ALLLLL NEW BBL FRIENDS,Forget Everyone Else! - Dominican Republic

If People in my life are already being shady so I...

If People in my life are already being shady so I need to eliminate them out my life now cause when I get m BBL...Bruh you really gonna hate!!

It's a certain category of women who dont just whine and complain about their bodies but do something about it!!! Hi Realself sisters I relate to you more than people who are familiar with me so I'm looking to become real friends.I've already had a Tummy Tuck,and four years later I'm going to Dominican Republic for(The finishing touches) Aggressive liposuction and Brazilian Butt lift,and instead of posting diet plans on social media from March- June which most of the over weight people I know...BBQ time by the 4th and it's all out the window then it's postings of BBQ Ribs lol!! I don't relate to that year after year summer after summer BREAK THE CYCLE!!! I don't want to be witness to that I don't have a "Fat person's "mentality" I am like most women sure I had a kid,gained weight,blah blah blah I am more than that I want to get back to enjoying my body,my kid is a young man in college and Like I told his dad I DESERVE to enjoy MY Life LIKE IT OR ME OR NOT I ONLY WANT TO SURROUND MYSELF WITH WOMEN WHO THINK THE SAME!!! Who's with me?!?! As I said I have one kid,but no babysitters needed,I'm a young looking,and spirit 40 live in Bergen County NJ but am a native New Yorker,seriously I lived everywhere in NY Soundview in the Bronx,Clinton Hills Brooklyn,even Far Rockaway Queens.Needless to say I drive and I know after my BBL I will have no choice I wanna be apart of that crew NOT the complain "I need to get in shape by summer this summer no doubt crew" ....Life is too short not to be my "RealSelf" I know it's gott be many of you ladies who think like me ;~)

Hemoglobin 13.4!!Can I get on the table RIGHT NOW!!!

I can honestly say I wasn't trying in the sense that I see some of the postings here,of pre surgery ladies racking up on iron pills,blood builders,potions,and notions.All I do is take a muliti vitamin,and eat well.I mean I am a wife and mother and always cooked for my family over fast food drive throughs.However reading some of the common bbl,tt,lipo post,and just chatting with people considering surgery it is alarming to know that as important as your blood being oxygenated,properly is to undergo a surgery that drastically removes blood during the process one must know how to take care of themselves. Instead of stocking up on pills,shortly before surgery that will inevitably cause constipation.I am here to verify that after having a tummy tuck pushing on the toilet dosen't feel good!! May I suggest a few of my recipes ladies? I am in the process of dropping a few lbs before surgery however I'm trying to do it healthy so I can be healthy on the table and after.My Tummy Tuck Dr.complemented me post sx because I healed well and fast! Two wks and she thought I was a month post op.Well I prepared I stocked up on fruits and veggies fresh and frozen,Pre sx I made myself a big pot of chicken breast,spinach,potato,and carrot soup,easy for my son and husband to heat up for me.Ate Raisin Bran,whole grain breakfast bars,blended fruit and yogurt smoothies.So now again I eat well,I cook!....Chinese food,McDonald's,Popeyes,Pizza is NOT my idea of food the only "fast food" at the top of my quick take out options is Chipotle only because it's Real food,with fresh lettuce and tomatoes as options luckly my teenager thinks so too,but I can say I raised him like that no soda,candy,rather water,100% juice,fruits,raisins etc.and my hubby is from the Caribbean and only eats cooked food so it makes it easier for me that we're not a fast food family....Normally I mix spinach with everything like Sat and Sun omelets I buy fresh and add frozen to add to spaghetti,and even cook with salsa,by making sauce over chicken,and fish,and once a week a nice steak and ONLY Sweet potatoes no white potatoes because like I said I'm trying to keep calories low 1200 a day max.Oh I drink almond milk too,green,ginger and lemon teas,and about a gallon of water a day.I am down just under 10lbs by cutting calories moreso than starving myself which is a sure path to low hemo levels.I want to get the best lipo,and bbl results,However eatting well aka "Clean" is the only way I know how to maintain my Hemoglobin and I hope my review helps ladies in the process of knowing that food is better than pills.Best Wishes on your Surgery Journey and take care of yourselves ;~)

LOL This pic is TOO REAL!! AND So is the Shade I'm Receiving

Gurl SMH You ever be so excited telling people about your plans to better yourself,your life,and just the plan that the God Lord put us on this earth to pursue and you happen to catch them giving you the stank face,or a negative,pessimistic response? Or they just go right on with the conversation about nothing like you didn't even say anything!! HUUUM!! I maybe another 1 of my RS Sister's who will be taking that DR Trip by myself tho.SMH But do we really have to??Who's From the NY/NJ Area and wanna meet up,make friends buddy up b4 we go? Fo real,I drive I'm in the NNJ area but I'm a ride or die NYer I be in Crown Heights,I'm familiar wit Soundview...We need to network off line ladies cause I feel like I'mma only have Post SX/PS Friends,when It's all said n done,I mean I still get the "Why did you have a TT question,cause a hanging belly aint cute that's why" Ladies need to invest in more than some "Remmy" to be Happy with yourself is priceless.Lets have drinks and toast to that!

B4 n After

Ready to pay my Deposit...BUT TO WHICH DOC?!?? HELLLLLLP!!

So if you can tell by my profile I've been on RS for a WHILE,and I am 6 yrs. post TT with lipo.I quickly realized I was going back for more PS especially because of the post op side affects that REALLY Bothers me, is that the weight shift and distribution changes.I've always been athletically built,with broad shoulders and narrow hips which didn't do my boby good post pregnancy because it Only made my upper boby larger. I'm blessed to have nice size breast and because I put my thick calfs to use by running track in H.S. I have somewhat of a booty but I know I need fuller hips to go with the projection. Which leads to me knowing the only place I want to go to achieve my less muscular,more feminine curves is to the DR. I had my TT here in the states and as I mentioned they DON'T tell you maybe get a WHOLE Upper body reduction because while your stomach remains flat,any bloatness,or weight gain goes to your arms,boobs,chin,and yeah BACK/BRA FAT!! Sooo what Bikini am I wearing?!?! Sooo take all that upper body fat and make me some hips,rounder booty and snatch this waist Please!!!So yeah as I said my tummy is still flat,but I've always hovered around 200lbs. and Drs. Seem to ONLY see that number when I email for quotes,without taking into account they only have to do lipo,and filling on me I had a TT already,because of my frame those are just my numbers 40-50lbs. less I look different "Skinny" my body changes I loose the booty and boobs I do have so I don't want to be that small I know I don't look like I even weight that much either as well as the fact that my TT Doc worked on me at this weight,I will probably drop like close to 20lbs just for the BEST result so my search for a DR Doc resumes,I'm ready I'm thinking March 2017,I kinda know what recovery house I will stay at for the 10days most recommend BUT Which DOC??! With my description,pics and desired goal who do you recommend Ladies?!?!
Dr.K Eusebio

So far so good,prompt reply in English,reasonable quote,and his credentials check out!!

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