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Hello, divas! I originally looked at this site...

Hello, divas! I originally looked at this site while looking for reviews on local docs in my area for botox and juvaderm which I was considering at that time! Saw some plastic surgery before and after pics and became intrigued and changed my entire beliefs and thinking about plastic surgery! Wow! The experiences shared here are awesome! The good, bad, and ugly! I am looking to be a better me! And, I want women to know they can be banging beautiful at any and ALL ages! Gone is the notion, "It's part of aging! Accept it!" This is not my first rodeo with medical tourism. I had a VSG in Tijuana, MX in August of 2013 with wonderful results and care! Resorted to going there after my insurance would not cover the surgery. I lost 70 lbs and everything went south with it-breasts, booty, everything! Gained more rolls and lumps it seems like! LOL! I'd thought about going back to MX for my PS but the reviews have not been favorable, and I like the results I see from the docs in the DR more so then the docs in MX! Plus the costs in MX are almost comparable to the US costs!!! So, I had my daughter take my pics to send for eval and when I saw them I thought, "WTF! This ain't pretty!"
I was pretty much restrained with my time since I was the primary caretaker for my mom who recently passed away, and now I don't have to worry about making sure she's cared for, or my children! So, now it's my time! My mom told me(and her eyesight was bad)not to ever let myself get fat again! I won't plus I'm doing one better-getting a better body!
I finally chose Dr. Leon after reading reviews, re-reading reviews, and often staying up to 3-4 am reading! My research often consumed my entire weekends and weekday evenings after I got off of work! I'd narrowed it down to Drs. Medina, Molina, and Leon. But, I kept coming back to Dr. Leon who was always my original choice! I always had a good vibe about him! I did get a tiny bit discouraged at first because I didn't hear back as quickly from him as I'd read others had heard back from him, but I finally tried contacting him from a different email account, and I heard back the next day! So, I chalked it up to an email glitch from the first email addy I'd used. I'm also interested in getting my arms and the girls done, but Dr. Leon suggested a return visit. And, he's the Doctor! After all, safety is a priority! I chose him because of his reviews, not over booking surgeries daily, and where he performs his surgeries! I have severe issues with over booking/scheduling! Ask my hairstylist! LOL! LOL!
I'm 5'5"/180 lbs. In good health. My younger co workers tell me they want to be like me "when they grow up"! Well, I think it's time I improved my body to match my face since my co workers don't want to believe I'm well past 50! One co worker told me my face was phenomenal when she found out I was older than her, and she was stressing about turning 50! I think I do show my age, but I've attributed that to several stressors in my life lately-good and bad i.e. the birth of my first grandchild, job stress, my beautiful cousin dying of breast cancer at the age of 42 after just being diagnose with it 4 mos earlier, and my mom passing! But, I believe GOD doesn't put more on me than I can bear!
I've told my sister, daughters, and my niece my plans. My niece has always supported me and accompanied me when I went to MX. My daughters were unable to go-1 was preggie and the other didn't get her passport in time before I left! My niece is going to accompany me this time also to the DR! Yes, I'm taking my Vit C and B12. Don't know my Hgb and Hct levels yet since I don't go until Nov. I plan on arriving the 22nd, seeing Dr. Leon the 23rd for blood work, etc, and having surgery the 24th! In time for Thanksgiving! Will also have my birthday while I'm there! I told my Podiatrist what I was doing and she said, "You must really be bored since your mom passed! Please don't go out of the country! It's not safe!" Really!!! I mean really!!! Who the hell gets surgery because they're bored!??? Okay, I don't have time to glorify your stupidity! Bye! I don't even want you to look at my feet anymore!
Anyway, Dr. Leon is opening his own RH, and that's where I plan on staying! I'll be sure to review my experience and the RH for you divas!
Now, I just need to prepare for my trip. Have passport will travel! Will need to get the essentials for traveling to DR and back. Will make a list as time gets closer for my travel!
Until next time divas!

Supplies and Hgb and Hct!

Divas! Hope all is going well with you ladies! I am currently in process of getting my supplies-lipo foam, suction cups, abd board, back board, chux, wipes, sports bars, arnica gel and tabs. Portable travel safe found online from Walmart! Looked to find a good massage therapist for lymphatic drain massages when I return from DR. Think I've found 1 so that's done! My Hgb was 11.7 and Hct was 35.5. My PCP thought those results were fine, but I let Dr. Leon know and he wants me to start Ferrous Sulfate 325mg tabs 2x/day in addition to Vit C 100mg/day, B12 1x/day and Folic acid 1x/day. Was already taking Hema Plex 1 tab/day for 3 weeks now, but that obviously is not enough! So, started new regimen and brand of iron today, and will recheck H & H in 1 mos to see where I'm at! Oh, and the BIG, BIG brazilian wax job! Yes, I got it done today for the first time in my life, and it was not bad at all! I did my research and saw where European Wax Center uses a hard wax specially made for them that is less painful! And, it was! Divas, I was waxed from front to back! Yes, even there! LOL! It was a great experience, and I will be cleaning up before my trip to the DR! My waxer actually said mine may NOT grow back since the hairs were sooo long! Ugh! No wonder my daughter told me I needed to "clean up down there!" I was really dreading the pain and had thought about using Scream cream before the procedure, but decided against it because that would be all I need- for my leg, or cuchie parts to go numb! And, stay numb! Or, worse yet to be allergic to an ingredient inn the cream! So, I decided to put on my big girl panties, and go for it! LOL! LOL! My GF was about to come off the table because she'd been shaving and Laura did say it might be a little more painful for her! But, she even admitted it wasn't as bad as she'd expected! Have a few more items to purchase-mainly toiletries for use while I'm there, my wife beaters, and a couple of house dresses/dusters(should make it easier to carry drains)! Already have compression/TED hose for after surgery. I am getting sooo excited! Nervous, but excited for this next chapter in my life!

Recovery Homes!

As misspac says this is as much work as finding a doc! LOL! My top pics are Serenity, Maria's and Arelis Urena. Going to check out Rocio Ortega Medical Spa RH to see what's up!!! Any feedback and recommendations appreciated, divas! Nursing care and good food imperative since I'm traveling alone now! My niece was going to travel with me, but she finally got a job after graduating from college in December!! And, I don't want her to risk her job-too close to Christmas! Right? LOL! xoxo

RH and more supplies!

Helloooo Divas! Everything is going great here! Just a lil update! I was able to get my time off I requested approved for my travel to DR! You know how bitchy and restrictive jobs can be around the holidays! Yeah! Got a reacher! Already had a back-scratcher! Taking a full size blanket in case I get cold and shivers at hospital after surgery. Bought some funnels from Dollar Tree-needed wider mouths cuz when I squat and go I squirt everywhere! LOL! LOL! Booked my stay at Arelis Urena RH! Read nothing but great reviews about her and her RH! Will book travel next week! Researching fares this weekend! Will also go online to save time when I get there and get my tourist card next week! Tried to order a Booty Buddy, but they are sold out! Crying! Might have to go with the BBL pillow instead. I'll give it until mid October and then check again to see if the Booty Buddy is in stock! Divas-any advice on one versus the other? Besides the cost? In the meantime I did order the half foam(3 of them)from Amazon to sit on in other chairs in my home! Oh, and I purchased a raised toilet seat thingy for 1 of my bathrooms! Tried it and love it. No screws or any other attachments/hardware needed! Light enough to carry if I wanted to switch bathrooms! Also, got a recliner(electric)for my bedroom in case I have issues sleeping when I return from DR! Got 1 for the living room, too, since LazyBoy was having a BOGO sale! I loveeee me some sales! Want to get some house dresses that snap down the front with pockets for my drains! I think those will work better(hopefully)than purchasing drain holders. Got my Kindle, Netflix, and WhatsApp, and Passport! Downloaded a translation app! Will recheck my Hgb and Hct mid month! I donate blood often because of my blood type because they claim it's used for Cancer patients, but haven't done THAT in the last year because I passed out after the last donation! I usually do Apharesis, but the last time they wanted the RBC's, AND platelets/plasma! No worries-not doing that because I need it all! LOL! Maybe next year! Till later divas! Sending you guys much love from Texas! xoxo

Recovery Aid-Juven

Divas, I was going to take protein powder with me to drink once a day to aid in recovery, but I think I'll take this baby with me instead. It's $21.99 for a box at Walgreens, but it's on Amazon and other sites as well for ordering if you can't find it on the shelf. It aids in healing and recovery of wounds, burns, surgery. Great reviews that says this stuff works! Thinking about it! Nutrition Facts below:
Serving Size : 1 Packet
Serving per Container : 8
Amount Per Serving % Daily value*
Total Carbohydrate 7.9 g
Sugars 1 g
L Arginine 7 g
L Glutamine 7 g
Calcium 200 mg

Countdown! Yes!!!!


Okay, divas! RS won't let me upload a widget, so I'll manually have to do this!
39 days 23 hrs 51 mins 32 secs! Getting soooo excited!

31 days/1 month to go!

Divas, flight booked tonight! Will end up with 2 booty pillows, the BBL pillow AND the Booty Buddy! Both were sold out! Order the BBL pillow which won't be delivered until Nov! The Booty Buddy was out, but they got a new supply in last week, so ordered it just in case the BBL didn't get here in time! So, I'll let you divas know which one works for me when I use them! Will take the buddy with me to use on flight back home! They won't go unused since I work from home and will alternate using both when I return to work in addition to the half foam rollers! Well, that's it for my supplies. Got everything I think I'll need for trip and when I return home! Will check my iron levels next week to make sure I'm where I need to be! Now, I'm starting to nest and clean, cook, and freeze! Later, divas! xoxo

What I'm taking to DR! I've learned MY lesson!

Divas, after taking too many clothes on cruises(I love my cruises), and having to handle 3 pieces of luggage to include 1 carry on AND my purse(usually large)I finally wised up about 3 years, and I travel as light as I can! That was a juggling act I hated! LOL! Not to mention you have to unpack all of that mess! Oh, did I mention that 1 piece of luggage was for shoes, water, and sodas! LMAO! No more! Now, I choose my shoes and evening bag for formal nights in 1, yes ONE color that will go with BOTH outfits! Hell, you only keep the outfits on long enough for dinner and picture taking anyways! 2 hours tops! I was always going back to my room to get into something comfortable and catch some casino action, shows, movies, or a comedy act! I've been trying to talk some sense into my sister! SMH! For instance-off we go to a funeral out of town for a relative who lived 3 hours away. It was to be a turn around/same day trip! Why did she come out of her house with a small suitcase? I asked her where did she think she was going? She tells me, "Well, you never know! I might need some clean undies or clothes!" "Why?", I asked. "We're coming back today!" Jeez! The more I try to teach her! LMAO! Anyway, as I promised Quana212 here is a list of what I'm taking to DR! I'm only trying to go with 1 large piece of luggage, divas!

First I'm THRILLED I don't have to take ANY supplies for the RH! I've read where some divas have to take towels, wipes, bandages, gloves, etc. I've double checked with Arelis and she said all I will need are comfortable clothes and shoes! Wow, that will take a lot of weight out of my luggage, and off my mind! Yeeesssss!
Okay, so below is the list:
Iron, Vit C, Folic Acid, Arnica tabs and Gel, Cortizone 10 Gel, Benadryl, Sudafed, Prescribed cough syrup(in case my allergies start up), Motrin or Excedrin Migraine(for breakthrough pain before scheduled pain med time). Plus, any daily meds I take.
Juven***Helps with healing***
1 Periwash bottle***If I can't WIPE, I can RINSE the private parts after using toilet! Gotta keep Sally Sue and her neighbor clean!***
Moisture barrier cream***In case I get chafed! I read the cuchie swells also***
Personal toiletries i.e. toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, toothbrush, body lotion, vaseline for lips, make-up, etc!
Small container of clorox wipes for bathroom, remotes, etc
Hibiclens***pre surgery showers x2-3 nites before surgery***
Dial soap 1 bar***Wash offs after surgery***
Wife beaters-5
House dresses-5***with snaps and pockets to hold drains and wear around RH and to sleep in if needed***
1 short robe
Socks-3 pr***I get cold feet***
Panties-3 lg pair***Probably only wear returning home***
TED hose-2 pr***I got knee highs***
1 pr slippers
3 sports bras
1 blanket
Booty Buddy
1 comfortable outfit to wear going and returning home***Yes, same outfit***
2 comfy outfits for docs visits
1 pr comfy shoes to wear going, during, and returning home!**Skechers here I come!****
Laptop or my kindle to watch Netflix and keep in touch with family and keep you divas updated!

Now, I will have Neosporin/Triple antibiotic ointment, half foam rollers, BBL pillow, Protein drink, scar treatments(when incisions are healed),and various dressings at home! Also, I have my annual physical scheduled for mid Dec so PCP can make sure everything is okay! Oh, and because I was traveling out of country I requested and received the Hepatitis A vaccine when I went for my yearly flu shot! Haven't decided if I'm taking with me Azo Gummies to prevent UTI and Monistat suppositories in case of yeast infection from antibiotics! Hmm! Just food for thought! Tonight I'll drink some wine and think about it! LOL! LMAO because I have a girlfriend that when she drinks she thinks, and argues with her guy friend and he HATES it! He always tells her, "I've told you you can't drink and think!" Not, that I'm on his side, but he's telling da truth! LOL! LOL!

Later, divas! xoxo

Forgot some the most important supplies!

Wow, forgot some of the most important supplies! Okay, divas! See below for additional supplies:
Lipo foam
Abd board
Triangle back board
Dr. Leon didn't tell me to bring them, but from reading other divas posts they were using the above mentioned by the time they left DR! And, the costs to purchase them is lower in the US!

Additional Supplies!

Divas, I forgot to add Off for the mosquitoes, Dulcolax tabs, Saltine crackers, and a small 6 pack of 7 Up(for nausea-just in case)! Don't know if it's true, but I read where one diva said they don't sell 7 Up in the DR! Did my tourist card online tonight. Took all of 5 minutes! It's good for a year! Later, divas!


Divas, it's getting real! Basically doing last minute chores and arrangements! Letting bank, credit cards, and PayPal know I'm traveling out of country, packing ahead to make sure I have supplies I want to take, cooking and freezing meals, cleaning house, making arrangements for my baby, putting mail on hold, paying bills before I leave, and trying to plan menu for my family's Thanksgiving dinner! LOL! They are so used to me doing it and telling everyone what to bring! But, I've got news for them! It's different this year since this will be my first Thanksgiving without my mom! Great news-found out today my Hgb is 12.7! Yeah! I've also started taking my Arnica tabs in hopes this lessens some of the bruising! Thanks CubanBooty for the tip! Mentally preparing myself for the emotional and physical rigors of this journey! I did receive my BBL pillow this past Sat. and I think I'm going to like it better! I'll take it with me to use on the plane coming back home! It's firmer and lower then the Booty Buddy! But, the true test will be when I return to work, but fortunately I sit at the PC for 8 hrs! Will be taking numerous walking breaks! It's also a blessing that I work from home! But, be assured I will give blow by blow details as my recovery and WiFi cooperates! Til next time, divas! xoxo

Arrived safe and sound!

Divas, I want to give a quick update before I call it a nite! Surgery is scheduled for early Tuesday morning! I arrived in Santo Domingo after my flight was delayed and I had to reschedule because Delta couldn't find a connecting flight from Atlanta.! So, my 1 layover turned into 2 via Minneapolis and New York putting me in Santo Domingo at 12:55 am Monday instead of 2:08 pm Sunday!!!! Then I had tests with Dr. Leon this morning for 9 am! Talk about a tired so sista! I'm staying at Arelis Irena RH and she was at airport with sign with my name on it to meet me. She wanted to know if I was hungry, and I wasn' t since I'd had 2 delicious meals on the plane! And, the flight to DR had all male flight attendants! They know they azzes be fine as hell! LOL! So just been sleeping today and getting ready for surgery in morning! Time change really got me messed up! By the way, Dr. Leon is fine as hell, too! Customs and Immigration was a breeze since I'd already purchased my tourist card online and filled declaration papers out on plane! Oddly, DR reminds me of US. Seem to have a lot of our food chains-Mickey D's, Burger King, Wendy's Subway, etc. Food at recovery house very tasty! I think only 2 of us are here right now. Another diva is arriving at 2 am, but her dad will be picking her up, and I don't think she ' s checking in until after her surgery! Haven't experienced any power outages!
Going to bed now! Will do my best to post updates! WiFi here at RH very reliable! Don't know about hospital's! Til next time, divas! And, thank you all for your prayers and support! You can never have too many prayer warriors! Coco

Everything Happens for a reason!!

Divas! Keep those prayers coming! My surgery had to be cancelled today, but will be in the morning! It took too long for the additional 2 docs to see me before surgery that had to release me medically, and Dr. Leon didn't want me to go any longer without food since I have a history of diabetes. Then the lung specialist had to see me because of my history of asthma! The Endocrinologist had already seen me at 8 and released me for surgery! But, guess what divas! I had the pleasure of his fine jazz while l was waiting. And, when he had to leave for an appointment, Georgina stepped in! They make an awesome team! #Leondolls, beware! This man whose hands you've put your life in is going to make sure you're up for your surgery! Shit happens, and it happens for a reason! Arelis, the RH owner, was even there with me for most of the time until she had to return to RH to take another patient for their massage! So, tomorrow is a new and better day! Keep the prayers coming, divas! Until next time! xoxo

All Done! The Hospital!

Good morning, divas! I couldn't sleep so decided to update! Surgery was done Wednesday morning 11/25/2015. Was taken to hospital by Arelis who stayed with me until they took me to OR. She is truly an angel. I signed my paperwork and then Dr. Leon came in, took pics, then marked me for surgery! Anesthesiologist came in, asked some questions, then started my IF. He got it the first stick! Yeah! Then they came to take me to OR, but anesthesiologist injected med into my IV, and the next thing I remember was waking up in my room. Arelis and another RH patient came to check on me! Foley and IV was taken out next morning! And, I had to give a pep talk to a beautiful young lady who traveled all the way to DR and was so frightened she lost her voice! Poor baby! I wanted to tell her to come get in bed with me so I could be her mama! Dr. Leon came by to check on me, tell me when my next appointment is, and to give me my meds and instructions for taking. Yeah! No picking up prescriptions from pharmacy! You'll get 2 sets of instructions-1 in English and 1 in Spanish(for RH I would imagine). My night nurse didn't speak English, but she had a translation app on her phone. So, it was all good! The Hospital was very clean! #Leondolls, you're in great hands! Alright, my Kindle is tripping so I better quit while I'm ahead! xoxo

I'm Back!

Hello, Divas! I'm back and all is well! I'm going to see if I can post this update without it being deleted as the previous one was! Wow! And, it was complete with pics! Oh, well I'm trying again!
First off, I want to thank all of you divas for your prayers, support, well wishes, and kind words! I love it when we women can empower, encourage and motivate each other! Misspac, I especially want to thank you and send hugs your way for keeping everyone informed and letting them know all was well with me! Luv ya, girl! Nikerton(or Canada as I like to call her)it was a pleasure meeting you, and you look damn good! Even if you were escaping! LOL!
Divas, recovery is no joke and is not for the faint of heart and drama queens! It will take all of your energy and strength to recover! I admire the women with kids who undertake this feat! I don't know how you do it! I'm still sore and I tire easily! I went back to work this week, and it's been good only because I work from home! If I had to drive in the morning and evening traffic I would lose my mind! It is very tiresome to dress and go for for your Dr's office visits and to go for massages! Even though the staff at the RH washed me it was still tiring! You just want to sleep and rest when you're done!
Everything was going great until day 2 post op when I developed a case of gastroenteritis which I tend to get a good case of every 1-2 yrs! I was sick! And, I couldn't use my stomach muscles to get out of bed so they were practically carrying me to the bathroom! The other divas that peeped in(nosey helfers)thought I was going to die because I was sooo pale and out of it! Arelis called Dr. Leon who ordered her to start IV fluids on me or else I would have to be readmitted to hospital for dehydration! So, now they have to pack me and IV pole to bathroom! And, all the while everytime something came out they were trying to push food back in me! I finally got my Bride of Frankenstein look with voice, wild hair, and bucked eyes and told them, "Stop! I know my body, and it's only irritating my stomach more to eat! I'll know when I can eat!" You should've seen them back up like a crawfish! LMAOROF! I did let them give me Gatorade! Even though the diarrhea only lasted 1/2 day it totally drained my energy, and trying to post updates on my Kindle was very tedious! So, I concentrated on healing and getting back to being independent!
Divas, the pain is very manageable! I didn't have any horrific pain! I'd had concerns because of different reviews I'd read on RS, but the only pain I felt was mild back pain, and burning pain from where the drains were whenever I got up! Dr. Leon does give 2 types of pain pills a mild one combined with a muscle relaxer and Percocet for severe pain. I only took 1/2 of 1 Percocet because I don't like how narcotics make me feel! Dr. Leon and Georgina(his assistant)are both caring and professionals! There was 1 diva who was truly a drama queen and obnoxious, and Dr. Leon didn't blink an eye! The rest of us in the waiting room were looking like, "Okay, your ass done got on our last nerve! Shut the hell up!" LOL! Dr. Leon uses Marena garments and I know first hand you can pee and poop through the crotch opening! LOL! My cuchie was swollen after surgery, but has since gone down! I had no severe body itching!
The RH and staff was awesome! Arelis goes with you to all of your appointments, labs, and even stays with you unto you go into surgery! The other RH drivers dropped their clients off and left! And, Lord she believes in feeding you! After 2 weeks I wanted some fast food! So, Arelis got me/us Chinese 2 nights and pizza another night! Oh, we had hot wings one night! LOL! The Dominican food was tasty, and we ate a lot of fish, fajita style beef, chicken, and pork chops! The last diva that checked in before I left begged me not to leave! LOL! I was bored, and the English channels were limited. I did watch lots of movies on Netflix! LOL!
The flight home was very tolerable! I had no major swelling, and I did have wheelchair assistance at all 3 airports! Divas, please get wheelchair assistance! It's much easier getting through customs/immigration and around airport in general! Plus, they handle your luggage for you!
Even though my surgery was delayed a day, and i had to stay in DR 2 extra days I had an awesome experience, and I know more about what to expect when I go back in 6-8 mos to get my breast and arm lift! Dr. Leon is very caring and careful about your health!
I'll post more later, and hoping this post doesn't get deleted! Will post pics of RH and me!
Till next time divas! xoxo!

Lessons learned!

Divas, that's what life is all about isn't it? Learning from our mistakes! So, hopefully you can learn from mine! You can travel with 1 suitcase! Might be a large one, but it can be done! Trust me when I say you don't want to be bothered with luggage returning home!
1. Any true RH should have their own supplies(i.e.gauze, tape, gloves, chux, etc)! You do not need to pack and travel with these items. The hospital Dr. Leon uses(PlasticMedic)does have chux also, and blankets! Yes, I packed a queen assed size blanket because I thought the hospital wouldn't have one as I'd read from so many reviews on RS!
2. Don't need a funnel for peeing. I was trying to pee standing up! Went everywhere but toilet. Arelis had to take my TED stockings off and wash them! She asked me why I was peeing that way? Again, stuff I'd read on RS! She said I could sit the regular way! Gingerly I tried it, and I could! No pain getting up or down! Thighs were sore from Lipo, but that was it! Threw my pee funnel in trash!
3. Dr. Leon's dolls don't have to shower with any special soap before surgery! I did because I'd taken the Hibiclens with me, but it's not necessary for him!
4. Not 1 time did I hear anything about Arnica tablets or gel! The massage therapists have thier own oils that they use! I took the tablets only because I'd started them before surgery for the bruising so kept it up. I use the gel to rub my inner things which are bruised from the Lovenox injections! Even now!
5. Wheelchair assistance is a life and time saver! Get it for your return trip home!
6. Bedrooms in RH are all individually controlled for AC. The common areas do not have AC, but I was fine with that because being on the 6th floor it was cooler, and they did have fans going!
7. If you're a snacker take your snacks! Arelis won't give you junk food! I had to bargain with her for my treats-eat her breakfast and lunch and I could have Chinese for dinner! LOL!
8. Stick with the sports bras! I tried a regular bra the other night and my ribs had all kinds of
shooting pains! Got up and put on sports bra-no pain!
9.Get your Tourist Card online before you go! Airline will give you Declaration form on plane to fill out for immigration. By the time you land in Santo Domingo you may be able to breeze through Immigration because they're turning most of the travelers back to go get their Tourist Card! That's how it worked for me!
That's it for now, divas! If I think of anything else you guys will be the first to know! xoxo

In Stage 2 CG!

Well, divas Dr. Leon wanted me to wait a month before going to a stage 2 CG. When I returned home I was 175 lbs(down from 181)with a 32 in waist! Now, I'm a 30 in waist! My CG kept rolling down like an accordion, and I didn't feel as if I was getting the compression to my back and abdomen I was getting in the beginning even using the lipo foam! I had the 2nd stage CG in a medium, so I put in on last night after shower in the 1st set of hooks! Felt a 100% better! I did use 1 lipo foam over my abdomen so there wouldn't be any rubbing on the navel, and put a tee shirt on top of that before putting on CG to prevent any burns! Haven't measured hips! I did order the capri style that includes a built in bra from Marena that was delivered today! Got it in a large based on 32 in waist measurement, but will try it on to see how it fits! If needed will get waist taken in, or return for smaller size! We'll see! Til next time divas! xoxo

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Divas, I hope all of you and your families have a wonderful holiday! I am sooo pleased with myself so far! My measurements as of 12/25/15 1 month surgery anniversary 38-28-43! Will keep you divas posted! Til next time all of you remember the reason for this season and be careful! xoxo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Leon and Georgina make an awesome team! Both are caring and compassionate! Georgina gives you her cell number once you're in the DR to contact her anytime for anything! Dr. Leon cares for your health and will not do anything to jeopardize it at anytime. They both are cool and calm with amazing grace under the the most trying conditions, and I did witness some of those conditions! And, they give great hugs! Both are very down to earth! And, Dr. Leon tells you the truth! Not what you want to hear! Dr. Leon is a phone call away and always available in a crisis! He doesn't try to sell you extras, and even refunded me some money because I didn't use his driver! I'd used the driver included with the RH fees! He even waited with me when additional tests were required and accompanied me to the tests! If he had an appointment Georgina went with me! A wonderful experience being his patient, and I will be returning for two more procedures in 6-8 months! Well worth the $4400.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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