BBL - Can't Decide on a Surgeon. HELPPP!!? - Dominican Republic

I have been wanting to get a BBL w. Fat transfer...

I have been wanting to get a BBL w. Fat transfer for almost 4 years now. I did not have the means financially to do so but now that I do I am more than ready to get this done!

Unfortunetly what I thought would be the easiest part, choosing an MD, is becoming a nightmare.

I can't seem to choose a surgeon due to the different mixed reviews and because of low rating on reviews as well. I've done some research on my top picks: Dr. Jose Mora, Dr. A. H. Duran, Dr.Almanzar, Dr. Yily, and lastly, Dr. Cabral. They all have great before and after pictures but a few have negative reviews about post op care that really concerns me because I think post op care is one of the most important parts of the process.

Anyway, I need help figuring out what I should really be focusing on when choosing a Dr for this procedure and for those who have done the procedure- who do you recommend?

I Finally Have a Date for my BBL in D.R W. Doctor Jose Mora

I have finally made my surgery appointment for January 6th 2017. It feels like it is so far away. I have chosen to do my surgery with Dr. Jose Mora. He is not as popular as other PS, but I have seen his work and I think he will give me the 'natural' results that I want.

I cannot stop looking at pictures on Instagram or RealSelf of "wish pics" and even different "Barbies/Dolls". I am super excited, but also nervous. Does anyone have any helpful lists of things to bring or advice on how to prepare your body before the surgery?

Is it normal to have doubts ?

I feel in my gut that I have made the right decision with picking a doctor and a recovery house, but I can't help but think about the dangers of PS.

I have recently been binge watching Botched on E! And it is scary the things that happen to people after surgery. I guess I shouldn't be watching this show knowing I'm going to get a procedure done. Anyway, I am now more nervous that the day is getting closer and I'm not sure what I'm going to expect. There is no turning back now though, I have purchased my flight and given in my deposits.

Any ideas on how to cope with doubt and nervousness ?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have not been in touch with DR Mora himself, but his assistant is very lovely. I have even been able to talk to his assistant on the phone about the procedure and what I should expect. We'll see how it goes.

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