Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Reduction POST OP!!!! Dominican Republic

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Hello everyone! i am new to this site, but have...

Hello everyone! i am new to this site, but have read many reviews and am very excited for my sx next week! I am 22 years old, 5'2'' and currently weigh 131 pounds. Trying to gain a little bit more weight for the BBL, but it is hard! I think I have enough fat but just to make sure I want to gain a couple more. I am also having a breast reduction. I am a 34DD and have ALWAYS had big boobs and I just can't handle them anymore! Everything hurts and nothing fits properly! LOL... So, I am going from a 34DD to hopefully 34C.
I am so excited, I will post some before pictures later on during the week.

I am nervous, but I know I will be in good hands! What makes me more comfortable is that my doctor I have known since I was 4 yrs old, I went to school with her son! So, I feel very safe since I have known her for so long. Who would have told her that 18 years later she would be operating on me :P

Foam roller to sit on

Hello everyone! I would like to share what I bought in order to sit down for the ride back on the plane, and for school 2x a week. Basically for whenever I am required to sit. It is a foam roller, and I tested a few cigarette cushions, but these give way more support since they are hard. They do not let you butt touch the chair and no pressure is put on your butt. You are just supposed to sit with this under your thighs and your butt will be lifted on the air LOL. Mine was a little big, but it is very easy to cut to the desired length.

Me before, my boobs are too big for my frame(34dd)! i am 5'2'' and weigh 131. This is how I look now.

More before pics!

before pic

2 more days 'til BBL and BR! :)

So, I am leaving tomorrow afternoon after class! I can't believe the day is already there. I'm on my phone so this will be short. So, I spoke to the secretary last night and told me that I had to be at the office thursday at 6am to get mt labs done and everything before surgery, so it'll be an early surgery. I'm so excited I can't wait. I'm not really nervous I'm kore excited than anything. I'm sure the nerved will kick in once I'm at the hospital. Lol. Im very busy finishing school work and running around last minute so as soon as I have a chance I will ipdate the things I have bought and I'm taking. I will be staying at my house over there, well my parents house lol the house I was raised at. At least I won't be alone my parents are staying here but my cousin and two aunts, my sisters brother, and the maid will be there taking care of me. Well, il


Sorry my phone fell and I couldn't finish the last review lol. Well, as I was saying i'll update later I'm gonna run some errands now!

Things I am taking to DR for surgery...

Hey girls, I finally have some time to write some things. This past week has been crazy! With school, final exams, homeworks, projects due, and buying things for the trip I have been exhausted. Well, I will be writing down a list some things that I bought and will be taking with me for the 2 weeks I will be in DR, hope this helps you too when packing.

-Vitamin A
-Vitamin C
-Bromelain 500mg
-Tylenos 3 (with codeine)
-benadryl for itching

For clothes:
-4 buttoned sleeveless blouses (buttoned so I don't have to raise my arms because of the breast reduction).
-6 flowy big shirts that are easy to put on
-4 sweatpants from aeropostale
-3 short sweatpants
-4 string camis
-4 wife beaters
-1 pair of leggings
-3 pairs of jeans
-3 pairs of buttoned loose pj's
-1 front zipped robe
-5 front zipped of buttoned dresses
-sports bra

for personal care/use:
-cotton balls
-body cream
-baby wipes

-Foam roller (to be able to sit)
-Pez (to pee without sitting down/easier)
-straws (to drink easier)

I think I got everything down! Hope this helps. BTW I am leaving tomorrow afternoon =) =) =) ...

breasts: 34DD
waist: 28in
Butt: 37in


at the airport!

Everyone, I am at the airport on my way to DR! About to board this is finally happening omg! I will try to update later when I get home if I'm not too tired. I have surgery tomorrow in the am. Please pray!!!!


Hello everybody!!! Sorry I took sooo long to write a review, but the thing is that the internet wasn't working here at my house and it just got fixed today! So, where do I start??? LOL so many things happened that I don't even know where to start. I got to CECIP thursday morning and did all my labs. BTW CECIP is a very nice beautifully decorated clinic, it also has about 30 doctors. People here have asked me about it and yes, it has been there for years, I found out there that CIPLA is a new clinic. ...Ok, so I got my labs done around 7, an hour later everything was ok, so around 9:15am I went into surgery. They gave me the anesthesia and I knocked out in a few seconds lol. Next thing I know I wake up crying and babbling, let me tell you girls, the pain the first 2 days is no joke!!!!! LOL the lipo and your butt feels like its on fire! The breast reduction on the other hand, doesn't hurt at all.

Well, I left the clinic the next day and came home. I took some tylenol 3's (with codeine) that i brought from Miami, so she didn't prescribe any unless these didn't work, and let me tell you, I must have a high resistance because they didn't do crap. Since I felt better by day 3, im going up and down the stairs, moving like crazy, basically I looked like I didnt have surgery lol so I went by without any pain killers. As the days pass I feel a lot better, I only have a little pain on my butt when I hit it or have to sit, but it is very maneageable, everything else it great.
BTW, I LOVE MY RESULTS, Dra.Yira Tapounet did a great job. For those who haven't heard about her, she is very well known here and is considered one of the best. Everyone that asked me who my doctor is and have seen my results have said, yes, she is an excellent doctor and she did a great job.

Well, I will post some pics soon.



Here are some pics post op I just took on my comp.

Breast reduction post op pics

Yira Tapounet Brugal

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