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A little about me...I'm 30 years old mother of 3...

A little about me...I'm 30 years old mother of 3 kids with a hubby...I'm 5'3 165 .. the lightest I can ever remember was 145 before my twins but after my oldest... And even then I thought I needed to loose weight...over two years ago I went up to 215 oh my god ..I was going through relationship issues and vodka became my best friend..shit any really don't realize ur big until u see pic of ur self or someone calls u a fat later on I joined a gym with a coworker and got a personal trainer and the weight started coming off slowly..I've managed to stay in the 160's..I still would like to loose 10 more before the bbl..ill say one thing being that big for me and loosing wt my arms look horrible and I've lost my butt...Also I want to look good with my clothes off as well I've always been able to hide my stomach..I mean I walk around holding it in all day everyday..but I'm tired of all together..

I started researching back in 2012 when a friend of mine told me what she was thinking about doing... At first I thought she was crazy and I was scared for her because she was going to mx and not only that to my thinking it was a dangerous elective risk.. However her mind was made up no changing..once time came she went and came back..I was impressed with her results..I started thinking maybe I could do it to...but there was no way in the hell I was going there or out of the states by myself however the prices were just so I slept on it for a couple months..I came across this site and have been stalking it ever since...things only started to get real for me when I came across a review where someone was looking for a buddy to go with them and I was like yess. 

So I've decided to go with yily for my bbl I think her results are great and for me if I don't get a big butt I'm ok I would like aggressive lipo to the stomach flanks and back..her quote she gave has armpits but I know there's nothing she can do with my arms ..I'm going to need an arm lift at another I will ask for inner thigh lipo when I get there.. I can remember Growing up I've always wanted to be small no hips no but just white girl small (no offense to anyone) I just thought that was the thing...I think only once I lost the wt i then started to embrace them and love them.. I'm really hyped about having this done next march ..that's a ways off but I'm cool...I want to get back into working out before then to possibly have good results..I have a nasty habit of smoking that I need to stop so that gives me time o quit..

After reading a couple reviews from today I'm...

After reading a couple reviews from today I'm still hoping that time passes by ..however I also realize that it is important for me to have some kind of pre lab work here in the states for my piece of mind..seeing as though I have no ins or pcp it's gonna be hard and costly...but at least I will know be for hand..even if I have to get the one I feel is the most important done ...what a pre pre op emotional roller coaster and I'm not even six months away yet...oh then there is the little stress in the back of my mind that yily will recommend a tt and I don't want one... In a case like that what is a girl too do...stand firm and walk away and be there for ur buddy...or let the dr convince u you need one...


So I have not updated in awhile...still gathering info and guts...some things have changed.. I have a new buddy that I'm getting to first buddy changed her mind...I've changed my mind on dr yily...I'm between dr Duran and dr Beaz...I know dr Duran will deliver..however dr Beaz has been so responsive and even though I have only seen pic of her work I believe that with the time I have left i can work on getting as close to ideal wt . I will be fine even if she's not aggressive like Duran ill be cool with that i want enhancement not comes first with her and for some reason I believe her after care is would be compassionate..I will be booking a place soon and later on this year a flight.

still on the booty train

its been awhile! im looking forward to having sx in the next 6 months! i have not purchased a flight yet nor paid a deposit! i went back and forward on doc i started out with yily reading blogs and reviews i then switched to duran her work is great.. she became popular and communication started going down hill..dr beaz was out completely..i then started looking at delsa who responds quickly and does good work...thb im not sure why i strayed away from her...i then jumped into the mind frame of i want to be a bad bish and so i hopped on the contreras train despite not really seeing too many reviews and my buddy saying no way! long story short i came back to my original choice! i emailed her she responded in 4 or so days with a quote ! called the office and they are not taking deposit right now but i can email flight info to hold my date so thats my next step! turned in my time off slip at my job for 5-6 weeks off ! started paying off credit cards and saving money i want to have most of them if not all paid off before sx because u just never know what the future holds! sorry if this is all over the place ! i have some supplies and ive started my vitamins (gummy) and iron complete! there are alot of things im unsure about!
like do i bring my vitamins with me?
should i buy the mmh vit?
what should i start 2weeks before?
should i bring ensure or protein drinks?
any other tips feel free i know im aways out but im excited!

depost sent

I choose Duran and thats my final ! Her work is amazing point blank and period!! I emailed duran yesterday that i sent my deposit and she emailed me back to call her office. i called today and spoke with elizabeth and she stated all i had to do was bring in a print out of my confirmation from the wire transfer! im sooooo excited things feel real now i hope it goes as smooth as it sounds geez! so as of right now im working out and taking my vitamins ! Im going to step my workout game up! i want to pre mold this body before duran works her magic on me! 5 months baby!!! 2014 dolls our time is coming

99 problems but sx aint one :)

so ladies last i left off i was gonna step up my wokout game ! ha ha im still trying and now i have a treadmill downstairs so we will see. i heard duran is booked until june not sure how true that is but im going to call elizabeth to make sure she till has my name on the booty book! i just realize stupid me that vitamin c and calcium was not the same and i have been taking my iron with calcium:( i know i know! well good thing my iron complete has vit c in it! also my ole man jump on board with this sx and all i could do was cry. i felt like i did not have his support. now that i have his support he is also investing in it whoot whoot! i have not gotten my hemo nor my ekg yet but i plan on doing so in the coming week ! i want to know in advance just incase i need to really work on blood building or god forbid my ekg dont come back right ! i feel like those results coming back good will allow me to buy the plane ticket and moveforward with spending my money! well i sill cant picture my results after! cray cray! i dont know if i mentioned but i did tell my job about the sx but not where im going and specifically what im doing and i guess since time is passing they are asking nosy questions ! but i can play poker face real well! i think its the idea of me spending my money on what i want and everybody just sitting back and saying oh yeah i want this done or that done but really wont get it done..

well ladies i made my shopping cart of my items that i need from amazon like arnica cream and lipo foam, water pills, stool softner, bromeclian pills, purabsorb, pez, if i missed any essentials feel free ...i just dont want to over pack like its a vacay...i am concerened about water ..will the recovery house take me to get bottle water or can i bring it on a plane along with ensure or protein drinks..? thats it for now!

Time is slowly winding down

Last time I updated I told you all I ordered supplies ! Well they have been trickling in...
My amazon list I have received so far!
Arnica tablets
Arnica gel
Pee funnel
Pur absorb
Abd pads
Incentive spirometer
Compression socks
Ace wraps
Vit c/ b-12
Triple antibiotic
I still need to get a boppy pillow and some undershirts big mama drawers lol and other stuff!

Let me start off buy saying I feel like I'm doing this ass backwards bc I paid the deposit now I'm buying supplies ! Oh and did I forget to mention I'm scheduled to go to labcorp on tomorrow to have labs done ..seam like this woulda been my first thing on my to do list!! I pray that these labs come back in my favor ! For some reason I feel like I have this big lab monkey on my back that I'm afraid of!! I'm thinking that is bc ultimately this is like the pass or go for me!! I have not been to a doc in years !! And now I pray and hope everything turns out well!! This doc seams like he is going to be invasive meaning he's gonna check everything to be on the safe side my follow up with him is Monday evening! Well one thing I can say is I rather know now the +/- before I reach another country!! Moving along I also made a passport appointment for Monday also might as well knock it out in one shot right!

My cycle is currently down !! Dam I wonder if that is a good choice to have blood work done now! Oh well we shall see...anywho my phone tells me that my period comes down a week before sx wonder how that's gonna affect things !! Ive started back at working out hopefully I'll stick with it last time I got on the scale it said 171.. I'm shooting for 163-165 ! I hear u loose some after sx so we shall see !

I'm not sure if I discussed buying plane ticket in my earlier post but I have decided to wait on that and make that my final purchase !

I called Elizabeth on Friday to make sure my name was still down and she said yes! Which made me smile she also said that the doc is booked up that day ..I wish I had asked her how many was scheduled ...I've heard from ppl 4-5 ppl ...Elizabeth did say that the doc decides who she does first !! She did tell me to call back a few days before to confirm but I made her realize that 4/18 they will be closed and I asked if I could call the 21 and she said wait u should be here already so we laughed I'm like yes I will be there lol!!

Sorry if it was all over the place

Hemo levels 13.8 !!!!

Blood work can back great I'm excited ! 13.8 and I was on day four of my cycle which have me thinking does that mean it's possible higher or maybe the cycle don't affect levels that much at all!!!My next move is the passport process on Monday !! Now with this weight loss shit ughhhh! I'm giving my self until 2/21 to get my mind right ...just meaning I need to get some more diet pills and go hard..just had not being feeling right! I have to loose 10 pounds 15 would be nice but 10 is a 2/21 I will be exactly 2 months !

Supplies are increasing and days are decreasing

Well today I have a passport appointment!! Whoot whoot!! I will also be seeing my pcp today to hear his thoughts!! Might just do my EKG with him if not wait until the 24th the hospital is doing them for free since this is heart month!! That's it for now

Waiting on passport and thee day to arrive

So I've decided to post some before pic not sure on nude pic just yet lol I still have time!!! I will diff post some when the time is near! EKG on the 24 !! And then it's auto pilot while I continue to stack coins

Flight booked !!

Waited as long as I could to get a cheap flight...the outcome 626.. I'm ok with that I guess!! Monday EKG buddy bought the robes and t shirts and undies we just decided to go half on everything for ten days and I'm cool with that...this is not a vacay this a business trip to me sorry...I think of it like I going to go and close a deal lol..well I guess it's just auto pilot from here on out!! I have made a decision tho ... I sit down with my benefits counselor next week I'm going to increase my life insurance just incase...u never know...

Borderline Abnormal EKG ????

So I go in yesterday for the free EKG and I'm a big ball of nerves because I always think the worse...well guess what when I sat down and the doc read it he said borderline I'm oh my god! He did really give me to much details he did say that I should look into what the cause is and he started listing things like high blood is the thing I take adipex the weight loss drug!! So my plan is to stop them now as of today and retest in 30 days hoping for the best results..I do plan on letting another doc read it for there opinion!! The health fair doc did say that I could take the test again and it be fine u just never confused right now ...I take the wt loss drug to loose wt and have been taking it for awhile now so we shall see how this next 55 days turn out!!!

Still counting down

I went for a second opinion on the EKG situation and he thought it was due to electrolytes being a bit off but he saw no reason y I would get turn down for sx ..he said it's not like I've had a heart attack or coronary artery disease..but still in the back of my mind it's the cardiologist in the dr that has the final say so...I think that if it was serious I would not waist my time with sx..but from the responses I'm getting I should not be too worried !! I've even been told it could be normal for me ...any who I receive a paper in the mail saying my passport has been approved along with my birth certificate back... I ordered a round inner tube like thing on yesterday so I can't wait to see what that's about.. I picked up another thigh master I sit at my desk and go to town they seam to break on me after awhile!!

Hello all

I'm reading about waking up during sx! Well I remember having a c section and with epidural and being in and out of it! So I'm really not to scared of that! I just don't want to feel anything..

Random pics


Other docs that will do my body great ? Just wondering ladies


this sx stuff is consuming me i need a getting stressed stalking reviews waiting on pics and its making me crazy ...not to mention im waiting on my cycle and it shoulda been here tuesday!! im not eating correctly nor am i losing i have got to get this shit together..

36 days left

Cycle came down thank u God!! 4 days late it it came ..which puts my cycle at a week before I have sx !! Omg can u say iron pill double up!! I have not been able to stay away like I thought ..looking at pic oh my some reviews are nice and the pics...I see on fb cabral shuts it down every time ...dare I say round two before I even have round 1!!! Any who no weight loose I lack motivation to work out ..I have been drinking Atkins shakes I'm hoping and praying I see a diff by changing my eating habits ..I'm schedule to see a cardiologist on 3/27 I'm off of the phentermine it's been a week or more I'm happy with that ..I'm also worried that it's gonna cause me to gain more ever I need a better EKG than last time a and I feel more confident I will get a better one!! Airline changed my flight itinerary and had me landing I dr at 855 pm totally split up me and my buddy on two different flights they put her on a 255 flight and me on an 855 smdh!! So lucky I emailed it to my Bd and he was like u better read this...I then hope on the phone give them a call and guess who now has to arrive a day earlier by herself at night :( :( that's ok ima be a big little woman and handle mine!!! I guess lol!! So now I have sx on Monday 4/21 instead of 4/22!!

Added a couple wish pic

Countdown!! I'm just waiting for my follow up appt. with the cardiologist and it's auto pilot for me!! Oh and the scale says I'm down 4 lbs I think it's water wt but whatever I'll take it team Atkins !! I've been doing two shakes a day and a dinner and lots of water..I'll try and exercise starting next week

tick tock

why cant i change my 36 to 31

29 days left

29 days


28 days my bad! Time is counting down this Thursday is my EKG follow up!


My buddy has had a financial Inconvenience and might need to put hers off till next year !! I will no more on Monday...anywho my plan b is to push it back by 2 months and go to the Barbie maker if my buddy has to put hers off...gotta have a plan b in mind. Right...well my Bd said he is down to fly...but it would have to be in June when the kids are out of school so we shall see what the out come is...I'm sorry I just can't go by myself...

I have decided to push my date back!!

The more and more I talk with the Bd the more I realize I want him there by my side thru this!!! If my job approves my new request then I'm set ..all I have to do is change my flight!! I've been wanting this for a while and I be dam if I let 65 days kill me!! It gives me more time to get my mind body and soul right! Due to circumstances it gives me a second chance at doing this right!!!

feels right

my new date has been approved by my job...thank next step is to change my flight by wednesday and for my Bd to book his flight...i also manage to get a new date ..i just have a feeling of everything turning out for the best..

moving along

Flight booked and changed thank heavens I did not have to pay the 200 dollar fee...I think I booked a recovery house but the Bd does not want to pay for nights not used meaning one night u stay at cipla or depending on who u go to u might spend two nights and he does not want to waste money...I dont really care bc the comfort of having someone waiting on u at the airport when u Arrive late at night in a country u have never been is reassuring...then hailing a cab from god knows who going to find a hotel god knows where...really all of this to save 50/60 estimation. ..anywho...ttyl

tick tock lol

No real update just trying to loose These dam 10-15 pounds

time is slowly winding down

So my old buddy informed me this morning that she still may go ahead with our original date of next happy for her ..and she is now team cabral...cycle came sunday whoot still team june still struggling with weight loss :( long as I have time I have hope...I will not give up

tick tock

No real update just waiting on the hubby to get his passport in a few have been packed ..I decided to weigh my suitcase on the bathroom scale and it said 48 pounds and thats only supplies ...oh my!! not sure how true that is...but the bd says we can all ways swap things at the airport from one suitcase to another im like cool...I just need to pack my maxi dress and shoes and other stuff in my carryon or he can make room in his...I really wanted to bring water and protein drinks so im not sure how thats gonna turn out...I also got the hookup this weekend for the pain pills I need just not sure how many I should buddy did not go through with the first date After all so she will be going in feb 2015...if I cant get everything done I want this round then u all ready know what time it is...

tick tock

Bd got his passport today so we are just waiting on time and to keep stacking the coins


Whoot whoot..


Almost that time

20 days

My last day of work is May 30!!! Counting down the days

tick tock

Cycle came down yesterday hoping its not to heavy ....I had my labs rechecked yesterday ...results will be in today...ekg appointment next friday....last day of work is also next friday. ...things are moving along...I upped my iron to 2wice a day also...

Results came back 13.6

Well iron dipped a little to 13.6 was 13.9 in February so I went and bought some geritol from walmart take alongside my iron pills...cycle is a little heavy...ugh ...can't believe its almost my time ...did not loose any weight ..probably bc I did not give it my all...oh well...

EKG results

This will be my last update before sx ...I went to cardiologist on Friday my EKG came out great!!! She said my first one was good just a slight diff in doc ...I'm like gtfoh !! Any who just wrapping up a few last min supplies and shit!! Can't believe it's gonna go down omg!!! Xoxo...

Sorry it took so long to update

I think I'm about 3 weeks p.o today and I feel great not 100% but better than I thought!

Me and the bd left Nola on June 4 @ 1230 for our trip...let me say I had never flown before and there was some turbulence other than that everything was all good! We landed in D.R at 9pm went through the whole tourist card thing and customs walked a ways and there was Wilson standing with a sign with my name on it...we hope in his van and we are off to the clinic..we arrive at the clinic very nice and mordern looking and clean ...the only thing that freaked me out was the security guard with the big gun lol...once we are upstairs to our room I started unpacking key thing that I knew I might need after sx ..vitamins compression socks bottle water's probably around 11pm and sleep was nowhere on my mind but I tried morning dra assistant comes in with papers to sign ..after that we are off to a place to go have an X-ray of my back or lungs done...mind you driving is crazy everybody is in a rush ....omg..we are back at the clinic now where we go into a room on the first floor for more testing which was my EKG ..followed by having my blood drawn...yes she used gloves and destroyed the needle infront of me! Back up to my room I go where me and the bd wait for the dr to come in...she comes in hugs me and is very nice asked me to undress and I asked her to turn her head lol I know I'm crazy but I was ashamed of my body!! So we get to talking a little bit...I'm nervous the only questions i talked about was my tt scar and my booty other than that she marked me up...I think I regret not showing her wish pic but everything happens and works out for a reason!! Another lady comes in with the blue pill and blue gown ...and I put it on and took the pill ...I did not think it was going to work but the bd said it did lol...I walk to the sx room where the only thing I remember was being told not to move I assume it was the spinal block bc I was sitting up..the next thing I remember was them telling me they were going to flip me over and do my front..I was out again..but I woke up again and my arms were strapped and there was a green sheet blocking me from seeing who or what was being done it was freezing cold..I just started praying until it was done...I could hear the lipo machine but not really feel any pain maybe slight pressure!! I remember the nurse saying it was almost over and I kept asking is it over is it over lol...when it was over green sheet came done and two ppl stuffed me in the faja my legs were flopping as they tried to put me in it...they transferred me to another bed rolled me out and back to my was in the hallway waiting out side of the room lol...he said it took around 5 hours dam...from that point I was on my butt it felt like I was sitting on a pile if real pain just discomfort and day I tried to stand and out I went blood drop to a 7 so u know what that ment transfusion time....I welcomed it bc I was gonna feel better and I did..I stayed at the clinic for 3 nights my first night I arrived and 2 nights after sx ...dra set up everything before I even got to d.r taxi clinic and recovery stay...I was very happy with that....massage lady came p.o day 1 omg I did not like that ...but dra say it's to help with fluid immedately ...I suffered lol...I hated the massages to start if with I even pre medicated before lol....speaking of meds .. I bought meds Ronald and aug mention bc I was initially going to someone else I find not use them she wanted me to use her antibiotics which was cool so I bought levofloxacina and some other kind of pill..2 creams all for 96 bucks....I had my vit c and iron (geritol) calcium ibuprofen and hydro condone ...we left the clinic and went to a hotel that the dr set up where a nurse would be with us around the clock...language barrier was a beast but between translate abd her niece who spoke English whom she would call everything worked out...she cooked for us breakfast lunch and dinner she stayed ontop of my meds and checked my blood pressure ...the dra sent the scd machine I used in the hospital to the hotel so I had those on along with my compression would walk to the supermarket and buy shrimp and fish for the nurse to cook for lunch or dinner and fresh fruit and bottled water...we made out nice the massage lady came to me everyday I payed her 25 per massage...I would take walks in the hall way of the hotel to help with fluid and stiffness...I'm sorry if it's all over the place I'm trying to remember as I type...we stayed at the hotel for 5 days 100.00 day and that included the nurse and meals we had our own room with two beds tv air condition and a washer lol..nurse stayed in another room with full kitchen sofa and table...the nurse was very nice she woulda rubbed my feet if I woulda ask but I'm a do it my self type person ...once again I did not have pain until massage lady came to touch me lol...I did have hella stiffness when I sit or lay too long nights were a lil rough bc I could not get comfortable I'm a stomach sleeper...I must say having my bd with me made things a lot better he helped out and is still helping I could not have imagine the trip with out him...he even had to wipe my butt lol..
And I over packed out of 25 bed pads I used 2 I did not use any tape gauze I used two or maybe 4 pads for my Benadryl I did use stool softener triple antibiotic I used my whole tube of arnica and has since bought sterile water or normal saline...I used one moo moo out of two no socks bc of my compression stockings..2 dresses out of 5 and I stayed in house slippers bc it had cushion for my swollen feet..wheel chair service is the bomb please get it..plane ride home was very uncomfortable due to swelling and trying to get comfortable in a little ass I remember more I will update...I have pic I will upload in a min

My dra Tania MEdina
Sx tt, lipo to inner and back of thigh, bbl
Sx cost 3800


Recovery is going back feels like my skin is ripping of sometimes depending on the ways I lower stomach swells ...I need another garment I'm just scared to waist money...I'm really considering getting the one I have taken in..I've been looking at waist clinchers but not sure if it will cover my lower stomach ...I just don't want to buy anything because I don't want to damage the booty lol..the one I have now digs in my thighs ughhh...the perfect one would shape the booty and compress the lower thighs..

Any who ladies never thought I would say it but booty greed is real I just want a little more...I'm hoping fluffing does the trick lol...I look at it everyday to make sure it does not go anywhere...also the thirst is real...omg I've only been out a few times and the stares are ..I have started walking on occasions just to see if I can sweat some fluid out...I'm very happy with my body...and it's just the beginning...I catch my bd staring at my booty on the slick lol...I tell u one thing having a body ur confident with really makes sex better lol...I want to drop 5-7 pounds I just don't want to loose the booty on 7/4 I'll be a month and I will be back in the scar is healing but I can't wait to go get the scar away strips.

pics pics

Before sx after mark up

9 week update

Everything is going dr still checks in on me too let me know she is still back feels good however if I sit to long or when I wake up my skin feels like its ripping off...this is with out the faja booty has went down some but it still has the roundness ..I just cant wait until do want a rd2 for arms and boobs..but im not in a hurry...I have started using silicon strips for my tt scar but I understand its going to take awhile..I have not gotten back into the gym as planned but I do plan on working out for at least the next couple months to tone my Arms and thighs and see how my body looks then..I would like my waist a little small however I understand if my body structure will not allow it I have not bought a new Fajah but I have had the one have taken..overall I am happy with how things turned out and The doc


Here are pics from the weekend I cant tell u how good it is to put on something sexy and not need a girdle or suck my stomach in
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