BBL and BA with Dra. BAEZ...2 month post op

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Hello ladies, I’ve been browsing this site for...

Hello ladies, I’ve been browsing this site for many months now and have spent countless hours indulging in pre/post experiences. I’ve read just about every single blog on this thread… I feel like I know every single one of you! I’ve been debating whether or not to blog my own story/journey and after much consideration, decided to just WRITE. I am 33yrs old, 5’3, 123lbs and have two kids ages 3 and 9. For a long time, I’ve considered getting a breast augmentation. When I was a teen, I noticed that all the women in my family had large buttocks but lacked boobs. I knew that if I ever wanted larger breasts, I’d have to pay for them cuz if genes had anything to do with it, I’d never be any bigger than an A cup. As fate would have it, I was right. Even so, having small boobs never fazed me…I never felt uncomfortable or self-conscious. At the age of 23, I had my first child. My boobs went from a perky A to a very full C cup and I loved the look. Unfortunately, the increase in size only lasted as long as I breast fed…once I weened, they deflated and went to a not so full A cup…oh and lovely stretch marks to add insult to injury! From that point on, I seriously considered having a BA. Life gets in the way (school, break-up, single motherhood, work, etc) and the thought gets thrown to the back burner… indefinitely.

In 2008, I was scheduled to have a BA with Dr. Jesus Abreu Montero in DR. I had a few friends go to him for their boobs and I was confident he would be able to do a beautiful job on me too. I flew down, met him, (gorgeous facilities!) and scheduled my surgery for the following week. Finally, I’m having this done! Then guess what happens? My BF proposes and I’m so overjoyed that I decide to postpone my surgery for a few months later. Then guess what happens next? Life yet again! (we briefly break up (case of cold feet), get back together and move in, get preggo, have a baby, move out of state, career change, back to school, move across state, buy a house, get married…aaaahhhhhhh!!!! Craziness!! lol

So it’s 2013 and I finally decide THIS IS THE YEAR! I remind hubby for the 100th time that once upon a time, I was gonna have boobies but thanks to him I didn’t get them (in a good way!). I go on and on…show him sooooo many booby pics that he gives me a blank check and tells me to shut up and get it done. Yey me for being such a pest! So I go on my 1st BA consult in my town. Facilities and doc are nice…when I inquire about a little lipo to the stomach, he tells me I need a tummy tuck…no amount of lipo would get my stomach flat. Damn…I didn’t know my stomach was THAT bad! I say no no to TT so my quote for BA only (silicone) was $6700…I live in FL and that’s way too much. I go on a 2nd, 3rd and 4th consult for BA only. All others quote me at around $5500 for silicone. I decide to go with the last consult doc cuz he was soo informative, listened, AND answered all my questions. I set a date for May 5th, paid my deposit and anxiously waited for the pre-op date. I find RealSelf and begin looking for reviews on the doc…find a few but none with pics (WTH?? I want to see proof!).

I immerse myself in the world of RealSelf and read all the worth it, not worth it, the good, the bad, the ugly, etc… Then reality set in….mommy worries begin to invade my thoughts… I’m about to spend $5800 on a boob job. Crap…you know what I could buy or pay with that money? I’m I crazy?? Then it hits me…maybe I can contact Dr. Abreu and see what he quotes me for lipo to abdomen and perhaps put that fat in my behind(more as a thought since I’m not overweight and maybe I wouldn’t have enough fat for a transfer). Would be nice to get my once full ass back on track! I get a response within 2 days and told I’d be a great candidate. He quotes me for $5500 for lipo to abs, flank, back with BBL /fat transfer to butt and BA. What?? Seriously? That’s less than the amount I’m about to spend on a BA here! Oh helllssss no to BA in FL AND hells yea to DR! I’m canceling my surgery and going to DR!! So my BBL quest begins!!!

Found great reviews on some DR docs but decided to contact Yily, Duran and Baez (read nice things although no reviews). Yily quoted me at $4500, Duran $4700 and Baez $4000. All quotes were for lipo to abdomen, flanks, full back, with BBL and BA. Yily took 2 weeks to respond while Duran took 4 days and Baez 5 hours (I sent the emails in Spanish). I sent all three docs the same questions and concerns to see their reply. Yily answered some questions although her replies seemed to be automated…almost like copy paste type….ignoring some questions like what type implants used, amount of procedures performed per yr. and whether or not I’d be able to choose an implant size. Duran was more responsive and answered all my questions. Dr. Baez answered all my questions, going down the list in the same order I asked them...I was so surprised….responses were also very detailed….almost like we were having an actual conversation.

In the end, I chose Dr. Baez. Why? Yily said she could give me my wish pic without any problem…told me to gain 5-10 lbs. I have no doubt she’d do wonders for my butt. My boobs though…not likely. I don’t like her boobs…they all look cone shaped or something to that effect…they just don’t look appealing to me. I don’t know if it’s the implants she uses, or that the implants are too big for the individual…can’t seem to pin point….I just don’t like them. The only ones I do like are Ensureaddict boobs...if you’ve seen nice ones, please direct me. Also, she basically told me there was no need for me to know implant company and only she would choose size…sorry but I want to know what foreign object is being placed in me! Duran does better boobs but her butts are insane! She gives a real Donk and that’s not what I’m looking for…for those looking for that lovely huge buttocks…than she’s the one to go to! Baez told me there was no need to gain anymore weight…she could work with what I have and give me a nice full ass since I already had a nice shape. If I changed my mind and wanted a big difference, then gain 5lbs. Being that she’s the least known, she’s not as busy(although almost all booked out for the summer since she only does 2 people per day) and able to respond quicker. She’s very caring, sweet, and very knowledgeable. I’ve sent 8 emails, and spoke to her on two occasions….she’s answered all my questions and then some! She also told me we’d discuss implant size, brand (Mentor(more expensive), Eurosilicone, Motiva, and other lesser known companies), placement and incision during in person consult…I would also get an implant card with all the info post op. Just like in the states! She also mentioned shes a perfectionist (great quality since you know she’s going to make sure to do her very best!) I won’t deny that I initially felt uneasy since I haven’t seen any reviews on her work but she sent me pictures (boobs were excellent and BBL were great)! She made me feel at ease and comfortable with my decision. She doesn’t require a booking fee (yet)…you pay the day you arrive. Nonetheless, I got her bank info (Chase) so I can send half the amount and this way I don’t have to carry all that money with me.

So, my flight is booked ($465 roundtrip…JULY 24 JFK-SDQ..stayin for 3wks…I reserved at Ana Maria RH for now…(still looking for better deals) she charges $75 per night…inclu. 3 meals, snacks, drinks, laundering of clothes and faja, post op care but doesn’t inclu. Transport(she has 3 taxi drivers tht she recommends). RH inclu. Wifi access, A/C, and hopefully hot water (forgot to ask!)…I hate cold water….and trust me… for a Caribbean island that water is sooo cold! Any ladies going around the same time? Would be nice to meet up even if not with the same doc!

40 days to go!!

So I’ve got 40 days to go and I’m getting excited! I’m not nervous…just anxious to get it over and done with! This past week I went to see my PCP to get blood work done and ended up paying $160 towards my deductible (SMH!). Gonna find out this week what my hemo is so I know what I’m working with. Dr. Baez sent me an email last week wanting to know the numbers so need to get that to her ASAP. She’s no joke with that…health is her number one priority. Anyhow, so I was measured at 5’4 and 120lbs…I’ve lost 3 lbs in the last month…wth! I need to gain 10lbs from here until I leave. I’ve been doing 1100 calories protein shakes but its hard drinking 24 ounces in one shot…I’m thinking I should buy Ensure since it’s easier to drink. I’m leaving on vacation next week with hubby and we’re going to be away for 2 weeks…hopefully we’ll be eating out a lot so I can pack on the pounds I need. I hope everyone is doing well and good luck to all the dolls having surgery this week!

BBL and BA with Dra. Baez July 25th....3wks to go!

17 days to go and the excitement is building! I just got back from vacation and I had an awesome time with my husband. It was great getting my mind off the subject and getting a break from this site(I did take a peek at msgs and a few stories twice :). I relaxed, danced, drank, slept and ate all I could. I know it will be a while before Im able to do some of those things. I did gain 4 lbs so thts a big plus. I leave on July 10th to NJ and Im sure my mom will feed the life out of me! Hopefully I can come close to my 130lb goal.
Oh and let me tell you guys tht now tht im jst a few wks away frm surgery, my husband is SUPER excited! He was so against me getting a BBL and while he gave the ok, I was forbitten from talking about boobs or BBL. The only thing he's talked with me about is my stay and the importance of safety while in DR. Well all tht has changed...he wont stop talking about the surgery and his excitement to see my results. He's just bummed out tht he has to leave for work tomorrow and he wont see me again until I get back from DR Aug. 15.
Yesterday my husband and I called 5 other RH tryin to find one tht provides transport (my husband is aprehensive about me taking taxis.) Seems tht Yasmin's RH is the only one. After speaking and exchanging emails with her, I've decided to possibly send a deposit and stay with her. It seems tht after all the drama tht went dwn a few months ago has made her become more organized to prevent overbooking or having complicated people. You have to sign and approve her rules and regulations before booking with her...pretty much saying you'll behave like an adult, wont create drama/trouble, and will treat others with respect. I couldnt agree more!

On another note, I called my PCP for my hemo levels and was told tht results were normal. I asked for the # and was told I needed to wait for my followup...i told thm I was having surgery and needed the info. Needless to say they gave me the run around and I still dont know the #. You better believe tht I will appear at their office tomorrow to get the results!

Good luck to all the ladies who will be having surgery and happy healing to those who already did. For those anxiously awaiting their date, keep calm, have patience, keep nerves at bay and your mind occupied with something else...your date will come and all will go well! #confidence#positive

BBL and BA with Dra. Baez July 25th....8 days to go!!

I arrive in DR in 1 wk and I'm nervous as heck! I've pretty much bought everything I will be taking with me...trying my best not to overbuy. I made a list of items I needed and stuck to it but everytime I walk into a pharmacy, I find another thing I think I might need. It tends to get overwhelming and confusing to say the least. So far, the following are items I've bought or had on hand:

Maxi Pads (long and thick)
Wee wee pads
Baby wipes
Cloroxx wipes
Vit.E w/Aloe oil (for scars)
Trombosin creme (for bruises)
OTC and prescribed Pain killers(jst in case)
Hand towels
4 Mens Tanktops
4 girl tank tops
1 long skirt
4 Maxi Dresses
Boppy pillow
Maternity tights(has belly cover to hide faja)
Knee high socks
Chips and protein bars
Light Blanket

I'm still debating whether I should buy disposable gloves, Depends, and gauze. Not sure if I'm forgetting something...dont want to take so much crap. I'm going to be staying in DR for 3wks and dont want to be pulling an unneccesarily heavy bag. I dont want to buy a faja now cuz I dont know what size I'll be after 2wks so I'd rather wait and buy it in DR. I want a seamless, fitted faja for my return home cuz I dont want to be stopped and stripped down by airport security. Yesterday on the spanish news there was a story of a woman that had surgery done in DR. She was stripped down and searched so roughly (@ JFK airport) they opened up her wounds. That sounds super scary so I'm gonna play it safe.

Anyhow, I already confirmed with RH and Dr. Baez so I'm set. The only thing that has me worried is that I made a transfer from my military bank acct to Chase and damn Chase has a hold on my money until Jul. 24th. The problem is that I leave early morning of that day and unable to withdraw that ATM will allow you to withdraw large sums especially not abroad. Soo I'm gonna have to get the money upfront from my bro in law and give him my atm card in exhange...some crap! Lets see how this plays out...otherwise a change in flight will be in order!

Money issue resolved!

So I called my bro in law and he said he'd hook me up with any amount I less thing to worry about. Nonetheless, I decided to go to Chase to see why my money was being held up. After speaking to the branch manager, he decided to look into it and called headquarter. In less than one hr I got my money! These banks try to be slick...had I not asked questions, my money would be in limbo!

So the current money currency rate is $41.19 pesos for every US dollar. For those people that get confused with money conversion, download a converter app to make it easier to understand and keep track of your American dollars spending. If you're unable to do so, keep your phone calculator handy and just divide the price of an item by the local currency rate(don't know? Ask!)...this is especially helpful if you pay with American dollars or are exchanging money so you don't get ripped off. Don't change all your money in a US bank or DR airport...the exchange rate tends to be lower so you get less for your money. If you dont want to walk outside the airport with no pesos, change no more than $60...get your driver(someone trustworthy) to take you somewhere with good rates. Every Dominican knows of one. Ladies, when getting things from pharmacies or stores, dont give your money to the RH owner or DR native to get for you...if possible go with the person because in DR everyone tries to get over on you to make some cash. They may tell you something costs 2000 pesos but in reality may cost half as much. You may not know the difference since whn converting to American dollars it may seem like a great price. Also, dont compare everything to US prices. The standard of living in DR is soooo much cheaper compared to the US. That inclu. housing, food, and healthcare. This will prevent you from overpaying for stuff. Dominicans are humble, hardworking and often needy people...if you get great service, tip them...any peso or dollar will go a long way. If you don't? It's completely fine since tips are appreciated but not neccesary.

P Ez

I was debating whether or not to get P Ez the female urinal. I had read in a blog tht its difficult to squat in all tht pain and the P Ez was a life saver. So 2 days ago I ordered it from ebay for $7.29...there were cheaper ones but I picked a seller closest to me in NJ for a quicker delivery(shipping inclu). Well I just received it today and I'm so glad it arrived before my departure. For those ladies interested, the seller is QQ-OUTLET on ebay.

I'm all set to go!

Wow I can't believe I'm just 2 days away from having a new body! I'm more excited than nervous...hoping all goes well with the grace of God. It's unbelievable how quickly time goes by.

Soo it's been such a busy week for me. I took time out to go out with friends and spent time with family. I've told all my friends and family about what I'm going to do and I've gotten nothing but Positive feedback! Everyone is genuinely excited for me and they can't wait to see my results. My cousins (girls) want me to send them naked hilarious.

Sooo I've bought everything I think I'll need...if you're not careful, its easy to go overboard. I recently bought a dark colored towel, Hibliclens cleanser, disposible gloves and silicone scar treatment. I was going to buy more clothes but decided against it since I'll most likely live in the same few clothes initially. I'll save my money for other items I'll need in DR.

I was able to gain some weight although not as much as I would have liked...I doubt I'll have much fat to transfer. I don't mind though cuz I have a perky butt to begin with so any extra fat will make a nice difference. My current measurements are as follows:
32" bust
32" waist
38" hips

I must say that it was difficult for me to gain weight...I was having a heavy breakfast, large lunch and dinner with 2 nutrament drinks (ensure). And STILL didnt gain much weight...I sent new pics to Dra. Baez and she said she has enough fat in my abdomen and flanks to work with so lets see. I'll let you guys know how many cc's she ends up transferring.

Good Luck to all the girls having surgery this week! I'll keep everyone updated with everything...especially pics since thats the #1 thing eveyone looks forward to seeing.

I'm in DR...

I made it to DR safe and sound! The flight had me nervous as heck from all the terbulance. Kept looking at the watch wondering whn we were going to land... Time was moving too slowly for my liking. Once we was smooth sailing from that point on. After paying $10 for my tourist card(must be in cash), I went thru customs and headed towards baggage claim. Its my luck that my bag ends up on the top part of the rolling device. I unsuccessfully tried to retrieve it twice before climbing on the ledge and pulling it. When I get outside, I realize I dont know what Yazmin looks like and I didnt describe myself to her either. I stood there waiting and waiting and waiting. A police officer asked if I'm going to be picked up by someone(I think he saw the confusion and frustration on my face). I said yes but tht they werent there...he told me to call and that point I told him I didnt have a phone. He took out his phone and allowed me to call her. Sooo nice of him! Confirming she was on her way, alleviated my concern.

Yazmin and her sister picked me up. They were both very nice and pleasant. We talked most of the way thru...she told me Dr Baez is really nice and does good work. I must say tht throughout the ride I began getting apprehensive. The thought that I was getting elective surgery in a foreign country began to scare me. Once I entered the building where Dr Baez has her office, it took great will not to turn around. The building had about six floors but was narrow...I began to regret the whole thing. Then we walk into Dr. Fragoso(Baez) office and she greets me with a big hug and kiss. She asks how my flight was and makes me feel welcomed. She uses alot of endearing words(beautiful,gorgeous, baby, mami) nervousness slowly began to dissipitate.


I had my consultation as soon as I arrived at Dr. Fragoso office. She has a tiny office that fits a leather ikea sofa, loveseat and small desk. Dr. Fragoso Baez is soooo nice. Did I mention shes young and soo pretty! Her husband was in the office but when she brought me in, he stepped out. We spoke a little about myself (ocupation, marital status, kids) then she asked what brought me to see her. She asked what I wanted to improve, goals and expectation. She then took a full medical health history....she brushed upon any and all diseases possible. Very thorough. We then went into a very small examination room that had an adjoining bathroom. There she asked me to take off my clothes(she stepped out while I did that). She sat down on a stool and looked at me. She complimented me for having a nice body...she said she could tell I take very good care of my body. She stood me infront of a mirror and told me to pinpoint my problem areas....abdomen, flanks, and back. She agreed and asked how much fat I wanted transferred to my butt. I told her as much as she could. Mostly fill the sides which have a hollow area. She agreed and told me my butt profile is big and good as it is..she will fill the sides and shape it so its fuller. She let me know that I don't have alot of fat to work with but the change will be noticeable.

For my boobs she took all the necessary measurements and took out cups of different sizes to try with my shirt on. Let me tell you that the sizes shown are quite different in Cc's than in the states...for example, the size I was debating between was 660 ccs and 590...I wanted to die! The funny thing is that it didnt look big...turns out they are the equivilant of 350 and 375 cc! It was throwing me off like crazy! Lol....the doctor felt I should go with a 375 but I didnt want big so I chose a 350...i kept debating and going back and forth. Its such a difficult choice since once its done, you're stuck with it. She showed me pics of girls that got 350cc and it seemed exactly like what I want. Btw...she has an extensive album of pics...her work is amazing! Then we discussed incision...she gave me the option of armpit, aeriolar, or under breast crease. She felt that since my nipples are a nice size a half moon incision on my aeriolas would be great. The incision heels quicker and with virtually no scarring. The armpit incision would have been great but the healing is slower and range of arm movement is greatly decreased for alot longer.
She does Eurosilicone textured round super high profile implants. She prefers textured because the surface adheres to the skin better decreasing the chances of capsular contraction. The implants have a 10year manufacturer guarantee...basically if the implant ruptures or gets capsular contraction, they cover part of the surgical fee plus replace the implant at no cost. She will give me a warranty card with all the info. Also, with textured implants you dont massage the boobs. Massaging is recommended for smooth implants only. Finally, she examined my breasts for bumps or abnormalities and had me squeeze my nipples to be sure no liqyid came out of them.

Once we were done, she took pics(alot!), I got dressed and we sat down to discuss all my questions and concerns. I had alot and she answered them all. She then showed me the Salome faja she would order...gave me the option of choosing anyone I liked. Her husband came into the office and collected the money and took me next door for labs. The phlebotomist was Ruth and she was quick, treated me (and my arm!) with loads of care. She has a soft touch...I usually have a hard time getting bloodwork cuz they can never find the vein but not Ruth...she looked and found the vein before inserting the needle...painfree! The hygene is comparable to here in the gloves, needle, and tubes...better yet, they burn and break the needle used. Superb!

Now I'm just waiting for the bloodwork result which I'll get tonight. If all goes well, I meet with the cardiologist tomorrow and get an x-ray of my thorax. If all clear surgery @11a. Wish me luck!

I made it to the other side but in pain!

So ladies, my hemo was 14.3 and everything checked out well! I went in this morning at 9a and went straight to the emergency room to fill out my admission paperwork. A doctor by the name of Dr. Baez(not related to dra. Fragoso) asked me a bunch of questions and filled out paperwork. Once he was done, I was told to go to the surgery center on the 3rd floor. I handed them my paperwork, sat down for 5min and then taken to room. The room had 3 beds with a bathroom and a nurse station in the middle. It looked like a cheap motel...only the sheets smelled fresh. I was there for some time hoping that the operating room didnt look like this room. Then Dr. Fragoso husband(I think his name is Dr. Rodriguez...dnt quote me) takes me downstairs to the cardiologist. There Im introduced to Dr. Quinones a lovely man in his 60's. He was soo nice and gentle...assured me I was in good hands and proceded with the test. The equipment appeared accent but it did its job. He put big metal clips on my wrists and attached wires with big round suction balls on my chest. He walked out into the back room and came back with a reading from my heart.
Then he went over all my bloodwork and ok'd the surgery. Then I was off to radiology ablock away. There they took a xray of my thorax and all was well so we headed back to the surgery center. Dr. Fragoso didnt arrive until after 11a cuz she does reconstructive surgery at a hospital for women who have had breast cancer or victims of body trauma. She told me she cant just do cosmetic surgery...she has to somehow give back to society.

Anyhow, she marked me up, we went over consents, questions and concerns and finalized last requests. She brought up implant size again and while I was a bit undecided, stuck to 350cc.

I met the anethesiologist, Dr Tineo and he was so funny. I was then wheeled to the operating room and it was very sterile and clean. Such a relief! I declined the blue pill because I wasnt nervous so we went straight to the epidural block. First I was given a sedative in my IV and then injected in my back....not painful at all. I saw as Dr. Fragoso washed her hands and her surgery tech put her scrubs and glove on. Soon after I dozed off. I was in surgery for 7 hrs! I woke up in the middle with extreme neausea...they immedietely put anti neausea meds and in less than 3 minutes, I was fine. I was awake through most of the procedure. I've always thought thts pretty scary but actually I didnt gave me reassurance that I was still alive(lol). The doctor sang thru most of the procedure and it was comforting. I was aware what body part was being done but I didnt feel anything.. The lipo and fat transfer was done first and boobs last. I had a drape in front of me so I couldnt see anything. It went well.

Overnight stay...

The overnight stay went well. I was taken to another room that had a hospital bed, new sheets and blanket, refrigerator and a sofa. Really nice. I had a nurse (Ms Martinez)that stayed with me all night...she didnt leave the room not once.she was so helpful...any slight movement and she was right at my side. I had no pain...slight discomfort on my boobs. I was able to take a peek at my boobs and while they're riding high, they look good. At 12a the nurse gave me a small pear juice to drink...needless to say I threw up half of it. Thankfully she put in neasea meds and I was good. My only complaint is that I didnt bring my boppy pillow and I was sooo uncomfortable all night. My back and butt was killing me! The nurse didnt allow me to put a pillow underneath me cuz of fear of blooding the new pillows (wth!). All i kept thinking was how my butt was going to shrink! I kept getting up to ask the nurse if I could stand and she said no...not until 6a...crap! Basically by 4a I couldnt take the duscomfort and just stared at the watch. By 5a i couldnt take it anymore so I asked the nurse again but this rime she said ok. She helped me brush my teeth and took me a baby bath. At about 7a I was brought soup with a lil cup of tea and coffee with peach juice. The soup was good but I couldnt drink it. Only drank juice and tea. Shortly a female nurse withdrew blood and a male nurse took my blood pressure. I stood up to walk around and didnt feel dizzy. At 11a Dr. Fragoso and her husband came by. She greeted me with a hug and kiss and asked how I slept. I told her the discomfort with sleeping on my butt...she said it was ok but to try to avoid it at all cost. She gave me the meds and 2 prescriptions to fill. She told me she would discharge me but bot before taking pics so I could see myself(her husband left the room). She said she put 1000ccs on my butt and 300ccs on my sides. Wow and to think I was of normal weight....I thought she'd only be a ble to put no more that 500ccs!

Yazmin picked me up and the ride was horrible...I didnt have a pillow so it was uncomfortable putting all my weight on my thighs. It was about 20min but felt like 40! They have been so good since I got back...they've tried to make me feel comfortable by piling up pillows, asking if I need anything and coming in every hr to check and clean my drains.

This pain is no joke!

Ladies be prepared, very prepared as this pain is insane. I'm so sleepy but unable to lay down to sleep..every position is uncomfortable. My boobs hurt, my back hurts and my abdomen hurts...its unbelievable. I'm cold one minute and hit another...its crazy. I can't wait for the pain to lessen! Oh and Im peeing so much! The P ez has been helpful but depends would have been better! I've involuntarily peed on myself like 4 times eventhough the bathroom is jst a fw feet away. I hate it. Well I'm gonna eat now or try to eat...I'll update another time whn I dont feel so crummy.

Day steps to wellness

Today is day 3 and I'm feeling better. I'm sleeping better each day which is great. Thanks to my wonderful roomie who gave me a 50mg pain killer, I slept in 2-4 intervals last night. Knocked me out silly...I'm so greatful for that. Not getting shut eye for over 48 hours takes a toll on your body and mind. I began getting anxious and desperate, not to mention having "buyers remorse"...regretting having this damn procedure. You know you're in zombie mode when you fall asleep while peeing standing up!

Anyhow, the nurse came by yesterday to bathe me and wash my faja. I was so happy to get out of the faja but that excitement soon faded when just attempting to sit was crucial. The skin is so sensitive to touch and the faja not only sucks you into shape, but acts as a protective barrier. Like another layer of skin(just a pain in the ass type of skin lol). I was out pf the faja for 4-5 hrs cuz the faja was hand washed and then air dried. Also, Brunilda the massage therapist was on her way so no point in putting it on only to take it off in a few hrs.

The messages ohhh the message! Girls, be prepared mentally for this because theres no way to prepare for it physically. I'm not gonna sugar coat it...the 1st few massages are plain ol torture! The only way I can describe it is you having a 2nd-3rd degree burn and getting a massage over the burn...yea ouch! Big ouch! Lol. I bit my lip, covered my face and took the pain like a big girl. The therapist was as gentle as she could be and even paused when I needed a break. I wanted to cry so badly but I held it together. I didnt drain much though...the therapist said thats to be expected because of my small frame...I didnt have much fat to begin with so there would be little fat to drain. The drainage reservoir was filling the full 400ml the first day but now its filling less than 30ml...its practically empty. Even so I always empty out the drain whenever I notice a blood clot. This prevents the drain from clotting up and prohibiting the liquid from passing thru. Trust me you dont want that...The back pain is unbearable when the drain is blocked. Thankfully, Dr Fragoso taught me how to do it properly before I was discharged from the hospital.

I'm doing so much better today. So much that I'm watching music videos and dancing. I've got to get this blood flowing so these cells can repair quicker. Now, if only these boobs didnt feel like bricks on my chest, I'd be attempting cartwheels! Lol (kidding) ?

Day 4...what a difference a day makes!

Day 4 and I feel great! The nurse came today and changed the covers on my bed and helped me wash my hair. My hair was so greasy and it was irking the crap out of me. I cant go no more than 2 days without washing it. I had to have it done standing up by the edge of the tub...taking precaution not to wet my faja or body. I had a hard time standing up straight again but it felt nice having fresh clean hair.

Soon after Brunilda the massage therapist stopped by for torture 101 part 2. Surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It felt sooo good on my back...wished she'd stay working on it longer. The back takes a killing when you have to sleep allll night on it. The abdomen is still sensitive but didnt have to pause as much. She was able to work on it a little more this time around. She put the faja on the 2nd row...thought I was going to die! Its work having to put the girdle back on. You have to put cotton ball in the belly button, creme for bruises, tank top, maxi pads(a whole bunch!) and then sqeeze back into that damn faja. Theres alot of moaning, groaning and pulling involved...and whn your skin is sensitive, its no fun at all!

Today for the first time, I ate all my food. Lemme tell you guys, Yasmin's mom cooks soo good! She did honey bar-b-q ribs with white rice and lettuce...didnt leave one grain! I always take my meds during this time because here in DR, the 12pm meal is the largest meal of the day (think dinner). I take 4 pills at once so belly has to be full. Oh and did I mention that the antibiotic is a horse pill? Yasmin let me borrow a pill cutter to drink in halves...well I've choked twice on the halves...thats how big they are! Thank goodness I have one more day of that to go!

Drains removed...need not say more!

I saw Dr Fragoso for my first post-op today. Shes her sweet self as usual..always greets with a hug and kiss. Asked how I was and looked at my drainage resouvoir. I decided not to empty it after the massage so she could see how much fluid was coming out. She then said she might take the drain out but not without first examining me. I undressed and she touched my whole body for possible swelling, seromas, bruising etc. Well she decided I had very little swelling and bruises. Soo she concluded I didnt need the drain. You have no idea how excited and happy that got me! The drain was palpable from outside my body and it was less pain to deal with! Sooo the extraction wasnt felt a little warm and slimy but came out without a hitch. Now to close the hole up...the stitching was already there so all she had to do was tie up the ends and cut the extra pieces. That was really uncomfortable...I closed my eyes during the whole process but it ended in less than 2min. She took pics again and helped me back into the faja....on the first row this time....umphh!! Then she tells me its too big. I need a smaller one and now that the drain is out, I have to be super tight...for 3mon total! Ahhh! Hey gotta do what you need to do! I've felt awesome since that thing came out...I feel free!! Yey, this recovery is going smoother than I originally thought!

So I headed straight to a fajate store...want a mid thigh faja with no bralette...they only have one left and its 3xs...ladies Im wearing a XS. I say thanks but no thanks but they insist I try it on and I reluctantly oblige. Ladies this woman got me into a 3XS!! Its insane how tiny this garment is...I didnt leave with it on cuz she said I need pads in the garment to get rid of the creases. Pads?? Oh boy...I told her I'd take it but wanted to wait for massage #3 tomorrow to pit it on. I want a restful sleep tonight!

Day 5

I wasn't going to post today cuz I've been feeling drained. I slept soooo good last night...I went to sleep at 11p and when I looked at my cell it was 5a! I felt so rested but soon after I got sleepy again. I dragged myself up for breakfast to take my pills. I then went right back to sleep until my roomies arrived from their surgery with Yily. My roomie is in alot of discomfort and I can sympathize fully. The pain is no joke especially if you've had a tummy tuck..I dont even want to imagine it! I've been able to eat normal, get in and out of bed with no problem, and pick things up from floor if necessary. Life is getting easier. My back feels better but still strained from sleeping on it. I've been managing with my boppy pillow but its lost its fluff so I stuffed my towel in it. Its difficult having a BA with BBL and sleeping. If I could do it again, I'd do one and then the other at another time. Im sure I'll be losing volume cuz its impossible for your butt not to make any contact with the bed while you sleep. Sleeping on belly with a BA is not only nearly impossible but excruciating painful (Ive tried it).

My belly has been less sensative since getting my drain out. I was looking forward to my massage today so I could see how swollen my belly was. I took off the faja and my midsection is small 25"but my waist is 27.5 and is still really swollen. Brunilda started the ultrasound massage and it wasnt too bad. Its very uncomfortable when the gel starts to dry out so I have to remind her to put more gel. After the ultrasound is the hand massage. I laid down so she could massage my stomach esp. the areas that are still hard. Brunilda began massaging it with her dry hands. My stomach was on fire!! I told her to stop cuz it hurt too badly...that she needed some lotion or something before proceding. She told me the massage has to be done with dry hands...what the hell??? I've never hearf of such a thing! I've gone to spas and massages are NEVER done without some type of serum. Her hands felt like sand paper rubbing on my belly. Ladies, I cried! My tears were rolling down my face. I felt bad for my roomie who had to see me like that...shes probably now scared to get her 1st massage tomorrow. The massage continued but she slowed down the pace. The therapist was telling me how I had to suck it up and started getting sarcastic with me. I felt like telling her off but its not in my nature to do such things. The massage was finally over and then came squeezing into the 3XS faja I bought. Girls, what a mission!!! The girl at the Fajate store put it on me effortlessly but Brunilda had a really hard time! The crap went up but had creases and pads wouldnt fit. I had no other choice but to keep it on. I had to order a different faja from Brunilda one size bigger.
After two hours, I couldnt take take it anymore! I decided to take it off but when I got to the last clip, it wouldnt unclip! I spent over 15min trying to get the thing off before finally unclipping. Ohh what a mess!

Day 8

Hi ladies, hadnt updated in a few days cuz not much had changed. Its day 8 and I feel great! Today was my last massage although I still have 3 left of the 10 included in my package. I leave to visit family today so this will be my last post until I get home...sorry ladies! Massages have gotten better and painless...did have fluid accumilation so had to get it drained out with a syringe...pinches but doesnt hurt...instant relief and my belly got flat afterwards. I'm sleeping well and only get up to pee during the night. I'm also no longer on the pain pills...I'd been having pain in my boobs but they feel much better. My back has some fluid so its a bit numb...this causes a bit of discomfort to sleep on all night. I will most likely have to see Dr. Fragoso before I fly back home for fluid removal if needed.

Answers to questions

Since I wont have wifi once I leave the RH, I wanted to take the time to answer some of your qestions.

HOw much did I spend in total?

Spending money:$300

When looking for flights try all possible airlines, airports, one way, or roundtrip. When I was looking for flights a roundtrip was $645. So I decided to buy oneway thru delta and oneway thru spirit. Total price:$440.
Dr. Fragoso includes in her package all pre op exams, most of the meds, overnight nurse @clinic, 1 faja D'Prada, 10 massages, all post op visits. This is why I had no additional expenses except for $20 on meds that were not inclu. I also bought an extra faja one size smaller than I was given for $135 and another for $100. Only one faja is necessary...I just bought one that was one size too small. You must bring money for misc expenses...if you're a Duran or Yily patient, keep in mind the spending amount goes up alot cuz meds alone will be approx.$160.

I'm staying at Yazmin RH and I've been very well taken care of. Food is good and everyone is helpful. Yazmin and Juanita are always making sure we're comfy and checking our drainage. She has a nurse Marjoris that comes to clean our drains, faja, bathe, give meds or shots, twice a day at no additional fee. Her email is and phone #809-916-3543. She will be moving in a couple of weeks to a bigger apartment so she'll have alot more space

. In the end it doesnt matter who you end up choosing to stay with. The important thing is that you stay with someone. I dont care how brave you think you are, dont stay in a hotel by yourself. Nor think that if you can recruit a few girls, you'll be able to do with a nurse that comes once or twice a'll take care of each other inbetween. Im here to tell you DON'T DO IT!!!! Theres no way you can do this on your own or think that a nurse for a few hrs is enough. The first days you wont even be able to get up from bed by yourself...not even reach for your phone or meds that may be right next to you. If you have a buddy that is also having surgery, you wont be able to help each other out. Trust me!
You will need 24/7 help for atleast the first 3 days or more if you will have a tummy tuck...dont risk it and just stay at a the end its cheaper.

The nurse that comes to Yazmin RH is avail for hire..her name is Manyoris and shes so nice and gentle. She'll also wash your clothes or faja if needed. Her # is 849-224-0077 email is She doesnt speak English but use google translate for email and download a translator app on your phone and you'll be fine.

Massage therapist

If you've read my post, you'll know my experiences with her and the massages. In the end, the ultrasound machine is great in reducing fluid, and hard spots. She'll also drain extra fluid with a syringe if you have any accumilated fluid. This is the massage therapist Dr. Fragoso uses...
Today I met Ramon another massage therapist and hes good! He rubs a lotion that has a lil menthol, fluid reducer, and puts almond oil into it. Then he mixes and rubs it all over the body. I didnt get a massage with him but my roomies did and they loved it. His # is 809-663-2733. He charges $25 per massage and he goes to you. He doesnt speak English so jst have your app ready.

Ladies here in DR, everything is delivered...inclu services. So if you can hire someone to come to you than do it. You're not going to want to be moving around much less go into a car.

Shout out and happy healing to Durandoll who is next to me right now. She just got back from surgery and in discomfort. Things will get better soon lil doll! Oh and her booty is huge and waist microscopic!

More pic

Day 16...happy to be back home!

Hi Ladies! I'm so happy to be back home! I had been visiting family and enjoyed some much needed relaxation at a resort. I'd been taking it easy although I must confess to lifting my 30lb 3yr old son a few times. No of my stitches came off which caused some bleeding. I saw Dr. Fragoso a day before I arrived for one last check. My boobs are good and the stitch that came out was fine. She said its normal to experience some bleeding and clear fluid from time to time. The thing to watch for is puss...thick, sticky fluid and open wounds. I had liquid accumilated in my abdomen and back so she took it out with a syringe. My back is still numb so I didnt feel anything. My abdomen is not numb but it didnt hurt. Syringes dont faze me. Dr Fragoso stood me in front of the mirror and asked me if I liked my results so far. Of course I do! My boobs are a great size and my butt looks very natural for my frame. I cant wait for my boobs to get softer and drop some more but overall happy with results thus far. Dr Fragoso says it takes upto 6 months for final results but by 3 mon things will have fallen into proper place. She went over post op instructions and asked me for questions. I asked her loads of questions and she took the time to fully go over and explain each answer. She told me I could take a shower once I got home but had to towel dry all stitches then blow dry in cool setting. Once stitching comes off, I should wear silicone strips to help in reducing redness and smooth out scars. I must wear a super tight faja for 3 months to reduce fluid accumilation and create a thinner siloutte.
While she took care of me, she got 24 missed calls. She gave the phone to my mom so she could read out the numbers to her to make sure it wasnt the hospital or recent patient. FYI Dr Fragoso doesnt take calls while shes in surgery or during consultations or followups. So if you call or email her, she will go over all missed calls or emails when shes free...usually in between appointments or after office hours. Dont be surprised if she answers emails after 11pm since thats the time she begins reviewing emails. Also keep in mind that her husband translates all calls and emails for her but she sits next to him and dictates every detail. This is another reason why emails may take longer to respond. Anyways, she was a sweetheart and even asked why I didnt ask more questions...more?!? Lol

Anyhow, its day 16 and I feel great! My butt and abdomen has gotten smaller since swelling is down but still looks good. My belly is a bit wrinkled but Dr Fragoso told me not to worry since faja will tighten skin and will adhere to abdomen. Lets hope so cuz my fear is to have stretched out skin. I still have stitches everywhere but its coming off in some areas. My boobs are still hard and some swelling but no more pain and they've fallen some. The faja causes alot of itching even with an undershirt. Its driving me insane esp. since my lower back is still numb and whn I scratch I dont feel it! Lol oh boy... I must confess to being out of my faja for most of the day and only wearing a very tight waist cincher...its actually tighter than my faja.

Ladies, if you have any questions, ask and I'll respond!

Yasmin Recovery house

Some ladies have pointed out that the email I provided for Yasmin's RH is incorrect. I appologize for that! Yazmin's email is I cannot stress enough how great these ladies were to me. Yasmin, Juanita, and their mom were courteous, kind, helpful, respectful and accomodating. They came in at all times to check how I was doing, cleaned my drains, and even came in just to pass me my phone or tv control. They helped me get up from bed the first days when I would have extreme difficulty attempting to sit up(mind you, I had loads of pillows that kept me propped up and I STILL couldnt sit up straight for the life of me!). Yazmins mom gave me a wonderful foot massage the day I got out of the hospital...nice extra! They gave me a total of 6 pillows which was sooo helpful in keeping me comfy and alleviated alot of the backpain from sleeping sitting up. I got bored when my roomie left to get her surgery and Yasmin would come into my room to keep me company, chat and tell me stories...kept me occupied! Food was delicious...I would look forward to the 12pm meals...they were that good. They also went out of their way to make sure I ate during the first few days when appetite was down. They'd make things that were not on the set menu to try to get me to eat...that was super nice. They made natural juices too and served alot of mangos. They cleaned our room everyother day and changed our sheets. Mangoris was also a big extra...she helped me bathe and massaged my back when it was in alot of pain. We had wifi (download magic jack to make free calls from your phone to the US)and a/c in our rooms...big plus! Yasmin went out to get fruits or items we requested(like one day we were craving ice cream and she got it for us). She also offered to take us to the beach and tourist areas (I declined cuz I'm Dominican and I've seen it all). All in all while at first I was skeptical after reading some bad reviews. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. Prices are much lower than other places yet you get great service and attention. Yasmin will be moving into a bigger home soon. It features more bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom and outdoor patio. Guests are welcome for an additional fee. So ladies, contact cant beat her prices and services.

Items that I used, didn't need and wished I brought...

So one of my dilemmas in this whole process was deciding what items to bring and what to leave. There are many lists circulating on RS and it tends to get confusing if not overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that those lists will leave you well...broke! So the following are items I used, wished I brought and items I didnt need.


P ez (ladies this was so useful)

Babywipes (this will be your only bath for about 2wks)

Maxipads the long and thick ones (you'll need this to stuff your faja)

Weewee pads (keeps bed linen clean)

Boppy pillow (a must!)

Hibliclens antibiotic skin cleanser (its rec. you cleanse your skin with this prior to surgery and whn you get home, this is the cleanser you should use to prevent infection until incisions heal)

Soap (to clean the nether regions)
Hair brush
3 knee length or maxi dresses
1 zipper front sports bra (if BA)
1 comfy sports bra (any breast work)
3-4 small handtowels
1 robe
1 towel
3-4 tanktops
Metamusil cookies

Things I wished I brought:

More baby wipes (ladies bring ALOT!)

Anti-itch cream (faja and numb skin = alot of itching!)

An extra pillow (for the back pain)

Sleeping aide (man o man I needed this badly!)

Strong painkiller (thanks to my roomie for giving me some of hers!)

Desitin cream (for faja burn)

4 depends...sadly I pee'd on myself a few times after surgery

4 ensure (for the first 2 days when appetite was down)

A few gauze pads and surgical tape for my boobs and drainage hole incision

Compression stockings (on day 4 my ankles started swelling)

Baby oil or soothing creme for massage

Wished I'd taken in my faja in DR cuz I'm having a hard time finding a seamstress to do it here.

Things I didnt need:

So many clothes! Girls 3 dresses will will be in your faja all day..too much of a hassel to put any clothes on...I wore my robe all day while in RH. You'll only need to put clothes on to step outside the RH.

Panties...whats the purpose of this again? Twice I peed on myself for having these damn things on. Supposedly these are so your punani isn't hanging out but guess what ladies? You're in so much pain and discomfort that all your decency goes out the door and if your roomie or RH caretaker sees your glory, you really don't care!

Silicone strips (you'll need this at wk 3-4 when stitches come off so it can wait)

Ladies, all your supplies and items should fit in a carryon size luggage and a handheld bag. Any bigger than that, then its a sign you're taking too much sh**! Travel light cuz upon return the last thing you want is a heavy luggage. If you get a tummy tuck or have alot of body parts done, take advantage of wheel chair assistance so you can go through lines and have your bag picked up for you.

Take items that you think will make you feel more comfy whether it be a blanket, pillow, etc...

Download the free magic jack app into your long as you have wifi, you'll be able to make free calls to US. For times when magic jack isn't working, tell your loved ones to buy a calling card and call you at RH house phone. Provided that RH owner permits that and that there is a house phone. Calling cards in DR give about 20min to cell phones and it cost about US$7...too expensive!


3 wks post op...

Wow I can't believe its been 3wks! During the days I was in extreme pain and wondering what I had gotten myself into, I wished I could fast foward to this day. Life is definitely much easier than it was 2wks ago. I get up effortlessly, sleep all night, have no pain or discomfort, incisions healing nicely, no swelling or fluid accumilation. I haven't had a massage while back in the states but I've been giving myself one. How, you ask? Well I have a dough roller (bought at dollar store) and I put some vit E oil on my belly and back. Then I roll as if I'm kneading dough, following the contours of my body. So, if you can't get to a drainage massage therapist soon, you can do this in the meantime(or have someone do it for you). Massages are extremely important in reducing swelling and fluid accumilation. It also smoothes out skin and hard knots. The last thing you want is a lumpy stomach or back...very unattractive!

Some ladies have asked me if I've had to see my physician for post of care...the answer is no. My incisions have been healing nicely...I still have stitches on most of my incisions but they're dissolvable. The only incision that is not fully closed is the hole where the drainage tubing was. I havent been able to remove the stitch yet but it looks well. By the 4wk mark, Dr Baez has given me the go ahead to snip all stitches off. I'll be doing that myself...I'm not going to pay my doc a high deductible just to snip something off I can do myself.


Showers are a process but feel soo good! After 16days of cleaning with babywipes, I was ready for a REAL shower! After surgery you're not allowed to shower esp. not in DR because the water is not portable. Meaning that the tap water is not up to safety standards for drinking. After surgery you have open incisions and taking a shower or bathing with this water can cause bacteria to enter body resulting in infection.
So you have to wait to get stateside to take a shower.

When I take a shower, I take off my sports bra, unclip the faja, remove 8 maxipads, take off the tank top and faja and finally remove any bandages over incision. Once in the shower, I wash my privates, arms, legs with shower gel. The rest of my body I wash with antibiotic cleanser. Once I'm done, I tap dry incisions with a hand towel and use a reg. towel for the rest of my body. Then I blow dry on cool setting all my incisions. Then I apply antibiotic cream on drainage incision and put a bandage. I rub Vit E on my belly and healed incisions. Then I rub anti-itch cream all over belly and back. Finally I put diaper rash oitment in areas that look irritated from the faja. Then I put all the stuff back on. It's a mission!

Oh I've had to take off the faja every other day to sleep. Having the faja on not only feels good, but prevents swelling. Nonetheless, the itching gets so bad, it wakes me up at night resulting in removal. Anti-itch cream helps but only for a few hours before the itching gets insane again.

5 wk post op

Hi Ladies! I'd been wanting to update but I just moved andwas without internet for over 2wks! I just checked my inbox and I have LOADS of messages! I promise all you ladies who have messaged me that I will answer you soon.

I'm at the 5 week mark...cannot believe that much time has gone by! My hubby finally saw me for the first time over a wk ago...he loves the results. He thinks my boobs and butt are a perfect size and look great. Hes not liking the lipo scars but I tell him they will become less noticeble with time.

So I'm doing great. My boobs feel awesome...have no pain, no discomfort. They feel soft and have dropped nicely...they also have a nice bounce. I'm currently wearing a non padded 34C bra...they look very nice on my frame...loving them! The stitches have come off too although I still have some scabs left. The scarring around my nipples look really soon as the scabs come off, I'll start wearing silicone strips.
My waist is tiny and measures a 26". My XS shirts fill nicely on top but look big at the waist. My belly is still sensative to touch and lower back is still numb. The skin still feels like I have a really bad sun burn and a bit stiff. Evenso, its slowly returning to normal.
I'm no longer wearing a faja but instead using Spanx. I was wearing the 3XS Faja D'Prada on the 2nd/3rd row. The maxi pads were no longer working well in preventing the creases from burying into my skin so I bought lipo foam. Ladies, lipo foam
is a must! Works way better than maxi pads and feels so comfy! Get them online cuz its whole lot cheaper than buying in a store. I bought 1 foam for $25 instore but online you get 3-4 for $30. Anyhow, the faja was soo tight that my waist skin was constantly numb and my waist was getting tiny but my lower belly full of fluid. No matter how much compression I put on my belly, the fluid wasnt getting anybetter. I was also getting a "muffin top" from the waist creases. In addition to really bad heartburn. The faja was so tight that when I ate, the food would rise back up so I would have to eat standing up. Oh and the itching and buring was insane. So I went to Target and bought Assets by Spanx (highwaist, midthigh waist control panty). Ladies, since I started wearing it, the fluid on my belly is all gone and I've got circulation back on my waist. It gives me a better and more comfortable compression than the Fajate girdle. Also, when I wear jeans, it doesnt create a weird waist or butt shape. The smaller the faja gets, the more likely your butt will spill out of the open crotch area creating an abnorm extra cheek which is not cool.

So my butt is ridiculously big on my frame. The Spanx and faja lift the butt which makes it look even bigger. Its currently a 39" but with the Spanx lift goes up to 39.5". the tiny waist amplifies the butt making look even bigger. For the first time, I feel a bit self conscious about my butt. I try to wear jeans that dont accentuate the butt so it doesnt look exagerrated. I've even worn my purse side ways in an effort to "hide" it...doesnt work well though lol. Nonetheless, it still looks good and I'm very happy with it.
I'm not lovin my lipo scars but I've been putting silicone strips on them. Its a 3month treatment so I'll let you know if they work in lighting up the scars. I will most likely get laser treatment to remove the scars in the near future. All in all, I'm very happy thus far.


I'm oficially 6wks post op and I couldnt feel better! I'm not 100% just yet but I'm getting there. I dont experience any pain but when I sit for too long, the fat injection sites tend to get sore. I've been asked by some ladies how my butt feels. At this point, it feels very natural, wiggly and soft to the touch. Its a bit sensative so I can't run or sit for too long. I currently drive sitting on a small throw pillow and I still use my lovely boppy pillow to sleep.

I've also been getting questions about my boobs. Yes, I got a BA. I was barely a 34A and currently am a full 34C. I got Eurosilicone textured gummy bear implants, 350cc. Because they are textured, theres no need to massage or do any type of breast movements. Those are only done with Smooth implants to prevent scar tissue growth. Textued implants prevent capsular contraction by adhering to your natural skin so theres no need for massages. As I mentioned previously, they initially felt hard, with alot of pressure but now they are squishy and feel so natural.

For the thin girls out there...

When I started this journey, my main focus was getting a BA. I'd always been thin and getting lipo and/or BBL was never in my mind. Most recently, I started thinking about lipo after trying to lose some excess belly fat and being unsuccessful. You see, I could lose weight and attempt to lose the belly but I'd risk losing my ass and little bit of legs I had. At 120lbs and 5'4", I'd also be going into undrweight territory. I decided that if I was going to get a BA, I might as well lipo the bit of fat I had...and if I was doing lipo, then might as well inject the fat into needed areas. So then comes the BBL thought. I begin my research and to my surprise, there are virtually no thin girls to compare results. The only blog on RS I found was ensureaddict who had similar stats as me. Blog after blog, I read of thicker girls with excellent results but none of a girl that resembled me. I wondered if a BBL could be done on me so I emailed various docs and all said it could be done. Most said gain 20lbs while doc Jimmerson and Baez said to gain 5lbs more. This gave me the motivation to go forward with it although somewhat skeptical of final results. I started out at 120lbs...I faithfully did protein shakes, ensure, nutrament, and increased my eating. Needless to say, I only gained 4 more lbs. Funny how you can gain without trying but if thats your goal, its nearly impossible! 2wks prior to surgery, I emailed Dr. Baez and told her I wasnt able to gain the 5lbs she told me. She said it would be fine as long as I had realistic wish pics and expectations. I went into the operating room hoping to get atleast 500cc injected. To my surprise, I got double of that and then some! So to you thin ladies out there who have a small gut and a little fat on your flanks and back(if you can pinch then you have some fat!)...dont worry yourself about gaining all this weight. Keep in mind that the doctor can only take a certain amount of fat out before its too dangerous. Gaining too much weight is not only necessary but then hard to get rid of if the lipo doesnt get rid of it entirely. Gaining or losing too much weight after surgery can ruin your overall results. That being said, dont stress yourself about gaining weight. If you can gain some do it. If you cant then whatever. The right doctor will find fat in places you didnt even think you had!

Week 7

Hi Ladies! Not much has changed since I last wrote. You will notice that by wk 4, things will remain pretty stable and not alot will change. I feeI great although not yet 100%. I started putting silicone strips on my nipples since the incision is fully healed. Dr. Baez did a really good job with the incision...its barely noticeable. I still experience swelling on my belly if I dont wear compression. At this point, you'd think I'd be use to this girdle thing but I'm not. My belly still feels stretched out and I get a burning sensation with certain movements. Its so uncomfy!

Staying at a RH

I've brushed upon this subject quite a few times but I'll mention it again.

Aside from picking out a suitable surgeon, the second most important decision is where to stay and for how long. It can be a daunting task picking a hotel or RH to stay while recovering after surgery. You want to feel safe, comfortable, and very well taken care of. People always ask, which is better, a RH or a hotel? I believe this is a personal choice you have to consider on your own and decide which is best. There are some factors to consider when deciding which is better.
1. Are you going alone or accompanied? If you're going alone, then its a no brainer...stay at RH! Trust me, its so nice having 24/7 care, not to mention 3 meals a day. If you go with someone, you can do either. RH allow roomates although some wont allow men. They charge a small additional fee and they receive the 3 meals too. If you feel your guest wont feel comfy in the RH, then you could do a hotel. You can have a nurse go once or twice a day and the person you take can assist you inbetween.
2. Do you get along with others? If you don't stay in a hotel! I'm Not trying to be funny but being real. Even if you have a room to yourself, you'll still have to interact with the RH caregiver or at some point come into contact with other guests. When you're in pain, annoyance is duplicated and thats when issues can arise. If you feel that you'll have problems getting along with strangers, than do yourself a favor and stay at a hotel.
3. Are you scared of being in a country you're not familiar with? Stay at a RH! You're actually safer at a RH than a hotel if you're by yourself. The RH caregiver will guide you and in many cases go with you everywhere. They know what areas are safe and which are not. You'll also be less likely to be a target of crime if you're with a native.
4. Are you on a tight budget? RH tend to cost less because they include meals, caregiver, and provide transport in some cases. Hotels end up costing more because you have to hire a nurse, buy your own meals and hire transport. This can be costly and in the end, take a great percentage of your overall budget. For this reason, if you want to be money saavy, go with RH.

In the end, only you know whats best for you. Each person and situation is different. Some may be more comfy in a RH while pthers in a hotel. Do your research and find what best suites your needs and wallet. My suggestion is to find something no more than 15min from your clinic cuz the last thing you want is to be stuck in a car uncomfortable and in pain. Most importantly, don't stay anywhere by yourself! You will be in tremendous pain, unable to do things for yourself and regretting every minute. I dont care how strong you think you are or how well you take pain. This is pain you've never experienced before(worse than labor!) and you're going to need someone. Trust me on this one!

Stay for in RH...

The amount of time you should stay in RH depends on recoup time. Everyone heals differently at different pace and giving an exact time is difficult. Nonetheless, I think that 1 wk is sufficient time. For those that may get antsy or dont want to spend the whole time in a RH then 1 wk is enough (if you get a tummy tuck, than you may want to stay a little longer). By this time, you're more mobile and in less pain so you can do some things on your own. Any less than that and you may regret leaving so soon. Its super nice having 3 meals, someone making sure you get fed, feel comfy, take your pills, wash your faja etc. Once you leave the RH, you're on your own. I stayed at the RH for 9 days and by day 6, I was counting down the days to departure. I was very comfy at the RH but I wanted to be out and about. Nonetheless, if I had to do it again, I'd stay at the RH my entire stay if I was going for 10days. The last thing you want is to go to a hotel and realize that you had it better at the RH. Worse yet, that you're alone in a hotel and something arises...then what?


I get asked alot questions regarding clothing. In the first few weeks, I lived in the clothes I took to the RH which were long, stretchy maxi dresses. You want to stay away from jeans cuz it chokes your booty...fat survival is of essence!! At wk 3 when I returned home, I wanted to see how I looked in jeans. I attempted to get into my jeans and it was impossible! All my jeans went up but wouldnt button. I was only able to get into one and my butt looked ridiculously big. It felt very uncomfy so on wk 5 I tried my jeans again and I fit into most. I guess they didnt fit initially because of the swelling. I havent had to buy new clothes/jeans. I still fit into my size 27 jeans...just my butt is fuller and bigger. I never wore belts and now I have to cuz they fit big at the waist. I've always worn S/XS shirts so I havent had to buy new ones. They fit good at top but even the XS fts lose at the waist. I dont fit into my XS button downs since my boobs are no longer an A cup. I've bought a few new bras but have fpund it difficult to find a good fit. I couldnt wait to go into VS and get a sexy non padded bra. I've always worn heavely padded bras...never once looked at their non-padded inventory. Well, they dont have nice non padded bras unless full coverage is your style. I ended up having to try on some padded bras but they felt so uncomfy! Either my boobs are super sensative or VS bras arent as comfy as I thought! I tried on over 7 of their bras and non gave me the fit or feel I was looking for. I was fit to a 34B/32C but both fit tiny/small. 34C/32D was better but not great. It was frustrating. So I've been wearing 34C Calvin Klein bras that I bought at TJ Maxx that fit nicely. I'm gonna wait a bit longer for a bra shopping spree.

2 month post op...

Time has flown by much quicker than I had anticipated! I'm so happy those painful and sleepless nights are way behind me. I wasn't looking forward to the recoup time but it was and has been better than I imagined. Reading these forums is pretty scary especially when you're not sure what to expect. The first few days are horrible to say the least and they seem to go by the slowest. By wk 2, pain turns into discomfort and things begin to improve physically and mentally. I say mentally because the first week is so challenging, you begin to doubt your choice. You go through an emotional roller coaster where one day you're regretting the whole procedure, the next you're getting use to the changes, the following you'll question your overall results. Its crazy but eventually after trying on clothes and seeing your new self, you begin to realize that things are falling into place. I'm quite happy with my results and feel great. I'm still sleeping on my boppy pillow because the sides of my butt (where I received the fat transfer), get sore if I sleep on it for too long. I've also gotten use to sleeping on a bunch of husband hates it cuz I'm a foot higher than him. My only complaint are the scars which I hate! They are tiny and the silicone strips are lightening them but I'm too impatient. I want them gone but I have to do the silicone treatment faithfully for 3 mon. I've got 2 months to go! Urrrggghh!!! I made an appointment to see a dermatologist in one month for laser treatment...yes I'm very very impatient! I'm still wearing my Spanx like a good girl and most likely will continue using it even after the 3 month mark. They give your ass an incredible lift and makes everything you wear look devine! I still get swelling on my abdominal which I dislike so much. Makes my belly look disfigured if I go too many hours without my girdle. Until that disappears, I will not give my Worth It thumbs up.

Belly and back feeling better...

I've been going to the pool for some sunbathing almost all week. I don't want to expose my lipo scars to the sun so I wear a high waist skirt. Underneath the skirt, I always wear my Spanx. Today I decided to go without one so I could wear a bathing suit. For the first time, I didnt feel the numbing or burning sensation I usually feel on my abdomen and back. It felt so good not having to feel rushed to put the damn thing on. Don't get me wrong, the Spanx is sooo much more comfy than the faja but its liberating going without one. I cant wait until I have the option of not wearing one...I will be burning all these fajas! Lol right now though I have to keep wearing it cuz my belly does get bloated and it gets stiff like a board. Oh boy, the things us Ladies go through to improve our bodies!
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