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Why hello there ladies :) I have been on lurk mode...

Why hello there ladies :) I have been on lurk mode for a couple of weeks now. I entertained the idea of remaining in lurk mode but I figured that it was finally time to join RS and get some answers of my own. Being that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, I carry a little bit of weight around my tummy. I figured that there's nothing a little diet and exercise cant fix but, to no avail, the pooch remains. I've been scouring the boards looking for doctors that could cough up the goods... I've been from Dr. JCurves, to Salama, Yily, Schulman, Duran and back. I've spent weeks trying to get the scoop on board certifications, educational history and the like, and now im ready to make my decision. Now let me say that I do have some booty/hips but I don't have the full projection that i'd like. So I figured... a bbl would kill 2 birds with one stone. Any and all helpful tips and recommendations are appreciated!!!!

Weighing my options

So for the past few weeks I had been admiring Yily’s waist snatching capabilities and I must say that she deserves a round of applause. I was so sold on her that I was interested in getting a quote UNTIL I realized that she was in DR. So I did my research. I was never one for medical tourism but the insanely low prices have officially sucked me in. On top of that, it seems like the Doctors at CIPLA are all equally talented. But then my next issue became safety. I mean let’s face it, DR is not America and I don’t want to end up like those girls they make Lifetime movies about. So I started typing random things in my Google search engine and headlines such as “CIPLA closed temporarily, 2-3 deaths” brought my instant gratification to a screeching halt. Then, reviews from other girls on RS confirmed that Yily was getting messy/unsanitary and girls were suffering from complications and staph infections. Now I wouldn’t credit that chance happening with the fact that the surgeries were done in DR. Things of this nature happen in the US also. But that coupled with bad reviews caused me to drop from the Team Yily roster. Then I came across Dra. Duran and LET ME TELL YOU HUNNY. Her ability to bestow stallion booties is for the gods!!!! I mean she has girls laid like easy breezy beautiful bad b*tches. I’m trying to get drafted to the team!!! She has added me on FB today and I e-mailed her my post op pics. She is extremely swamped with work so I am giving her ample time to respond. Just to be safe I will also be giving Yily an e-mail because I believe in her and the great work that she does. Got the standard quote from Salama BUT my issue is that the recovery house is almost 2 grand. I plan on having my surgery in May 2014 around my birthday. BUT I need to know (in a detailed and concise list) what I need and DO NOT need to bring with me to DR. Tips for recovery? How did you carry your cash around? I think my main concern is safety and not looking too “touristy”. I know for a fact that tourist are targeted by locals especially Americans. Anyone had a successful stint with Bella Vita Consultants? Was considering them also… And surgery buddies are a must for me. I will be staying in a recovery house but I have more than enough time to weigh my options. Thank you in advance ladies ?

Heres a selfie LOL I had my Beyonce get me bodied pony weave in today :0)

Dra Duran is so incognito right now ....

Has anyone heard from her lately? This deposit money is burning a hole in my pocket lol but I've been reading up on the procedure, looking at wish pics, and stalking her on Facebook. I think that real self is turning into a mini obsession. I spend many nights browsing and debating. I think I'm going to try and add one of her receptionists on FB so I can have access to someone who speaks fluent English.

I keep having these fantasies about landing in DR and my trip turning into a scene from the movie Taken -_- i'm over here trying to get in the right mind frame for traveling abroad for major surgery..... jesus take the wheel!!! I need words of inspiration from women who've been there and done that. But overall I'm pretty damn excited to craft the body I've always wanted. Summer 2014... Here I come!!!!!!!!!!

Another selfie... THROWBACK THURSDAYS!!!... Well 3 years back lol

Bella Vita.....

So I followed bklynbeauty's advice and found Bella Vita on Facebook. When I sent them the request I saw that we had two mutual friends: Dra Duran and a girl from my high school (who shall not be named). She also liked Dra. Duran's FB page. I KNEW she had work done, I just couldn't prove it but BAM! ... the proof is in the pudding. But anywho lol....... I sent Bella Vita a message and this was their response:

Good evening,

My goal is to ensure that you are worry free during this process and will do all that I can to ensure your satisfaction. I have a non-refundable rate of $150.00 which includes coordinating your stay and arranging all of your personal needs which include but are not limited to: Obtaining your quote, confirming & securing your date, reserving your hotel/apt/RH stay, personal driver, nursing care, chef, salon and spa services, also arranging tourist activities and shopping trips, along with anything else you may possibly want or need. If you are interested in my services, please send me an email at and I will send you a questionnaire to gather the initial information needed to get started, along with an invoice. I hope to hear from you soon.


annoyed !!

So it seems like some people are experiencing turn over times of less than a week to get a quote from Duran. I'm starting to think there's criteria for her responses. People who have gotten quotes included their pre op pictures, days they wish to travel, and exact information on what they want done. Saying that you have your deposit also helps ;) others said that they haven't heard anything in weeks. It's a waiting game ladies. Let's not forget this is medical tourism -___- many things will be unknown until the time draws nearer.

anddddd I'm back!!!!

So after this extremely long hiatus.... LOL Yes I know. I need to get my life together. I'm trying to wrap up this bachelor's degree so I decided to focus on that. But the BBLitis has struck again. Though I haven't been updating, I've been doing a whole lot of researching (I have ocd with over analyzing things) and learning a wealth of info. I'm pretty sure that I'll be using bella vita for everything but I'm actually stumped on which doctor to use. Duran is the cult favorite and still my first choice, but baez is serving realness and I'm loving it. From the reviews I've read she had faster responses and lower prices. She also only does 2 bbl procedures a day. That sounds really good. And cabral is out here snatching waists like it's going out of style and I'm in love. I want to make a decision, but cost and outcome are very important factors to me. For the dolls that went to DR for surgery, what was the total cost (including amount for bbl)?? I need to know how much to have on hand smh..

coming out of lurk mode...... AGAIN

So..... this time last year I was thinking about going to get a bbl w/ Dr. Duran. But after some consideration and at least 2 years worth of research plans have changed.
I did want the "Barbie" extremely small waist and thick in the hips and backside BUT I thought about the long term implications. I want my body to look as natural and fabulous as possible. Every girl likes getting male attention.... but I don't want my rear to be the CENTER of that attention. But don't get me wrong everyone is entitled to have what they want. But as for she "me" (I like to talk in 3rd person every now and then LOL) I would rather not look like a XXL stripper King of Diamonds candidate.
So I've been doing some soul searching and trying to figure out WHY I wanted the bbl in the 1st place and HOW I can benefit from it. When I was diagnosed with pcos my freshman year of college my weight slowly packed on and now I believe I am about 30-40 pounds overweight BUT I don't look heavy; just plump with a round face. And I have hips and a booty already.... i more so want liposculpture to give me back the model-esque body I had in high school.
My booty is a upside down heart shape with most of the meat concentrated at the bottom. I want more projection to make it round because the top is getting a little flat. I don't want a wide butt. I'm already a size 8 on top and 12 on bottom so getting a bigger bum and smaller waist will make it even worse. I think I'm more concerned about trimming down and evening out my body. Maybe I should get lipsculpture first and then work out and see the results within a year and if I REALLLLLLLY think that a bbl will give me what I want, I'll go for it. So I'm looking at getting breast implants and liposculpture with Dr. BAEZ :)))) SHE always gives the people what they want. *ends rant*
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