Aiming for Lipo/bbl with Dra Robles (SWITCHED TO FISHER - SEE OTHER REVIEW) - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello ladies. This is my first review on real self...

Hello ladies. This is my first review on real self & I'm so happy that I created this account. I've been doing my research on doctors in DR for lipo/BBL & my heart is set on Dra.Walkiris Robles. Let me start off by letting you all know I am 25 with NO kids, 5'1 & 180lb. I am a 40 DD in which I'm waiting to hear back from insurance about my reduction (too top heavy for my damn height). Hoping to go down to a full C. Now with that being said, I did get a quote from dra robles for $5200. This price was for a TT, LIPO & BBL. Recovery house, medical treatment & transportation from & back to airport is all included in her quote if you choose the 'all inclusive package'. I do not want a tummy tuck so I am trying to lose about 10/15 lbs. After losing some weight I will resend my photos & get her opinion. Laura, robles assistant is very sweet & responds very quickly. She even text me with some info. I did research on Dra.Yily De Los Santos & her work is good as well, but I'm big on reviews & hers just weren't my cup of tea... I also know someone who had surgery done by her & said they won't go back to her. She cares more about the $$ than her patients I hear... Robles work is natural & all of her barbies have a shape to fit them!! Nit b just a small waist & big butt! So, If anyone has had surgery with dra robles please lmk !! This is something I want to do for myself & any input will be helpful. That's it for now - later dolls :)

Research on RS

So ladies id like to thank my two new rs sisters that took the time to read my post & respond/welcome me to rs already. I think my search is over & robles is my choice. Ive read nothing but good about her. Some negativity but as women we should know that every woman has a different shape & healing process. As for me, i have faith in robles & always go with my guttt! Well im in search of my wish pics. Still trying to go down 15 lbs in the process to tighten my mid section a bit!!!

Wish pic search

Ok ladies here is my main wish pic! I'm hoping for these results :) I'm browsing & just want ROBLES to bless this body !!!

My girl is going to become a Duran Doll!

Just spoke with my friend yesterday & didn't even know she's been doing her research & is going to duran in September !!! Such a small world & I'm so excited for her !!!! Now I feel better having someone that lives so close to me share this experience. She's already Packing! U guess there's no better feeling than reserving your procedure & booking that flight! Ahhh I can't wait to speed up my process !! Still trying to find wish pics that match the first one I uploaded. Kind of just want to stick to one body style so I'm not torn b/t all these asses! Lol. TTYL dolls xo


Idk any other doctor in DR that has an all inclusive package besides robles. Here is the email I received !! Hope it helps some of you ladies :)

Our all-inclusive package included:

•Personal Assistant Full Bilingual

•Pre-surgical medical examinations (Any other test will cost extra.):

Chest X-Ray
Blood test (blood count, Glucose, pregnancy test, creatinine, hepatitis, urine).
Cardiologic Evaluation (EKG)
•Operating Room

•Anesthesia (epidural block)

•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Special Garments)

•Supplies and disposable materials

•Medicines (Any other medicine will cost extra.):

Pain medicine
Circulation Pill
•Medical fees (Doctor's fee, X-Ray, Test, Cardiology and anesthesiology)

•Two or One nights at the clinic included the arrival day

•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post operative

•Transportation (Any other transportation is extra also after the days included in your package transportation is extra)

(Between Airport-Hospital- Recovery house- medical -checkups)

•Hosting (Home Cooking)

Anything that is not in this list may cost extra.


1. Payment can be Cash or Credit Card (extra 2.5%)

2. We do not accept financing, Care Credit, check orders or checks.

The following are not included in the all inclusive package:

1. Air Ticket

2. Other transportation that is not medical.

3. Any Additional drug.

4. Surgeon views a hotel (You need to pay additional transportation, if you choose the hotel).

What you can use and is not included in the package

1. In case you need Iron shot, the Price is US$40.00

2. In case you need Blood Transfusion, the Price is US$100.00

3. Medical Insurance (it covers all possible complications that may present after the surgery, during the first 30 days. It cover until US$15000) Cost: 150$USD extra.

4. Rosa mosqueta oil Cost. 40 dollars

5. Extra garment

6. Any other medicine that is not pain killers, antibiotic or vitamins.

More Wishes

Still looking at wish pics but I'm trying to keep them all pretty similar so robles understands what I want !

Getting upset...

I'm kind of pissed Bc laura hasn't gotten back to me with a quote. My first quote was $5200 for tt/lipo/bbl . I do NOT want a tt so I'm waiting on a quote for full lipo/bbl... I'm confused as to why it's so hard to send me that price. My sis in law who I'm supposed to be going with has not received hers either . A bit irritating I can't lie. Only Bc we are ready to pay a deposit & book our flight & this is delaying the process !!! Well that's all for now until I get my quote . If anyone has just had full lipo & bbl lmk what your quote was so I can get an estimate flowing in my headddd. Thanks dolls !


Whats up dolls ?! This is beginning to be my favorite site on the net ! LOL !! Well as you now from my earlier post, I still have YET to get the quote from Robles........ While waiting, Ive been looking into Dra.Baez!! Loving her reviews&photos. I also noticed that she does more BBL without a tummy tuck... Just the lipo/bbl && this is exactly what I wanted !! LADIES, NEVER LET ANY DOCTOR PRESSURE YOU TO CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT A PROCEDURE ! I personally feel I DO NOT need a tummy tuck & will NOT get one. I haven't even had kids yet... pshhhh get outta here !! Well today, I sent my pictures to Baez && I will patiently wait for my quote !! Hoping its a great one bc I am READY TO BOOK !!! If any of you have had sx with BAEZ && can give me any info on her , id greatly appreciate it . good or bad ; I need to know it all !! Also, my wish pic search is over ! I know what I want & hope for great results... I want to post sooooo much more but its difficult without a quote !! Patience is a virtue........ill wait ;) Though I see her prices are rather cheap , I still want to know what her quotes include & if a RH will be available when I book !! Till later , ciao dolls !

Still NO quote

Just updating you all that I have yet to hear from ROBLES, ALMONTE & BAEZ for my quote. It's killing me... so ready to give up && wait till next year! Maybe it's a sign .... or not. I'm just really pissed off & thought I'd share -_-


Ok ladies. I guess I can keep calm Bc I RECEIVED MY QUOTE from robles today !! $4500 for full lipo of abdomen full back flanks waist armpits & bbl :) which is part of her all inclusive package AKA 6 days at RH, transportation from airport/clinic/rh, meals, nurse, post op garment, medical tests, 1 night stay at clinic after sx & medication !! That's why I said to price wisely ladies. This us just too good to be true! Now that I have my quite I am going to pick my date & send my deposit with my sissy in law !! Yes , we will be having this sx together. She's dominican so I feel 10,000 times better Traveling with her to her country !! Aiming for early September 2014 ! Hope to see some of my RS dolls along the way..

Well I just wanted to share the good news. In the mean time I will be eating healthy, working out & yes, still doing my research !! Ciao dolls ???

Don't MIND the typos!

Let me apologize for previous typos & future typos lol nails & touch screen devices DO NOT mix well .

BMI Calculator !

Hey ladies, if you'd like to check your bmi click the link or c&p into your Web browser :) I didn't know mine so I found it helpful !! Now I'm going to start a very healthy diet to be sure I'm in top notch health by my sx . Gn ?

BMI link

Walk through. . .

Hey ladies. Just wanted to upload the videos from YouTube on virginias rh & cecip. This made me more comfortable to actually see where I'll be staying & getting sx done. Hope it helps some of you :) oh yea. Sending my deposit this week !! TTYL dolls.


Here's cecip. Loving the walk through. Never saw cipla. . . Just heard the reviews.

Don't forget !

Ladies don't forget to mention RS when booking with robles. My quote was 4500. Then 200 off so my deposit is 300 & 4000 the day of sx. Keep researching & following your heart !!

Just saying hiiii

Hey ladies. Just taking the time to say hello & I hope your journeys are going as planned :) me & the sissy talked to laura today & we may be heading to robles aug 24-30 !! Both of us get our period at the beginning of the month so we're trying to prevent that nightmare !!! Laura told us those dates are open !! I'm going to apply for my passport tomorrow !! That's one step closer for me !!! Then sending our deposit in next week :) I'm so excited !! I'll be completely honest, I'm eating whatever the hell I want until June 1st !! Then it's crunch time. I want to lose at least 25lb by aug & tighten up my stomach area !! Since I'll be traveling with someone, we're pretry much going to share supplies ! So this way we won't have to over pack & go crazy. Feel free to comment a few IMPORTANT things to pack !! That's it for now barbiessss xo

Please help. . .

Ok ladies. I know my heart is set on robles.... but do you really think she will deliver ?! All of a sudden I'm looking back into yily & her aggressive lipo . . Yea yily I know !! I just don't want to have a 2nd or 3rd round & regret my decision. I know I won't with robles. But idkkkkk. This is so hard once it gets closer to sending $$ ! Well please give your opinion :)

Can't wait

So today miss chrissieray had sx with robles. I can't wait to see her results !! Found her on robles private fb group. It's like being in a little crazy sx community & it's so helpful. Girls I'm telling you, check them out !! They all give great advice. Some people are rude & negative but overall you'll find nice ladies. Ttyl

passport... CHECK !!

Hey ladies. Applied & paid for my passport today !! Shit just got real :) living Chrissieray ' s results !! I'll be sticking with robles !! No yily & no cipla. I'm staying with heart felt choice !! Now I need to book my flight && start shopping !! I'm sooanxious :) I will be setting up my labs with my pcp in july. So I will start vitamins in june once laura gives the que to do so !! Feel free to comment anything that I should definitely bring & what I shouldn't !! Thanks dolls ?


I swear all if this is so crazy & overwhelming !! Is it natural to have your heart set on a doctor & have your mind keep messing with you ?! All of a sudden in into almonte... my quote is $50 cheaper & includes the lipo of the arms . Where as dr.robles said we would have to wait on the arms once she sees my levels . Same package as robles with everything included, I'm just debating. . . Will I get the butt & curves I really really want ?! I feel I can but I keep seeing these pictures & I'm weighing my options.

Date change !

Hey ladies. Hope all is well. My sis had to postpone sx so we will be going september 21-28 ! Only a month later than original date but at least dr robles had those dates available! I'm sticking to her & I'm pretty much done with my research! I'm in sx groups on fb & saw more of her work & I'm in loveeee. I can't wait. We didn't send our deposit yet Bc we weren't sure if the date change. That will get wired next week or the following ;) I'm excited & kind of glad we have an extra month to save more & get healthy! I saw flights on for $412 round trip & non stop. Def booking asap! Well that's it for now. Ohh, I'm going to upload pics of the operating room at cecip that I saw on another page !! Lata dolls xo

p.s. . .

I forgot to mention that I told dr robles I wanted aggressive lipo. & she said she will deliver . My biggest fear was paying for sx & not getting results I want - which is down to the bone lipo , zero fatttt. Don't be afraid to tell your p's exactly what you want & what you're paying for. Laura is getting better with responding faster & dr.robles always responds on fb when I write her . Ttyl!

New Info .

Hey ladies. Just wanted to share some new info! I spoke to laura & doctor robles today & they both confirmed robles does only 2-4 surgeries a day DEPENDING on the LENGTH of each procedure. Another fact is, Dr.Robles offers medical insurance for 30 days after sx incase you have to go to the hospital for any reason. The cost is an additional $150! I'm feeling so confident with this whole process. I also told her i want to go first the day of sx ! Again, big shout out to my fb secret groups! Those ladies are so helpful & a wonderful source of support!! I'm still waiting on my passport, held off, but sending my deposit in this week (6/12/14) & hopefully booking our flights this week as well !! Oh again, if you want $200 off your procedure, you MUST wire $500 instead of $300 to get your RS discount. I'll keep you ladies posted w/ my next move when I make it ;)

P.s I'm adding a few pics from this review

Getting angry

Hey ladies I need to vent ! My sx buddy aka the sis n law is changing her date to Oct or maybe later.. I want to keep mine for sept since I was looking forward to meeting another prep op robles doll that was going the exact same time! But it seems something keeps coming up. I didn't want to fly or go through with this alone if I didn't have to but if worse comes to worse I will. I'm waiting for my insurance approval for my breast reduction here in the states also. Should I get my reduction first & then wait proper healing time to go for my lipo&bbl ? I'm so confused, upset & just want to take the blue pill already!! My date is sept 21-28. .. also, I'm starting school this month on the 23rd. All online so that really won't affect sx. I'm just ehhhhhh ????????????????????????


Hey ladies ! My passport arrived yesterday :) hate my pic but it's here !! Still didn't send in my deposit or set my date. Keeping my $$$ aside until I confirm everything. No rush now just waiting for the right date! Still aiming for September but we shall see. Good luck to all of you dolls having sx soon xo keep me posted & I'll do the same !!

Hey Hey

Good afternoon ladies. Haven't forgotten about you dolls. Been busy with my recent enrollment in school & my full time job! I am still doing my sx with robles, but waiting until things settle down for me! Hope all of you are doing well & don't forget to keep me posted with your sx pre/post op ;) hugs & kisses

Dr. Fisher ?!

Hey ladies! Long time no talkkkkk... Hope all of you are doing well! I As for me, I am still in school (doing great) and still working FT. I have accumulated 53 hours of vaca time which will be saved for my sx!!! I have recently viewed Dr.Fishers work in Miami, and I love it. I may be switching from Robles to Fisher, but I am still undecided. If you have any INFO on Dr.Fisher and his work, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! I was quoted 4500 for BBL & 6000 for BBL plus the RH package.... Higher in price, but they offer financing and he is here in the US. IDK what to do, but I want this sx by march 2015 or I will never go for a sx until after I have a kid (which I don't want until I am about 29) Thats it for now, TTYL dolls.

Just up BBL searchin..

Hey ladies, Member my friend I was telling you about? The one that was becoming a Duran Doll?!?! Well GUESS WHAT?! SHE MADE IT TO THE FLAT SIDE!! She is 2 weeks post op, and when I saw this woman,,,, lawdddd!! Talk about the PERFECT h o u r g l a s s SHAPE!! I messaged Duran instantly!!! She responded a couple days later, but I did email her for a quote around the same time I was looking into yily/robles/almonte in Dominican Rep (Months ago).. Duran quoted me $4000.00 for SX only. Included very little, meds seperate, and RH seperate... Almonte has a RH package, and Fisher is here in the states. Decisions, decisions... I do not want to regret my decision, so I am waiting for the right time. I would like to see atleast 2 more POST OP DOLLS WITH A SIMILAR BODY FRAME THAT HAVE HAD LIPO&BBL ONLY!!!! Ughh... Well, I am enjoying the journey so far, and I am so ready for it to end!!

p.s - Since I enjoy writing, I consider this a rough draft of my journey! Once I choose a doctor and lock in a date, I will start a new review, with a clean/informative approach!!



I forgot to add that my L I F E S I Z E DURAN DOLL (thats what I call her), has ZERO fat! When I mean zero, I mean zero! Her back looks amazing, hips are perfect, and but is just right! Stomach looks like she had a TT!! She was 187lb and about 5'2/5'3 the most! She was also very top heavy and Durant told her thats what allowed her to work on her... BC she was top heavy. she lipod her bra area front and back and her boobs look smaller! I am still definitely considering DR , only bc they have no limit to how much fat can be removed! DR.FISHER CAN REMOVE 4 LITERS OF FAT!!!!!! IN DR THEY CAN REMOVE DOUBLE, IF NOT MORE!! This does increase risk of complications and this is also why a blood transfusion is so common in DR.




Hey ladies. Hope all are well. I am all over the place with this sx journey & I am okay with that bc I took my time & did more than enough research. I will now be going with Dr.Fisher in miami. I looked at the pros & cons, and since fishers work is close to work in DR, he's my guy... I love the fact that you're put to sleep *in DR you are not put to sleep!* I also like the idea of being able to shower instead if going a week without one. I decided to go to DR for a tt after I have children. Sooo fisher will have to do for now. Dr.Fisher told me to not lose weight if I want 1300-1500cc in my butt, but I'd still like to lose 10lb. I am 175 now. Well, I will be sending in a deposit & booking soon. Since I am not going to DR, once I sent in my deposit with fisher, I will make a whole new review!


Just letting you ladies know that I am officially booked with Dr.Fisher, and I will be making a new review to start a FRESH countdown :) It wont let me add another review for a BBL so if its titled LIPOSCULPTURE, just knows its for my lipo & bbl review!!

Booked Our Apartment in Doral Fl.

Good evening Ladies! Today I booked/paid for our apartment that we will be living in for the 8 days during our stay in Florida (AIRBNB)! My sis in law is also having surgery with me the same day with Dr.Fisher, and my friend is coming with us as our caregiver :) I am sooo excited!! The apartment is in Doral Fl, which is a close town to Miami because it's only 7 minutes away from vanity! Yes, 7 MINUTES AWAY FROM VANITY!! It is so convienent. The apartment is in a gated community, has one bedroom with two beds where me and my sis will be staying, a bed in the living room for my friend, along with a large sectional, tv, full kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and a WASHER & DRYER in unit! Just like a little recovery house! Having a washer and dryer during your recovery is great to avoid overpacking clothes and keeping that faja clean!! We are splitting the place 3 ways so its only $246pp!! Now all we need is our flight, rental, and massages! Groceries will be purchased once we leave our preop appointment at Vanity upon arrival!! Shit is getting so real.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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