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Hey Ladies! I'm 21 yr about to start my BBL...

Hey Ladies! I'm 21 yr about to start my BBL journey. I'm quite new at this so I'm kinda lost in all the different opinions and reviews. I'm scheduled with Baez on August 5th. I kind of like her cause she does not make you wait forever to respond to emails. I originally wanted Yily but she takes way too long to answer to emails, and I want my sx done in august cause of school. I hope Baez can really give me what I want cause I would hate wasting my money. I'm 134 lbs so I;'m kinda scared that I wont ave enough fat to transfer.I don't really expect a huge booty I just want a nicer shape. I have not even started taking my vitamins, but I don't worry about that cause I'm quite healthy. If anyone has any advice and opinions please do not hesitate I kind need a little help :-)

Just started taking my vitamins!

So I went to the pharmacy on july 6th and I bought the vitamins and other things im supposed to take. I got:
Folic Acid
Vitamin C
Mutli vitamins with iron.
The doctor said im supposed to take one of each every day. I was supposed to take the iron separately but I didnt find it where i went, since the multivitamins I bought has 18 mg of Iron in it I decided that was enough. Some girls here reported that the iron caused some nasty side effects like diarrhea and nausea. Since the body does not dissolve iron it's just gonna pile up and that isnt a good thing. So im not gonna go hard on the iron. I've also been told to take ferrous sulfate but I couldnt find it. If anyone else knows what else I should take prior to surgery please let me know. Thanks!

Baez or Yily? ughhhh hard choice :-(

Im already scheduled with Baez but im so in love with Yily's work . She gives amazing booties. Baez is good too but I havent seen enough of her work. Baez didnt even ask for a deposit so Im asking myself if she's not gonna cancel on me last minute. Yily quoted me 4100 for a BBL including a tummy tuck. I asked her for a quote just for a BBL and never emailed back. I sent her another email she still didnt respond. I called her office several times and they put me on hold forever and I just had to hang up. That lady is so hard to reach. Im also scared that she wont take her time with me cause I heard she does so many surgery in one day, on the other baez told me that on some days she only has one surgery. Which means she would spend more time on one person than yily would. Also baez's quote includes the draining massages and yily's quote doesnt. So that's extra money I would have to spend. Im seriously starting to think that I better choose Baez.

I think Im having side effects :-(

So I woke up this morning with a sore throat. I've been wondering if all those vitamins im taking at once are not the cause? I havent had that thing for a good while it's just suspicious that Im having it right after I started my meds. From being a Biology major I know it's just not a good thing to take certain medications together, I emailed the doctor about it and she hasnt emailed me back yet. Maybe im not supposed to take them all at once, which is exactly what I do. Is anyone else having side effects from their meds?

Sooo I've been looking for a place to stay..

I've heard good things about that lady Angela she ruuns a recovery house. I called her today and she told me that her rooms are 65$ a night. and the rooms have to be shared, they have two beds in each. So for the 65$ dollars you get 3 meals, Wifi, cable, snacks, care and transportation to and from airport. I've read somewhere that she is a wonderful cook. You can get massages for 20$ each, You can also get transportation for your entire stay for 150$ more (one time payment). like medical appointments, the mall ect.. Ive also contacted someone from " real recovery house" and their prices are kind of the same. If you share a room it's 65$ a night, but if you get a room by yourself it's 85$, however they said that it is a special promotion only for the months of July and august, after that the single room will cost 90$. You get 3 meals, 2 snacks, wifi, cable, care and transportation to and from airport AND medical appointments. If you need massages they are 25 $ each. I think I'll go with real recovery house because I wont have to worry about paying extra to go to my follow up visits. Im gonna keep searching for a better deal :-)

Not so sure about Baez anymore :-(

Hey BBL sisters! Since I decided to get a BBL the one thing Ive been worrying the most about is how many cc can be transferred. Im 134 lbs and going up . After seeing my pics Baez told me that she'll be able transfer 600 cc to each cheek. I know that most girls here want way more than that and so do I. I was hoping for 800 maybe a 1000. Im now doubting her abilities because I just saw two girls on here that got way more than that with little fat on them. The first one had her surgery with Salama she was only 133lbs and he gave her a big butt! 1050 cc in each cheek! She looked amazing. Another girl her name is asiangotbooty she was only 113 lbs! She got 720 in each cheek. Her bbl was with Dr Rami. I heard that Rami and Salama are partners so they probably have their own methods. I would go with of them but they r too expensive, it would take me a while to save 8000$ and I just dont wanna wait to have this sx. I Just emailed Yily to ask her how many cc she can give me. If she promises me more than Ill go with her. I would try Robles but I just saw what she did to a girl and that is just horrible. Im just gonna stay away from her. I think that 600 cc is way too low for my weight, and considering not of that fat is going to survive, I want a minimum of 800cc. Im not hoping for a big butt but at least I want a little something, does anyone know how that cc business works?

I changed my surgery to November 6th.

Hey ladies!
I've decided to postpone my sx, I think 'm gonna have it done in November instead, I thought I was going to have enough money saved but I don't. I still like Baez but I have enough money I might go with Duran. I think she has more experience and can give me a bigger butt. I'll keep checking here to see if I can find more pics of Baez's work.

Yily or Duran???

Hey ladies!!! So I finally got a date for my sx but I really don't know which doctor to go with. I could go with Duran on October 29 or Yily on November 6. Duran is more expensive but I want to pick whoever gives a bigger ass and longer lasting results. I heard that Yily's butts lose a lot of volume post op. I don't know if that's true for everyone. I really need advice so if you anyone can help just comment or inbox me, thanks!!

Leaving for DR tomorrow!!

Hey ladies! I havent updated for a while cause I was not sure who I wanted to have my sx with. I decided to remain with Dra Baez because she gave me a better quote, but deep down I wanted to go to Duran because I've seen more of her work. I have everything ready but I still have not received the Lipo foam I ordered from Amazon. I guess I'll have to do without. I'm leaving from JFK tomorrow morning and I'm only staying 7 days. I cannot stay longer because if school and work. And I have to work the very same day, as soon as I get home I'm gonna have to shower and go to work. I'll be staying at Yenny Casa de recuperacion. It's 45$ a day for a single room, Everything included except for transportation. Baez's is sending her driver to get me so I dont have to worry about that. I'm not going to hire a nurse, I think I'll be fine by myself. Or I think I'm going to ask one of my exes to stay with me. He lives in DR and he just finished med school. I'm so anxious cause I dont wanna pay all this money and not get the results I want. I dont want a huge booty cause I do have skinny legs lol. I want something realistic I dont want anyone to know I had sx. I'll post again when I get there. Wish me luck :)

Finally! Im a baez doll :)

Hey BBL sistas, this review is not going to be too long because Im in pain. This is no joke be mentally prepared to deal with the pain cause you're not even gonna be able to move without screaming(if you had full body lipo like me). The plane ride was smooth I watching pacific rim the whole time. When I got the airport I went through customs the wait is about 30 mins to an hr. There were two other dolls on the plane with me. One of them was going to see baez too and the other another I dont know. Jose Brito is very nice he took our bags and we spoke the whole way to baez's office. When I got to baez's offic I was surprised how nice and warm she is. She is sooo pretty and looks so young. But she's in her 30's. Her husband wasnt there so her brother in law was translating for her. Ladies Im not joking when I say beaz is an angel. She saw the other girl first and they took a while talking. She was supposed to have surgery today too but she cant cause of health issues. And her hemo is below 12 too she told me. So I ended being the only BBL baez had yesterday. Whe she called me in she asked me what I wanted to have done, where I wanted more fat ect.. She is very knowledge when I told what I wanted she took to another room, checked my body ect. I paid her that same day cause I didnt wanna keep the money on me. After I paid hee brother in law took us downstais where Yasmin was waiting for the other girl. I saw the cardiologist, went to get my blood drawn ect they took 4 vials of blood. I also had to pee in a container. After that I paid Jose 10$ to take me to yenny's recovery house. Yenny is a young lady just like beaz very beautiful. She looks very young too, but like Baez she's in her 30's. There's another girl here too from ny. She had lipo only. The house is clean and nice, The room is big and I have my own bathroom. Yenny fed me right away Cause I was hungry. She does not speak much english but I can understand her. The other speaks spanish so she translates for me. I went to sleep after eating cause I was so tired. Yenny woke me up around 7 for me to eat once last time before sx. She gives me juice with each meal. You cannot eat past 10pm not even a little water. I went to sleep right after. I cant write anymore this drain is killing me it hurts so much ttyl girl s..

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Baez's Review part

Beaz took out 6 liters of fat out me. I had lipo in my waist, full back, armpits, arms, flanks and inner tights. She put 1000 cc in each butt cheek and 700 each hip. My waist is tiny she did agressive lipo cause I asked her to. She said she could put more fat my body reached it's limit. And I did not ask for a huge butt cause I have chicken legs lol. I dont wanna look fake. She gave most of the meds but I have to the heparin shots, gel for bruises and a pill to make me pee after the massages with my own money. She prescribed 5 heparin shots for around 40 dollars Us and the 5 pills for 3$. She told me I dont have to buy the lioton gel cause I brought a tube of Arnica cream with me. If it wasnt for the pain everything wouldve been great. Baez is so nice and her clinic is nothing like Cipla I had at least 5 people coming in to check on me while I was there and she paid a nurse to sleep with me. Everytime I woke she woke up too asking me if I needed anything. She gave water, some juice and made sure I was comfortable. I slept well ladies I went by myself and I didnt have the horrible experience the girls at cipla had. Baez and her husband came to check on me after sx. She told me I was in there for over 4 hrs. She took her time with me. I really dont know how Yily and Duran can have sx on 6 girls a day. That's way too many. Baez never does more than two girls a day, never. That's why I was the only one she had yesterday. The other girl couldnt have sx. I forgot to mention that my hemo level was 14.6 so that's the reason why she was not scared to do aggresive lipo on me. A lot of girls say that baez doesnt do aggresive lipo, ladies she will do it only if it's safe for u. You lose a lof of blood during lipo, your life is more important than a tiny waist. She checked on me again this morning before I left, she gave a hug and kisses. She calls me ''mi bebe" lol I understand spanish I didnt really need a translator. Her staff is great, they are all nice. I was awake when she started working on my belly but I passed out after that. Even the anesthesiologist came to see how I was doing. The nurse cleaned me up with a washcloth this morning she also helped brush my teeth. Then another nurse brought me breakfast. I went back to sleep woke up, ate lunch (soup, gelatin , a, tea, and a cup of juice . After thats I saw baez and left.


I couldnt move enough to take the dress off, Ill post better pics after massage tomorrow.


9 days Post op d

9 days post op

4 weeks post op

Hey ladies! I havent updated for a while. Ive been so busy. Im down from 43'' to 41". I think I went down so much cause of the weight I lost, Baez told me not to lose more than 5 lbs cause that would make me lose volume. In total I think I lost 11 lbs cause at the time of sx I was 160 now im 149. Im still a little swollen but my stomach looks a lot better. I started cutting my stiches all by myself. I cant wait to heal completely. Im so scared of sitting on my butt cause im afraid it's gonna back to the way it was before. Any advice on how to keep my volume will be greatly appreciated :)

2 months post op pictures

Recovery house

Due to a lot of questions about which recovery house I went to I'm gonna tell you guys about my experience. I went to Yenny recovery house which is located in a gated community not far from healing heaven. When I got there I only saw one person so which is Yenny, she appeared young to me but she looked nice. There was another girl there at the time that just had surgery too. She lied to me when she told me she was a nurse because later on I found out that she wasn't. It's just a normal girl who wants to me extra money so she lets people stay there after surgery. She didn't take care of me like she said she would , she never checked my incisions, never helped me get cleaned, she only cooked non nutritious stuff like nothing that could give me the nutrients I need to recover. She barely cooked any meat, just one she did and it's because the other girl bought it herself. It was so bad that Me and her to go to the market and buy out own stuff to eat. The worst of it all is that if had to buy my own water ,she ran out of water and for a whole night I was just so thirsty and didn't have anything to drink. She said she was a nurse and I know that's a lie cause she had no coordination in giving me my heparin shots I had to always remind her. And when she gave them she didn't even clean the area with alcohol, she just took the syringe and stuck it in my thigh. Mind you I hadn't showered for days so my legs weren't not clean at all. And to save the best for last she did have a little attitude , I can tell she wasn't happy when I was asked her to watch my faja (the only time it was watched). It smelled like pee cause you don't always make it to the bathroom in time, I didn't pee on myself but some did leak onto the garment. That's the only reason I wanted it to be watched. There's a lot more I could say but I don't want to sound like I'm dissing her. I was completely honest. I only went there to save some money otherwise I would have went to healing heaven. It looks nice there and I would've gotten what I paid for. Ladies before you make a recovery house decision make sure you know what you're getting yourself into cause after surgery it's really important that you get the care you need. And also make sure you make you have a driver, I've met Jose Britto and Castro who is the driver of healing heaven. They're both nice but I liked Castro better. He cares more in my opinion. He even texted me after I left DR to ask how I was doing. He's on what's app and Viber. I'll post his number later.

5 months post op

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Best Doctor ever! Cares for her patients, always available. She'll give you what you asked for, Im glad I chose her :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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