Cabral Barbie - April 2015

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Hi ladies! I hope all is well. I'm not new to RS,...

Hi ladies! I hope all is well. I'm not new to RS, but it feels so good to be back on here. I had to take a break from RS, groups on Facebook, and the whole "obsession" with getting my sx completely. I took a couple of months to find myself and really just find out why I want to go forward with getting this sx. I weighed my options, continued my research, made a plan, and now I'm ready to commit to this totally. Hopefully this time around will be more peaceful and not so bumpy.

When I first began my "journey to curves", I was interested in Dr. Yily. I received a quote from her back in December. Then I had a buddy and we were both interested in Dr. Duran and then we got hooked on Dr. Cabral's work and that's who I've been stuck on ever since. I received a quote from Dr. Cabral in February of this year and we've communicated steadily since then. I've done my research and Cabral is my guy. I've built trust in him over these past few months and there's not a single doubt about him in my mind or heart.

Last time I was on RS, I was on my weight-loss/healthy lifestyle journey. Over my hiatus, I got lazy and I was caught up in work so I started slacking. I'm currently 5'6 and I weigh *cringe* 200-something pounds. Luckily I'm tall so I get away with it lol. I've started back working out moderately and eating healthy. I plan on continuing working out and eating healthy until next year. My goal weight is 150, but if I could aim a little higher then I'll go for 140 or 145.

I also plan on saving my coins! That's another reason I fell back on getting my sx is because I'm so bad at saving money. I shop way too much! Luckily my boyfriend is helping me save (thank God he knows how to budget!) With help from him, my mother and training myself, I know I'll have enough saved by February of next year for my sx, my rh, flight, necessities, extra fees, etc. And the last thing! I'm looking for a new travel buddy too, so if you plan on going next year feel free to get at me!

I'm so excited to be back on RS and I look forward to seeing every single on you beautiful dolls' journeys!

Besitos! xo

New quote from Cabral!

So, last night I was talking to Dr. Cabral and I was telling him that my weight has gone down from the last quote he gave me a couple months ago. Last time I received a quote from him, he had told me I would need a Round 2 for my breast lift because I was heavier then and it would be too much for my body. I was quoted 6500 for that first quote. I originally wanted a TT, lipo of stomach, arms, full back, flanks w/ fat transfer. Last night, I asked for an updated quote for lipo of stomach, arms, full back, flanks w/ fat transfer and a breast lift and I was quoted for 5500!

I'm so happy!!! I asked him would 3/3/2015 be available and now I'm just waiting on his reply. I'm still on the fence on whether I need a TT or not. I'm going to ask him and see what he says. Once I confirm my date, then it will all feel real and I can really work this extra weight off, book my flight, look into a RH, buy supplies, etc etc etc. I like to do things early to get them out the way lol.


Ok so Cabral and I were talking earlier tonight and he confused me a little bit about what's not included in my quote (consultation, lab work, faja, etc). He told me that all of that would be $280 but my consultation would be $40. I was looking on RS and I saw where some dolls were told $150-200 and $45 and their faja $100. I'm so confused!!! I need a detailed list of what I'm exactly paying for my consultation, faja, meds, lab work. Specifics and details are what helps me process things lol.

Agua de avena/oatmeal water diet?

I think this is what I'm going to try for a month. I know a couple of family members and friends that've tried it and I recently seen Checa on IG posting pics of hers. It's supposed to eliminate toxins, regulate your metabolism and reduce cravings. I'll start on 7/1 and give weekly updates.

Falling into place!

Hey pretty ladies!

So straight into my little quick update... I now have a second job now that's going to be strictly for my sx. I'm also thinking about pushing my sx up to April 2015 instead. I'll have to call Maria and let her know. I know I have damn near a year almost until this all really happens, but I like to prepare myself early. I'll be needing supply lists, tips, vitamin list, all that! Lol.

On another note, I've been following @Kbeautyxo since I made my first RS account months ago. Cabral did his thing! I know it's not Wednesday, but that's my #WCE!!! Lol.

Doctors appt...

So, today I found out good and surprising news. I'm actually 5'5 (surprised) and this whole time I thought I was 206 lbs. Tell me why my doctor was like you know you're down to 184! I know I've been working my ass off and putting work in, but damn! But I can't just say it's all from the gym. I've been taking these pills that curve my hunger and make me sweat like crazy. I got them from a nutrition doc here in ATL. I haven't started the agua de avena/oatmeal water diet, but once I finish my prescriptions, I'll see if it moderates my weightloss. For now I'm sticking to my pills, eating healthy, and staying in the gym. The only downside about the prescription is it costs $150 for every refill. I'll post my before and after pics once I actually see a difference myself. Everyone else is like "I can tell!" and "you look good!", but I'm always the last to see results. Lol.

More inspiration/wish pics too!

Going tummy tuck crazy!

I've literally been looking at tt's for the past few hours. A part of me is like nah you don't need one then the other part is like girl, yes the hell you do! I've come across some really flawless and neat tt's today and I think I'll need one once all this weight is gone come March.

The only downside is that I'm still young. I'm a baby y'all (19) and I have no hijos yet. I'm not in a rush though so that "downside" really doesn't matter actually... But I'm scared about the ugly incision scar! Oh well. That's what Mederma, scar sheets, Bio-Oil and all that other stuff is for. I hit Dr. Cabral up about my little internal debate. Lol. I'll see what he suggests!

Here's some screenshots of the tt's I came across!


I'll be getting my stage one garment from Cabral and I'll probably have my tia get my stage two garment from a local boutique since she's in the capital. Probably, probably not.

I found a couple of websites and some fajas I'm interested in.

I'm just confused about what size I would get. I'm not purchasing it now because I'm still on my weightloss journey. I'm guessing I would get a medium stage two faja though? Idk it's too early to even be thinking about that lol.

Side note: Jessica's waist tho! Yes mami!!!

"Bubbles by Redd" -- side eye...

LMAOOO! I'm so weak y'all! I'm no longer surprised by the f**kery I come across on IG. You would think these women would have at least a drop of common sense, but I guess not! I mean, if you want some tire products and silicone injected in your butt, then feel free to contact this lady named "Redd". Lol. Who would even trust someone named "Redd" to perform something like this on them? This is ridiculous!

Jesus fix it! *in my Nicki voice*

Breast reduction consultation!

So this Tuesday I'll be having a consultation for a breast reduction. I'm nervous, but even more excited because this is something I've wanted since middle school. The older I get, the more strain and restrictions my twins cause for me. I'm getting my breast reduction here in the states through my insurance, and I'll be getting my lift back in DR. I just hope everything goes well and I can get this reduction within the next month or two!

Serenity Recovery House

After looking into different RH's, I decided to stick with my first choice which is Serenity. It's looks like a really nice and clean place, you get your money's worth and it's a fairly new RH. Plus, Liz has been a sweetheart and super patient with me and all of my questions. I'll stay a week there and I may end up going to my aunt's home in the capital afterwards for further healing.

If anyone has stayed at Serenity and took pics of the bathrooms and rooms, could you please send to me!

Long time, no talk!

Hey ladies! I've been so focused on life and work these past couple of months. I'm still getting my surgery in April of next year God willing!

Quick updates:
- Never went back to my follow up appt for my breast reduction so bummer! Going to check out another surgeon. Got too caught up in work and school!
- Stopped the oatmeal water diet and pills a long time ago. I'm taking these Mexican pills now that my my step-tia gets from her country. $70 per 30 pills! WOW! But for the past month I've lost inches and lbs.
- About to attempt to try the 30DS by Jillian Michaels for the umpteenth time in my life lol
- Had a pregnancy scare a couple weeks ago! *wipes sweat from forehead*

I haven't talked to Cabral lately. He's still my doctor though! I've just been so caught up in life like I said. The procedure hasn't been on my mind that much like normally.

I hope you ladies are well!

Supplies, baby fever, date change...

So... I think I want to push my date up to May or June. I know, I'm doing the most! NEXT! Even before my pregnancy scare, I was having baby fever. It's getting worse. I literally go to Target just to walk through aisle with bottles, breast pumps and I'll just stand there looking at different bottle nipples. I'm a mess y'all lol.

So far, I already have the following:
- Large boppy pillow

Yeah, that's totally it. Lol. I'm really not as excited as I first was... I just keep thinking about babies. I'm only 19 so I'm sure I'll be over this "baby hype" in a few weeks.

Update: Surgery postponed, birthday, car wreck, therapy, temporarily "cripple"...

Hey ladies! I hope all is well. I'm feeling okay, thankful to be alive. My birthday was November 5th and the day before on the 4th, I was in a horrible car wreck. My injuries were scary. My left femur was completely cracked and crushed, my left knee bone was cracked and my left ankle was sprained. I know have a rod and screws from my femur to my knee. My right ankle was crushed. I now have a plate and some screws in that. I'm unable to walk and I won't be able to fully bear weight for quite awhile. My surgeon said that it probably won't be until March/April. I just got back home from therapy on the 19th and I was in the rehab hospital from the 8th until the 19th. I'm blessed and happy nonetheless. I think this is a test of patience and appreciation. Even though I still want my surgery, I have no choice but to wait. My muscles in my left leg are shut down right now, so I'm continuing therapy at home to get these legs working again! I attached some pics of my poor baby (my BMW) and the only pic my mother took of my legs when I was still at the hospital post-op.

Please keep me and my family in your prayers everyone. Thanks!

Update: Walking finally!

Hey ladies! Since my wreck, I've been going hard with my therapy. The day of my surgery, the doctors said I wouldn't be walking until like March or April, but I know that God has the ultimate say so. I'm walking now, but still having some issues. My coordination and balance is off and my muscles/nerves are very hesitant. My ankles can only take so much so I try not to stand on them too much. The cold and rain makes my leg and ankle so stiff!!! Metal is no joke. I'm still doing therapy and doing the little workouts that I'm able to at an outpatient facility.

I'm having BBL fever again lol. I've lost weight and I just keep dreaming about how my ass would look, how pretty my girls would be sitting and how I'd be serving hips... Ahh... Come on legs! Get back to normal already so I can go hit up Cabral! Lol.

Sidenote: Someone add me to the Cabral fb group!!
Dr. Hector Cabral

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