I made it to Miami today and will have surgery tomorrow (Monday, Feb. 23) afternoon. I brought quite a few supplies here with me, but really tried to keep it simple. My driver, Victor, picked my husband and I up from the airport and took us to the store to grab additional supplies. Victor was really cool and helpful. I'm at the Recovery House now. Let me just say, this RH is a a story for another day!!!!!! I'm trying to stay positive so, let me just move on. Anyhow, here are a few pics I took (of supplies and me) today… I wanted to document EXACTLY how I looked RIGHT before surgery! I took a pic in some leggings and a dress that I wear when I'm just running errands… they happen to be my favorite lazy day garments so, I'm really anxious to see how these clothing items will fit post-surgery. Pray for me please. Peace and Love!


Hey ladies! I'm sooooo sorry for the delay. I've really been taking time to recover. Real quick… everything went MUCH BETTER than I expected. I only weighed 132 pounds going in for surgery, but I have an extremely high tolerance for pain! I mean I have a VERY high tolerance for pain. I was done with surgery and didn't even realize what happened… when I came out of surgery and wondered what was taking so long for them to start LOL! I felt fine… can you believe that LOL?! I did get cold for a split second, the chills only lasted about 10 minutes. When they wheeled me out I saw my husband. I was so happy to see him that I wanted to turn cartwheels :) I've been doing great ever since. I've been taking my medicine as required, but I'm not taking any additional supplements or vitamins… just the antibiotic and pain med Dr. Fisher prescribed to me. I haven't even had to take the nausea or constipation medicine yet. Thanks for all of your prayers. I'm so completely grateful to GOD for HIS healing grace and mercy! I haven't had any complications and Dr. Fisher was amazing - an absolute charm! I'll give a much more updated review in my next post. I'll upload pics and cover all the topics from the massages, to one day post-op, stitches removed, drainage removal, and everything in between.


Apologies again for the delay! I decided to do one long wrap up of everything I could think of. I have a lot of catching up to do. Let's start from the top…

DAY OF SURGERY: My surgery was slated to begin somewhere around 2 or 3pm. The driver picked my husband and I up from the RH (we stayed at Vanity's RH… the one attached to the horse ranch). When we got to Vanity I was shocked to see just how packed it was. People were lined up from wall to wall. Anyway, I signed in and then everything started happening sooooo fast! They called me to the back and then I bumped into another Realself blogger! That was so cool. I wish I could've stayed to talk, but the staff was not playing around with me. They told me to say goodbye to my husband and everybody else in there LOL! When I got to the back I had to change clothes, urinate, fill out paperwork and wait for the doctor. Then Dr. Fisher came in and was as nice as could be and has a wonderful sense of humor. He was very realistic about what I should expect… especially because I didn't have a lot of fat. He also told me that my liposuction would be VERY AGGRESSIVE… and he stressed VERY AGGRESSIVE because; obviously I didn't have a lot of fat! He warned that my recovery would more than likely be more painful than others because of the aggressive lipo and he was clear that I'd be in extreme pain the day after surgery. He snapped some before pics, drew on me, walked me into the operating room, and we got the party started! The assistant had a hard time getting a vein because I was a little dehydrated going into surgery. The next thing I knew, iWokeUpLikeThis lol, the room was dark, and I wondered what was taking so long for them to start surgery… then somebody told me to roll over and I realized we were done! I thanked God! They made me walk over and get into another bed. As soon as I did, I started freezing. I just kept telling myself "mind over matter, mind over matter," but it was cold! Thank God, I didn't stay in there long. They put in me a wheelchair and sent me on my merry little way at about 5:30pm. When they rolled me out toward the car I saw my husband from a distance… let’s pause right there! When we saw each other, it was like the scene in “Color Purple” when the two sister reunite lol! He started running toward me and I was there with my arms stretched wide open! Then I said, “stop and take a picture of me!”… and then we kissed. LOL! I’m soooo dramatic! Anyhow, I got back to the RH and rested a little bit and then, I got up to walk up and down the halls of the RH the same night I got home from surgery. Overall, I felt ok, considering everything I went through. Of course, my abs were very sore. It felt like I'd done way too many crunches in the gym or something. My face was sooooo swollen! It looked like somebody beat me with a bag of rocks! Even though I felt ok, I wanted to take it very slow, so I had my husband help me in and out of bed. I didn't want to get beside myself and end in pain. So, you're probably wondering what took me so long to update my posts, especially since the recovery wasn't all that bad. So now... Here's where I had the problem! It wasn't with getting lipo on my abs, arms, chin, or fat transfer to butt and hips… but OH MY LORD, I HAD TO URINATE EVERY 5-10 MINUTES! I am not exaggerating!!!! I was completely exhausted from getting in and out of bed like that. We got no sleep worth mentioning. A few times, I went to the bathroom and I promise you, by the time I walked back to the bed I had to pee again! I was like WTH?!? I ended up weak, thirsty, and dehydrated. So, it became a "catch 22"... The more I urinated then the more dehydrated I got, the more dehydrated I got then the thirstier I got, the thirstier I got then the more I drank fluids, the more I drank fluids then the more I urinated... (and read that sentence 100 times over and you'll see how I felt LOL!). WARNING: TMI, but keep reading… It got to the point I stopped going to the bathroom, my husband brought me a cup and I stood on the side of the bed and tinkled in the cup. Then, I threw whatever little bit of pride I had straight out the window because it got to the point I just started kneeling in bed peeing in the cup! Yep, right there in bed. Thank God I didn't make a mess. I was so tired of getting up and down to use the bathroom. I did everything they said to hydrate myself, but I couldn’t maintain it because of my 90-year-old bladder. It took a huge toll on my energy level. It's honestly the reason I could not update my posts. But I'm here now! :)

DAY AFTER SURGERY: Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of pain I was in the day following surgery. I even made a video as proof! Just before I had surgery, Dr. Fisher warned day two would be my "darkest day." I was a little stiff, but that's expected. The bit of pain that was present was bearable. ONE THING - strangely, it would get as hot as fire around the drainage cord inside me. I don’t know what the heck that was about! Anyhow, I had a follow up appointment to have my bandages changed and my first massage. My massage went very well, I even asked the massage therapist to apply a little more pressure on my back. But, I am very ticklish on my stomach so I gave the therapist a run for her money every time she touched my belly. I drained a lot when it was over. While I was at the clinic they gave me an ab-board, lipo foam, and I bought and extra garment (faja). I got back to the RH and took a shower. Hubby had to help me put on my faja, ab board, and lipo foam. After that, I took it slow the rest of the day for reasons: #1) Remember, I didn't want to push myself too fast or too hard and regret it. #2) I spent more time urinating than anything else… that was the most annoying and energy exhausting thing ever!

DAYS 3 & 4: Wednesday and Thursday, I walked a little more than I had each day before and had massages each day. Other than that, there was nothing eventful about those days – unless y’all want to talk about Cookie and Lucious Lyon! You better believe I stood in one place to watch “Empire” with my trusty little pee cup in hand! Don’t judge me… that show is my guilty ghetto pleasure, LOL!

I went back to the clinic for my last massage, to meet with Dr. Fisher, and have my drains taken out. Everything went great. Dr. Fisher told me I looked really good and said my waistline should go down A LOT!!! It’s swollen because of the amount of aggression used during the lipo procedure. I said I should wear my ab board and lipo foam as much as I can for at least 6-weeks… he said the same about my chinstrap. I told me to wear my faja for 3-months. Also, I got a letter from the clinic telling the airline that I could only sit for take-off and landing. I got back to the RH, and did a good amount of walking.

DAY 6: Saturday, I walked even more, packed my stuff, and flew back home. My flight was really good! The flight attendants let me stretch out across an entirely empty row. I used my boppy pillow as a pillow for my head and took a nap. Can you believe I only peed once during that 1:45-minute flight?! I was happy about it!

Thank you all for your prayers and kind words! Bless you all!... Love you girls! :)

P.S., I'll be posting more pics soon. Hopefully, I can figure out how to (successfully) post the video that I made one day after surgery. Anyhow, I have to go to bed now. Peace & Love!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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