Barbie in the Making! - Dominican Republic

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I recently switched from Yily to Cabral so I am...

I recently switched from Yily to Cabral so I am starting a new review. To see the earlier part of my journey check my review of Yily. In case you're wondering, I switched from Yily because her work has been subpar lately. She's a hit or miss and I don't want to spend $7k and waste two weeks vacation time to be a miss. Cabral on the otherhand has hit it out the park every time and I'm more than confident that my first round will be more successful in his hands.

9 Days until departure, 11 Days until surgery

Guys, this has been such an emotional journey, one minute I'm happy and excited but the next minute I'm scared. Oh and did I forget stresssed? I have battling this last 5lbs and it is giving me the blues. At this point I'm like, whatever it is when I board that flight is whatever it's going to be. I've also been battling this hemo of mine. My body is apparently iron resistant. I have a 12.4 which is very healthy by US standards but low for DR if I want multiple procedures....well with everyone except Cabral (I AM SO HAPPY I SWITCHED TO HIM), Cabral told me that he would do all of my procedures as long as my hemo stays above 12. And before you start throwing out suggestions for hemo boosters, trust me, thanks to the girls in the FB groups I have tried them all. So, 9 days until my flight!!

Just transferring my before pics from my Yily review to my Cabral review. It's almost that time!!

Counting Down!!

Two Days Until Sx

I'm only two days away from sx with Cabral. I'm both nervous and much so that I probably should have asked my doc for an rx for anxiety meds but knowing her she wouldnt have given them to me. Grrrr!!
Anyway, I lost the weight and am at the BMI requirement, now lets just hope that my BMI is still above a 12. I was a 12.4 but my period just went off and I don't know if my system has had a chance to rebound. I guess we'll see tomorrow when I go in for testing. See you ladies on the flatside!

2 Days Pre Op Pics

I dont see much of a difference from the pics from Jan. but my clothes fit loose so there has definitely been a change.

I made it to the flatside!!

Y'all I made it to the flatside. I'm still in the DR and am only working from my phone so I will write a full update when I arrive stateside.

Cabral's Office Was Gorgeous

Nothing but the best for the King

My Before and Afters

Still bruised and swollen but a miracle was performed on my back and arms but my butt seems to be disappearing.

Day 18...

Visited the mall today, went from 2x to a L in tops but I'm still extremely swollen.

1 Mo Post Op

So, I've made 1month post op. My results are a huge improvement but Im still looking forward to round 2. Boobs implant and lidr, full body lipo and chin lipo on deck. Here are 1 mo post op pics.
Oh, Im still fighting with this damn lipo burn...Grrrrr!

Oops forgot to update you...

Logged on to research and found that I completely abandoned you guys and never updated my results. Here's a pic of about 3 mos post op.
Dr. Hector Cabral

I have corresponded with Dr. Cabral through WhatsApp and email and his response time has been both prompt and courteous. Update: That is until after sx and I was back stateside. :(

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