**Baez Doll April 2016**Finally Getting a Bootay, Tired of Being the Only One in my Family with No Booty!!!! - DO

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Ok ladies, after three months of constant lurking...

Ok ladies, after three months of constant lurking I have finally bitten the bullet and booked a date with Dr Baez for my BBL and TT on 27th of April. I've also paid my deposit for HighClass Recovery and booked my flight with Delta.
I've sent my wish pictures to Dr Baez and she told me to fatten up.


My quote is $3900 not $2800, I must be dreaming.

Flight and Recovery House Booked

I've booked my stay at HighClass Recovery and flight has been paid for (business class and with wheelchair assistance).

Just need to pay Dr Baez (trying not to travel with much cash) and buy my supplies.

Hemoglobin Level

Got the result from my blood test and my hemo is (drumroll) 13!!!!!!!

Just need to gain ten pounds and I'm good to go.

Weight Update (Nurishment and Ensure are da truth)!!!

Ok Ladies ensure and nurishment (UK ladies will know) works miracles because I have gained 20lbs on them, I'm up to 174lbs now. Dr Baez says that's ok now. Thirty days to my new body, I'm hella excited. I've paid $3200 towards my surgery, will pay the balance for the accommodation in two weeks; so I'm not traveling with too much money.

Also shopping for my supplies now, will buy the fajas when I get there.

Thank God???????????????????????? I made it to the flat side!

Feeling exhausted, will do a review when I get to the recovery house.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far, she has responded to my messages promptly and answered my questions.

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