Dropping lbs.,Shopping,to do list,labs,and this BBL Journey

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If People in my life are already being shady so I...

If People in my life are already being shady so I need to eliminate them out my life now cause when I get m BBL...Bruh you really gonna hate!!

It's a certain category of women who dont just whine and complain about their bodies but do something about it!!! Hi Realself sisters I relate to you more than people who are familiar with me so I'm looking to become real friends.I've already had a Tummy Tuck,and four years later I'm going to Dominican Republic for(The finishing touches) Aggressive liposuction and Brazilian Butt lift,and instead of posting diet plans on social media from March- June which most of the over weight people I know...BBQ time by the 4th and it's all out the window then it's postings of BBQ Ribs lol!! I don't relate to that year after year summer after summer BREAK THE CYCLE!!! I don't want to be witness to that I don't have a "Fat person's "mentality" I am like most women sure I had a kid,gained weight,blah blah blah I am more than that I want to get back to enjoying my body,my kid is a young man in college and Like I told his dad I DESERVE to enjoy MY Life LIKE IT OR ME OR NOT I ONLY WANT TO SURROUND MYSELF WITH WOMEN WHO THINK THE SAME!!! Who's with me?!?! As I said I have one kid,but no babysitters needed,I'm a young looking,and spirit 40 live in Bergen County NJ but am a native New Yorker,seriously I lived everywhere in NY Soundview in the Bronx,Clinton Hills Brooklyn,even Far Rockaway Queens.Needless to say I drive and I know after my BBL I will have no choice I wanna be apart of that crew NOT the complain "I need to get in shape by summer this summer no doubt crew" ....Life is too short not to be my "RealSelf" I know it's gott be many of you ladies who think like me ;~)

Hemoglobin 13.4!!Can I get on the table RIGHT NOW!!!

I can honestly say I wasn't trying in the sense that I see some of the postings here,of pre surgery ladies racking up on iron pills,blood builders,potions,and notions.All I do is take a muliti vitamin,and eat well.I mean I am a wife and mother and always cooked for my family over fast food drive throughs.However reading some of the common bbl,tt,lipo post,and just chatting with people considering surgery it is alarming to know that as important as your blood being oxygenated,properly is to undergo a surgery that drastically removes blood during the process one must know how to take care of themselves. Instead of stocking up on pills,shortly before surgery that will inevitably cause constipation.I am here to verify that after having a tummy tuck pushing on the toilet dosen't feel good!! May I suggest a few of my recipes ladies? I am in the process of dropping a few lbs before surgery however I'm trying to do it healthy so I can be healthy on the table and after.My Tummy Tuck Dr.complemented me post sx because I healed well and fast! Two wks and she thought I was a month post op.Well I prepared I stocked up on fruits and veggies fresh and frozen,Pre sx I made myself a big pot of chicken breast,spinach,potato,and carrot soup,easy for my son and husband to heat up for me.Ate Raisin Bran,whole grain breakfast bars,blended fruit and yogurt smoothies.So now pre.sx again I eat well,I cook!....Chinese food,McDonald's,Popeyes,Pizza is NOT my idea of food the only "fast food" at the top of my quick take out options is Chipotle only because it's Real food,with fresh lettuce and tomatoes as options luckly my teenager thinks so too,but I can say I raised him like that no soda,candy,rather water,100% juice,fruits,raisins etc.and my hubby is from the Caribbean and only eats cooked food so it makes it easier for me that we're not a fast food family....Normally I mix spinach with everything like Sat and Sun omelets I buy fresh and add frozen to add to spaghetti,and even cook with salsa,by making sauce over chicken,and fish,and once a week a nice steak and ONLY Sweet potatoes no white potatoes because like I said I'm trying to keep calories low 1200 a day max.Oh I drink almond milk too,green,ginger and lemon teas,and about a gallon of water a day.I am down just under 10lbs by cutting calories moreso than starving myself which is a sure path to low hemo levels.I want to get the best lipo,and bbl results,However eatting well aka "Clean" is the only way I know how to maintain my Hemoglobin and I hope my review helps ladies in the process of knowing that food is better than pills.Best Wishes on your Surgery Journey and take care of yourselves ;~)

LOL This pic is TOO REAL!! AND So is the Shade I'm Receiving

Gurl SMH You ever be so excited telling people about your plans to better yourself,your life,and just the plan that the God Lord put us on this earth to pursue and you happen to catch them giving you the stank face,or a negative,pessimistic response? Or they just go right on with the conversation about nothing like you didn't even say anything!! HUUUM!! I maybe another 1 of my RS Sister's who will be taking that DR Trip by myself tho.SMH But do we really have to??Who's From the NY/NJ Area and wanna meet up,make friends buddy up b4 we go? Fo real,I drive I'm in the NNJ area but I'm a ride or die NYer I be in Crown Heights,I'm familiar wit Soundview...We need to network off line ladies cause I feel like I'mma only have Post SX/PS Friends,when It's all said n done,I mean I still get the "Why did you have a TT question,cause a hanging belly aint cute that's why" Ladies need to invest in more than some "Remmy" to be Happy with yourself is priceless.Lets have drinks and toast to that!

B4 n After

Ready to pay my Deposit...BUT TO WHICH DOC?!?? HELLLLLLP!!

So if you can tell by my profile I've been on RS for a WHILE,and I am 6 yrs. post TT with lipo.I quickly realized I was going back for more PS especially because of the post op side affects that REALLY Bothers me, is that the weight shift and distribution changes.I've always been athletically built,with broad shoulders and narrow hips which didn't do my boby good post pregnancy because it Only made my upper boby larger. I'm blessed to have nice size breast and because I put my thick calfs to use by running track in H.S. I have somewhat of a booty but I know I need fuller hips to go with the projection. Which leads to me knowing the only place I want to go to achieve my less muscular,more feminine curves is to the DR. I had my TT here in the states and as I mentioned they DON'T tell you maybe get a WHOLE Upper body reduction because while your stomach remains flat,any bloatness,or weight gain goes to your arms,boobs,chin,and yeah BACK/BRA FAT!! Sooo what Bikini am I wearing?!?! Sooo take all that upper body fat and make me some hips,rounder booty and snatch this waist Please!!!So yeah as I said my tummy is still flat,but I've always hovered around 200lbs. and Drs. Seem to ONLY see that number when I email for quotes,without taking into account they only have to do lipo,and filling on me I had a TT already,because of my frame those are just my numbers 40-50lbs. less I look different "Skinny" my body changes I loose the booty and boobs I do have so I don't want to be that small I know I don't look like I even weight that much either as well as the fact that my TT Doc worked on me at this weight,I will probably drop like close to 20lbs just for the BEST result so my search for a DR Doc resumes,I'm ready I'm thinking March 2017,I kinda know what recovery house I will stay at for the 10days most recommend BUT Which DOC??! With my description,pics and desired goal who do you recommend Ladies?!?!

DRINK your fruits n Vegetables Ladies!!

Well I'm not one to Post each and every step that I'm taking towards my Journey towards my surgery I am just more of a loner and I'll do my thing on my own independently that's just who I've always been... It would be good to have a buddy of course,but I know I gotta do me but won't hesitate to drop a few suggestions,pointers,or to some even Jewels SOOOO my point is what I'm noticing is that many of you ladies are talking about your quest for finding the perfect pill and the perfect potion to substitute the natural way of boosting your body's Readiness for surgery such as iron. I am highly concerned that a lot of women are accepting of the fact that they're having to get blood transfusions in a foreign country. Not to criticize any other country of course because I'm considering going abroad myself for surgery but it's just very alarming to me that if you lose blood or if you're not recuperating the way you're supposed to,is it okay to be hooked up to a random bag of blood :~/...being stuck into your arm and put into your body is really alarming to me as I said not to criticize another country but I know here in the states that there are many rules and regulations as to who can even donate blood, so I kind of want to know where the blood is coming from,whose blood is it? It makes me sick to my stomach to even think that somebody's blood is going in me... so basically I'm trying to prep and prepare of course. I am a believer that the best you can do is to Naturally get your fruits and vegetables and of course the most natural way is to have them in their natural form and not pills and potions I spoke about this before,because I noticed many ladies complaining their hemo is low.Imagine you get to your surgery and they tell you that you're body is not prepared because obviously you're going to lose a lot of blood so that means your nutrition was not up to par.Of course I never want that to happen and because I've had surgery before I know how the post-op feels so again I just want to be the healthiest I can so to me one of the best tools is a NutriBullet!!!

I have a cup in the morning and share with my husband in his ( he's loving his less bloated belly) sports bottle he takes to work rather than Gatorade (Glorified Kool-Aide) and I even noticed that I want more than one cup a day,my body is craving Fruits n Vegetables?!?!!!! Simply to take a bag of carrots(less than $1) an Apple,banana,whenever I want to throw in there,I use coconut water because I don't want like a milkshake consistency even though I only drink almond milk but I have yet to mix it with milk because I just like the taste of just fresh fruits and vegetables Blend and POW,I KNOW MY BODY IS LIKE THANK YOU!!! Also Walmart Has the best 3lb bag for $10 it has KALE( one of the top Iron Boosters) blueberries,strawberries Wymans frozen fruit n veggie bag.They have different types of bags but there's only one(Green) bag that has the kale so put down the pills and get a NutriBullet ladies!!!You'll be doing Your body complete Justice I think I've even lost a few pounds too!! again I'm not really one to jump on a scale but I just feel the difference and I definitely know that my hemo levels are high enough to get on the table Tomorrow. Also as per my previous post I shared the fact that I cook spinach,alot I drop a hand full in spaghetti sauce,mix it in eggs,etc. I just know the importance of eatting well...and how that's always better than popping pills trying to "Substitute" how our bodies are made to thrive and absorb nutrition,so I just wanted to let you ladies know and share some suggestions so instead of looking on Amazon to find out what's the best pill to buy,to to the grocery store,then invest in a NutriBullet !! You don't have to spend $150 obviously from my experience it's strongest blender (10mins) you just put your stuff in the cup,put it on there and take a straw I just drink it right out the blender cup lol,and like I said I noticed throughout the day that I'm craving another one a "smoothie" I guess you can say but I don't mix with yogurt or milk,mine is just straight fruits and vegetables.As I mentioned I prepared ziplock bags the beginning of the month with extra kale,chia seeds,etc. and then randomly if I want a different taste that week I'll just pick up some apples bananas,a bag of carrots you can't go wrong ladies so drink your fruits and veggies!! Good luck and good health


I'M A POTENTIAL PATIENT ....NOT TRYING TO BUY A CAR!!!! Sometimes it's the patient coordinators that RUIN the Doctors reputation!! In this case I am already TURNED OFF uuuhhggg...FIRST of all being a native NYer you're NOT going to pull da okie doke,with the "HUNNY,SWEETY,etc.. I am listening and want my questions answered as well!! Soo stop it wit dat charming stuff,save it for ya man cause "Ms." works very well,and is appropriate for business transactions that was the num.(1) turn off
(2) Yes I am on RS. viewed MaCAdoo b4 n After and submitted mybrequest for a quote,but give me a chance to review it,not even a full 24hrs and you're already emailing me multiple times,AND CALLING?!! DON'T DO THAT Turn off num. 2
(3) LAST BUT NOT LEAST I'm not just sitting here waiting in your waiting room I just got in from my day need to run out,plan with my family, a plane ticket,etc. Don't call me umpteen times then when I am able to pick up you don't hear that "You caught me at a bad time can we arrange a better time to speak?" YOU RUSH in "OH CAUSE SWEETY THE PRICE I GAVE YOU IS ONLY GOOD FOR RIGHT NOW AND IF YOU DON'T PAY NOW I DON'T IF I CAN GIVE YOU THAT PRICE!!!" :~/  ...."oh since you're trying to pressure me to pay you like an,ATM rather than a potential surgical patient where I'm supposed to entrust my care/LIFE to your office I guess I'm going to have to find another Doctor then"(Like who u think u talking to ?!? This is Surgery ,not it I want a small or large fries...Are you kidding me with the High pressure sales tactics right now?? Even MacDonalds gives you a min to think about it) SMH....

 "OH OK SWEETY CALL ME BACK AND WE CAN SEE IF WE CAN HOLD THAT PRICE FOR YOU" I HUNG UP ON THE CHICK LIKE uuhhhggg Really that's the impression you're putting out here in these "Real Self streets" "Suduction by Jordon??"..,Whatever "High pressure/unprofessional mammi mammi,hunny,sweety,sales tactics office"......So I'm  supposed to fly to Miami and be put UNDER for this?!? Naaww my life is INVALUABLE!! Oh well. DR SEARCH STILL ON SMH.......I'M LIKING McAdoo's results tho SMH :~/

BBL in 30 Days!!!

Well I have decided,Not to go to the Dominican Republic for surgery.I'm just too cautious and important to my family to take the risk.Then the "chasing' of Doctors I'm not with that I have to chase you to give you my money?? Wake up at 7am what'sApp at 9pm SMH...There are Miami Doctors I am considering..ESPECIALLY Because I am READY To pay and be on the Table this time next month!!

Fisher at EresMiami aka Vanity so far NOT Good my coordinator didn't give me the option to submit my photos BEFORE She just gave me a quote $5500 for Hassan $6000 for Fisher I pressed the fact that I consider myself a unique Bbl situation because I already had a tummy tuck so there isn't much fat on my tummy to transfer to bbl but all my back bra,and arm fat I NEED GONE!! However I am leaning towards LipoSulpture because of the toned look I desire for my arms and back.I wanted to know What the Doctor Recommends if that can be achieved with regular lipo..It was obvious she practically put her hand on the phone and was like 'ooh yeah right right,ok send your pics" SMH...My next question again is if they are offering 12 areas of lipo could my arms be included again... because I had a Tummy tuck (let me know what I'm paying for) again "Oh sure Yeah yeah he'll do your arms" Uhhm you need to submit your deposit hun... Uuhmm it's Basically apparent my money is MORE IMPORTANT Than what I WANT,and then all the negative reviews about Vanity IDK SMH...

McAdoo..The coordinator Turned me off Day 1 wanting my $100 deposit the 1st 5mins of her randomly calling me on my way out the door..SMH

Dr.Ortega aka Spectrum..I like their videos,and site however still waiting for them to contact me as submitting pics via the site says it will take 48hrs for a reply..Huumm

Dr. Salama-Got back to me same day I will submit photos etc. For my quote and update my review

Dr.Velilla /Evolution
The surgical quote include all the areas above: (WHAT AREAS YOU ASK ME TOO... View that OUTRAGEOUS Quote Below $8000 for liposuction? !!?!)
$8,280 Procedure under general anesthesia.
Fat Tranfer (BBL) would be $1,300 more
Quote includes 35 % off
Additional Fees:
Lymphatic Massages $80/per session
Cavitations $80/per session
Compression Garment $160
Foams $15/EA - (Patients need 3)
Board $10 (small) $15 (Big)
YEAH OK....My RS Sisters help me out I'm on line for what seems like forever now I thought It would be simple knowing the good bad and the ugly thanks to you but these Doctors sure will throw "Curves" in your plans lol God willing I will be on the Table next month with blessed hands doing my surgery.


So where do I Begin? I'll keep this short but unfortunately this post won't be so Sweet! If you've read my RS journey it's not difficult to some of my personality I'm very straightforward being from New York and I also consider myself to be somewhat intelligent I really don't like to be fooled so don't like West to go for my round 2 of cosmetic surgery which I've already had a tummy tuck in 2011 I have been checking out doctors from Dominican Republic to Miami I decided not to go to Dominican Republic because I'm just too nervous and just don't want to take the risk.I'll save that "adventure' for vacationing with my new curves. Therefore I've been looking at cosmetic surgeons in Miami. Being considered "Plus Size" 5'6 200lbs I QUICKLY realized even though I've already had a Tummy Tuck and mostly want my back fat removed Doctors and or their coordinator look at my questionnaire and immediately respond with the whole BMI rules n regulations.That's fine I know I'm not the ONLY plus size doll on my weight loss - Surgery journey. I know I plan on dropping a few lbs before surgery.However while most PS offices gave me a quote with the ultimatum of being at their required BMI at the time of surgery,I continue to search out RH and those who have Instagram pgs. If the have one.What my post is about is the fact that it's no secret these PS offices are also in the sales business,they promote their skills,videos,and post op patients on social media to attract our money to their pockets,summer homes,and their wives PS lol.I don't have no problem with that obviously we want to all get off the table being "advertisement" Where the problem lies is Don't Lie!! The proof is in the screen shots I also posted along with this review. Some Docs go too far,remember one of the first things I said is that I don't like when my intelligence is under estimated,don't give me the idea that you stick by your BMI "requirement" when I request a quote all while posting on your social media much larger ladies advertising that you are the "Pioneer" of sculpting plus size dolls,then when dolls begin questioning your BMI "requirements" ...uuhhmm lemme just say becareful what you advertise Doc..

Some of these Fraud Docs

Lies!! Hello,

Thank you so much for your pictures! Our surgeon had the opportunity to review them and unfortunately we can't provide a quote on your case based on your pictures. Doctor needs to see you in person because your BMI is a little higher than the allowed., I will be very happy to help you booking a consultation if you decide to come to Miami to see Dr.. However, if you lose some weight, between 10 to 15 lbs, you can resend your updates pictures and we can have a virtual consultation.
Feel free to contact me if you need any further help.
Have a great day!
Carmela De Frenza
Out of State Consultant

From Tummy Tuck to BBL

I'm just too nervous to go to DR for surgery. Therefore the Doc. That qualifies best for me with the proper Credentials,RS Reviews, b4&After pics,Social media and office professionalism is Dr. McAdoo....OMG I'M BOUT TO UNDERGO BBL SURGERY :~) DR.McAdoo March 13!!!!!! I'm staying at Joyful RH 13~18 so far so good the owner Joy has been a "joy" to work with. The accommodations(pics) ?Communication ? Pricing?Booking ?

I'm Flying to Florida March11th to go straight to McAdoo's Adventura office for my Pre op,then I'm staying at a hotel till Surgery Monday.The RH is scheduled to pick me up post op then I will be staying there 5 days...I'm actually looking forward to the vacay lol.Good Luck all of you other dolls bout to be bootyful too;~)

Supplies supplies supplies

BBL pillow, butt out girdle,Ab board or no Ab board,alcohol pads,Tylenol,stand up urinal,compression socks..........????????

Dropping lbs,Shopping,to do list,reservations,labs,and this BBL Journey

Ok,so first n foremost is that I'm supposed to be in Miami as I type this at home in New Jersey it's okay.. it's not like I can't use a few extra days to prepare because you're actually never prepared lol,so after having to cancel my hotel reservation, fortunately not getting charged to postpone my flight,let the the RH to expect me a day later,my real review is unfortunately that Macado's office proved to be unreliable when it came to coordinating my surgery without a hitch. Almost a month-and-a-half ago is when I actually contacted them. After I received my quote you would think that once the surgery coordinator confirmed my deposit,she would have sent their lab requirements along with the "Blah blah blah,welcome packet" BUT she didn't....Therefore 1 Day before I was supposed to fly to Miami,uber to their office,hotel booked etc.etc.I call just to confirm the cash,check,or m.o.and that's when another coordinator answers the phone,courteous enough to go down the check list with me and tells me ok and "Bring the labs from your PRESCRIPTION " "PRESCRIPTION??? I was never sent a "Prescription!!" ....ONLY because I had a TT and not being a complete idiot is why I assumed I would have to go to my doctor and do a full physical, but no wonder my doctor was looking at me like I was going to some basement chop shop,for cosmetic surgery because when I walked in and told them that I want to have a "pre-surgical physical" of course I guess they were assuming I would have a prescription or just a request from the cosmetic surgeons office which I did not have so luckily my doctor did the EKG a full metabolic workup, a chest x-ray and urine analysis but of course not having the prescription. The day before I flew out that I realized that more than likely I needed more lab work done so on a Friday,I'm scrambling to call my doctor's office,fax over the labs I did take to Macado's office to confirm if it was enough or not because then they will have to fax over their prescription if not,and of course I will have to go back into my doc's office and give more blood... Of course call back nobody is answering the phone somebody's In wirh another patient blah blah blah so I finally got Nelly who I have confiscated now as my new surgery coordinator to write down what labs I need so I can call my doctor back and confirm if I took those labs or not so long story short I didn't, luckily my doctor's only 2 blocks away so I ran down the street once they receive the fax to confirm that of course I needed more labs,suck the blood for my vein and then the countdown begins to receive the "Full medical " results back in time to be cleared for surgery. In the meantime I had to postpone my flight. Ladies word of advice buy that flight Insurance because you never know what can happen,that extra Thirty forty fifty bucks that the airline charges is worth you not getting a penalty of over $100 if you have to change your flight. I am not looking at this as so much as a negative because hey I'm home I caught it before I flew out becuz if I would have flown all the way there for them to tell me that I don't have enough labs to have the surgery on Monday I would have been pissed B****,and more than likely Not able to have McAdoo do my surgery because they would have had to escort me outta there.... so at least I found out why I was still home and able to change my flight,cancel my hotel reservation, because the only reason why I booked the hotel was to catch Macado's office on a Saturday to do my pre op so I could be on the table on Monday so in a way I save money because now I didn't have to stay at the hotel now I'm going to fly in on Tuesday hopefully my labs have been received by then surgery tentatively right now is scheduled for Wednesday and I just go straight to recovery house after coming from McAdoo office. Ladies make sure that your coordinator is up on it, because once they get your deposit and I seen many ladies complain that they don't call you and they don't follow up once they get your deposit it's kind of proven to be true unfortunately at Macado's office too. I receive the welcome packet she expected me to sign something and I'm just like you know I don't have a printer at home so when I got a chance I was going to stop at the library and print out everything that she sent me via email but she was quick to say.It was the doctor's assistant who's supposed to send you the prescription NO it's you because if the doctor's assistant didn't hear from you that you received my deposit then they don't even know I exist in the system so scratch her as my surgery coordinator my new surgery coordinator at Macado's office is Nelly so bypass everybody that you call and speak to the person that you feel is the most reliable because as I was going through all this my original surgery coordinator Stephanie that gave my deposit to never even called me back it was Nellie who was patient enough to make sure that I'm more than just a Dolla Sign but actually a patient because I explained to her I'm not rushing to get on the table I want to make sure that I'm healthy enough to get on the table,I look forward to being healthy enough to undergo BBL surgery which is most important....Update once I am flying out,stay tuned ;-/

Recovery houses getting "Raided"

Now what?!?!UuuuGGGGG NYC Snow storm coming=FLIGHT CANCELED!!!!!

...So as sit here bout 20lbs less in less than a month with my recipes via my pics on the "Beads" EVERY Other Obstacle has been put in my way..from paying my deposit to the RH,problem with her card accepting payment from my account....then McAdoo's office NOT sending my prescription in time to catch my 1st. Flight so now Labs clear...BUT Now if you aren't in NY to know there's a snow storm coming amd Jet Blue cancled my flight!!!! Smh I aint trying to get an embolism (Blood clot) flying back only 3 days after surgery when I booked my RH stay for 5 days after SMH Missed 1,then 2,now wouldn't be able to have my surgery till day 3??! OK Lord I'm listening.......Surgery Postponed....:~/

And this BBL Journey continues......

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So many of you ladies need to get on Instagram you ask questions here that your Doc,nurses,RH,and drivers answer....My pg is soooo Random right now but it's me if you want to add me S_P_O_N_TANEOUS

....BBL journey continues

Supposed to be booking my flight but 1st lemme post a few pics...Dolls I've been having my eyes open n ear to the streets lol inbox me cause I got a whole list of nurses,RH,etc. that RS wouldn't let me post cause I assume there are toooo many links you can also follow my "Non eventfull" random Instagram pg I use it to follow my Doc,RH etc.... S_P_O_N_TANEOUS is me on ig

As my BBL journey continues I live to tell the tale

Welcome to Miami/Bienvenido a Miami.... As My journey continues, staye tuned or not For everyone is on their own individual path.I can only stay true to myself 1st. If you follow my journey it's easy to know that I am very realistic person,I'm educated ,I'm also streetwise being from New York I don't mince words. However I am a compassionate and loving wife and mother but the native New Yorker in me is aware,alert and on point. Because I have people that love me and are relying on me I cannot gamble with my health and my life so I take it very seriously. So Although I am able to pay for my procedure I took a cashiers check directly out of my account so God forbid if anything were to happen tobme there would be a paper trail of my payment. Unfortunately seduction proved not to give a damn their reputation I'm sure you should know being here on RS is 10000 percent true even the office manger Yolanda had to confess as she had to take my "case' because they KEPT Messing up, calling me asking me if I am showing up the next day when I had no appointment the next day calling me asking me if I want info when I already have the info, calling me telling me that they didn't call me when they clearly did ALL this even after I paid my deposit SMH Bunch of Dumb Dumbs. They are VERY unorganized it seems that they are working on commission until they get your money or whichever way you are paying , financing, layaway,etc. that's basically what is priority. I posted previously that they left a bad taste in my mouth because my previous date was canceled because they did not send my prescription for my labs along with my contracts , once they received my deposit. obviously knowing that I was going for a medical procedure I went to the doctor myself to have a full physical only to find out the day before I was supposed to fly out in March that they want me to have additional labs they require, so I tried to keep my spirits positive and postponed, my flight to this past Monday 4/3 " surgery date" 4/4 which means my labs sat for a month. I flew out 5 o'clock in the morning with plans to arrive there by 9 AM when they open..... I sat in that waiting room until 2 PM!! Until another lady began complaining is when they took us in Back. All of you ladies so focused on making travel buddies, surgery buddies etc. trust me sitting in the waiting room long enough you willl makes "Buddies' we were all there from different states Missouri.,California,Chicago and me New York ;-) as well as different stages of procedure I was one of two of us there who already had deposits however I came straight from the airport with my suitcase prepared for surgery the next morning where other ladies came just to check the surly out another lady was there just for info and trust me it's very obvious they treat you accordingly I was one of the first to go in the office to proceed with my "contact" when one of McAdoo's postop's came in and casually told me that she was definitely staying for a week because another one of her recovery house mates had died that morning because she had complications flew out too soon and developed blood clots. With that reality already messing with the mood I get to the back and noticed their color-coded system taped to the wall, basically if you're "blue" you just called for info if you're "yellow" you paid your deposit if you are "green" you paid your deposit and are ready to book your " Surgery date" as I said they treat you like a $... so is she proceeded to print out all the paperwork that you would think should have been printed out already she quickly stops and is like oh let's go and take your weight then comes back and pretends that she needs to go to the bathroom Only to come back and tell me that McAdoo has LOWERED His BMI Cap to 32 my BMI is 34, I chose him because he his office or whoever over there posted a before and after picture of a patient with a BMI of 36... I flew all the way there after being in contact constant contact with them since January 3 coordinators a manager' a Personal cell phone number and now you tell me that!?!? Not mention I lost 30+ pounds I would have no problem losing the additional 5lbs that would put me in range for McAdoo to do my procedure!! Needless to say they knew I was not happy but I remain calm and professional the office manager Yolanda gave me the option of going to Dr. Osak Ompulepu. Or whatever his name is he is not the doctor that I came here for unfamiliar with him but not enough to have the procedure with them the next day as I would with Dr. McAdoo. But I knew in my head it was only because they had my deposit and she knew that I was paying cash and of course they do not want to miss out on any money. The state of Florida is cracking down on theses small surgery centers with doctors who are not board-certified surgeons especially because ladies are dying and there are too many injuries to count. As a matter fact upon my coordinator Stephanie giving me the information to have my cashiers check written out to obviously the Corporation name is not seduction the Corporation name is butterfly cosmetic corporation upon her give me that information I googled it only to discover that they are not licensed as a medical facility rather as a clothing, make up, face cream store SMH. Against my better judgment I'm sitting in Avent tour Florida with them telling me they cannot do my procedure the next day. It's also obvious that they are trying to minimize their injuries by trying to transition to only operating on younger, smaller,females but only if you weeks ago to 20 something-year-old's were hospitalized because of complications with McAdoo. In fact both of the ladies traveled with their mothers and it was only after sitting in the waiting room much longer then the two hour procedure took is when one of the patients mom's insisted on seeing her daughter as they were blocking her from accessing her she threatened to call the police of course that is only when they called the ambulance SMH. You willing to have a patient possibly die in your facility mainly because McAdoo does not have hospital privileges nor is he a board-certified cosmetic surgeon he might be a "doctor" but if anything goes wrong I want him to be able to help the doctors in the hospital help me!! And as I said the office manager Yolanda was willing to send me to another doctor just so I can stay on schedule with my surgery the next day ?!??of course coming all that way I wanted to hear from McAdoo myself about my specific physic, even though I had a tummy tuck and got the most part I want lipo of my Back fat he did Not convince me of anything Specific of why My 5lbs would be an issue. As I said it's obvious he knows that the heat is on because of all those casualties in Florida and unfortunately he has a few under his belt as well so if you don't know he is a Doctor Who can biunce from location to location as his lawyer keeps malpractice suites delayed while we risk injury or worst. That's just not worth the risk to me so I'm going to sum it up like this I still want my procedure but if I have to save a little bit more and go with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who is willing to do my procedure in the hospital so I can have that peace of mind my life is not worth saving a couple of thousand dollars. I had my tummy tuck done by a board-certified surgeon in hospital and I can guarantee I did not see any of the equipment used to monitor patients in that small room that they use to operate at seduction. So I glad I went and even more glad that I didn't take a chance that I hope to have come out on the other side with no complications. Sure McAdoo do all the procedures you will on 150 lb max 18-15 yr olds I'll keep my money in my bank and find a Doctor better suited for me. As well as the fact that I can't make any clearer that you have to go into this Knowledgeable and aware because even as I was nice and friendly to another Doll in Seduction waiting room I shared with her my recovery house and fell upon realizing that I was not having my procedure the next day I kindly told her that if she was that she should call the recovery house and ask her if she could accommodate her last minute now that I would be flying home. Do you know that chick took it a step further told the recovery house host that she is my cousin and I told her it would be OK to use my deposit toward her stay??!? Of course the host called me to verify that lie and Quickly declined her stay SMH....

So for you ladies still proceeding with your post procedure with seduction I will gladly share that an Uber to their Aventura office is less than $25 they want traveling dolls to have three blood clot shots that are $160 a piece, and also factor in your meds especially if you do not have medical insurance painkiller and anti-biotic and now that I know of course the things definitely change because your surgery date is not guaranteed I would stay a minimum of a week after a procedure.like 10 days. So Dolls be empowered with knowledge on this Journey, hopefully I was able to help based on my experience, Please don't try to cut corners Financially purchase purchase the flight insurance because it definitely came in handy because I went directly back to the airport and was able to fly out that night and Be SAFE, you want to Live to share your Journey not be Sexy in a Coffin. You have to look out for yourself and also I know now I want my hubby or someone to care about me to speak up while I'm in that operating or Definitely be in a hospital if something does go wrong.

Here we go....

So of course Seductions is trying to play the merry-go-round game with returning my deposit. Business 101 you declined to do business with me therefore return my money!!! I am so glad I decided to make a cashiers check and NOT pay them in advance but $500 still $500!! And if I have to call, email, STALK That office for 500 days until they return my $500 deposit well they got the right 1!!

I was very much a lady when I walked out knowing that I would NOT Be returning Surgery buddies I met were like "We didn't even see you leave" However Seriously Ya'll will see me on the Aventura-National News Breaking out Seduction Windows if they play with anymore of my time and MONEY....

I'm like come on you declined to operate on me return my funds Yo. I have been in touch with them since January I filled out the consultantion form honestly give or take a few pounds before I had a full physical you could have requested my Doc verify my BMI and What REALLY pisses me off is that I was in Constant contact with at least 3 surgical coordinators!!! There was no misconception that I am a 200+ female however I made it very clear that having had a tummy tuck there is no way that four litters of fat will be LIposuctioned out my stomach. I want/need My back liposuctioned now if you tell me to lose more weight there won't be any fat to Lipo to give me the amount of fat that I want in my butt and hips ?!? 5lbs that McAdoo requested will eliminate that fat... SMH I'm Frustrated Today I TRIED To Explain to them I'm a Unique case, of course it went on Deaf ears SMH. Back to square 1 looking for a new Doc scheduling again SMH It really hit me today that my time was WASTED since January, flying out there. It's SOOO important for a DOCTOR to WANT To listen to each an every patients desires, access their body type... Dealing with Stupid coordinators I didn't meet Dr. McAdoo until I was there he looked at my paper as I was walking into his office to speak to Him before I left to even know what my name was ... I should have known better than that I know I my standards are NOT to be part or a "Herd" placed on a assembly-line to give me the same routine procedure that is given to everyone else... Uuuggg Wish my TT Doc has a lil more skills with BBL I would just allow her to do it THE VIP Treatment of surgery in a Private Hospital, waking up to her standing over me monitoring me post surgery pain killers and drains waiting and a stay in a 5star hotel with 24hr nurse included if I was an out of town patient.,. I'm curious about Blinaski he is on point already with his credentials and hospital privileges I need those skills in my life... No store front quick fast seductions clinic No offense to you ladies that are patronizing seductions and spectrum please be careful and take care of yourselves as I knew I was a unique case when I walked in there, and their HORRIBLE professional communication and organizational skills while dodging the state of Florida, decreasing their BMI cap but not letting the patients know until they get there was a recipe for disaster.

The JoyFul/ Forgetful Recovery house

Uuugg where to begin?!? The reason I chose not to go to the Dominican Republic is because I did not want all of the back-and-forth chasing emailing downloading WhatsApp's calling at certain hours annoying irritating?, drama to get surgery. Well if you read my "Journey " you will KNOW that even going to Miami DID NOT work out for me so rightfully I never even steped foot in the recovery house that I chose to book. with all of the raides etc. going on it seems like the joyful recovery house was avoiding that issue however upon not getting my surgery at seductions I immediately called Joy and told her I will not be coming for my stay and she immediately volunteered to give me back all of my deposit because she knows "Seductions" is so unorganized but I told her No you keep a lil something for your reserving my space, so we agreed upon an amount for her to submit into my bank account when we realized early on that we have the same bank .But even from the start it was very obvious how forgetful and maybe, even I dare to say how Unorganize she maybe herself because even when we agreed-upon stuff I am the one reaching back out to her to remind her oh I didn't get that email, oh you said you would send me that link etc. etc..From her it was always like oh I didn't know, oh I forgot,oh I'm busy, etc. etc. I'm just glad I avoided what seems to be the same stuff I didn't want to go to DR for. Especially while recouping from surgery.... The problem with "Joy" /The JoyfullRecovery house is that she tries to use all these apps to receive and send money on top of her being Forgetful, n seems even over the phone and via Text Overwhelmed because her excuse is always basically if you're Not In her face she Forgets,,,, Needless to say there was problems with her getting my deposit (using apps) and now there's problems with me getting my partial refund(Deposit in my Bank account BUT She didn't go to the Bank that we share again she's Trying to use an app) it's been exactly one month two months if you count both be booking and canceling SMH... Done.

Case Close...Well for now

I never thought it would be me having a negative experience trying to achieve my cosmetic surgery goals. Fact that I set aside my funds was organized,investigated and I felt did my research wasn't it just was not destined for me at the time.

Now that I paid,traveled,reserved,consulted etc.etc. I am honestly no longer prioritising surgery as I have planned to be done and recuperated by now. So now I am on to the next thing that I have planned. Especially now because it is summer already and I really don't have time to be laid up in the house bandaged up of course I still am seeking my surgery ironically enough my suitcase filled with supplies,and an expensive bbl pillow is still in the corner packed (I need to unpack it) but now having to consult and find new doctor and especially now after my experience with Shady Seductions my search for a board certified doctor is going to take time.....Again,all I know is now I am wiser and more prepared when I do find the right Doc. Hopefully my results and my experience will be positive this time.Ladied please make sure that you Do Not Pay anybody in cash,pay through your bank if possible so you can dispute charges with your bank or credit card company,because Shady Seductions actually gave me a receipt saying that my surgery "deposit" was a "consultation" fee when we all know Seductions and all those other little clinics in Miami offer free consultations so again thank God for my credit card company and my bank because as they put it deposit returned Case Closed!!
Name not provided

I'm just too nervous to go to DR for surgery. Therefore the Doc. That qualifies best for me with the proper Credentials,RS Reviews, b4&After pics,Social media and office professionalism is Dr. McAdoo....OMG I'M BOUT TO UNDERGO BBL SURGERY :~) DR.McAdoo March 13!!!!!! I'm staying at Joyful RH 13~18 so far so good the owner Joy has been a "joy" to work with. The accommodations(pics)

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