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I am hoping this is how I begin my journaling. I...

I am hoping this is how I begin my journaling. I am a Puerto Rican and Black, and looking to get my curves back.I work out hard and want everything to be right,tight and looking good. I have been on Realself for two years researching,reading and decided to make a profile . I want to get the procedure done next Spring 2015. I am being told I need a TT though which is something I actually didnt want to do,however I want the best results. So I am Looking into Duran,Coreaga,Diaz,Almonte,Cabral,and Baez,Contreras.

Sucked it up

So I sucked it up and will be gettinga BBL and TT! Im scared but after six babies born naturally no epidural I hope I can take it. Let me tell you a bit about myself Im 33 years old,six babies,5ft and currently 137lbs. I use to be very athletic built but having babies back to back kinda interrupted my muscles,lol.
I find you all to be INCREDIBLY helpful!!
I have narrowed my search between two doctors,one being doctor Diaz who started out being very responsive but now not so much and I have only one review on RealSelf about him but finding pics here and there.
My hubby knows Im getting this procedures and he said "if thats what ma wants,thats what ma gets" He understands that I still want to look my best and have put in some serious work with dem babies.

How did you all do with the TT and BBL?
The BBL scar terrifies me.I had all my babies naturally so i kinda feel like damn This scar !How did you vets handle the scar?
Im so glad i can finally journal:-)
So far my quote is about 3600.00

Women or Men Surgeons

Okay beautiful women though I narrowed my search to two docs I recently recieved a quote from a Woman doc in DR. Her pics are nice. Im one for female empowerment,but Have you ever gone into a store and as a woman you always get better service from the men than you do the women even some extras at times.
This is my dilemma a woman understands the importance of thefemale anatomy but at times I feel like since a man really looks at the female body differently it makes me wonder if a man would be better at altering my shape?
What say you?


Decisions,decisions. I have three options of docs,I also researched some docs outside of the popular RS surgeons however the work just wasnt there. I have one doc with some old controversary surrounding him,another doc that I havent seen any up to date surgery pics or testimonies,and another whos pts almost 95% of the time go home after damn near 3wks with a drain. Two speak to me directly,and promptly while the other has me talking to an assistant(which doesnt bother me) . Why wouldnt doctors post new pictures or even more than two photos?
I want to see post op pics because its apart of the decision making process.
Anyways, I really want to do this but I want to get an attentive doctor,a quality doctor who delivers wonderful results.I dont want to be a video vixen .I want to be feminine and sexy who can deliver that?
What say you beauties?

had to tell

I had to tell at least one friend! I dont have many friends and most of them are against sx except one shes just an open minded great woman and lives in a different state from me.she knows some of my juicy secrets,so felt comfy telling her. She was so excited for me abd said "Girl,you deserve this! " I needed that support! she got so excited that I started sending her links now she wants to get BBL and Lipo,and possibly with me!! what im so happy! so she gon let me know if shes headed with me to DR as support or to touch some thangs up herself.
I cant live life through others fears I can only live life through the vessel in which I have.Will this surgery make me happy,no,because Im already happy,with this surgery enhance that happiness O YES!!! lol
How are you all doing on this terrific,sun shining sunday? hope all ypu beauties are doing phenomenal !! Buenos Tardes.
By the way,do yall brush up on your Espanol before travelling.I feel like its a common courtesy to learnthe language or at least some phrases when you are travelling outside of an English speaking area.I can read Espanol but u dont want to hear me speak
However i want to be able to communicate .I understand it as well but cant answer en Espanol.So everyday up til my sx I am going to have my spanish speaking relatives communicate to me only en Espanol and force me to communicate back.I think everyday I will try and post a phrase as well and if you want post a phrase back to me in my comments section,please.We will help each other out:-)
So here it goes.
Como Estas?

Booty obsession and TT scar obsession

Why am I booty obsessed,lol.Also Im trying to find 5ft women around my weight.The women in my family are a couple inches taller than me.
I also like looking up scars of TT. OMG!
I want it to be razor thin scar.I dontkeloid so Im confident I will be fine.
I been reading that some women got some yeast infecrions from the antibiotics,dose up on your yogurt.Im reading reviews like crazy.Im gonna take all you have to give,write it down and eat
I think I have made a decision to go definently with Dra.Robles. She sent me a message saying I can improve what you have:-) and she will do her best to get me to my vision. In words not pics how would you describe the shape you are striving for?
Mine is athletic,i loved the muscles I once had in my top abs and far asa booty it never was a whooper just enough,no head turner though. Full legs,small waist but not too cinched more athletic,and a booty that says shes all Goddess!! ha,you thought i was gon say Woman. so tell me whats your shape striving for in words?

Dr.Robles it is!

My decision to go with Dra.Robles is because she is very responsive,her assistant Laura Castro is very nice,answers every single question I have,has a good package(though similiar to my other quotes),I CAN reach her,shes confident in helping me achieve the look I want. My other two choices of doctors wouldnt provide pictures.Im sorry but pictures are apart of the decision making process. You can be pleasant but can you get the job done,evidence of that should be provided in pictures.Thats just me though:-)
I love the incisions she makes with her Tummy tucks very precise,and she is fierce with sculpting.I posted some of her FB the way shes not hard to find shes on Twitter,FB,instagram,google+ and youtube.Love her confidence! Heres some of her pts

Pequeno espanol para tu

I said I will practise some phrases everyday until my sx .
Hola! Me llamo es BorikenBeauty.
Como te llamas?
okay I said hello,my name is Borikenbeauty. What is your name?

Pow! Lol. My words for the day,stay tune for 365 days of Espanol.where my bilingual hermanas at?

Customer Service

I know alot of ppl will say in other countries ppl dont understand customer service as if the United States only comprehends that.False! Heres the buttom line if you are paying someone for services you have hired them.pointblank. If you dont show how you expect to be treated early in the consultation part you have set the stage to be treated the way your employee wants to treat you.That goes for American and overseas doctors.Your body is your own if your not getting the treatment you want or consideration you can voice this to the doctor if not move the hell on to the next one.They wont miss you and frankly you wont miss them either

For now

For now im walking away before I decide not to do it.Im very displeased with peoples ability ti answer a damn question especiallysince I use to be a triage nurse myself. So it is what it is. I decided to give myself a year and thats what I will do.I wont give ny body over to anyone that cant answer a question. Everything else is a straight up excuse,but thats just me.
I expect the best and nontheless. Until due time my fellow ladies who strive for what they want. See you when I got some definite dang answers.

Ways to hide the scar

Alright I have always loved waistbeads and think I will purchase more to hang at my hips to cover the TT scar. What are some ways u have hid a TT scar?
Buenos Noches y gracias (good night and thank you)

Thank you

THere is some fabulous women on this site! You have been so helpful with your journeys,with inboxing me and encouraging me,with helpful hints.This is truly a journey. ITS Definently not just about no nip and tuck. Just want ti send a Thank you to you all who keep us in the know,continues to post because it helps all of us that are new to this journey.
Update on doctors. Robles and Diaz arent the docs for me,Realself doesnt seem to allow u to change ur doc.I came back to my first choice.Hes very attentive,theres not anything he doesnt answer.Confidence is important,heis confident,he makes me feel comfortable.keep yall updated

other surgeons

Anyone ever hear of this Dr. ? Just found him on the web,he has greatreviews but dont they all (sideeye,lol)
Found him on whatclinic.
Also looking into Dr.Nelson Rubio his TT are really good! And a few other names.

Que gusto!

Que gusto! =how great. That will be my reaction when I look in the mirror at my TT,BBL and lipo.
Today I rocked it at the gym because I intend on my arms to be rock solid and sweet especially since I have to be resting after sx.

ugh posted too soon

Duele Mucho

Word of the day. Duele mucho,means that hurts!
I had made a long post and it got deleted,urghh.
Anyways another doc I was checking out says I dont have enough fat for any of my wish pics and doesnt recommend gaining weight. I dont he is for me.I think I should be cool in the fat department.Im 5 foot 137! WHATSAY YOU? Hes the only doc who has said that so Im not trippin.
So I found surgeryi queens on fb,she makes packaged kits for post op.I definently will be ordering from her.
The doctors in mexico are damn good on the TT,I mean the scars look great! But the booty skills arent what Im really looking for.
Robles or rather Laura decided to shoot me a email today saying if I want to keep my quote that I need to send a deposit.I know this I ask where to send it and still crickets. I will cut them some slack seeing Im not a top priority since sx is a year out for me.

Yo tengo fiebre

I Have a fever
Duele aqui= it hurts here

urgghhhh stop eating my updates

Estoy mareado

Estoy mareado= I feel dizzy
Spanish word of the day. I can imagine after sx some ppl may feel dizzy and may not be able to communicate that.Though im sure there is bilingual staff so I heard from the reviews but again I think its a common courtesy to learn at least some of the language of the place you are travelling to.
Estoy Mareado= I feel dizzy...

See yall in a week

Okay after having a great convo with Laura and Robles I have much to think about. Im going to take one week off to focus and write what I want. Heres my check list for yall
I want a reliable,warm,professional,confident ,trustworthy surgeon.
I want results that are amazing for ME,I dont want to necessarily look like someone else,just a stunning ME
I want to leave DR withoutdrains so staying for 15 days and thinking of bringing my friend who is a nurse
I want a TT that looks beautiful.U expect a scar from hip to hip but focusing on it being thin and able to hide behind waistbeads
I want to be 100 healthy now,before and after sx
My list of wants is so long but not unrealistic after sharing this with Robles I feel like I have the confidence to pick her.
Before I make my deposit to secure my date I will step back and visualize my desire outcome for everything.
Do yall ever visualize what you want in order for it to manifest in your life?
I will see you wonderful hermanas in a week.
Paz :-)

me duele en espalda

Me duele en espalda= I have a backache.
I imagine after lipo or any surgery the back would be sore.Heres to communication

Dra.Walkiris Robles

Alright after a week of thought along with the three years of thought I decided to 100 percent stick with Dra. Robles. Now Im trying to make me deposit but the western union website is giving meproblemas.
I am comfortable with this decisionespecially since she fits mypickiness.
So this is big news!
My husband bought me sone waistbeads for my TT scar!! I have them wrapped up for next year!!
Im so excited to have made these steps. I have also dropped down to135 and the Dra. doesnt want me to drop but to maintain my weight. So lets maintain!
No me encuentro bien= I dont feel good.
I know after sx some women in their reviews said they didnt feel good so heres to communication. Please dont forget to drop me a phrase in my comments section to help me expand my vocabulary as well

Siento nauseus

Siento nauseus means I am nauseous.Something I hear many women on RS said they were after sx.Heres to communication.I had TTLatina leave two great coments
Tengo sed= I am thirsty and Quiero usar el bano= I need to use the bathroom. Please great Ladies keep them coming :-)

Wish pics

In your wish pics what do u want?
I want it all creases,projection ,roundness,a booty that says shes all woman.Im not posting the pics with my update because it ate my review 4 times!

wish pics and admiration

let a woman be a woman

Applied for my passport

Forgot to tell yall I applied for my Passport today!! Cant wait. I been needing to do this anyways especially since I have so much family outside the states.I attempted to pay my deposit today online but my bank doesnt allow me to go over a certain amt daily. Its all good:)
When is the best time ti purchase ur plane ticket.Some are saying wait to see if the flight prices go down.What say you?

Soy alergico

Soy Alergico = I am allergic to...
Do any of u have food allergies,latex allergies,meds allergies be sure to communicate this to ur doctor.Heres to communication.

made my deposit!!

Last two days I applied for my passport and now I have made my deposit to a new,fresher,better,sexier,more sensual ME!! Come next March I will be in pain from sx but come that summer I will be looking too fly! Whoop whoop!! Doing my happy dance and my Beyonce dance "uh oh uh oh uh oh

Calling all TT and BBL Vets

What would you say is a total waste of money to buy?
Wheres the best place to get Fajas?
What helped your TT scar go away?
Im staying in DR for 15 days will I return home able to tend to my 6 children?
Hows sex after a BBL and ?
Did your hubbies or significant other perform differently in bed?
If there was one thing you could tell a woman to prepare her for a TT and BBL sx what would it be? (Please dont be discouraging)
Thanks yall

you better werk it girl:)

Can I go to the beach 5mths after TT and BBL sx? I know a TT is major sx.

no more videos!

Okay BBL sx dont make me nervous but TT videos do! Omg! Watching the dissection was way too much for me,and I was a triage nurse,I've seen some things. Lawd,I will need that blue pill for my nerves. I also been watching a fellow realself videos who is in DR now and had sx wuth Robles.

what to pack

No,Im not packing yet. What should I pack for a tummy tuck and BBL?

Spring cleaning

Cleaning,cleaning,cleaning! I am a major micro manager. I like charts and planning,deadlines all that.Lol.
By the way word of the day

La pierna

La pierna = leg
El dedo= finger

Chlorophyll and Coconut water

So I have always put chlorophyll in my smoothies and my Irin has always been great because of all the goodness in those drops.My family is from the Islands and Coconut water is drank,ya wash your face with it all that.Coconut water us also called Natures blood transfusion.I will be sure to have both in my suitcase on my way to DR :-)

my checklist

Get passport...awaiting
Send deposit ...check plus more
Find a flight...
Get a nurse...check coming for the 1st 3days,though nurses will be available I find it best to have my own personal nurse,just me
Find a flight
Recovery buddy
Got me a Vet RS Sister. Shutout to "The Grouchy Ladybug"
Post op package
Ooo and I got my bloodwork done.It pays to eat your greens,I breastfeed and your girls iron is 15.1!!! I was never worried about it anyways. I have always taken herbs and vitamins.
My checklist will continue.


El alegria= joy
I wish I could change my options to Spanish,but I cant find the option.

new pointers from vets on

Great pointer from ladibug on here who got a great TT from Dr.Robles and looks banging a year post op. Get sundresses that button up because its easier access with BBl and TT.
Great pointer fron fatgurlism get your carry on bag with wheels put your checklist in it get something once a week ,check off ur list and put in the bag.instead if getting chuxs pads you can get the puppy pads for about a buck with ten in a pack. They are the same thing,but cost less.
Thanks for these great pointers :-)
Okay,I take chlorophyll and Dra.Robles says CBC is great so lets keep it that way,so I added an Iron vitamin.and I started my vitamin E vitamin A free supplements Vitamin C,Vitamin B complex and folate.

Glucosamine cream

Have u ever used glucosamine cream after sx?
What were ur results?

Body image and my daughters

Okay I have a handful of gorgeous daughters.The dont know im having this procedure done.They always work out with me. They are 11 and 13 and All I told them was next year Im going to a mommy fit club.They are aware of them because I have been to one like it before my six babies and they get u unto beautiful shape.
I dont want to tell them because I want them to love who they are.They are preteen and teen and already have the whole self image going on. Funny both my daughters hate their big I tell them trust you willcome to love it. But in a sserious note,I dont want them to look at themselves and look for things to correct. I feel like In an adult,my decision doesnt come from a place of wanting some attention,wanting ppl to accept me or a place where I dont like myself.To the contrary I have very little friends because Im a very busy,devoted mother and wife,I enjoy the company of a few genuine ppl and I look in the mirror and think overall Im beautiful. However I do feel like im too young for such a milaged body and though those miles were put on after 15 years of marriage and 6 supreme children,I would like to feel more self confidence,I would like to enjoy bathing suit shopping I would like to dance for my husband the way I use to,hell I would like to dance for myself the way I use to :-)
I dont like lying to my girls perhaps I just dont know how to explain it,perhaps Im scared I will be looked at as a hypocrite because im always saying how important it is for a woman to love herself and feel comfortable about herself and improve and refine herself.I dont know.I do know I dont want my sx to be an example for them,not at this age tender age they are at.

wish pics

I decided that I just really love three wish pics
The girl in the green bikini and black hair on beach
The chocolate girl walking away on the beach and the third girl u just uploaded


one more,sigh

yo necisito un medico

I need a doctor.Comunication is key
I just finished reading the survival guide of a Tummy Tuck ob and honestly the description of the pain has scared the hell out of me.I am really glad I will be at a recovery house and not relying on my hubby to take care of me right after this process. I am trying to remain positive and focus on the payoff but damn everyones description of the pain has me so scared. Being told I will be constipated and it will feel like an army of men stabbing their way out.Damn! I have never experienced constipation before so this got me chewing my
Having all these big babies,naturally at home never scared me but this does.
Focus on the prize,stay realistic,and know that its a journey.

TT no direct sun

So like I said I didnt go into this journey thinking I was gonna get a tt but I want the best results.
So more and more knowledge on the TT. No direct sunlight exposureon the belly button and cut. So I can go to the reunion but no bathing suit 2015,which isnt bad I wanted to just wear some really cute beachy harem pants anyways abd breezy top.I will save the bikini for the hubby;)
Dra.Robles said its important that I remain healthy,exercise and drink as mych water as possible and thatiI should have a good recovery uf my BMI is wnl(within normal limits).
Cosmetic sx isnt what ppl think it is,its truly not a quick fix,there r requirements and health is a biggie! Im grateful for mi hermanas y and Dra.Robles for providing so much insight

what say you hermanas,BBL vets,BBL pre op

Do yall think my wish pics are you think I can go fromlittle jiggle to juicy jiggle

necisito un enferma

I need a nurse.
Communication is key and it works both ways

Dollar Tree

My daughter's birthday is coming soon,so I went to dollar tree to get party favors and Qtips, non adhesive dressing covers 15 in a pack,hand santizer,travel mouthwash,travel toothpaste,surgical tape.I have truly under estimated the Dollar tree. Do not however buy your vitamins,healing ointments from the dollartree these are expired goods.never put a budget on healing or at least not a dollar store one on your vitamins,or creams for your body.remember your skin is the biggest organ of your body whatever you put on topof it you absorb and eessentially put inside of it....
On another note I have upped my water game.4liters a day,everday :-)

To pay in full or to pay half

So tonight I was thinking of my plan to pay in full before arriving to DR so I wouldn't have to carry alot of cash with me. But I thought that might be foolish of me,so decide ti pay half instead and make the rest of the exchange when I get there.
I will also be purchasing the insurance for my procedures,just in case.It covers up to a certain amt for ur procedure.So if its offered TAKE IT,insurance has always beeb a win situation for me.Well,beautiful transformers,until next time :-)

My mini haul :-)

Okay what you see here is what I will be doung once a week,getting things little by little
Gauze pads
Surgical tape
Travel toothbrush
Cough drops(TT)
Cimicifuga homeopathic for back pain
Arnica tablets
Travel deorderant
Chux pads
Alcohol wipes(got from work)
Hand sanitizer
More to come :-)

info on RS

Do you all make use of the forums and videos on RS? Really good information,great survival guides.make use of the goodies,just sharing if u didnt know.


Check out Bellisima2013,amazing transformation,funny and shes a huge help.check out her journey

diastasis recti(abdominal muscle separation)

So I went to my Obgyn and another surgeon just to be checked. I wanted to know if my muscles were separated because when yiy get a TT they will close the gap up if it is and sometimes this makes for a longer recovery.
I didnt tell obgyn nor surgeon I was getting a TT because I wanted an honest answer,not one motivated by fear. After 6 children ranging from 13 to almost 1 and being pregnant every year for four years I have no diastasis recti. My musclesare in perfect condition!!!
Whoop whoop.
Funny when the surgeon was examining me he said "wow,I can feel your muscle definition is fantastic,ever consider a TT to take away the excess skin?"
I just playes dumb and said
So this is exciting news to know that though I cant see my results they are there :-)
Ive never been overweight and I have had 10 pound babies,my husband is andre the damn giant meanwhile Im 5ft and got my new wt which is 134lbs!!
Whoop whoop.

Do Surgeons have an "off season"

My appointment is scheduled for March 2,2015 but im reading about "March madness" and ppl not being able to get rooms,switching from recovery house to recovery house.when can I go and not have to deal with congestion of too many ppl?

intimate talk with the hubs

I showed my hubby my wish pics and he said two of them are realistic and the rest just arent me.I wonder if I see my body different. He said some of the women are way too thick for my frame. I was surprised cause I thought at 5ft 135 is pretty thick,but he disagreed. He gently undressed me pulled me to a mirror and showed me what I needed to see in order to get the results I will be happy and comfortable with. Love that understands cosmetic sx he had something done years ago that he wanted since he was young and he says he understands how someone is doing everything far as exercise and then being hindered with skin,and a different really glad I have his support,im glad we have our secrets.Im just happy I got someone that I can let it all go. He loves all of my shapes,my size 3 when we first met,my size 5 after we got married,my current size 7-9
And I have never heard anything outside of "damn girl you are so fly"
So imagine after im all healed up,tightened and right,lol

down time

So I talked to Dra.Robles and her down time is the mth of May :-(.
I have a reunion in may so stickin with March.Nothing else to update


RIP to the young woman who died.May strength and comfort be with her family.May all things be bought to balance and justice.Rest in Freedom

Tengo Calor

I fell off with the spanish.
TENGO CALOR,I am hot(heat).
I wonder whats the longest a drain has stayed in with my type of procedures.
I will not be returning to the states with a drain,TOO many reviews of drain infections and seromas.Im staying till Dr.Robles herself removes my drain and currently we are working out a way for me to stay 25 days to a mth.Since my children are young and I have th teens in the home I want to return with at least being able to walk.I dont want to fly in pain either

I will need to be heavier

Okay I told Dr.Robles u weight 135 now and she said thats great for now but I need to go into sx heavier. My question is how do I do that without jeoperdizing my heart health? Commonsense says no garbage fatty foods but healthy ones such as advocados,sweet potatoes,plaintain,nuts,coconut oil. And cut my exercise down to maybe 2-3x week instead of every day.
My next question is you are suppose to be as close to ur goal wt,mine is 120,however I never been 120 with junk in my trunk so How does that change my goal wt?what weight should I be going into the procedure to achieve that look I want

babies back to back

So heres what happens when u have babies back to back and all of them are 8lbs to 11lbs.I do feel good to be down to 135 whoop whoop. I feel hella sexy.I expect stretch marks after the procedure because my stretch marks go above my navel,but they will be low after procedure.Im excited about the TT,I think I watched so many TT procedures on vimeo and youtube im kinda numb but Im still a year out till the flat flat side:)
I took on some clients to stay distracted and have been enjoying breastfeeding my babygirl who will be 1 soon :-) life is good.I want to say to all the Realself sisters that are traveling to DR I hope you get all your desires fulfilled and you love your results.May the staff treat you kindly and may you all have a gentle,speedy recovery :-) luv yall

Im so silly and weaning

So I notice my update says 11mths preop,whoop whoop you know im crazy. So by December babygirl has to be completely weaned. I have never weaned any of my children before they all weaned themselves,so this will be something new. I decided to just cut one feeding thats least important every mth when she turns 14mths. Shes already cut two of her sessions on her own because she's more interested in solids.
Dra.Robles said she wants be to be140 for surgery,since my target weight is 120.
Well I will reframe from updates until I receive my passport.until then take care Beautiful Transformers

plastic surgery app

Which pic u like best

plastic surgery app

IM going to bed nomore updates

forget wish pics

I have the plastic surgery simulator.This gives me a Way better idea of what I want on me.whoever came up with these are genius.I wonder what surgeons feel about them. Which ones you like?

Spanish! Muy Caro

"Muy Caro" too expensive
Communication works both ways

the app. this is my choose

I like the height of it

being vegeterian

I am a vegeterian and this doesnt play an opposing role in my going to ask Doctor just to be sure

Vitamin A and foods

So as your told by your surgeon stay away from vit E and Vitamin A and multiVitamins since they usually contain E and A. Take your vitamins separately.
So what about foods containing the large amounts of vitamin A such as
Sweet red pepper
Dried apricots
Should these be avoided.I would say(my opinion) 3mths prior sx to avoid these foods containing the larger amounts of vitamin A

plastic surgery app

Im done with wish pics.Im loving the results this app gives you. It doesn't take stretch marks away,maybe on another app.however I got my projection,height,fatness,and I feel it fits my frame.

Espanol Tengi hambre

Communication works both ways.:-)

Espanol Estoy Listo

Estoy listo= Im ready!
Communication works both ways.Heres to communication.

Got a buddy

I have a sx buddy and I am excited.:-)
SO I dont want to look cartoonish but I dont want a settle change either.Like I said I want a body that says shes all woman but I dont want it to say "she just bought it" lol.
I like projection and roundness,but I am also active and like to work out so I dont want it too big.hows this new I looked at Sophia Christina and couldnt believe how well she carries 145 lbs for a 5ft woman like myself.
I knew she was a bit too much for me but in my opinion shes very sensual in my husband pointing out to me,he said how you gonna age with a 47" booty,lol.Your right.
He helped me with app pics because he believes my ideal body is a bit it? I want to be sexy and fit in with the women in my family.

inspired by Mznewbooty

I was inspired by a RS sister to add this to my journal to help in giving a trustworthy,honest review.
I am 32 will be 33 come sx
I am currently 135 lbs and plan to lose five more pounds. I am 5foot tall and work out 6x a week.Weight training and cardio. I am a vegetarian but recieve my protein through many other ways.
I have never had sx
I have had 7 pregnancies,six natural,term and vaginal.
One ended in a miscarriage :-( 4yrs ago
I have an active lifestyle
I will be following my preop instructions by gaining the required wt my ps recommended which is ten to 15 lbs if I drop to 125.
I have had a blood test and will continue to test to be sure my hemo levels stay at 15.1
I will follow Dr.Robles post op instructions to a T no BS and you hold me to it.Not just for the benefit if looks but for the benefits of my health!
I will 100% honest if I mess up or if my doctor messes up.I owe this to myself and you.
Thanks Mznewbooty

Estoy cansado

We are travelling where english isnt the first language so to benefit you and others communication is the key! Heres to communication :-)

Tips and miscellaneous money

Dont forget to factor in tips for the staff at RH and your driver and the airport folk in DR.
Dont forget to factor in buying insurance for ur procedures and extra funds just in case. Maybe even some small souvenirs.
Be prepared.

Law of Attraction

Im a big believer in " if you go there in the mind you will go in the body"
Negativity does not belong in your mind when traveling to DR,nor does it belong in recovery.Be careful about naysayers around you ,and who you decide to tell about your elective procedures. You dont need a thorn in your side during this time.keep your cipher tight during recovery,voice your concerns to ppl who only support your decision 100%.Thinking positive abd uplifting is always magnetic to itself,you will draw up the beauty,care and LOVE you expect or you will draw up the pessimists and nasty attitudes that you expect.Our thoughts carry us extremely far.if you are in pain dont focus on the pain focus on feeling better,see yourself feeling better and walking better.I know its hard to feel the wind blow when your walking through hell ,but it makes the journey easier knowing you arent staying there. Stay positive:-)

Tiempo Espanol: Mi cuerpo nuevo

Tiempo espanol: Mi cuerpo nuevo
Its Spanish time
My new body!
Communication works both ways. Heres to communication :-)

Stable fat versus gaining quick fat

So I just watched a vimeo talking about why gaining wt for a bbl isnt the way to go. It was saying this fat isn't stable because its weight u packed on.its not that stubborn fat that wont go away. If you get unstable fat put into your butt it may not "stick". BBl isnt just about fat going in the butt,but also about contouring the shape,giving the body curves. This was really informative for me and wanted to share.
I am looking to my new curves.
Still waiting for my Passport :-(

surgery dream

I dreamt I was coming out of sx,and was all wrapped up and couldnt breathe. I was laying in the corner of the bed crying saying I want to go home. Nobody came to help me I just stayed in a dark room crying,I didnt feel pain but I remember wanting pain meds.
What a dream! I think I will cut down on reading some reviews for a little while.
Crazy dream,time to plant positive seeds.
On another note I paid more money towards my sx yesterday. Down to $4000.00!!! I plan to only pay half and pay other half when I get there.
And by the way I had my ht checked yesterday and im 5"1 not 5" whoop whoop!! Still waiting for passport


Love it

I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Okay,before I rant like a lunatic,I am a triage nurse,was a paramedic for 4 years,a doula and a Personal Trainer and a homeschooling mother of six,I KNOW things get busy,mama knows. I want to really go off on Laura.dr.Robles MA because I been calling for 3days,emailed and whatsapp and no answer. Now im assertive but do I really want to go ham on folks that will be in my body to improve it??? Make matters worse I have a buddy that I click with who was going to go to Robles but because of all the trouble shes having she is going with another doctor. I dont blame her not one bit as a matter of fact I encouraged her to seek a different PS because this is BS.
No lets top it off but another friend the one and onlt friend I told about my sx was considering getting a bbl and lipo but she hasnt heard anything back for two weeks and she is getting discouraged as well.Smh! Urghhhhh.
Now dont get me wrong when I do communicate with them they are friendly and thorough about my questions, Really trying to stay positive:{

Tengo un problem

Espanol tiempo: Tengo un problema
I have a problem

no mas dinero

No mas dinero.I decided I am not sending anymore money to DR for my procedures. My balance is exactly $4000,and I wanted to pay half my sx cost before getting to DR but now I may just keep it at $4000 and pay the rest when I get there. Dra.Robles has excellent reviews on on the web,on her fb page but I havent met her physically. So until March 2 2015 I will just keep my money home until my confidence is restored. Like u said Her reviews are great,im NOT switching doctors but during their "heavier season" they need a per diem pt coordinator.
On another note congrats to all the new butterflies here on,yall are looking amazing and its only gonna get better as swelling goes down! Be gentle with yourselves and Happy speedy Recovery.
I love the way DR and Brazil doctors sculpt the body I see why American doctors have to go OUTSIDE the US to get better.
So Butterflies (I like that better than barbie or doll) hasta luego

no round 2 for me

I want to only do this dont know the back and forth mentally and spiritually coming to the decision to do this once. I want my TT low,and thin,my waust tapered and athletic,and my bbl projection,round and sexy. I also want COmmunication.Everybody isdifferent with what they are willing to sacrifice,accept and deal with.
I feel stupid for investing money into a PS and Assistant that cant simply send me a generic computer generated email saying be with you soon high volume. And yes she does have those generic msges. Some of you have to understand these are MY feelings NOT yours. Im not attacking you and in not attacking Robles or Laura. Im journaling MY experience so far.If you have a flawless method in being paid then extend that same do diligence in other areas of your practise. If its customary in DR to tip folks shouldnt be through a job well done?
Like I said I dont doubt Robles abilities in sx but I do doubt your abilities in my follow up care if I cant reach you. is suppose ti be my little soapbox to express what im going through with this current situation so dont inbox me with BS. Im a woman looking for otherwomens support and empathy. Im a year out,true,but I got questions. And my body is my body. Beside my husband and my children NOBODY else has been inside my body so this is some intimate ish for me.

Dominoe effect

Its funny how for almost 4yrs I was researching BBL never thought of a TT. Anyways,a domino effect happened when Robles stopped responding to me. I said I only wanted Robles for TT reasons but I never even wanted a TT. Lol.I want my results to look beautiful but I want a doctor I click with. This surgery wont be treated as if I am buying a pair of socks. I dated my husband two years before we had sex because my body is the only body I have . So I cannot have anyone that dont meet my specifications taking a scalpel to my body. Yes,for me its like having sex cause I dont want no ish that I wouldnt take from my partner. Thats me,do you.
So im thinking if splitting my surgeries in two.not two rounds onsame area. But two BBl+ lipo
And then in 2016 my TT. My children will be older by then as well. So as I came to that decision I started seeing how of course my risk reduce when splitting the surgeries.However alot of docs that I am now researching insist on doing both sx,but this use to be surgeries that they refused to combine because if the risk and not wanting to ruin the bbl results. Listen, at the end of the day this is YOUR body,no one can force you into anything. No one can take your power from you unless you hand it over and allow them.
I came to that decision because I realized I handed over my power by allowing myself to go into the idea of a surgery that I didnt want. Now, I am going to get the TT but at a later date when I am more comfortable with a doctor taking a scalpel to my abdomen,cutting halfof it off,stitching my iinsides and resewing it down low,and recreating my belly button. So thats my update. Researching new docs for BBL+lipo. Thanks for those who support me and understand what I mean. Be back later with some spanish :-)

Mucha suerte en tu cirugia estetica

Tiempo Espanol
Mucha suerte en tu cirugia estetica
Much luck with your cosmetic surgery.
Good luck butterflies

Dr.Robles/ Laura huge dissappointment

After sending a message to Laura/Robles saying I would like a refund its no longer important for u ro respond to my messages. I get an answer. And not to all my questions but on only two. Really?!
This is how I gotta deal with you?!
What kind of bs is that.I need to threaten for a refund to get a response? The trust isnt even there,zero integrity.SMH.

Refocusing and stepping back

My search continues. I have a year.
I have whatsapp Laura seems she read my reviews on RS and doesnt appreciate me putting this up. Hmmm you have time to read my updates on RS but not to respond to me????
Then I recieve an email from her saying she was very dizzy and had emergency surgery. I dont want to say shes lying about that,im not in DR and she could have very well in emergency sx,but two different stories dont add up.I recognize a hustle because. I learned my lesson and thats always a good thing to learn. It made me a bit harder a little bitter but in the end its my fault. I believe that we control what happens to us,the good,the bad and the ugly. Everything and every thought can manifest in our physical shoes.
Did I work hard for that money? Sure did.I will remain positive about receiving it back into my hands and confident that the Universe has put in an order for my petition,so I need to let it go and let it happen.
Robles and Laura can do what theydo. In life no matter who we are things come back in us. Even if we dont fully comprehend why things are going they way they are going.Its the Universe's way of saying get your ish togethor.
My lesson I learned was to calm down,don't get so excited,feel the situation out some more,go with your intuition because its never failed,and remain FOCUSED.
I only want to go into my surgery with positive energy so I will break for a little while to replenish myself,and replenish my atmosphere to attract what I desire. Until then Butterflies see you later :-)......

info to keep you safe


Today is a damn good day!

Just an oz of optimism goes far!! I got my passport today. Got an email saying a portion of my money will be refunded,and my deposit will remain a deposit to think it over before I completely cancel,that perhaps my trust can be restored. Wow!!!

my passport

TOok about 1mth but its here!

Espanol tiempo

Por favor use(oosay) guantes= please wear gloves.
The blocks of avoiding infection or diseases is so basic.using basic life precautions go so far.
Im a nurse,paramedic and started as a phlebotomist. Often times,right in America I would see my co workers not wear gloves and I would see the patient hesitate to ask because ppl can be intimidated by healthcare professionals.This puts you and them at risk.A very avoidable risk. Be your own advocate!!! Protect yourself,dont be mean or a jerk but be firm about your safety.
Por favor use guantes.Gracias. please wear gloves thank you.
Heres to communication ! It works both ways

informed decisions

Making an informed decision is so imperative when choosing a doctor.
I want to tell a little background story.
I have a friend who is from Afghanistan,I met her when I was buying a car some years back . We hit it off one day at lunch I said " soare you happy to be in America with everything going in in Afghanistan"
She laughed and said "Afghanistan is a beautiful country filled with things America will never come to have. She said if only the projects,slums and robberies were highlighted on the news you would think America is an extremely dangerous place to live,but yet here we are having lunch without a gun pointing to our head"
I "Ase" which means I agree.
Ppl who post things saying hey dont go to DR because the US heads have warned against it. So you ever if theres something deeper about that? Remember ppl go outside of America for better quality of life,and waaaay bettwr health care. While my mother lived in America she was diabetic,high blood pressure and overwt,she stayed on so many pills.she said I wont die in this country,so she went back home. And within a yearthe doctors reversed her diabetes,she no longer has high bpand she has lost 50lbs and looks20 years old!!!
When doctors mess up on a patient thats serious and not to be taken lightly,however a little "bad" can kill alot of good. Take for a minute the US loves sensationalism,it loves to talk about how poor other countries are etc, dont we have homeless,trust I know I got out every other weej and feed them. However we dont see the highlights on everything bad in America. We see the everything bad in Africa,Cambodia,Panama.
We live in terror not wanting to experience nothing because we are convinced im going to get kidnapped there. Hmmmm do u know how many kidnappings happen in florida per year!
A man in america just raped his 3yr old daughter and got away with it because the judge said because of his prominence he wouldnt do well in prison. We got dummies here!as we got dummies everywhere but its not highlighted to the world to the world to see.
All the patients a doctor sees(outside of RS) we dont hear ALL the good nor we hear ALL the bad. However I do know American doctors go OUTSIDE the US to get better at their scientific artform, I do know many of the cosmetic procedures ppl crave were rarely invented or developed by an American PS. So the arrogance is a huge turn off that often Americans have. Dont drink the water in other countries,you cant drink the water here either.Florida has a grade F for their water so doea NJ,Massachusetts a C, we get parasites in our brain from drinking water in US,u are now considered an activist in the US because u want clean drinking water.WTF?! So do your homework,do your research,No,all the smart doctors are not in the US and the dumb ,uneducated doctors everywhere else.

Espanol tiempo

Necesito prueba de sangre= I need a blood test.
Communication works both ways


I took my pics down for various reasons. I will put them back up when im closer to sx. Ladies be sure to check your spam for quotes from doctors. I had Durans quote sitting in my spam and didnt new list of what i want in a doctor. An english speaking doctor. From ps yahoo groups,fb and realself the doctors who only speak spanish dont always have their translators. So though I understand Spanish I dont speak it well so I am more comfortable going to a Bilingual doctor. Especially during busy season which for all docs in DR is January-April. They are still busy outside of those months but times 20 during those mths. My cousin is in DR right now and did some ground searching for me.She said Cipla is NOT no where as bad as ppl are describing. Yay. I am planning to take a trip there myself in November to really see whats good. Keep u posted

going to DR in November

Okay yall going DR in November!! Not for surgery but to consult and check out RH houses and the hospitals. I want to stay at an RH for the night im there so Ican check out ttreatment and everything. Rh"s I am interested in
ARMONIA AND `LIz rh of RS. Give me info please. :-)


I been on the Plastic surgery site in Dominican Rep that gives u info about infections,bacteria etc... I like Yily think shes great at what she does but her infection rate percentage is kinda higher than I would like. And no,its not due to the patient ,its due to staff not effectively sterilizing equipment and thats not hard. However like I said she has skills. I work in a hospital(where Im at this second) and theres times we get ppl from other countries and we have to wait on a translator which makes everyone feel helpless and uncomfortable. So my new requirement is a bilingual surgeon.
I do love Durans work.I didnt have a hard time at all getting in contact with her,but everyone is different. I know about her deaths, and other complications. Ladies please research outside of RS to get all info there is alot of info that is not made available on this site. I like Cabral but hes not a choice for me for different reasons.
Robles had me,I was like shes my doc but after....moving forward»»»»
Baez has some recent wonderful results but not consistent enough for me.but fab with Breast.
Almonte not a choose for me.I dont send pics and emails to all docs,I dont need a quote if im not interested in your work,its a waste of their time.
There were many others in DR thatiI looked into. Some were arrogant and I dont click with arrogance. Also get a calling card,and speak with the docs,nothing like hearing the voice on the other end,you know.I also contacted some PS in Mexico but a few things just werent for me and not results I wanted. I looked into one doc in Columbia and wasnt impressed by the pics he sent though his TT was awesome.
Right now Duran is my girl. I havent made a deposit because I want to meet face to face with her. I want to be awake for my sx as well. Im nosy like that,she was willing to keep me awoke. I have spoken with her assistant Elizabeth and shes very kind. So back on track

For all the transformers

Protein and repair

Do you know what the term means to "get shredded or get ripped" means? When u wt train u are actually destroying the muscle however when u take in high quality protein it helps ti repair that muscle and build it up further so it doesnt rip or get destroyed again and thats how the strength and muscles are built. Dont skimp on high quality protein after surgery.ensure has alot of sugar in them,and synthetic sugar is never needed in the body. With protein you get what u pay for.look for some protein that Jesus would have drank.high quality ingredients,and less than ten ingredients and your able to pronounce it.Walmart brand is mediocre but is that what u want after all you been through.DONT skimp on RECOVER its the most important time.

Espanol tiempo

Mi siento fatigado
Mi siento debil = both mean I feel weak.
Communication works both ways .
MAJOR PREVENIR QUE LAMENTAR= better to prevent than to regret

Learn some phrases to get u through

Asking the tough questions

Nobody likes to feel awkward or bring up something im sure you would like to leave behindyou but you got to ask the doctors your interviewing the uncomfortable questions. Im not set on Duran.shes my girl,but I havent sent any money nor do I plan on it. Im still interviewing the perfect candidate for me. Do you use students during operating?
If your doctor has death,lipoburns,deformities or any other issue or even ONE issue,Ask about it. Ask what they would do differently. Ask how it makes them feel? Ask what lesson they recieved from the situation. Ask how they feel about u asking. This is why I say call the doctor so u can hear their voice.anyone can type something they think u want to hear.
I interviewed five doctors sofar about their past and only one was extremely humble and wishing the incidents didnt happen. The rest said it simply wasnt their fault,or they lied and said all the accidents u heard were all lies. I wont mention names. One thing is ppl are extremely sensitive about their PS and I think its because ppl think your attacking their track of thinking when you say something other than praises about their PS. Dont be afraid to ask the tough questions,because if they are dismissive about their past they will be dismissive with you.


Why doesn't rs let you edit ur doctor.thinking of starting a new journal.feel like im advertising for Robles and I dont want to do that

just some useful info


HOw long are massages needed?
Still interviewing. I do like a particular doc work,response,honesty,and assistants. I have no problem finding pictures,speaks English,wants me to have my desire,more expensive but quality at times is. The year is still young though

Thanks Kirsty

Thanks to the community manager Kirsty I am free from false advertising. Lol. Big thanks to Kirsty

Espanol tiempo

Tiene algo para el estrenimiento?
Do you have anything for constipation?
I know antibiotics and pain killers give me constipation. Drink the 4liters of water flowing,lots of fruits for fiber,and bring some softners. Communication works both ways


Check out who is a Realfriend!! Whoop whoop. I will continue to keep it real,positive and update. Thank you RealSelf!! I have a smile from ear to ear


Okay I wasnt gonna post this until the funds were actually on my card but time may be of the Essence for someone. So Laura said she would give me a partial refund but it never happened.
After reading a late night review on RS a woman contacted western union and was able to get her full funds minus the transaction fee.
So this morning I debated calling saying that was a mth ago and the other was made early this mth,it wont be there,but I thought just try. I called western union and they said neither payments had been picked my money is still available for a full refund minus the transaction fees I paid sending the money. What! Yes!! They put through everything and said your money should be on your card in 3-7 business days you are all set. Im elated . $1000.00 may be nothing to some but its alot to me. Thank God!!! Now I will put that money to the side for my RH! So contact western union as long as she hasnt picked up the money you have the ability to get a full refund. Which I think is fair if they hasnt been services rendered,then money of that amount shouldnt be kept.this is a lesson learned for me. The doctor I choose will not be getting any money from me until I am there and satisfied with what we discussed. Hope this helps someone~

Life and changes

So I had to tell my buddy that I needed to cancel with her because im not sure if I can still go in March 2015. Life changes have occurred. I didnt want to disappoint her but I know planning can take a damn year sometimes and didnt want her looking for a buddy at the last minute. I personally hate when ppl flake or didnt give me a plan b option so I didnt want to do her that way.
Now dont get me wrong im still going but not in march and its gonna take a lot of hard work.keep you posted.staying positive,because that has always come through for me

Wt gain and BMI

Hey ladies. I have been reading stories of women going to DR and being turned away because they are over they"re bmi. I am 5"1 I am suppose to be nowhere over 129,current wt is 125. However every surgeon doesnt want me any less than 145. So im confused. I will tell u also that all my fat wont be used.because all your fat doesnt make it after it us centrifuged. I dont want ti go in at 140 and be turned away or 129 and not get the results I want. And no I dont want rd2. I cant make a lifestyle with Surgery. So what say you? O by the way I know doctors are turning ppl away for safety reasons whether ur under or over ur bmi your health is important and they shouldn't have to risk their license.

money and liberation

So the money is back on my card!! Feel so much better!! I was in a few fb groups but had to delete myself and shut down the fb page. Im about empowerment with women,I hate cattiness,because to me its beyond uncalled for. So im glad my Realself is quiet.
I won $300.00 which was so exciting and I put it towards RH I want to stay at which is Upscale. I have envelope s that say sx money
Rh money un ni
Massage back home money
New clothes money
I talked to the doctor Ifeel ccomfortable with. I enjoy his honesty,his humility and skills.hes booked for March 2015 so trying for February because its open :-)
I decided not to go to Duran . Though I didnt have hard time getting in contact with her for a quote,I didn't like that when I wanted an answer I had to say never mind,that was a Robles flashback for me. I dont like pulling teeth . I think her skills are great but Iheard shes overworked. So hopefully she invest in some down time for some R and R.
So if I go to the Doc im hoping for my quote is $6000.00 for the procedures I want. :-)
Why am I being secretive about my doctor for now?
Im a sensitive person at times. I can internalize things and birth it
I didnt come to RS to bicker or be discouraged,or have a person I dont know from a can of paint type things ti me that I will carry into my day. I have six children that I devout alot of time and energy,I work with pregnant and breastfeeding women,I cater food , I am active in my community and I dont want to carry computer offense with me throughout my day. Im sure many of you out there understand what I mean.
I will reveal my doctor after my sx though. My journey isn't just about the doctor I pick but about me as a whole person. I think in cyber world we often become ppl we arent and think we can switch it off when we log out.thats not me. So ladiesthanks for reading.btw my daughter turned 1 today :-)

Got my flight

New date which is February 25,2015
So im excited. I paid a great price for ticket flying out of Ga for $600.00 included insurance if I need to switch or anything like that. I took the advice of a family member who works in travel said nov,dec,and January the ticket prices will still be above 600 flying out of Ga. So that was my decision. If you find a better deal more power to you,but this was what I worked into my budget. Now I have to call Doctors assistant and send flight info.
I just got ny hibiclens in the mail,I have to buy some travel bottles to put it in. I dont want to check a bag. I been talkung to a vet and she stressed to travel light. She said clothes are for appts only,lol. So im going to heed her advice.
So how are you all doing?
I been busy with clients,gardening,track meets and just trying to not stress much. This will be the first time I ever get such a major sx and the first time away from my babies. All six of them. My doctor said he would Skype my hubby when im out of sx to let him know everything went well. Im travelling by myself but in sure to meet some great ppl in the RH so im not scared. Sometimes some roads arent meant to walj alone. I did have a buddy but had to cancel before things turned away,but im not going to tell her to change her date or anything like that. We still whatsapp.
About my RH its $100 for a reservation and I wont pay till two weeks before. Then when I get there she said I could pay with paypal! I think paypal is such a secure way to pay and I wont need to carry more cash on me. I want to go to the beach the 2nd to last day I leave .Just to see it. I love the water and figure im in DR it would be such a waste to not see the beach:) oh,February is my birthday so im excited I will be getting a fresh new body for my birthday and just look forward to just overall feeling good. I anticipate feeling down but I am going to keep my vets advice to keep my eye on the prize. I want aggressive lipo to the rambling yall

some wish pics

I know I said no more wish pics but I really like these two

just some pics,not photoshopped


Hey Rs. So I spoke to doctor today on whatsapp and as I asked for a preference of rh sincei Iwanted to stay at Upscale or Serenity he said he has no preference on rh because he rather his pt stay at Cipla. He said there I can see you everyday and check on your health. He said many of my pts are going to these places and the staff dont know what they are doing and it effects not only their health but their cosmetic xoutcome. So here I am at this dilemma. I really dont want to stay in any hospital for 15 days:(
I do want to follow doctor orders. He said He wants me to stay at Cipla for 12 days,he said if I dont want to its okay,but he feels better having me there. So I want to do it however im going to hire a nurse while im there so I can get one on one care.
What im liking about doc so far. Answers all my questions.
No hunting doctor down,never takes more than a day to get back to u.
Speaks english,staff speaks English,has over a decade of experience.awesome reviews but also has a not so good hx however will answer all questions about that hx,humble.
Now I am hoping this continues. Matter of fact im positive that it will continue. I am also getting an added procedure done a breast lift. He looked at my pics and said if my hemo is high enough that I could get it done. Wow,will these breast really be lifted to their original glory. I sent him a pic of what my breast looked like before my third of my six children and he said he can make them look just as beautiful :-)
So I want my levels high,heart healthy:)
I called the office today and told them all my flight info and she said I probably will have sx on the 25 not the 24th since I want to be first up for morning time freshness. But will do bloodwork,xray,consult on the 24th. Even if I have my labs done here they still do there so I will get labs here just so im not wasting my time and now my bottom line. I have geritol,chlorophyll,and iron,however I dont have a problem with my hemo levels . Have any of you stayed at Cipla? Doea the doc just set up ur stay there?

O by the way the doctor doesnt do over 3-4patients a day. Just because u are scheduled with 3 othwr women does not mean they will all have the okay to have sx that day. Some are scheduled and because of hemo or heart issues they are rejected for sx that day. So just keep that in mind when u see more than 4 women on the schedule with u. So ladies lets keep empowering one another,uplifting each other and keep it real,but compassionate to others emotions.:-)
Have a great night


Nice to see 9mths pre. I started at 1 year :-)

Dear Diary My Doc name

I Been wanting to share who my doctor is. Especially after our little chat we had today about importance of family. I think some of you already know. Anyways ,he wasnt even a choice before. However hes very nice, more expensive,experienced and just to me thus far meeting my requirements. None if the other docs said they would facetime my hubby when im out of sx,no one else discussed family,no one else was humble enough to admit their past wrongs,some just denied or wouldn't speak about it but he said ask me whatever you want. Im not just satisfied with hus responses,and promptness but thats hes just a people person. Drumroll.........
My doctor is the Man himself,
Known as the King y Papa
Dr. Hector Cabral.


Good evening RS sisters. I had a miscarriage a few days ago. I had been feeling sick but didnt think I was pregnant because im on birth control. I have felt worse as the days went by as though I was fading out or something. I layed in bed with a low grade fever and slept for two hours and bad cramps woke me up. I sat up and felt a rip almost or drop and stood and felt something come out of me. I screamed for my husband and he seen the blood streaming down my legs. I was frantic and shaking. More and more blood and tissue came out. He washed me down and seen my coloring going away and called for help. After that I woke up in the hospital and was told I lost my baby. I wasnt crying just quiet. I was asked do I want anything for pain and declined. I was sent home and given a pamphlet for grieving a miscarriage. Nobody knows except my husband and two close friends. I feel just raw right now.

Time will Heal

Its crazy,how draining this is. One minute im fine. Another minute im feeling terrible. I put money inside my DR envelope yesterday and fell apart. ILife is crazy. I know as time passes it will get better and as I regain my energy I know I wont be as depressed. I really appreciate all you sisters dropping me a line of love.

Feeling better

Hi RS sisters. I am feeling alot better. My hubby and I were able to pay homage to the little life lost and it did make me feel better. I have some uterine tenderness going on but doing better. Im still bleeding but the doctors said its normal. Thank you for your love and support.

Shout outs are in order

Nelly Jelly
Futuremsbeautiful body
TT Latina
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support shown to me and such a difficult time. Never did I think I would come across genuine sistars in this. I needed the love and compassion. No matter when a life is lost it hurts deeply and im moved that women could send me such great healing energy . More love upon you,your family and your journeys

why ppl have no pictures

I have loved this site.for about four years. I noticed ppls pictures began disappearing. Some have taken their pictures down because of inappropriate behavior from other RS members and others have taken them after ppl started making ig memes with them and now they are spread over the internet. I dont blame these ladies at all but I know its hard for newbies to not see the pics because it is part of the decision making process. Rest assured if you contact members sometimes they will kindly send you some through your inbox,also on instagram docs have tons of bbl,tt,bl,rhinoplasty and other procedures,another place is fb groups but I warn you there is tons of nonsense in these groups and im just not up for that Atlanta house wives drama stuff,way pass that. I will repost my pictures for comparison closer to my sx. I took mine down after a taste of the dramatics. Im far out from my sx so I said why expose myself now.hehehe.
When of my favorite Cabral butterflies is Cray Cray. Check out her review. She explains alot and Cabral took a beauty and enhanced her nicely!!!
Before the miscarriage my measurements were 39-30-38.Currently my measurements are 40-33-39
I am getting a bl with no implants as well and would like my measurements to be 34-27-44
Sounds wierd??? I have always been top heavy runs in the fathers side of family and I missed out on some cute shirts.while I was able to get them down to a c cup before my first son there was no volume in them. Cabral said he would better know in person but upon pics on whatsapp saysthey will have enough volume for a small d or full c cup!! Yes,cant wait to tradein these f cups. Im serious. Big boobie girls know the saggy breast struggle,LOL.
Now I didnt get the blessings of the booty on mamas side of not flat as a pancake but would like something more. Now when I squat my booty will get bigger however I want something there regardless if I squat or not.


What size tee shirts and "wife beaters" should I bring? Should they fit snugly or loose? I only need 6more items on my list to pack!! Adult diapers,tees,sundresses,caviwipes,pads,more gauze,waterpill, okay thats eight lol. I am getting excited. What did some of yall do to reveal ur new bodies,especially the ones that didnt tell family?

Already packing

DonT judge me

Rambles and Info

Hey RS sisters Sexeeangel has a great review check her part 1 and 2.She is loaded with information,funny,sassy and just downright good ppl !! She is an awesome vet and knows her stuff:)
So I bought my Caviwipes today with bleach. I will wipe my room down during my stay at Cipla. Im packing necessities only. I love seeing my carry on grow with surgery preparations. Crazy,who is ever this excited about surgery?! Lol.
I dream of beach walking in a sexy cut sundress with no bra on, bathing suites with curves in the right spots,and just walking with the air of confidence. O yes!!!
My hubby and I were looking at TT tattoos but I decided im too much of a chump. So waistbeads it is.
So how yall feeling?
Any vets stay at Cipla between now and a year ago? Please give me your down low on Cipla. Did u hire a nurse? Can someone give me info for a nurse to hire for two days after surgery its now a Cipla requirement if your travelling alone. I decided I dont want to stay at cipla for 12 days just 5. Anyways,help me out nurse info,and Cipla stay :-)

Recovery house ,quotes and more packages

Recovery house comes with its own set of dramatics. I have been looking at Serenity,Upscale,Tropical,Yanets,Raysa casa de Recuperacion,Kindness,and healing haven.
I love that Upscale and Serenity is owned by Njprbeauty.shes been through sx so gets it. Healinghaven was ex off my list because she couldnt get my name right and her page is constantly in drama. Then there was Tropical,I hear amazing things about this place plus they have hospital bed s which was a huge plus to me,however its a spanish speaking staff only and nobody ever replied to my emails. I looked at Virginia de la paz another place that post tasteless drama which rubs me wrong. Raysa house seems really nice she has a combos deal thats great. Kindness is new,and they have their first patient with them.the owners offered me to speak with her but I was like shes healing I dont to bother her. Armonia was really never an option because the owner was constantly giving me different quotes.
Gianna dream Barbie house was an option but Cabral does his own drainage massages on you and doesnt want you getting massages right away because they can beharmful,her rh wasnt that impressive outside of that and by reviews her food can be salty. So i narrowed my search to
First pick Serenity Rh owned and operated by njprbeauty
$75.00 a night one night free
$50.00 for nurse
Med trips,round trip from and to airport,massage $25
Wifi,cable,ac,tv,3meals,snacks,juice,laundry,and on staff nurses,7mins from cipla total with nurse for my four day stay at Cipla $1,100

cont..posted too soon

KinDness rh this is a new rh ran by Jand f transportation services or Conrado.They have no reviews,just opened and have their first pt with them as i I type. 12 days,11 nights 1 night free=$800+90for transportation
$240 for all day all night nurse for four days.
One shopping trip,med trips,rd trip to airport and sight seeing trip.3meals ,snacks and drinks,wifi,tv,cable, double room total$1130
Janet Recovery $800.00 includes food,wifi,cable,tv no trips and not very informative.

Raysa house de Recupercion
Superior plan (she has 3different plans)
Rd trip,med trips,sight see,shopping trip,massage,food,wifi,cable,tv. 95.00 a night double room no deals or discounts. The staff is bilingual but I have had to communicate wuth her in spanish because honestly her english is hard to understand.
Serenity and kindness I can communicate with no problem.

Recovery house quotes and dilemma

So I asked Dr.Cabral woulI want to sight see after two weeks and he said if you are healing fine,sure. I definently want to return with gifts for my babies. Do I want to be a guniea pig for a new recovery house during tax season and not knowing how they deal with the influx of patients.hmmmm. i have alot to think about. What say you?

Serenity vs Kindness

After some more narrowing,writing and weighing these are the two rh I am decided on . I love that Serenity has experience but there are some perks with this new one Kindness that I like. Kindness is thorough. Sent my contract,I have a money back guarantee if Icancel 7days prior. Refundable deposit. In the world of nonrefundables thats a plus!

Cost and care

$600.00 for plane ticket
$6000.00 surgery(tt,bbl,bl,lipo of flanks,back and waist)
So far I have spent $75 on aftercare supplies (vitamins,ez pee,halls,gauze,chux,surgical tape,portable other stuff)
$700 extra for just in case.situation
$200.00 for souvenirs for my hubby and kids
Im not buying new clothes while in DR, Doctor said its a waste.
My hair (locs) will be done prior to going
Any extras spent will be for my recovery and to come back with goodies for my children.this will be the first time ever being away from my children. Im gonna be freezing meals so they have some home cooked mommy meals. Massages when I return home will be needed so thats next ro find on my list :-)

Serenity and Kindness RH

So Serenity and Kindness RH work togethor so its a win win. I decided to go with Kindness RH. Also,theres a big misunderstanding with what a nurse is in DR. Alotof RH in DR state they have nurses but these are actually caretakers. Be sure you have certified nurses at your RH or at least trained caretakers in wound care,ssterilization, basic first aid and vitals. Theres no point in spending so much money on an RH with untrained,under trained staff. Your aftercare is highly important and top research should go into your recovery. Dont skimp on quality care so many,and I mean many RH are popping up all over DR some are just in it for a hustle and will sell you rainbows and butterflies to get ur money.Be wise in this process. Ask for documentation,contracts and a fair,traceable method of payment. If it dont feel right maybe its not.

Some pics

Details about Dr.Cabral,RH and vaccinations

Why I choose Dr.Cabral because he answered every question I had about his past deaths,and lipo burns without a problem and with humbility AND humility. Some ppl have to realize what is in the the media is sometimes hype,sensationalsm,something to pull you and pull your emotions. I spoke with Dr.Cabral and he is hurt about the deaths because he said as a professional he should have never performed sx on women whos hemo was low to begin with,who had colds and who original drs wouldnt work on them,and who bmi was under or over.this is why he is not playing with people anymore with their blood work and health,if you dont meet the requirements he is sending u packing. He felt bad for women who put all this money in to coming to DR and wanted them to leave with something,even if they werent 100% ready for sx,they would cry in his office and he would agree to do "a little" surgery. His anesthesiologist would advise against it but he would convince him that it would be okay,and the woman was healthy enough. He regrets those decisions. I asked about the lipo burns.his response was he favors traditional lipo at times there is a learning curve with new machinery and sadly some women has dealt with that,he also sad some of those burns have also came from rh putting on fajas wrong and causing burns. Also some women who you see with results not preferred were women who he didnt release out of his care and they decided not to follow there with post op care per the instructions but they get online and say look at the effed up results cabral gave me. Its critical to know the background if all surgical stories. So an informed decision can be made.
Why I choose my rh.Dr Cabral had a recent meeting with some of the RH explaining for them to get their acts right and ppls lives are at stake,explaining what is expected of Rh was at tgat meeting taking notes. I wanted an RH that was present at that meeting because they are fully aware of what is expected,what is desired and what is important. I thought it highly commendable that he had this sit down.
My decision came from research outside of rs,outside of mmh,outside of fb. I looked up sites about infection rates,I had my cousin visit Cipla and even a few RH. I want to know the exact ins and outs of preop,surgery,postop and most importantly the long road of recovery. These things arent to be taken lightly.
I spoke to my primary about staying safe from certain things. I dont convert with the hep b,I had the series 9x! But my system just doesnt convert over,lol. He recommends me getting the typhoid vaccination and the hep A in August. Take care of your mind and are not a piece of meat to be hacked and chopped you are an entire being.This surgery will effect your emotions,your lymph system,your immune and nervous system. Be fully informed in your decision to make a life changing decision. Exercise,eat healthy,laugh have a healthy atmosphere and be well~

being specific

I need to be specific with what I want I dont want a huge booty,butI dont want something thats going to disappoint me in six mths to a year. I want something that will complement me so im figuring some sweet but not hefty hips,a booty that looks round ,projected and cuffs at the bottom no shelf on my so looking forward to a curvaceous torso :-)
I probably wont do the bl. The woman I been speaking to said when they lipo your back and tt that your breast appear to have work done on them too and to wait and see if you like how they look with the new figure. I will really be sure when im in Dr Cabrals office.

heres some preop info from Cabral

Everyone is telling me get your meds filled here that the potency is much better. I did a little research and the potency is the same its the dosage that is a problem.alot of meds in DR are given as a one size fits all type dosage and type of surgery and weight isnt being considered.

Cabral butterflies,celebs and me

So I am now picking girls who have my bmi,ht and around my wt. I was going to change my money at my bank but they charge $40.00!!!insanity. So I will be changing in DR,cost $10 bucks

cabrals work,tt,bbl,lipo

THey for call him the king for nothing

more pics if Cabral s work

Breastlifts with implants

Cabral transformation pics

Spellcheck and Realself

I always look illiterate in Realself sheesh.please pay no mind to the crazy typos above .Lol

more wish pics

My ht girls :-)
Love these womens figures. I think its doable.
I dont think Cabral is going to appreciate me cimung into his office with a collage.

Cabral Extras

Cabral doesnt include anything in your quote,beside your surgery and for me two days at Cipla but after talking to many DR Cabral dolls they are saying stay in Cipla for the extra days I planned. To avoid all the bumping of the taxi. So I will heed the advice and stay my planned for days.
Medication is extra but u can have that filled in the states but im having a hell of time getting my primary to give me anything more besides my vaxs. Sigh
Fajas can start at $100.00 with Cabrals office but I was told by my cousin theres a faja store right near Cipla same fajas half the price!
Consultation with him is when you get there is $45.00
Your test with him are $185.00 and regardless if you test in the states and bring the documents with you he will still order the test to be thorough because he has had pts give him phony documents and documents that werent their test. So he is covering his ass and yours.
I am told by all his beauties how he is very attentive to your needs. Which I can telk by how hes been thus far with me.
If you stay at Cipla it can cost $75.00-$80.00 a day plus $25.00 for the remote ,but I dont watch tv,I read so im good and I enjoy music so my computer will have my playlist going.:-)
Blood transfusions $200.00
And heparin shots are $35.00 each
Now please be advised per Maria these prices can change they dont have to honor them because these are not their prices these are Ciplas prices(except the faja,and consult)
So please dont go to DR with the tude thinking you will tell them whats the deal. My cousin said alot of issues are arising also with women who come with the tude that im better I will let you know whats going down type of attitude and though it may nit be professional the nurses are responding according to that same energy. So I plan to be polite,considerate,and with the reminder I am a visitor in this country.
I will be registering with the US embassy as well. And dont forget make copies of all your important documents! Keep one at home and tell someone where to find them if they need to be faxed ib case of emergency,keep one in your luggage,

more cabral work.

Vets this is no disrespect

Ok whatsapp Cabral was quited incorrectly on the heparin shots which can be given subcutaneous and intramusculare. Anyways ,what do u conclude from all the reviews,all the stories you read? EveryBODY journey is different. From the doctor you choose,the rh u use,thee hotel,the flight,ur date,bedside manner of nurses and your results. Now I know to make a informed decision from every view including my own. My body isnt gonna get the results you got. If you went to DR and someone else went to Mexico or Colombia or US it is going to be different. Vets are extremely knowledgeable and helpful,but they are speaking from their experience and what they dealt with from their point of view. Appreciate the advice,appreciate them taking time to write their review and take time to communicate with u to aid u in ur journey,but dont lose sight of your journey. Dont let someone else tell you who your enemy is. So if you love Almonte and someone else says she didnt give me a big butt,why cross them off your list? Dont make your decision off of one person,remember everyone grows in their craft. Are you the same way you were when you were 20,25,30? So stay current with whats going on life evolves and things change.dont choose a doctor just because everyone is going to that doctor either that doc may not be for you. Make a list of what you want in a doctor
Make a list of what you want for your health
Make a list what you want in recovery
Make a list what you want In results.
Revisit that list daily,put it where u can see it
And after research,information,and putting altogethor make a wise decision. Your body will go through this journey ALONE.nobody will feel what you are feeling so do whats best for you.Love butterflies

tourist card online

So iF you go online u can get your tourist card for $10.00 and avoid the line.whoop whoop!! Im really nervous about going during tax seaI heard around the time im going is when it gets crazy,but im going to stay positive and only bring positive energy to this journey.
So lets talk expenses
Surgery=$6000.00 maybe less since im not getting bl,however u really dont know ur quote till the doctor can actually touch and see u.

posted too soon

Ticket(paid for)= $600.00
Rh plus nurse for four daystay at Cipla and transportation=$1130
Tourist visa=$10.00
Tips during stay=$150.00
Faja=start at $100.00
Im hoping I return with money. Im still looking for massage for arrival back home

Grand total

I deducted my extras money to $500.00 bringing me to a grand total of $8950.00

just some humor

For you Post op beauties

All the caterpillars becoming butterflies all the ladies going into surgery or just coming out. May your healing be steady and better as each day passes :-)

Funny things said on a bbl journey

My hubby is the only one who knows about the procedure im getting. Our terminology has changed,lol. Heres a list if funny things we say and do.

1) Stop losing all that weight you need it for your booty

2)So after the sx how soon can we test drive your new asset?

3)Are you thinking about leaving me?

4) bae,bae what you think of this wish pic?

5) Will you have a hard time wiping your booty?

6)Are you gonna leave me?

7)Will your booty jiggle?

8)Bae,do you like heartshape,tear drop,projection,creases and cuffs type of booty?

9) Nah,thats too much ass!

10) Damn,girl you still looking at booty pictures

11)Cant believe im analyzing booty with my wife

12) I love you baby with the booty you got and the new booty you'll have.

13) I hope I dont have to kill nobody after you get this ish done.

Im sure some of you ladies have heard these funny moments.The hubby and I look at all the booty sites togethor booty fo days,booty nation,damn she gotta fat a##, lol
And hes akward about it. Then I snatch a picture and be like u was looking too long. Lol.

Drink up

Water intake is vital to life in general but 100% more important to healing and making things flow after surgery. It prevents constipation,edema,and helps you absorb your vitamins snd helps push out anesthesia and narcotics out the system.drink up,increase blood flow and be healthy

what have I been up to

I have been seeing a hypnosis therapist that specializes in hyponosis for ps and helping the subconscious mind heal the body and stay healthy post op. I did hypnosis for other things and always experience great outcomes.
Anyways,spoke to Papa Cabral and his words were "Mami,eat healthy,be healthy,exercise and take care of yourself and be honest with me"
You may not have the type of peace I have with my doctor and thats fine. YoU have to be at peace with YOUR decision NOT mine. I am confident and secure with my decision with Dr.Cabral and I approach my decisions differently than how YOU approach your decisions. When you are at peace with your decision and nothing sways you thats when you know you have found the surgeon for you.
Been packing and I still need white tees,bug repellant,one more bag of overnight pads and my high quality protein powder. I dont drink ensure or boost.
What you see in the picture is a carry on bag not checking any bags and im not coming back with anything except clothes on my back,vitamins,meds and souvenirs for my children and hubby.
Heres my list to keep it simple. I have been talking to Cabral vets and other vets and the point is to keep it simple. I plan to buy bottled water when I arrive at DR.
Flip flops(to walk around with,easy to slip on)
Overnight pads for draining
Caviwipes with bleach to wipe down where im at
My blender bottle for my protein shakes(I dont drink ensure or boost)
Toiletries(toothpaste,toothbrush,soap,coco butter with peppermint,helps heal tissues and soothes,hand sanitizer,deorderant(all travel size)
Vitamins and meds: bromelain,antibiotics,acid reducer,stool softner,chlorophyll,arnica tabs,zinc and my other post op vit.
Cough drops(for tt pts)
Polybiotic,liotin cream,arnica gel,
Gauze(2boxes of 30)
Papaer surgical tape
Lock for my stuff
Picture of family to give to Cabral
Alcohol wipes
And two packs of 96 ct of Assurance disposable washcloth wipes.
Stay positive yes positive. Too many of us walk around attracting negative things in our life. We talk about all the bad things,we talk about all the bad in our life,we talk about others bad stories but how often is the thread long about positive and grateful things? We attract what we are.through my life I always talkes about this and woe is me and bad that and wondered why I got more bad because my energy matched what I wanted to attract whether I liked it or not. Stay positive and beautiful butterflies.:)
Please check out Pretty_lady review she has an awesome review but I especially enjoyed her breakdown for choosing a ps in DR.

one more thing

Im 7mths away :-)
I made my deposit with Kindness RH for $100.00 refundable as long as I give a 7days notice.
I also forgot to say in my carry on is also a travel blanket and mouthwash and gloves.
Thanks you guys for the continued support and love.
I am grateful for what I been learning
Im am grateful and thankful that iI will have the financial resources to change my body into something I absolutely love
I am thankful for you vets and ur willingness to answer questions and stay in contact with me via whatsapp and making actual friends that I plan on visiting! Surgery411,Sexeeangel,and Cristin!
I am thankful for getting a great flight at a price that was right in my budget
I am grateful for the flow of money that has come into my life making it posssible for me to book masaages,get supplies and plan this trip with ease
I am grateful and thankful for my hubby who supports what I am doing and promises to keep my secret.
I am grateful and thankful for my life,health and strength.
I am grateful and thankful for being grateful and thankful.
I am grateful and thankful for the universe the source energy the supreme being for aligning great things for me and you.
I am grateful and thankful for my children and even the baby light that couldnt come into this realm as a physical being but was still able to teach me about myself may that being rest in freedom
I am grateful and thankful for my dreams and knowing I have the ability to make them happen! What is more inspiring and enpowering than to know you can make what you want to happen??!! I hope you go on a rampage of what your grateful and thankful for. I am grateful and thankful for happiness~

Enjoy your summer

Hey beauties hoq is ur summer goingf?Mine is very well. Doing alir of hiking,swimming,andjust eenjoying family. So I been doing as Papa Cabral asked and putting on weight slowly. I will be excited when he tucks this tummy,sculpts my bodyand gives me some more booty. So I went from 130 down to 110 and now climbing . I am at 124 as of today. And thats a preop picture of me wearing that 124 thus morning,lol. My hubby likes the weight.been squeezing and pulling at me. But I havent been in the mood for making love since the miscarriage but we been getting me some help through that. Just working through it. Been taking my vitamins,exercising still,of course :-) . Im only eating healthy weight gaining foods no junk.advocados,sweet potatoes,parsnips. Junk food doesnt agree with me and it depresses my mood and it will make you have issues post op with depression,and healing. I think I w ill be only updating once a mth from now on. Hypnotherapy preop is going extremely well. I will truly know the benefits post op. Life is awesome and making everyday count :-) love abundance to you reading~

new quote same doctor

Hey butterflies. So whats new? With me I got a new quote from Cabral for $4500,since im not doing the breastlift. I dont want to do a lot of surgery at once. Maybe one day I will do the lift but not that anyways,that will bring my total up to $6000. Thats including surgery,extra money and my recovery house.
I have stopped with my weight gain.body just kinda im still at 125,I think because its so damn hot I just cant put the weight on. My hubby is like u need to eat more!!lol.
Anyways, I am moving my surgery date up. MyRH put me on the schedule for November so I will keep you posted with that as well.
Where have you all gotten your compression stockings from? I cant get them from the hospital I work at:( so I was going to jit amazon up but wanted to know if I could get from a local store,but all I been seeing is compression socks. I know im not as active on here anymore but its mainly a prescribed method from my hypnotherapist for surgery. That has been going really well. Well beautifuls summer will be coming to an end soon so enjoy what is lift. My favorite season is fall so im excited.

hey hey hey

HEy all. So I am seeing some amazing new butterflies blooming and spreading their wings.whoop whoop. My hypnotherapy is going great! I am using it in my everyday life.staying more positive,feeling happier. My daughter still hasnt weaned. If she doesnt by October I will be using the sage and aloe method. Its not reccomended for your breast to go through engorgement the mth of surgery because it can cause infection. So November she has to be weaned.she is 16 mths now. I stopped with weight gain after I resent my pics to DR.Cabral. he said in good.afterall I don't want anything huge but iwant sexy ,not vixen but definitely a head turner!so im up to 130lbs and maintaining. So how are you? I have been in touch with so much family lately!!which I wish I wasnt because I wanted my new body to be a surprise. But I have been telling everyone about the great workout club I am in. I really hope something gives I want to go before February,plus by time im able to lift wts again it wont be until May!!so close to summer,but its all good,spring,summer,fall,winter I intend on being HAwT!! Lol. My hubby has been getting sexy thangs he wants me to wear. Hes loving my butt now since the weight gain so hes super excited,lol. Nothing new to really post. I made another payment to Kindness Recovery house!! They have some great reviews.butterflies I talked with on the phone. I am hoping these mths fly by.this process can get depressing when you realdly want something. I sent a whatsapp to Dr.Cabral telling him how jelly I am to not be there already,he laughed at me and said I cant wait for you to get here. Hes so sweet to me.he asked how I was doing with my hypnotherapy and says this is a great way to go into surgery. Well,thats all for now butterflies. I want to say thank you for following my journal.I dont have to be popular I am just happy to document this somewhere and even happier if someone learns at least one thing frim my journal :-)

visit to my pcp

Hey ladies.yeaterday I visited my pcp. So she is a very firm woman.not against me having surgery in DR for the reasons one might think. She is against it not because of sterile,etc but because its so far and she feels I should maintain a close relationship to my pcp for the first year after she said dont just budget in for massages but budget to see Dr.Cabral again 3mths after surgery. So your girl will be travelling back to DR in May for a folliw up. Now she gave me an up to date typhoid but because I dont convert with alot of vax she will be holding off on hep A. She wanted me to understand my way of life will change after this surgery because I am altering my she said work out regularly.she said she appreciates my workout regimen now but would like me to begin eating fish so I have a good recovery since I am vegetarian/vegan. I told her I will definitely consider post op. She said she will give me antibiotics,something to keep yeast infection away,but far as pain meds and nausea meds she said the PS should be fully capable of giving me that while I am there. She stressed to me not to become dependent on the pain meds that the quicker I allow my body off the pain meds the quicker I will heal and the less likely I will become depressed. I am so excited about this surgery. She wished me the best and ordered blood work to be done in December,two mths before I leave.she wants to make sure everything is on the up and up.shes not worried about bp,my heart though I will have those test done. She also said its very very important not to waist train for a full year. She says while waist training has great benefits in preventing asthma,improving posture etc the drawback is that if your body becomes dependent on the garments it has a hard time moving around on its own.
That its important to waiste train for just 6-8mths to help the body heal and get back ti normal. So this is what I intend on doing.
She said wear it for support if need be your first year,she said but after six mths having a corsettight around ur waist can ddefinitely do damage to organs and do damage to appetite and normal bodily functions. So I think I will waist train for six mths and after that wear it for support only.days im at gym or doing our hiking. So thats that :-)

I love fall and more updates

Its almost fall. Seen the last supermoon of the year and it was beautiful. Anyways,check out Kbeautyxo. Shes full of tips,and a beautiful Cabral butterfly. She loiks amazing and is one of my wish pics.she is my ht and a few pounds heavier than me preop. Her transformation is awesome. Anyhow,while I stay at cipla I will be using DR barbie consultant services by Karleigh. She will be my nurse for the days I will be at Cipla. We communicate everyday,shes fun and we stay in contact through fb. Its nice hooking up with ppl who believe in LOA as well :-)
So I was wondering if shaving,sugaring ir waxing my pubic hair was a must.turns out after speaking with Cabral it is. I get so irritated by all those things I usually just use scissors to keep everything low cut down at the yoni. So I need to do this before surgery. Also,after talking with the ppl I will be ysibg for my lympgatic massages its a good idea to also prepare the body with a cple of massages before surgery. So I decided the day I land I will get a massage to loosen everything up:).
I have only my carry on and I have everytjing I need beside my bug repellant. I have found a great group on fb that I love called DR Goddesses and I am admin if u would lije to be added. Its truly a drama free zone :-)
What else is new? I am so excited,honestly. I know once I am there a huge weight will be lifted off my shoulders :-) well,I hope all the Mariposas going in this mth have a great recovery. The pictures I have enclosed is of Cipla. I really wish they would update there rooms but my room will have paintings from my babies so no stress :-)

4more mths.

wow,i see Realself has made some great buttons, easier to read updates and you need to be a member to view pictures. Great changes,i am keeping it brief because I know no one really cares about the preop side. February cant come soon enough. whats new. I am to some serious water drinking!! I want to accustom my body to bringing in lots of fluids. I been speaking with lots of vets in DR right now that don't use RS and been just getting great info. I am really excited and have put my surgery back into prespective and I can thank a great vet for that. This trip to DR is about doing something for me and I owe it to myself to listen to the Doctor,focus on recovery only and no fb groups or RS so I am going to try my very best to wait until I am home to share pics and update,that way I focus on recovery and relaxing. she encouraged me to walk and drink lots of water while I am there. so I will go sightseeing the day I arrive since my surgery is the next day. and by sight seeing,i mean I am just picking up my children some souvenirs. well,as I get closer I will keep it brief unless I am asked a question. Buenos Suertes to all the butterflies in DR now and the ones on their way. I am excited for your life change and the new found happiness this will bring to you. much love

Cont 4mths pre op.

I love the collage of booties and love Mercedes Morr but her booty I think would be too big for this mama. I really love Lira galore she's my ht,wt her measurements are 32-25-44 I am 38-33-40 currently my goal is 34-29-44


So here are some pictures of the Kindness Rh I will be staying at. Conrado has been very kind to me,we use to chat on WhatsApp but I have a new phone and haven't been able to download it. So far everyone that has stayed there only has great,positive things to say about their service which is needed for me since I am ultimately travelling alone. It doesn't scare me to travel alone,I have been through many many things I life and I have no fear travelling alone,but I will be seeing some of my RS sisters out there.
The other pictures are tt tattoo,I like them but I feel like they are obvious now or at least obvious to me.everytime I see a tattoo across the belly I'm like "ooo she got a tt" lol.but i think they are cute. I considered it but decided I will not get one.
Lira galore pictures????,I love her because she is my ht and wt,just youger than me.however,in her before pics we deposit wt the same way. The other sister in the picture looks like me,her and I could be sisters,I found her on a site about bootys and she gave her stats. 36-29-44 ,136lbs,5"1,yea,she's my sister from another mister,lol. I don't want a cartoon tiny waist because I personally like the athletic type looking waist. So 29is my goal via surgery,eating clean and working out.
I been thinking of foods to avoid post op. What foods bloat you up?what do u avoid now that you are post op and taking better care of yourself? Ooo,the other pics are of acipla,a vet sent them to me

3mths out!!

Hey are you? Is Cabral the man or what!?!!! Not just his results but honestly how many docs say no deposit Mami,I see you when u get here. He don't need anyone to hold a spot because business is always booming!
I sent him a recent picture and he said "Mami,you loose weight,I said I gained 15lbs,he sent me a pic I sent him mths ago and he said you look heavier in this pic.sure enough I did,maybe I was bloated,lol. But it feels good that he scrolls my pics and pays attention. I been taking all my vitamins and being healthy,feeling good,impatient but also anxious about waking up or feeling any pain during surgery.however ,I restart my hypnotherapy soon. I am happy for all you women going this mth. I wish you a great trip,successful and safe trip and all your desires!! Much,btw,don't forget to research ur everyday healing regimens not just the surgeon,hospital and RH,massage,but actual day to day things that will change for the first year of recovery. These are questions that fell over my head and just popped in my head because I been researching the "big" stuff and forgot everyday things. Much love

Funny Pre Op Dreams

Now being preop you are often so consumed by planning,researching and obsessed with bodies,scars,fajas,butt in butt out, RH,nurses,drivers,things to pack,little fibs to make up,,massages,waxing,and crazy fb groups of silly argumentative women. That your world can at times only reflect surgery.
I been having crazy dreams.
I had a dream Cabral lipoed my entire body,I returned with no booty and no curves,lol.
I had another dream this was last night,that I woke during surgery and Cabral was dressed in drag from head to toe saying "Mami,I give you a body!"
Then I had another dream a week ago that I was hugging Cabral telling him how much I loved my new shape,and he got mad at me and took my new shape and told me say sorry,I said sorry and got my new shape and he said he loved me and wanted to get me pregnant.
Lmao!!! Please,I know I am not the only one having crazy,funny sometimes scary dreams. Share them with me????


shout out to fatgirlslim who just had surgery!! Go by her page and show some love.shes about a mth post op

No flushing toilet paper in DR

Now why aren't there more reviews about the fact you can't flush toilet paper in the majority of places in DR?,I don't know. Somebody from a group bout it to my attention,then I asked someone who is actually there and they confirmed,then I spoke to my cousin and said why didn't u tell me!!! Lol.
So the septic system is only about 4" wide in a lot of places in DR so u cant flush toilet paper. So what D u do with the toilet paper? You guessed it,throw it in the trash.
Those of us who are use to flushing everything down will probably be a little grossed out by this. I mean I will never go to a public spot in DR and use the bathroom now that I know this. However,my cousin said they are on point about taking out the trash. What am I adding to my list of things to bring? Scented trash can bags.
You can flush everything else though.
Now this is only some places,not all so if ur concerned ask ur RH. But I am surprise that more women don't include this in their reviews. So I figured I would include in mine.

my preop pics

Okay, my RS homies.feeling bold,feeling like eff you if you put a meme to my before pic. Anyways,this is me 3mths preop. I have stubborn bra fat,but I also gained 15 lbs which took 11mths to do. I have seen some great pics of Cabrals petite(short) ladies and I have seen him work miracles on those with little body fat. Just targeting those stubborn fat areas.
Again,I will be getting a tummy tuck,bbl,lipo of complete back,flanks and waist. My hemo is now 14.1!! Never had blood issues.
I am 5"1 but at times ht is 5"
I am currently 133-135 depending on the morning
I wear a bra size of 38f
I am a vegetarian but planning on eating fish during recovery just for protein reasons.
I will be staying at Kindness Recovery House
I have hired Karleigh as my caretaker while i am in Cipla for 3 days.
I am currently taking vit c
Acv(to prevent colds) and maintain cravings
Ferrous Sulfate
Vit B
Folic acid
At 2mths preop i will start Zinc
I will also be resuming my hypnotherapy sessions.
Its honestly important to be in a good mind frame going into this surgery and being around those who will lift ur spirits while u recover.
I will be getting a massage 24 hours before i leave because this helps to prevent bacteria,prepares the body for surgery and boots the lymphs nodes for drainage. I will be also getting a massage when i land in DR.
I have all my must needs packed and ready to go.
I have books to read because its important i am recovering and taking it easy while i am in DR. I will have all the time in the world to run around when i come back home to all my children and husband.
I will be in DR for 17days,16nights.
Pay attention to your contracts that u make with RH,massueses,surgeons and drivers.Have a traceable way of payment. Do Not get scammed by gals accounts!! Be alert and don't be lazy!! You are responsible if you send money to John Anybody,don't be a fool!
Ask questions. Be healthy. There are healthy ways to gain weight! Everyone wont be a candidate for a bbl procedure. Be good to yourself. Love research. And be comfortable with the decision u make.

TT soon

So as I said a few mths back when I was 8mths preop that I would share more pics as I came closer to surgery date. Well,I am 3mths preop. And have decided to show the wt gain I put on and my stretched mami tummy after 7pregnancies and six births. I do realize I will have tiger stripes after my tt because the stretch marks are above my naval but its okay. At least my tummy will be tighter and my muscles will be repaired.

body wraps

Hey everyone. How are you. I said everyone like I have a huge following.chuckling.
Anyways, I been using body wraps and I love especially since I use the D.I.Y kind. I was wondering can u use these on the flight home to help with preventing swelling. What say you? My flight will be 4hours btw.
Anyways, I love Yaris Sanchez figure.
What have you butterflies been up to?
Me just getting more excited with each passing month!!

my Chlorophyll

looking back

Hey RS,today I was looking back on my journal. I have gained so much info on this 11mth journey. I am happy I read through it so much has happened. From doctor changes,miscarriage,booty obsessions,desires. I am happy I could have this amount of time to evaluate what I want. I don't think surgery is something to jump into without research. Know and be comfortable. Evaluate and reevaluate your decisions. Make lists to look at,make goals to look at.
What do u want in your surgeon,your recovery,your results,your life. This surgery affects everything!
At one time I seen how I told two friends and they stopped talking to me. Haven't heard from them in 6mths and wont take my phone calls. When I finally bumped into one "she called me a regular b****"
I thought I lost friends only to realize you can't ever lose anything that is ever yours. They were written in sand ,our friendship wasn't meant to last a lifetime just a season.
I enjoy reflecting on my new desires and seeing my growth. The journey still has so much to go . I know even though I have read over and over again about the faja dilemmas of others I will still have questions when I am on that bridge about butt out,butt in,to cut it not to cut it,compression. Lol.
You aren't excepted to know everything,remember everything. Do your very best,ask questions,eff the nasty ppl who try to make waves with u. U may meet some very shallow,self hating ppl on this journey,they are None of your Business. You are your business. Let go of others that you know rub you the wrong way. Make yourself Happy as long as it brings no harm to others.
As November comes to an end I am more excited, I will be a mth closer than when i was. I will be more confident,more comfortable in my clothes. I am not interested in being a video vixen or booty model. I am excited about walking pass a mirror and wowing myself, I am interested and trying on an actual bathing suite,I am interested in saying yes I will go and not thinking about looking akward in my clothing,I am interested in my husband saying "you always looked good to me but the enhancement is amazing!
I want a booty I can age with. Something sexy and head turning but not looking all crazied proportioned.
Until next mth Butterflies take care.

Happy December 1st

Happy December 1st everyone. So,that time is almost here!!
I developed a checklist for myself
Get insect repellant
Get follow up CBC
Get follow up EKG
Print out conversation with Cabral
Print out wish pics
Get body safe (check)
Prep freezer meals for family while I am gone
Eat diet high in Anti-inflammatory foods examples: Spinach,cauliflower,kelp,ginger,green tea,tumeric,salmon,shittake mushrooms,papaya,pineapple,blueberries,blackberries,cranberries
Drink your weight in water(check)
My count down checklist.
I am already packed
Cleared in a physical but want some follow up blood work,ekg
Flight(booked and paid for)
So I been dreaming about how I will look after surgery. I been preparing myself for faja hate,lol.
Update on weaning my little one. Its coming along well. She only nursed twice today!
So we are getting there. She will be weaned completely by the end of the month and will be taking sage herb.
Good luck to all the beautiful butterflies this month.

lipo foam and lipo boards

Hey surgery sisters and brothers????
So what's the deal with lipo foam and lipo boards? There's so much mixed info about it. I looked up for the foam but didn't see boards. Can you help me out with this?
I am not sure if I will be using lipo board because Cabral said there not good for tummy tucks but said it would be safe to use a month post op.
I really hope cabral gets that tt thin and low???? have a great night.

Some FYI

Okay so some info for ya,not to say you dont know but in case you dont. Some docs say no vit e or vit a before surgery.
Do not wear padding on the way back from DR the padding is causing customs to strip search some women so just your faja.
Get a blood panel before going to DR: Know your blood type,and hemo levels before you go so you know what your working with.
Be realistic with your desires and many times you'll get more than you were hoping for.
Research. Alot of women go on pages asking questions that they could have simply read in your review. YOU have to do the leg work because YOU are only RESPONSIBLE for this journey.
Stay away from the nasty ppl on this site and others. This is a journey of you. Too many women get into disputes over recovery houses and doctors,like we gang bangin! C'mon that's not what this journey is about. If you have the title of being a real friend that means you are an example as well. Learn how to disagree without being a jerk.
Eat good,healthy foods
Continue to exercise
If you are going to DR dont forget to bring money for massages,and tips.
Dont get surgery the day you come off the plane. Let the bid rest a bit from the altitude. Embolisms aren't just caused from flying but also high cholesterol. Be healthy.wear your compression stockings flying to and back.
Recovery is key ,if you dont have the money to devote to recovery dont get surgery until you do. Listen to your Doctor and wear that dang faja. Tell that faja "thank you and love you,every morning" its forming and draining the body for lasting beautiful results.
Be sure to hire a great driver and nurse.
Per Dr.Cabral " The fat I put in is there it wont go away if you sit on it"
I asked Dr.Cabral when I first spoke to him will my booty go away getting tt and bbl. So I'm not stressing it????
Drink lots of water.
Travel with a safe
Travel with a body safe
Make copies of your important paperwork
Screenshot your quote with cabral and bring it with you
Put your copies in different places
Get your mind on the positive go into surgery with positive affirmations " I am healed"
"I am healthy"
"all I well"
"my doctor is skilled"
Be well sisters. I know I'm not too popular on here but its okay because I am hoping this will help others even if its a year from now.
People that helped in my journey
30sdanew20 (she has closed her page for now)
Cray Cray
The doctors of real self
And my own research of course.
One more Tina frey
I've met some great ladies on fb groups as well. However ,I have left all groups as my time comes closer and the bickering became too much.


Have a great day ladies

t outs to Pretty_lady

Pretty _lady has been a great help,very encouraging and has a great story to tell. Her blog is filled with info and some twists. Go check out this great Cabral Masterpiece! Have a great day everyone????

Skip the hips just gimme Booty

Hey everyone. Hope everyone I having a great day. So,I was in the mirror again looking at this body of mine,analysizing what I want. I like my hips,feel I have enough so wanted to ask Cabral if he can skip putting fat there and just put it in my booty. My weight gain has official ceased. My body said "nah,we ain't doing no more so this is it". Lol. Please like I said I am an athletic person so don't really need to much extra hips. But I will let the professional really tell me what he thinks,plus almost every review excel for hourglass Cabral doll,the hips usually go down. So I don't want to waste that fat.????
Anyways,what u think?? I put up some pics because she dont have no hips or no hour glass hips bit has a great booty and body.Miracle Watts same ht as me.

booty,waist and shapes

Nayara,Miracle and Mayoli sena DR model who has a gorgeous shape. Love the hips I posted not too much,something I can grow with.
Great luck to my home girl Zanny who is returning home today after Cabral hooked her up with tt,lipo,bbl. She looks great and only at two weeks post op, u can see he took her waist and made it phenom,nice low tt scar and almost no bruises. She enjoyed being in Cabrals presence said he is kind,thorough,gentle and very professional without being cold.

my baby girl is weaned

Hey everyone I forgot to tell you that my baby girl and I have successfully weaned off the breast completely. Yay. If you are trying to wean the key is gentleness. I replaced the breast with more hugs,cuddling and reading . Lots of walking during the night and singing. Though,I have six children I have never weaned any of them they have always weaned themselves so this was a very new experience for me. I was worried about our bond but its solid as always. She still cannot see my breast though so I don't undress in front of her. So yay baby girl,you did it,mami so proud of you????

Safe travels before Sx and After Sx

Be safe while traveling outside the country or state for surgery. Here's some quick tips
Pre op travel:
Be sure to wear your compression stockings when traveling prior surgery.
Any time u travel by plane you are at risk for DVT. Be smart.

Allow yourself to arrive a few days before your surgery. Let ur body unwind from that recycled airplane air exchange.
Dose up on some much needed vitamin c
Do a little sight seeing
Get a preop massage and exfoliation to prepare the body for sx. Allowing fresh,hydrated,and supple skin with less bacteria.

Post op travel safety:
Do NOT leave until your doctor says its okay to travel. Too many ladies ignore this very golden rule resulting in an area of post op issues.

Wear those compression stockings and compression socks

Drink water! Drink water

Though you may be sore,keep moving prior to boarding the flight and get up during the flight.

Get an aisle seat so u can move around.

If the flight is alot of turbulence and calls for u to stay seated do some chair exercises. Leg lifts,arm lifts,deep cleansing breaths,foot lifts,put the legs out in front of you and attempt to elevate them

Its dangerous to prop foam under your thighs to Stay off your new butt. Doing this can result in a clot,cutting off oxygen and compromising blood supply.

Give yourself self massage to the extremities while on the plane


January Update.

Hey yall. My New Years isn't celebrated until Spring Equinox but in acknowledgement to the Gregorian calendar Happy New Year.
So,its January and I have now added zinc to my supplements as I said I would and I have started my anti inflammatory diet,and now up to two gallons of water. By body started dropping weight so I reduced workouts to every other week.
I found a place called wellness sanctuary
To do my lymphatic massages when I return from DR.
I just want this done already! I know for a fact this wont be sugarplums and rainbows,duh. I just want to be on the other side having jean problems and talking junk about my
Anyways, my hypothesis is going great . The therapist has been making me concentrate on arriving in DR ,feeling the sun,being greeted by my driver having me embrace Cabral,have my procedure,wake up feeling happy and fulfilled,seeing myself in the mirror and being in love with my own reflection,hearing others say wow,he did great work on you. Then returning home walking straight up,since this has been a concern for me. I really appreciate this therapist and i am not scared at all. I been feeling excited and just want it done already????
I'm feeling good about my decision to go to DR and have my procedures.
I have a follow up blood work on Feb 2.
So that's it to update. Oo,plus i have all my stuff packed and zipped and ready to go. I wish Delta would stop changing the time of my flight. I want to fly back first class we will see how it goes. What else do i need to update. This month in just concentrating on spending a lot of time with my family. I really seperated myself from the few friends i have because tho they don't know i want to have that time away so my body isn't just popped u on them.u get my drift.well,until next time. Congratulations to all the Butterflies that made it through and is happy with their results. Shouts to the helpful vets,shouts to those who aren't vets but filled with resourceful info. Enjoy the journey! At times i want to get on but have all types of issues with this website and my profile so i don't comment as much anymore???? not by choice but because of the fleas that are sometimes on RS. Shout out to RS for making a lace for ppl to stay anonymous or out with it.

typos above

O my goodness the typos in my update above has me cracking up hypothesis is suppose to be hypnosis fleas is suppose to be flaws,lol.
And all the other stuff. Funny as hell. O well

My Promise to you

Hello out there in Realself world????
So I was thinking about making this pledge to you. I promise to give a full review.That includes from the time I arrive in DR until at least 3mths post op the very least. I will give you info on the stay my experience and so forth. What I will not promise is a load of pics. But I will give pics. I plan on not updating while in DR so I can focus on recovery. Unless I'm fully up to it. I read some udates how women damn near pass out trying to give a pic to RS world. If I'm up to it I will give a pic and review if not I promise you will hear from me when I return home with pics of my new bod,DR and the great Cabral! Make a promise that you will be compassionate,understanding and sister like during such a delicate time????. I'm almost there yall!!!!!

updates and notifications

I'm not getting notifications until I come on the site but they aren't being sent to my email?!?!?! Anyways,maybe its for my own
Anyways,20 more days!! I'm so excited. My husband had a moment of trying to talk me out of it and making me feel guilty but he did apologize.
I'm also in the middle of a move,urghhh! Lol. But many cool changes are coming which is great to me.
I wish my time was here already but its okay I'm waiting. At least I dont have to wait til April which was my original time I planned.
What else is new,I put on a little more weight which I didn't want,lol. But Cabral said dont worry about it. I have heard there's been a lot of great update to Cipla,yay!! Karleigh Harris of DRDollhouse Consultants has been a phenom! She's so nice,full of integrity and we communicate everyday!
Conrado of Kindness Recovery House has been giving me confidence and just making me feel safe day in and day out. He's a great guy and cant wait to meet everyone,its like I already know them because of the relationship we have built over the months.
I love ready all of your reviews.
Ladies beware of the Alarmist! Sheesh.
I will not be bringing my cellphone or computer with me so I wont be updating anything! My computer has crashed and my phone has no international plan. But I will be able to communicate with my family from the RH so sorry butterflies if anything changes I will be letting you know.
Every dime I have gotten has went into this journey from supplies,to RH payments,to nurse payments,to massages when I get back to the states, almost every single dime! I couldn't bring my family through this again. Of working overtime,pinching and just the fact of leaving them. But I don't regret it but unfortunately I wont be getting my breastlifted anytime soon. Maybe one day when they are all grown,but for now I will settle and be extremely happy about this tummy tuck and booty work!!!
So ladies,so close yet so far away. Lol
O yeah,my anti inflammatory diet has been excellent but I have been bloating from eating so much spinach.
My prune juice and and spinach is making everything work in great ways ,if you know whattaimean.
A lot of yall updates i cant comment on. Its funny how my journal wants to act up before I leave. Lol.
Well,butterflies I posted some pictures of my favorite Cabral ladies who are my ht and wt prior surgery and I loving their results. This doesn't mean I will look like them because we are still different ppl but I'm hoping my body responds the way theirs did.

Almost there. last Preop pic

Hey lucky me,got my period before I need to leave. I am so happy because I didn't want to deal with it there! The only weird thing was it is extremely heavy which is very abnormal for me. But I think its cause I been away from my herbs since you have to stop them before surgery. I took some pics of my complete weight gain sorry about my dirty mirror,I have 6 kids sue me,lol.
What's new? Nothing just anticipating and having big booty small waist dreams. Ladies it took me six tries to make this update!!!
Changes for me,I am no longer going to be to used Karleigh Harris as my caretaker for the few days I am in Cipla,just didn't work out that way,but I still think she's wonderful! Check her out on facebook under DR.Goddess Group and DRDH consultants,also she's on here as DRGODDESS.
Anyways,my Birfday is in a few days. Can I get a birfday body please????
Alright ladies,I'm outta here.

finally i am here!!!

Inally ,I have tried updating and it shuts down this is really annoying! You want to follow my journey please add me on fb under Duran Mariposa. Because the real self wont let me update. Anyways ladies,I am here. Tomorrow is surgery. I am only getting lipo and bbl down. Cipla is great! Eff,the alarmist,I really think some ppl go off of he said she said but nothing like experience. Every single nurse wears gloves,every body is courteous and professional. Vanessa ,Cabrals assistant is very sweet. I have not met Cabral yet.tomorrow. He was in I got all my labs done instead. The RH Kindness. I will give a thus far review. First off the driver Conrado is extremely nice,personalable and just like that homie from back in the day. He looks out for you completely! The RH is gorgeous,clean and a beautiful view.the staff is funny,sweet,and very caring. I have met 3 other ladies here and this is why I feel a surgery buddy is unneeded. They are all very nice and we all hit it off,they are all post op. Two Cabral ladies and one Duran. All look great but the Duran doll knows what it takes to recover! She's very positive and keeps moving around. Okay the food is good and fresh juice and I mean I watched Conrado pick fruit from the tree to make our juice and I'm mad I didn't take a picture of it because it was delicious. There isn't a bad thing I can say. Nothing! I hope I can update yall from this site but the way it took me to D this I dont know,so please try and friend me on fb.

I'm on the other side and home

So a f at i made a huge review and it didnt post. Kristy hasn't gotten back to about the malfunction of my page yet. I had a gre surgery, and been h greataving recov the page is actin up so keeping it short.

can't update , sorry

I cannot post on my realself.kirst hasn't gotten back to me. Everyone I try it crashes. I never had anesthesia in me while posting it's the page jumping. I needed a tummy tuck but opted out of one. Sorry I cannot update the way I would like .I have been home since monday. No complications and a great experience with everyone in DR. Kirsty, get back to me! I got lipo and bbl

page shuttin downgkeeps

Few pics

13 days post op

I am 13 days post op, been walking since day 1. I'm basically doing all my normal activities aside from sitting. I have emailed Kirsty several times ab page and shes trying to figure things out I guess. My new body is a head turner, but I am happily married. No sex for me until 6wks post op. It's hard fo husband for my hubby to look at me without saying "damn!" Lol. My wa shrinking day after day. I was only 135 lbs and 5" and asked Cabral anlything he Gets Put It In My booty. It's nice to have a smooth back a very very contoured waist and laterals and booty, just a great body.
Hector Cabral

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