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Hello Ladies. I am excited about seeing Dr. Medina...

Hello Ladies. I am excited about seeing Dr. Medina come August 31st. The quote I received $4550 includes the BBL, recovery house stay and transportation. I am currently 180 pounds and have to lose at least ten more pounds in order to be cleared to have the surgery. I will post images of my before body and after body. I cannot wait to share my experience and what I've learned here. This site is excellent and has provided me with so much information from what to pack to what to expect etc. There are so many great tips that I have jotted down. You ladies are phenomenal when it comes to sharing information.

Before Photos

BBL with Tania Medina... Updated with before photos

Hello. I have finally posted some pics. As you can see I am in need of this BBL. lol. I love my hips but the back fat and belly needs to go an plump up my rump. :)

The type of booty I would love to have...

I have taken these images from realself and google images. I do not own them and hope not to offend. I admire these beautiful derrieres and simply want to display the type of look I hope to achieve.
I would like to get more of a drop shape booty than a shelf.
Currently I am on a weight loss journey. I am a 188 pounds and have to be at 170 pounds or less for my upcoming surgery on 8-31-2015. I am 5'5. Weight has been a constant battle for me over the years. Up and down, up and down. lol. I am determined, to get to lower than 170 because I want the most optimal results. I have also slowly changed my eating habits. I have eliminated fast food altogether. I just have to increase my vegetable and lean protein in take. I hate exercising but I have added it to my regimen as well. We'll see what happens. Ladies, if you have any great tips to help me get there, I am ALL ears.

It's getting closer...

The date is drawing near. I am very excited. I have gone through my list of items and packed them all up to make sure I don't forget anything. I have seen a lot of great work from Dr. Medina so I know that she will do a great job.
The weight is still a stuggle. Back and forth losing five gaining five. It's a bit frustrating but I am down to the wire now so I have to show and prove. And I will.

Omgomgomg it's getting closer!

So, I am just shy of two and a half weeks away from my sx date. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. Luckily for me my cousin is going with me and we will both get to meet with Dr. Medina. I have prepared everything and taken all of the helpful tips that many of you ladies have given me into account. I have my list of questions, do's and don’ts as well as what I want and don't want. I hope to come close to or obtaining the look that I desire.
I have been storing my supplies in a box but will transfer them to my suitcase soon and double check my list to ensure that nothing is forgotten. I have already purchased my tourist card online. If any of you ladies that are traveling to DR have not done this yet, I recommend it as it will save you from having to wait on line. It is valid for up to six months from your date of purchase. It costs $10.00. Here is the link.
Here is a list of what I've packed so far. This list was given to me be Dr. Medina and I added a few items

Iron, Vitamin C, Complex B
Feminine Pads
Compression socks thigh high ones
Body wipes
Tooth paste,
Tooth brush,
Mouthwash (preferably the travel size)
Flat Shoes
Summer dresses about 3 or 4
3 Sheets of Lipo Foam
Off Mosquito repellant
1. Package of 6 white tees
2. 1 package of 6 cushion ankle socks
3. 1 plush throw
4. Arnica cream
5. 3 bars Dial soap
5. Neosporin
6. Antibacterial hand wipes
7. wet cleansing towelettes.
8. Dulcolax
9. Tylenol
10. Rose mosqueta oil
11. Bio oil 2 oz.
12. Adhesive tape
13. Gauze pads
14. Latex gloves (2 box)
15. Travel size toiletries at Walmart comes with toothbrush/paste,shampoo,cond.,mini comb,deodorant,lotion..will also take makeup and hair bands)
17. Loofa washcloth
18. Female urinal

In a few hours

I a few hours I will be on my way to see Dra. Medina. I am nervous and excited. I have never been to the DR so there will be a lot of firsts for me. I am all packced and geared up to go. I even purchased a camping chair for when I get back so that I can sit comfortably. In addition I have another camping recliner that I can sleep on when I get tired of sleeping on my stomach. I will cut out the seat portion to make sure they're comfortable.
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