Dr. Alejandro Hernandez is my final choice

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Hey, girls so as I done extensive research my...

Hey, girls so as I done extensive research my choice of Dr. Walkiris Robles. I have given my deposit which I was skeptical but Laura reassured it's okay. I will keep everyone updated , I stared taking my vitamins and I'm waiting on my passport. I'm excited after three children it's needed. So girls I will keep you updated on my experience.

Future RoblesBarbies

Thank you for all your support and replies. I'm excited for myself and those who are going to her.


Okay girls I'm putting up my before pics I will keep everyone updated I'm going through so much emotions now from happy to nervous. Ugh I know I'm in good hands. I will keep up

Dr. walkiris Robles

Hey, past, present and future Robles barbies. Okay so as I have read some comments here and many question. One girls her clinic is CECIP. Not CIPLA I believe CIPLA is closed due to violations.

Re: The day is getting closer

Hey , RS girls and future Barbies. Okay so I want to keep you girls posted. As far as my Hemo it's good 13.2. But my goal is to bring it up. Nervous but yet excited, for so long I have not wore a two piece to the beach. I'm always covered up and embarrassed. My husband meet me when I was in good shape and even in front of him I'm embarrassed of my body. But it does show proof with the hanging and street marks I had three beautiful healthy children. I first must give Thanks to my God for that. Today they are 16,14 and 6. Now is the time to correct all the damage. Girls I will continue to update. Pray for me and a speedy recovery.

Re: Vitamins

Okay so can so done please tell me if I'm correct. I start the vitamedica park two weeks before surgery? I thought I was told we must stop all vitamins two weeks prior and just remain on the iron pills? Please help :/

Future Robles Barbie

Okay ladies I see that there are a few Barbies leaving in the first week of December and some will stay in paradise. For all the ones leaving including myself. I look forward to meeting you all my name is a Emily. Let's keep one another posted so we can meet and support one another during our stay . See u girls on the other side we are going to look fab! Be blessed

Change of Doctor

Hey girls I chsnged my doc due to the recent patient who died on Dra. Robles. I'm a mom of three and wife. I feel more at ease doing it in the US yes it can happen here as I read. But in Dr it happens just too often. My knee doc is Dr. Kenneth Hughes I'm excited and will keep you all posted

So Confused :/

Hey RS girls hope everyone is well and Happy Belated New Years. I wish everyone the best in this New Year may God bless everyone of you and your family. Okay so I been so confused I think my fear and nerves is getting the best of me mentally. Ask I have been researching endlessly. I think I caught a few Greys in my hair behind this. I finally chose Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Pizzoglio. His office was the only one I have reached a live person. She was sweet and professional. He goes by the book for the best of his patients safety. I was going to Dra. Walkiris but after get patients died I backed out and there's just to many stories. Dr. Alejandro has a great record. I scheduled my date today and i felt good about my decision. I will keep you girls posted and put up pics.

Surgery is near

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Em.tegui with dr. Hernandez Pizzoglio

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Drama free no negative remarks

I'm here in Santo Domingo

Hey RS girls, so yes I chose Dr. Pizzoglio. I'm currently in tropical recovery. Let me tell you how it is going. Let me rewind, this morning at 8am I went to CECIP. They did my bloodwork, x-ray and ekg. Then after I had a consultation with Dr. Alejandro Pizzoglio. He is a great doc! He told me exactly what he can do and how I will look. He is a realist, he showed my on his computer a short video of the process and what I need to do after to maintain my BBL and TT. In overall he took an hour with me. His patients health is first priority for him. That put me at ease for im a wife and have three beautiful children whom I have to return too. After he explained everything and answered my question he gave me my instructions for the night. Then gave me antibiotics and a sleeping pill to take the night before. Which I needed that cause I'm still a bit nervous and though I'm not going to sleep lol. He showed me his equipment he modern equipment that he owns. He also put the compression machine on your legs. Too prevent blood clots. Then after I paid the Doc. Let me tell you this doc isn't money hungry. I have heard stories of Doc quickly asking for the money when you get here . Well him After that my driver came to get me and now I'm Tropical recovery. They are great here. The owner is a doll food is good. The wifi? It works great im super excited cause you know how us Us people can't be without the Internet. Girls I'm going to relax. I will put up photos soon. God bless

Re. Dr. Alejandro Hernandez

RS girls I'm good the staff here is great and the Dr is the best. I haven't been able to get a shot of my stomach or my butt once I do I will post it.

One new pic

Rs girls here a pic of the stomach just did it yesterday. Haven't gotten a butt pic. Once I do I will put it up. Great staff here I cecip Dr. Alejandro Pizzogliohad already seen me twice. He is the best

New pic

Thank you Dr. hernandez

Love my results thanks to Dr. Hernandez I wanted a natural look

Re: Doc Ladies

Okay, today I vented on my frustrations on Dr. Alejandro Pizzoglio. I guess i wanted perfection done the first time on the table. But truth is we all end up needing a retouch. But I really wasn't thinking or wanting to return to Santo Domingo. Ugh, but ladies he is a great Doc. i will put my before and after up. So you can see.

Before And After Pics

More Pics

Update on BBL, TT and Lipo

Okay here the knew pics,

RE Update

Okay so as I'm getting question on why am I upset with my results. RS girls it's been three months.

Here's another pic

I have a bulge I used my compression garment and did as I was directed by Dr. Hernandez

Updat in Dr.Alejandro Pizzoglio

Okay girls so here's an update from the surgery I know it's been a while but here is my recent pic since the surgery from Jan

11/29/2015 10 months later

Here's new pics like be my results just want to get a couple of more things done
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Dr. Alejandro Hernandez is my choice

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