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I'm new and I am trying to reach out to Dr Duran...

I'm new and I am trying to reach out to Dr Duran to schedule a sx date for April of next year. I have 6 children and now that I am never having another child, it is time to do something about my badly shaped body. I need hips and butt. Hopefully she will get back to me soon because I am ready to get this show on the road!

Stomach before



I have my quote. Now I am trying to get her banking info so I can send her the deposit. I'm waiting on an email. Maybe I will receive that email after the holidays. I am now looking for tickets for my mom and I. So far the tickets are kind of high. Does anyone know where I can get plane tickets for a reasonable price? Thanks Dolls

My stay

Can anyone tell me where I should stay for my recovery? I would like to spend at least 2 days at a recovery house and then stay the rest of the days at a nice hotel. My mom will be with me to help me so I don't need to stay at a recovery house for the remainder of my stay. Thanks

Pain pills

I see a lot of ladies posting that we should take our own pain meds with us. I read the list of meds from Duran that I would need to purchase while there but I didn't see pain meds. Does she prescribe pain meds? or how's that working out

No real quote. I guesd

I believe someone gave me a fraudulent email to contact dr duran. So I guess I didn't really get a quote from her


Just got off the phone with Elizabeth. She said she would be emailing me the bank info today. Fingers crossed people!!!!!

Got Deposit info But need help

Has anyone sent their deposit to Duran? Do I just take the money to my bank and give them her info? Help pls


Can someone pls give durans whats app number


So I messaged Dr Duran on facebook. Mind you, I was told a bogus quote from the duranhilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com which is a bogus account but when I got the quote I called the office to get Duran's bank info to send a deposit. I sent the deposit and Dr Duran facebook messaged me and told me that she doesn't accept deposits until she has everything ready. I put my pics in my Facebook messages and everything. But I still didn't get a quote!!!!!! I'm at a complete loss right now........


I'm not even sure if Duran will give me a quote. Can anyone vouch for Yilys paypal account? I recieved a quote from her and she emailed me a a quote and invoice for deposit. I really wanted duran now I'm just disappointed!!!! smh


So I keep calling the office for a quote early this morning. I was told to call back in 10 min. I called back in 10 min and no one answered. Three hours later I get someone on the phone but of course Duran is in surgery. Elizabeth tells me to wait a few hours for a quote because she gave the dr my info. It's almost 4pm and guess what. Still no quote. I was told to call back tomorrow. WTF is really going on?


Trying to find info on Contreras. I have heard good things. Already have a quote.


I would like to see more before and after pics from contreras please!!!!!


Let me start from the beginning. I was looking forward to being a Duran doll like most other ladies but the fact is this. I was told 3 emails for Duran. One of the emails ended up being a fraudulent account. That is the email that sent me a quote, which I thought was from Duran. I am fairly new to this Real self community and I was led astray. I called Duran's office by getting her info from one of you lovely ladies. I spoke with Elizabeth and told her I was given a quote but Duran's bank information was not in the quote. She emailed me the information and I sent a deposit. Then I see on here and on her facebook account that the account was fradulent. I messaged her on Facebook and all she messaged back was that she doesn't take deposits until everything is ready. I guess she didn't pay attention to my explanation of why the deposit was sent. So I just asked her could I at least get a quote. I have been calling repeatedly for two weeks just asking for a little help with this situation. I keep getting call back. I gave her your info. To be honest I shouldn't have to beg for a quote. I asked a new friend of mines Mimi to call with me to speak with her on 3 way. She said that she wouldn't give me my money back and that if I don't have patience for her she has no patience for me. DID I MISS SOMETHING? SHE TOTALLY BLEW ME THE F*CK OFF. I'M SUPER FUCKING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW!!!!!!


Going to Concertas in April. I am glad I found him. He answers all of my questions and I feel that I have made a very wise choice.


My money was returned to me by the bank for my deposit I sent to Duran. The account number and routing number were not correct. Thank you jesus!


Ok. So now I'm seriously thinking about going with Yily. She gave me my first quote back in December. I love her work but I am concerned she won't give me the BIG BUTT I want. That is my only concern. Can anyone give me feedback on this?


My surgery date is confirmed with Contreras. April 2, 2014


I got my hemoglobin results back yesterday 12.2 I'm disappointed because last year before my gastric bypass my hemo was 13.9. I take vitamins everyday. I guess I will have to buy liquid geritol to get it up higher since there is a one point difference from the US and DR.


Hello dolls pre and post op. Just touching base with you guys. I started getting more supplies for this life changing journey I am about to embark on. I actually have quotes from a few other doctors too but I am sticking with my first choice. I really got that good feeling from Contreras. I believe I will be in good hands. It's funny but I actually feel at ease when I ask him questions and he responds right back. I think we should have a certain bond with our PS that we cannot get from doctors who never respond or never answer your questions. Maybe that's just me.


Does anyone know of a RS doll having a butt augmentation with butt implants? When I come from DR. I don't want a round 2. I want a big ass and hips.

Wish pics

Wish pics


To be honest my mom got me and my daughter's ticket today. I love my mom. She is the freaking best MOM ever. This journey is getting real. The tickets are bought. I have been getting items here and there. I know the vets said to pack light so...... That's what I'm doing. Ladies it is on.

No implants

So I showed Dr. C my boobs and he said I only need a reduction and lift so the procedures I am getting done are BBL TT BR with lift and lipo of abdomen flanks arms arm pits full back waist and inner thighs. I am so ready!!!!!!!#!


Passport Check!!!! It's real now

My time

I will be staying at Dr. C recovery house because I have heard good and bad stories of RH. My first instinct was to stay at his RH just in case. Since it is more like a hotel when I am dismissed from the clinic I am hiring a nurse for the first 5 days post op. I need to be able to communicate with someone who speaks english and I want my meds and bandages changed and supplied in a timely fashion. My daughter will be with me for moral support and my mom will be with my kids so I can rest easy. GOD IS GOOD!


How am I supposed to sleep post op after a breast lift, tummy tuck and BBL? Please tell me what you used and if it helped at all. Please help me out. I don't want my butt to deflate and I also want to be as comfortable as I can be considering the circumstances. Thanks in advance my RS sisters.


Please stay off of other people's post with drama. First off are you trying to down another ps because you're working for another. Or are you just doing this to cause problems. Ijs a lot of ladies on here including myself question's your motives while you're going from post to post wreaking havoc on other people's blog. Yall got things to say make your own blog and put it on there. Because we don't trust that.

This Outfit

Can anyone tell me where I can buy this?


I said I wouldn't update on here anymore but I'm starting to see ladies on here that are not satisfied with their results and some that are going through complications as well. I've also seen patients who have had surgery and to be honest should have waited until their weight was ideal before they went under the knife. Ladies, lets all be realistic with our beginning and ending results. A magic wand can't be waved at us and make us have the perfect bodies. Some plastic surgeons are just in it for the money and you're just another number to them. Please make the best choice of who does your surgery. Don't base your choice off of someone else's results. Nikkibunnz said it best. What they give one patient might not be what they give you. Be healthy first and foremost. I wish all you dolls the best. Muah!!!

Change of plans

Will update after my surgery. Toodles peeps. Much love to all my pre and post op dolls!!


He is my PS!!!


I am 6 hours post op!


I won't be putting up pics ladies because I don't want to be exploited in any way. I want you ladies to know I am healing very well and I am to start massages tomorrow. Zara recovery house is the best, though I think it's called yelista recovery. Nice couple with two year old daughter. Food and care is great. My draines were removed today. When Zara cleans you up you feel like new money.


I went to the dr. and my hemoglobin is 8.8 I have to work on getting it back up. I'm going to buy a juicer to get to making some high iron drinks. Any suggestions dolls? Thanks

Recovery House

The recovery house is called Raysa Recovery. Loved the family that took care of my daughter and I. Zara lives upstairs and she gave me the best massage. I got my first one at Cipla but it hurted and I ended up with a fever later that night. I believe it was because my body was so inflammed with fluid. Zara got out a lot of fluid 2 days later and the fever went away. Get massages ladies!

How to blot out tatoos

I will post picks if someone will tell me the app to use in order to block out tatoos. Thanks in advance dolls.


Recovery house

Cabral's Care

Hey ladies just thought I would share a bit about how I was taking care of during my stay at CIPLA. I got to DR on April 1st around 1:15pm. I hadn't eaten since before midnight the night prior so my driver took my daughter and I to Cipla for blood work and xrays. My ekg was done the next day around 9 am though we were told to come at 6am. The cardiologist has nothing to do with Cabral's office so him being late was just on him. The day before I had to wait at least 2 to 3 hours before my consult with the king of barbies. No prob considering we got there mid afternoon. Cabral is so humble and sweet. I would recommend him to anyone. He took a look at my bad body and told me he would fix me up. The next day after seeing the cardiologist. I was put in a room with another lovely lady named Krystal. She was getting surgery with Duran. She was very nice and we hit it off quickly. We both had blue pills and blue dresses with caps but we didn't know if we were to take them or not. We waited for a nurse to come by and we asked were we to take them. She said not right now. About 30 min later cabral comes in and marks me up. He says to me Mammy you have nothing! Talking about my lack of ass. He said I will give you a beautiful body. I cracked up. He gave me a hug and left out the room. 10 min later I am told to take the pill. 15 min after that they come get me. I said bye to my new friend Krystal and my daughter. I remember the anesthesiologist was so nice to me. I woke up during parts of the surgery. I felt no pain. When cabral was done he hugged me and said you have a beautiful body now mammy. I was happy and drugged up. I got moved to my own room which was big and had a couch for my daughter to sleep on. First night was tough. My daughter gave me my pain meds from the states I wouldn't have made it without it. Their meds suck! The next dsy Cabral came early and told me I needed 2 pints of blood. I figured as much because I was dry heaving and dizzy as hell just moving my head from side to side. I was told I could not move for the 48 hours I was at Cipla because I was very weak. I lost a lot of blood and being post gastric bypass made it worse. Yeslita and her husband from the recovery house came to visit and brought my daughter and I chocolate cake. I was sent to the recovery house with about 15 medications and Yeslita gave them to me like clock work. I did everything the dr told me too. My stay was wonderful and I thank God for that. My drain was removed at day 5. I was happy about that. Overall everything went smoothly for being in a third world country. I went to my follow up appts. My last appt I waited for 3 hours to be seen by the nurses. They were doing rounds. I chalked it up and left. I had Zara check me out. She said I was fine. She gave me advise and oil to put on my scars. And I was good to go. I stayed for 10 days because I had a tummy tuck. I will say that when we got to the airport the lady at the desk asked had I had surgery because I had wheel chair service. I gave her the nastiest look ever because I felt she was being nosy. My daughter was like mom you did not have to look at her like that. I told her this bitch can keep me from flying. Talking about I need a certificate from my dr to fly. Yeslita's husband talked with her and I told her my surgery was 11 days ago and eventually after telling me a lady had surgery in Dr the week before and flew too soon back to Miami and died after the flight. Thanks a lot lady. Like I wasn't nervous getting on the flight with my ted hose. I was happy to see America again. GOD BLESS AMERICA

Some pics


Recovery house Number

Raysa recovery house

Going Again 2017

I am trying to back to Cabral for my breast Augmentation the end of this year. I received a quote from his office but then his receptionist claimed that he is booked until February. She would not allow me to set up a surgery date. She told he to get in contact with the office in December. What part of the game is that? At least give me a date so I can book my flight and obtain the days I will need to stay at a recovery house. Anyone else run into something like this? When I went back in 2014 I Was able to message him and set up my date with no problems. I hate dealing with middle men
Dr. Hector Cabral

Hector Cabral

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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