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I'm wanting to get a BBL with fat transfer to my...

I'm wanting to get a BBL with fat transfer to my hips, lipo of the abdomen, waist & flanks and back. My current measurements
5'5 178lbs
Natural Waist - 37"
Lower Waist (gut) - 44"
Hips - 42"

I am an apple figure, just with out the large breast. I'd really like a fat transfer to my breast but I haven't been able to find a doctor in the DR that does that and US prices are well over my budget. Hopefully I'll find one, but for now just the bbl and lipo.

I am overweight and have been dieting (lost 26lbs since April). It's going slow but that's because I haven't been going to the gym as much, I actually dropped 10lbs the week after I put my membership on pause. My goal is to be 155lbs by surgery date (sometime April - June 2014).

My only concern, back in 2008 (I was 20) I made the terrible decision of getting 'silicone injections' in my arse. I don't really remember the amount, I'm pretty sure it was 100ccs per cheek. So, 200 ccs altogether. It literally was a spur of the moment type thing. I was young and very dumb and I truly regret it. My gay friend was telling me about pumping parties, and that he knew a friend that knows someone that knows someone that... etc... THAT does the silicone injections for drags and strippers. His friend, a female stripper in NJ had gotten some work done by this guy and was planning on going back the following week. He gave her all my contact info and told me that I can't know his name, where he's located, that I have to go with her etc etc etc... I didn't care, I just wanted a big butt! so we met up and she drove us to this guy's apartment. It was somewhere in Harlem, not that bad of an area, his apartment was nice and clean. He said it was surgical grade silicone (but you know you can't always believe what these people say). Got it done, didn't hurt that bad. He told me no exercise or sex for two weeks! Especially sex! And to try and avoid sitting for long periods of time, and to massage it lightly if any of the silicone "travels".
(((((warning - TMI below))))))
So don't you know as soon as I got back in Jersey and guy I was dating at the time saw, we immediately did it (smhhh... i know terrible). And I just remember when we were finished, my butt was very wet, but not that kind of wet.. a different wet... like it didn't 'smell' like 'sex wet' but more like 'silicone leakage wet' -____-

So since then my butt now has this kind of squareish shape and I'm dying to get this fixed. I completely regret trying to cut corners and take the cheap easy way to a big beautiful ass.

The stripper I went with texted me the next day saying she had a shooting pain down her leg and it was spasing all day. She asked if I experienced any weird things but I didn't. Around the 3rd day though, I noticed that some of the silicone did "travel". I had what looked like a "liquid pocket" towards the center bottom of my back. It was scary, i really didn't think it would travel, I massaged it gently pushing it back down towards the injection site. It worked... it was weird.

After that I never experienced that again. I lost contact with the stripper. She was going to go back for more last I spoke with her. Hope she's ok. My gay friend that introduced us in the first place, well we had a falling out and haven't spoken to him since 2009. I really want to know what happened to that girl and see how she's doing... but I feel fine.

I've included photos of my butt so you guys can see the square-ish shape my arse makes.

hope I can find a surgeon that can help me with this...

First Response From - Dra Augstralia Fragoso Baez

Hey everyone, just a little update. So I’ve emailed both Dra AF Baez and Dra Duran. I heard back from from Dra Baez like two days after I sent the email. As far as Duran… well I hope to hear back from her atleast by the end of this year! LMAO…. I know she is very VERY busy creating those Duranlicious Dolls… so now I'm just playing the waiting game. I sent her message in Spanish.
I'll also send Yily a message just for laughs. So let's see how this goes....

Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez Email:
She gave me a quote for $2,700 which includes BBL, Lipo to my back, flanks, waist and abdomen and also fat transfer to my non-existing hips. It also includes the first faja after surgery, the initial consultation, the follow ups, airport transportation to the clinic, EKG, lab exams etc. Her email was very informative letting me know how long I’d have to stay there, what vitamins to start taking and so on. She also mentioned something about May and summer surgeries will be scheduled at the end of the year.. I wasn’t sure if she meant that if one wants a May/Summer surgery date then it has to be scheduled at the end of this year (like a few months in advanced) or if she just means in May/Summer she just doesn’t do surgeries and they will be pushed back towards the end of the year. I hope she meant the first one because I was hoping for a June date. Plus, I forgot the name of who, but I saw someone else on RealSelf that’s scheduled their sx on June 9th… soooo…. Eeeeeyeeeah lol…

Dr. Baez also didn’t mention anything about the silicone injections that I got back in 2008. I told her everything in detail. She did say that she doesn’t speak Spanish fluently and her assistant helps her translate… I’m just hoping that was the case, that she nor her assistant might’ve understood what I was saying… so I sent her another email today in Spanish just to confirm that she understands my situation. So hopefully she can still work with me! I’m praying because just like someone mentioned in my comments below, it’s true that a lot of surgeon’s won’t touch a client that has something like that done. So please pray for me ladies and gentleman! I really want/need this surgery!

I also have a consultation here in the states with Dr. Sheila M. Bond. I’m so anxious about this surgery I just want a doctor to just check me out and see what they have to say. Since I'm in Jersey, I mean, it's hard to do this whole email back and forth overseas, waiting for days . So I booked the consultation with Sheila just so AAAAAA doctor CAN ACTUALLY GET THEIR HANDS ON MY ASS And let me know.... something!! anything!!?!?! lol
When I set the appointment with her secretary (forgot the name) she told me that she has worked with patients that had silicone injections as well. But she was making it seem like they had a lot of silicone injected in them because if I have a lot then Sheila would have to remove as much of the the silicone she could in separate procedures and then once I healed I could get the BBL. But I only had 200ccs injected… and the lady said if Sheila doesn’t feel as if it needs to be removed then she can perform the BBL around the surgery. Chances are I won't get the surgery done here in the states. I want a very exaggerated waist line and a nice round plump derrier... but all youse know how conservative these US doctors are ::smirks:: lol... so that, and I've seen some of these prices these US doctors give.. pssssssh... maaaan listen, for all the procedures I want they'll probably charge me $20K and up... not happening haha.

Second Response - Dra Yily De Los Ssssantos!

Got a quote back from Dra Yily De Los Santos! So so soooo happy. So Yily quoted me for the same procedures as Dra Baez:
-full lipo to the back, armpits, flanks, waist and abdomen
= $3,400. So it's a little more but that was much expected.

*She does not do fat transfer to the breast due to the breast cancer conflict, so I'll find an alternative...but whatever i'm not really stressing it... I'm just happy I FINALLY GOT A QUOTE FROM YILLY! WOOT WOOT! Lolllz
[[[Still haven't heard back from Dr. Baez, sent her two follow up emails, but I'm sure she's just getting very popular/busy so no hard feelings at all :) :)]]]

Travel // RH // Sx// buddies wanted!! May 2014 (students please apply!:)

So now I'm looking for the above. ***IDEALLY*** I would like to go end of May '14 but most everyone I've spoken with wants to go around the Holidays or during the "Tax-Return-Rush" but I've told myself the last 6 years (yeah I know - it's bad) that I will go back to school! and I registered to go back in January '14 but the semester ends May 13th.
So I'd love to go the end of May or beginning of June. But I still have to wait and see if I get approved by financial aid. If I don't get the financial aid then I guess I'll go as early as April for the surgery....

So ladies! (or gents doesn't matter) I don't care about who your doctor is (well that's mean, I do but ijs) let me know if you're in a similar situation looking for buddies to pair up with! woot woot :) TeamYily2014! weeepa

Finally Heard Back from Dra A.F Baez

So I just got a reply back from her, she didn't fully read my first initial email, so she missed the part about the silicone injections.... She said she can't perform the surgery :( I'm so sad. This makes me nervous too because now I wonder if Yily or Duran will deny my case too. I hope not. I know I can get it removed in the U.S. but that will involve a loooooot of money out of pocket, and then I'll have to wait at least a minimum of 12months for that to heal before I can get the BBL. I'm also a little surprised because Dr. Sheila M. Bond said it wouldn't be a problem and she'd be able to perform the BBL around the silicone'd part.... smhhh... worst mistake ever. :(

Looking for a Surgeon to Remove the Silicone...

So at this point since it doesn't seem like any doctors will want to touch me, now I have to focus on getting the silicone removed first before I can think about getting the BBL. I looked this up years ago right after I got the injections and 50% of the doctors said nothing could be done and the other 50% said that this is something that insurance would not cover since it's considered a 'cosmetic' procedure.

I was covered under my mom's policy by Screen Actors Guild, it was the Cadillac of all plans.... but now that I turn 26 in a few days I was terminated off the plan 11/01/2013 -____- but what makes it even worse is I was referred to Dr. Tansar Mir & Dr. Valauri who supposedly specialize in silicone removal, and they DO bill it through insurance NOT as a cosmetic procedure... however I now have a crap insurance from Qualcare...(who?) and they don't accept that insurance... if I called only 2 weeks earlier I could've gotten an appointment with them... so pissed argh....

Well... my insurance does offer out of network... but my deductible will be $5k (grrrrrRRR!)... so as of the moment I got a Part Time seasonal job for the Holidays, originally I planned on using all the part time money to save for the BBL for one of the Dominican doctors... but now it looks like I'll be using it towards the removal of the silicone.... but hey, better to be healthy than sorry.

I guess I get so upset because now I'm working my arse off 65-75hrs/week so I could get a bigger juicer butt... and now it's like I'm doing all this work just so these doctors can help me ... BUT IN RETURN THAT MEANS I'll basically be getting a deformed flat butt since I'm sure they'll be removing chunks of my ass.... :*(

I guess its just frustrating cause I'm working hard now for the complete opposite... but again... it's better that I get this taken care of early on, I still haven't had any problems ... well atleast none that I know of. All I know is ever sicne I got the injections, when I get bloodwork done it always comes back with a high white cell count, and they refer me to an "AIDS" doctor (supposedly when you have aids you get a high white blood cell count) and it's always the same good news, tested -negative, but then they wonder whyyyyy my count is so high.. they said my body is fighting some type of infectious disease.. just didn't know what and of course I know the reason, but was always scared to say. I wish I said something but I was young and dumb... didn't know any better.

That, and sometimes it hurts when I lay on my back, but that's only if I'm on like a hard wooden floor, it always feels like I'm laying on a few walnuts.... laying in bed doesn't hurt though. There isn't any discoloration either... But I also noticed my hair has been falling out a lot, and I heard that's common from other ladies that have had this done... so better to catch it now before I'm bald and half dead lol... (not funny but whatever).

well anyways... sorry for babbling on again, this site has helped me vent a lot, and thank you all for the feed back. It's difficult at times, since I work so much I don't have a lot of people to talk to about this, the only two people that know (well besides all of youse) is my mother and boyfriend. My boyfriend was a real douche bag about it... he didn't care so much about them removing the silicone, he only cares about me getting the BBL done... and my mom just plain old doesn't understand. She doesn't understand why I wanted the silicone in the first place and now doesn't understand why I want it removed... she doesn't understand that it's more of a health issue now then cosmetic issue.. so thanks again to everyone that's been supportive and have said positive things. It's hard to keep it bottled in.

I'll keep youse updated xoxoo

Update May 2014

Hello world,
Sorry it's been so long. I don't have any updates. I've kind of lost motivation and interest in the BBL journey since it will now have to be a second journey following my first journey: getting this sh!t out of my body!!!

I've reached out to a doctors office in NY with two surgeons that have performed the silicone removal surgery but they don't take my insurance. The receptionist said I could still book a consultation but I would have to pay in full and it would be anywhere from $200-$5k. Now I've never heard of a consultation costing $5k I mean yeah it's NYC so prices will be higher but DAMN! Lol

So after telling my boyfriend this situation he said he'd like to put me on his insurance plan however that means we'd have to get married, he says he's down. He works a seasonal job and was jut laid off last week. He said ell be called back around September and once he is we can get married, throw me on his plan and then get this ball rolling!!

I'm very anxious to meet with a doctor and see what he says. I got ultra sounds of my butt back in October and still haven't even been able to get a doctor to read it! Ugh!! The wait.
So hopefully by September I can give a better update.

Update March 2015 - As of the Moment

Hi Realself,
so after months of being discouraged I finally picked myself back up and decided i will NOT let this mistake i made when i was younger affect my entire future any longer! I saw a New York Doctor named Dr. Harrison Lee, he specializes in removing silicone from the face, and says he has patients every week that are in the same boat as me. his price to remove the silicone alone is $6,500. For him to remove the silicone and perform the BBL with lipo to my upper and lower abdomen and back altogether was around $12k.... thats ONLY if i do all of those procedures at the same time, if i did them separate it would cost around $18k.....

so I still want to see a few other doctors, found a few in the city as well that have experience removing silicone, but the prices aren't just something I can afford at the moment. I spoke to Cabral about removing the silicone and I think he said $3200 just to remove it, and then to come back at a later date to do the lipo and BBL for $4k. Price is better but he said he would remove it with the lipo tool... and I've heard from other doctors it can't be done....

So i'm not looking into Colombian doctors. There's a few doctors I follow on IG and most of them are always posting something about removing silicones or "biopolimeros". It seems like it's a VERY COMMON mistake people make over there, and therefor there's a lot more doctors advertising the procedure for removal. I'm going to send Dr. Leonardo Ramirz Buritica and Dr. Juan Carlos Castilla Zamorano quote requests and start to get this ball rolling for real this time..... i'm not getting any younger and I just wanmt to get this sh!t out of my body! I'm over it, plus i'm really anxious to get the BBL... omg it seems like EVERYONE is gtting it done now lol... the secrets out the bag!

Adios DR, hola Colombia!

So I'm confident to say that my journey to the DR has ended, and the new one for Colombia has began. I'm so much more excited about this trip to Co then DR ( no offense) but i just feel like the communication is better between the doctors, i like their recovery houses, their medical technology is much more advanced than the DR and up to date and i love how their health standards are basically the same as the U.S.

I didn't have any luck in getting in contact with Dr. Buritica plus i heard he's very pricey so I passed on him. I didn't get in touch with Dr. J.C.C. Zamorano either but I have spoken with Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios via whatsapp.... well his assistant at least. She sent me a few voice messages saying the doctor would like to speak with me on the phone bc he speaks english and to explain the process. Unfortunately for whatever reason when he called i couldn't hear him and he could't hear me. It was a total bust. He called me for almost 12 minutes just kept calling back to back and then textiong me to pick up but it was nothing, just dead air. I hope he didn't feel as though he wasted his time with me. A few days after that my phone broke and i lost our conversations, I don't even remember the quote he gave me but it felt a little high, i think he wanted to discuss as to why it was so high and what was included over the phone. This was almost a month ago, I finally got a replacement phone so I will hit him up again.

Next is Dr. Alberto Henao (such a cutie). He quoted me $4500 for BBL, TT and brachioplasty + $450 for their package.
and also $5400 for BBL, TT, BL with implant plus $450 package which includes consultation, lab/exams, 30 day medical insur. up to $50k USD, medications, fajas & bras, post op massages and plasma treatment.

Only issue (same as the DR docs) he never mentioned anything about the silicone... so I've message him on Whatsapp asking him about it... just waiting on a response.
I've also reached out to Dr. Plazas and Dr. Paz... waiting on a response... but will keep youse updated. I plan on going the beginning of August.

July 2015 Update - We're going to Cali!

Hello loves! So it's official, I'm going to Cali, Colombia August 9th - August 14th 2015. I'm NOT getting surgery, HOWEVER i AM meeting up with several doctors!! So with the whole silicone removal thing... althought I have always been refferred to "do my research in Colombian doctors' and South American doctors in general since it's such a common procedure, I never could find ANY INFO. But!! That's because I was always searching in english ... have to do it in spanish (no sh!t sherlock, right? ctfuuu)... so yeah if you type, "eliminación de disparos de silicona" or "retiro de los biopolimeros" or anything like "BIOPOLIMEROS", "inyeccion biopolimeros" those terms + whatever country in South America (i.e. Colombia) will bring up a SLEEEEEEEEW of doctors ... I made a list, of doctors that are certified according to the SCCP (Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugia Plastica).... and those will be the docs I'm going to consult with. I'm just praying that all the docs will be available at the time of my visit since I will be visiting in between two major holidays in Colombia... .ladies please pray for me that these docs will not be on vacation!! lol

I'll keep youse all updated. If you have questions you want me to ask the docs regarding the removal of silicone/retiro de los biopolimeros, please leave it in the comments or inbox me. I want to help everyone out since research on this is so hard to dig up and not nationally broadcasted the same as BA, TT, rhinoplasty, etc is advertised. So please feel free to reach out to me! The more knowledge we all have on this the better! I will update surely again before I leave the states....

M.I.A. - Will update later tonight!

Wassup ladieees, i am soo sorry for the wait. But I unfortunately ran into some legal trouble as soon as I got home. Going to Colombia has been such a humble experience, and unbeknownst to me Cali is also a party city, and unfortunately I continued that party attitude back here in the states and got my ass in trouble ctfuuu... oh well. Anyways, I have a lot to share with youse but I'm going to do it tonight when I get home since I work all day today!

My *NON-SURGICAL* trip to Cali, Colombia - Summarized

Good morning ladies,
I know youse all hate me right now lol so so sooo sorry for this long anticipated review. First off let me make it clear, I did NOT HAVE SURGERY in Cali Colombia. I simply went to Cali, Colombia as a vacation/business trip. The "business" part was to find the best doctor to help out with the biopolimero issue. I had made a list of all the doctors that I wanted to have consultations with. The following doctors do remove the biopolimeros/silicone/hydrogel/pmma/shots/etc... whatever you want to call it. All of these doctors are certified based off the SCCP (Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugia Plastica Estetica y Reconstructiva) website:
Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios Garcia
Dr. Luis Eduardo Plazas
Dr. Juan Carlos Castillo Zamorano
Dra Viviana Garcia Gomez
Dra Nayibel Jacome
Dr. Carlos Augusto Recio Gonzalez

I only met with Dr. Carlos Rios out of the list above regarding the removal of the biopolimeros because his office is the only office that wrote back. Dr. Plazas office got back to me too but unfortunately we were unable to confirm an exact time and when they did reach out to me while I was in Colombia I did not receive their messages due to not having service. I’ve chosen Dr. Rios to remove the biopolimeros and have an arm lift with him for my first round. I’m currently waiting for a quote for RD2 which would be the “reconstructive surgery” for the BBL, full body lipo, TT and possible BA w/ BL

My first quote from Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios Garcia:
Quote (Removal of silicone): $13.000.000 COP
Quote (Arm Lift): $6.000.000 COP
Quote (extra medical expenses): $2.152.100 COP
Total $21.521.000

He said the day of operation I will need to stay in the hospital overnight to be monitored.
I will need to spend a minimum of 20 days in Colombia
He was able to feel that the silicone has spread up my lower back and to the sides but mainly in the center of my lower back, (which explains my severe back pain).
I will be able to resume exercise and like cardio and weights around 3 months
He is very confident that he will not have to cut me open and just be able to use his endoscopic technique that he has designed himself to remove the silicone granulomas. He has several videos on his techniques on this website, just type his name "Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios GArcias" and his page will come up with all his info.

Now, I know it sounds like I'm on his payroll, but I swear to you all I am not. I was really lucky to be part of one of those private Colombian FB groups and all members in the group pointed me to Dr. Carlos Rios. Mind you, these were all strangers to me and since as most of you know, doing research for Colombian doctors in general is very difficult since they are so private, unless you personally know someone that has had surgery out there, it's almost impossible to find much info on them let alone their before & after pics... unless they have IG but still, the Colombian market vs Republica Dominicana market ... no comparison based on the public info that is available.
But my point is, the fact that everyone in the FB group told me to check him out, and then once I arrived in Cali and within speaking to a few locals about the biopolimeros issue, they too said the best of the best is Dr. Rios... that's really what had me sold. The man himself is incredibly sweet, so easy to talk to and very personable. Out of all the docs that I met with in the city, he was the first one that didn't make my case feel like it was a burden, this man truly WANTS TO HELP YOU. The way he talks about the procedure and his techniques, it's like he didn't just 'learn the procedure' so he could do it right, he has taken his time out to find ways to make the procedure better by implementing his own techniques to get the best results possible.

What we need to understand that this surgery, isn't just any ol' ordinary surgery, this is deemed as a "reconstructive" surgery in Colombia. This is a much more serious issue than a lot of us may think. This can truly affect our immune systems, and a lot of you already know that due to your symptoms. and if it hasnt yet, I don't understand why a lot of youse are waiting for that to happen, that was my mistake. I wish I had more info when I was younger, but I never had pain or any other symptoms... but within the last 2 years it went from 0-100 real quick.

I flew to Colombia knowing that most likely I would choose him, but I wanted to meet with the other doctors first just to see their techniques, quotes, offices etc... but especially their quotes bc I thought Rios was a little high... but none of them were available, and he ended up being my only consultation... and I look at it like everything happens for a reason. I prayed for months- no, years really to meet the right doctor, and I think it's a sign that out of all the docs that are in that country that perform this "reconstructoin surgery" he was the only one that took this consult as serious as I.... and not only that but allllllllllllll the females in his office, the nurses, assistants, secretary, and post op patients were all top of the line grade A, definition of perfect! Their bodies were unbelievable!! OMGGG I was staring so hard even my boyfriend told me to knock it off because I was making him look bad! lol....

So Yes, Dr. Rios is going to be my surgeon... since I got into some legal trouble I will most likely go in February... but I'm still pushing for mid January 2016 date. My ex will be helping me out with my fines and savings for the trip...

I have so much more details I want to go into, because after seeing Rios I also had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Harold Paz & the infamous Dr. Daniel Correa... which was totally unplanned and unexpected! I might do them for RD2... but IDK, the women in Dr. Rios office for post-op care were simply superior to any of the women I had seen in the other doctor's' offices...which also explains his higher price tag... but you get what you pay for!..

I'm still working on my review, it's like 5 pages in a Word Document i've created, so I'm just editing it down now, but I just wanted to make this post so you girls and guys don't think I pulled one of those disappearing acts...
Please feel free to leave any questions/comments!

Sh!t Just Got Real

Guess who's going back to Cali Thursday January 28, 2016!!! I'm sooo stoked omggggg I'm about to be all up in that biiiish! lol I don't have an exact surgery date yet. Gina told me to buy tickets and once purchased she could coordinate everything and I mean everything, I bought the ticket today (payday) and told her the date and she immediately contacted Alba and is now setting everything up... nice. One less thing to worry about... although I kind of wanted to stay at hte same hotel my ex (yeah he's my ex now smhh) and I stayed at, Torre de Cali... fab hotel loved it! But ohwells, I guess we'll save more money this way.

I'm just a little nervous about my health, I mean based on all my results the last few times I've been to the doc everything was ok, my red blood count was a little high but was told it was nothing to be concerned about. My biggest concern is these weird symptoms I'v been having... not sure if they're related to the biopolimeros... I'm hoping it is just because I will be getting them taken out but if it's something else, I hope this wont delay surgery.
I have to find another PCP since my current one totally wants nothing to do with me after I told him what i had injected and what my future plans are (the guy thinks I'm nuts lol). So hopefully I can find a new doctor. My dad's side of the family has a lot of connections although they're out of my network hopefully he can get me the hook up. He's out of town until next Thursday (the suspense is killing me!!) so once he gets back I'll be on it. Otherwise I'm extremely happy! I've been talking about getting this sh!t removed for years! so the fact that it's finally going to happen is so exciting!

I will keep youse posted with updates! Countdown has begun for real for real...

Lower Back Pain

So I have this constant pain in my lower back where the biopolymers have migrated too, but when my monthly bill comes around .... omggg the pain intensifies... I feel like it gets worse and worse! I can't wait to get this sh!t removed from my body. I totally hate this feeling smhhh. I regret this mistake every damn day. I just hope my story will make a big enough impact in someone's life that is considering getting "the shots" to reconsider! The pain in my back is bad and really affects me at both my jobs (only have two jobs now). Full time I work in an office and just having to sit her 8 hours a day is a killer. I'm constantly moving around and twitchy just trying to get comfortable, my co-workers probably think I'm on drugs and then at night I work at a factory with cement floors. The floors are soooo unforgiving. Constantly lifting heavy stuff and stocking, just so much strain on my back.

I have a feeling that the silicone granulomas are putting strain on my nerves in my back which just intensifies the pain. I'm hoping thats what it is. I just want to feel normal again.

One of the girls I'm in a facebook group with said one of the girls in her RH had silicone taken out of her butt & back too by Rios and that she was in unforgiving pain post op. But after a week was feeling much better, with less pressure on her back. I hope the same happens to me... well not the severe pain post op but I hope once I start healing that all this pressure on my back will just fk off lol....

Just have to keep my head up and think positive for now... January is just around the corner...

Cardiologist Visit - Pt. 1

So went to the cardiologist yestrerday just to check on my heart, make sure I'm ok to go under, have to end up doing a stress test, blood work and a few other things.... he said I have something, the word he said was dumb long with a million syllables and I can't remember it! He said it so nonchalantly and immediately after said not to worry about it, it doesn't really concern him, something about he muscle and that most people have it and are born with it... but he will be able to explain more after the stress test and blood work.... my appointment was late afternoon so they weren't doing labs by the time I got there. He said his office will call me to schedule the labs though.... I'll keep youse up to date when results come back.

Stress, anxiety, depression, weight gain... Negativity

Besides the cardiologist appointment nothing new... still in pain in my back and I feel like a lot of pressure in my lower back too.... I also gained hella weight since my last doctor's appointment. And I do declare (in Michael Scott's voice from The Office) that is the reason why I have so much pressure in those areas. The cool thing about the cardiologist is he's part of a medical group that my other doctors are part of, I have a patient portal and I am able to view my "health history" and he mentioned to be at my helathiest weight before going in and I told him I know and I"ll be working on it... no worries... well YES WORRIES because I just logged on my patient portal and the last time I was in that facility I weighed 171 with a BMI of 28... as of yesterday I weighed in at 203.3 with a BMI of 33.9... WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT I'VE GOTTEN lmaoooo ... no i mean lmfo (laugh my fat off)

I'm so sad, mad, sad, and fat omg I can't believe i let myself go like this, this explains why my clothes are so damn tight lmaooo holy sh!t... It took me almost 4 months to take off 26lbs and now I've gained 32lbs back! I'm beyond square one... i'm at negative square one :(

It makes sense, I was sooo winded running up the stairs the other day what the hell... and then 2 weeks ago I had a sinus infection, told the doc about my future travels to Colombia in January and she asked me if I wanted her to prescribe me any weight loss pills and I just remember giving her a puzzled look like (uhh... no why would I need that?) ..... -_________-

I'm a fatty.
I have 71 days to get my weight together... I'm scared to lose 30 lbs in 71 days... I do'nt think it's healthy... I know of a diet that will aid in dropping fat quick, but involves a lot of dairy and Rios said to avoid dairy, plus I can't have too much since I become phlemmy ewwk!

IDK how I'm going to do this, I've cancelled both of my gym memberships because they are far and I don't have time due to my jobs... I started walking on my lunch breaks at my office job... which obviously hasn't helped sh!t, so I guess I'll start power walking.... and I'm going to bring weights here too so I can start toning my arms. I don't care what people say.

I'm out the house from 7a - 11:45p, and only sleep about 4 -5 hours... depends how stressed out i am and how much is on my mind. I know I have to control that because I want to be as relaxed as possible the mmonth before surgery... ay yaya.... I'm so sorry for venting so much... but I truly have no one else to vent to, my co-workers from both jobs always ask why I look so sad or angry, and i always laugh it off and tell them the resting b!tch face is real... but in reality I just have soooo much stress I'm holding in on the inside... I can't talk to any of my "friends" about it because I honestly don't have any. It was a personal choice when I decided to stop living the reckless life I was living, too much drugs, partying, getting wasted and getting in trouble. I've walked away from it, and have been much better... but the only friend I really have is my ex-boyfriend who is sometimes my boyfriend but can be so immature at times, so he's basically my designated "Netflix & chill" friend... and we still live together... in my mothers house ( oh god I know thats embarassing)...

But yeah besides him, my mom & dad (who both think I'm lying about this so I can get some attention since I was such a "neglected child" which obviously is not the case)... I have no one else to talk to. My mom had suggested for me to go to a therapist which I have done, but she keeps thinking that I injected this substance in me because I'm suicidal.... I know exactly what you're thinking... "how could she think that?" or "i knew this b!tch is crazy" lol .... well for one she's a total white girl, so she doesn't understand why I would want a bigger butt lmao and 2, based on her clinical studies and schooling, to her injecting a foreign substance into the body for cosmetic reasons but done on the black market is "a cry for help" and "suicidal attempt"... and she's concerned about how much time I spend on the internet since I don't make an "attempt" to meet make new friends that don't have big booty obsessions....


So yes she thinks i'm nuts... but these are the very few people I have in my life to "talk to" and no one gets it. The only people that understand are you girls that are following my journey, especially the ones that have the shots too. You gals & guys get me... I wish you guys lived close so we could actually chill and hang out and walk funny and be in pain together lmaooo... but yeah... no one understands and I tend to bottle my feelings and pain.

I can't picture calling into work to my managers like, "oh yeah, I'm calling out today because my silicone butt shots are putting too much pressure on my back and my back feels like it's going to snap in half... so I'll be taking the next few days off until the pressure dies down... k thanks" ,... I wish I could and I wish they could understand but that's not the world I'm living in.
Phew... now that I'm done ranting, I can go back to how big of a fatty I am...

... OMG I'm so fat :*(
I gained a total of 32lbs omg I can't fucking believe it. I've totallly let myself go, I just have no energy to do anything. And when I work out I feel like I have a whole bunch of sharp rocks underneath my skin in my butt and lower back, sometimes in my hips too I noticed. I hope not in my hips, because I wanted to ask Rios if he could do some lipo on my back and transfer it to my hips .... but if I have it in my hips that won't be happening. I hate this. Pray for me dolls, I'm trying to keep positive but it's so hard when everything around me is going down south.

I will try my best to stick to healthy eating and workout anytime I can... I'm going to start with little things like maybe squats 30 reps 3 sets in the bathroom, maybe a few push ups here and there... I found a few small exercises I can do at the office at my desk... although out of the 47 desks here, I'm the only cubicle that really isn't a cubicle.. more like a desk in the middle of the damn floor... so everyone can see what the fluck I'm doing.. .including right now which has one screen of big booty hoes wish pics and this screen with me typing this.... so that's my plan and I'll be sure to update when it gets better...
tata for now

Hot Spot!

Good morning ladies & gents... so I'm feeling a little better, not much but mentally a little better... today's my birthday, no one really remembered, my mom did and got me a coat in an XL and it's still too small (fml)... I'm so mad since I bought an expensive jacket last winter for my bday in a Medium.. i was an XL at the time... I was just barely able to zipper it... by april I zippered but i looked like a sausage lol... my goal was to have it fit by this winter... I started dieting (no exercise since I didn't have time) and lost 26lbs. I remember around July I had pulled it out of storage and it was lose on me! I was soo freaking excited! But today when I tried it on... well I couldn't even get both my arms in it... (fat guy in a little coat lol). So I'll return my moms gift and get something with the store credit...

... as far as my butt... well here's my timeline
Friday afternoon it was the usual pain in my back. Then at my second job (factory job) I noticed my right side like I guess my hips/right cheek was hurting a little more than usual...

-Saturday -
Saturday at work (factory only) I noticed my right side again was bothering me, my right butt cheek like the "gluteus maximus" area just felt like really uncomfortable... by the end of the night it just felt swollen maybe? IDK how to explain it, like it just felt like there was some pressure building up in there.
Man sunday was hard... I worked at the factory job only for 6hours and my right butt cheek was in PAIN.. like it's never been this bad with doing so little... little meaning only work 6 hours... like earlier this year when I was working 3 jobs at 87-93hrs/week... I was working myself to the BONE but never had such bad pain like this! By the end of my shift I was done! I wanted to do extra hours since they've reduced my schedule but my body just couldn't go any longer... IDK if it's from the weight gain or what but my body was just OVER IT!
Then I noticed my right leg started hurting... again it felt like pressure was building up in my butt cheek and it was like affecting my leg... almost felt like I slept on it wrong... but doubt it since I was bothering me at night, not first thing in the morning. So Once I left work, since I don't drive anymore I was waiting for an Uber outside of my job... it was like 40 degrees outside. The outsisde of the factory it's like a concrete material & I sat there and it was SOOOO COLD OMG!! but I was so exhausted I didn't care if I froze my ass there, luckily one of my co-workers came out a few minutes later and offered mee a ride.. so we jumped in his car, frozen leather seats so my ass didn't warm up at all, luckily it's not a long ride home. As soon as I got home I kicked off my pants
and started feeling the area in my butt and yoooooooo..... my butt was FROZEN... EXCEPT! The area that hurt was HOTT! And I mean HOTTTT!.. I was so confused, it was so hot to the touch while the rest of my butt and thighs and surrounding areas were cold to the touch.

I told my mom (mind you we haven't talked since our argument on Friday) just to feel my ass and tell me if it feels funny, so she starts feeling everywhere and then found the hot spot and asked, "why is it only hot there?"... nailed it! exactly! I thought it was just me...

Well long story short, it was hard just to get comfortable in my bed... i've noticed the most comfortable position at this point is to lay on my belly on top of two pillows that my back is hunched... because my lower back hurts like crazy... it was uncomfortable last night because I drank a lot of water when I got home, so laying on my belly with that many pillows I kept thinking i was going to throw up but eventually I fell asleep to reading some Realself stories (thanks guys!)...

This morning I felt much better, back had the usual pain and my butt was ohk... I woke up around 7a, and not until about 9am when I finally made it to work (my desk job) the pain started... it's now 11:30am and my ass is hot in the same spot, like the exact same spot it's hot to the touch while everything else is regular. and I'm dreading working tonight at the factory omg IDK how i'm going to do this.

I'm nervous because I remember reading somewhere here on RealSelf in one of the "silicone removal from buttocks" questions that a doctor said to be concerned if it feels inflamed or hot because it could be an infection... so naturally I'm a little scared. I think all of this is happening due to all the stress that's going on. It's the holiday season so both my jobs are stupid busy, I'm stressed from the weight gain, i have to come up with a lot of money in two months for the surgery... and I'm just stressed the fluck out. I know I told you guys I had done gotten into some legal trouble when I first got back from Colombia... I was embarrassed by it then, but now that I've found out that half the people I know have done it too I'm not embarrassed to share it with youse... I got a DUI... yes I know terrible... I know two people that were killed in a DUI and I also know of this guy that was paralyzed from a drunk driver... so please hold your comments and shame, because I totally get it. I've lost my 3rd job because of this and i've also spent already over $1k in UBER rides since i lost my license in October...

I am soo stressed it's just insane. IDK why all of this is happening right now.
Trying to keep my head up.

Paranoia / Back Pain / Medical Leave/ & the Money hunny!

I've recently gotten extremely paranoid... I feel like people are watching over my pages ( Realself, FB, IG, etc.). Naturally I'm always paranoid but now that I have this around the corner I've noticed some of my co-workers have been acting a little strange.

I was especially caught off guard when my superior mentioned out of left field, "idk what you're trying to do, you're getting surgery outside of the country and trying to get paid for it...".... I was just sooo caught off guard like WHO THE FLAAAAAK TOLD YOU THAT!?!?!??!?!!??! oMMMMMG... it doesn't help that the majority of the people that process paperwork (i.e. disability, workers comp, FMLA, etc) are all Dominican, so I'm getting a lot of those 'I-know-what-you're-up-to' looks. I hate it. This weekend I had to finally give in and call out because i keep getting this pain in my lower left rib cage area, I honestly thought it was kidney related and is just overwhelming. I don't even think it has to do with biopolimeros. I went to the E.R. and was told it's most likely a chronic musculoskeletal pain that I'm dealing with and will probably have to deal with the rest of my life but he gave me 3 Rx and told me this will help in the mean time -______________-

When it rains it pours.

I don't want to pop pills for the rest of my life for one, and 2 I really shouldn't be taking any type of medication being that I only have 39 days left!! holy's like the closer I get to my date the more unprepared i feel.

My mom who is still totally against the whole thing keeps telling me to sit down, relax, and stop OVERTHINKING EERYTHING... she knows I'm a big panicker and she's basically just telling me to chill out! And she's right... I know there are just so many things that can go wrong.. I just have to stop thinking that way and think positive!

Now speaking of being positive, to end this update on a better note since working 3 jobs helped me out a lot, unfortunately it has caused me to wear out my body a lot and I can't get another job with the condition I'm in... so I did the last thing I wanted to do and applied for a Thursday and this morning I got the news that it was approved!! Just for laughs I applied for the largest amount offered which was denied lmao but they approved me for a much larger amount that I expected to get approved for. So I will spend half of it on the high interest rate CC's that I still need to pay off and my car since that's a piece of sh!t and I need to sell it... and the rest will go towards surgery and follow up visits... my ex still says he's committed to paying my bills while I'm overseas so that the loan money can be used solely for SX... so we'll see... I mean the kid only has one bill (yes one) a $60 Metro Piece of Sh!t monthly bill that he can never pay on time and me makes around $1,600... (you see why he's my ex?) lol anyways off subject, so just incase that doesn't happen the state owes me around $2k which will def cover two months worth of bills since I'll more than likely take about 6 wks off...idk yet all depends how I feel I guess. ...

so yeah that's it for now ladies... it's the final countdown, sh!ts getting real... I can't wait!

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) ... will I have to wait?

So this is probably a stupid question but since I do have this silicone crap still in me... would that affect the results of getting a PRP...? I want to get one while I'm out in Colombia hoping it can help my pores out (my pores are HUGE)... what do you guys think? If not I guess I can just get one done when I go back out there to get the BBL... but I wanted to get one done this time and then get another one done for my RD2... let me know what youse think! I heard Dr. Guerrero does a really good PRP treatment, he filters it twice I (i can't remember where I read it, I'll try and find that post later tonight).

I'll eventually post this for the docs... just wanted to ask you guys first!

Happy New Years '16 - To All my Dolls <3

Happy New Years to all!! Let's make 2016 a start to a new chapter of health and well being! We have all gone through so much just to achieve the perfect standards of beauty for ourselves, it's truly amazing what we put our bodies through. We have all come so far, and although I feel like giving up on a daily basis, I am not going to let this poison kill my vibe! I've lived in a lot of FEAR the last 9 years and the last 2 years of the 9 I have been in pain... but these last 3 months I seriously feel like I am dying. Physically my body sometimes just feels like it's shutting down on me. But I am NOT giving up on myself, I've made it this far, and all of you ladies have made it this far too. There is hope! We just have to think positive. "What we think we create. What we feels, we attract, What we imagine, we become!" (unknown)

Cardiologist Part 2 / Pre -Op Prepping

So after weeks of trying to get an appointment with the cardiologist, I finally was able to schedule an echo & stress test. Unfortunately it's really close to my departure date... so I'm hoping everything is fine. It would've been scheduled earlier if my 7 voicemails weren't discarded from 11/19/15, but can't blame the past now. My heart beat rushes sometimes and it scares me since I've been reading about this happening with a few girls post op... I know I'm thinking the worse, but I just have to be positive and it'll calm my nerves once I go get a professional's assessment. I'm thinking it's just from the weight gain and all the stress!

My job is also taking it's toll on's hard working in a factory with a lot of nosey people. A lot of hard work makes it hard on my joints. I also think I have carpel tunnel now, my wrist out of nowhere has started cracking and I'm getting sharp pains like pins and needles at my desk job. but it affects me at the part time factory job too. I luckily got FMLA approved but I really wish I could take the next few weeks off from my part time job BEFORE my SX... my body just needs to chill out! I bought some massages through Groupon... hopefully this will help me relax. My body always feels so tense, so I'm hoping it'll relax my muscles and me! I'll let you girls know how it goes and the results from the cardiologist.

SX Date Postponed

Good morning ladies... so unfortunately I had to postpone my trip. My new date for surgery is Friday, March 11th, 2016. I feel bad for everyone that is following me and waiting for my results with Dr. Rios but I don't feel healthy enough to go into surgery. I want to get in as many workouts and build up my stamina as much as possible before I go into surgery. I've joined a new gym which is much closer to me in proximity which will make it easier to access and I've hired a personal trainer. I have exactly 7 weeks & 6 days to lose as much weight as possible. I've already been there 4x mainly for cardio, and with all the weight I've gained and as out of shape as I am I was surprised how well I did. My trainer knows EVERYTHING and she isn't judging me at all, she's supportive of the surgery and everything else, although she had me squatting deep the other day and my ass has been on FIRE since then lol. Idk if it's because of the actual squats or because of the silicone or the combination of the both but I def haven't been able to sit my whole shift at my office job... so I told her no more squats for now lol ....
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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