53 Y/o BBL/Lipo/TT in DR W Dr Leon....Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm besides my self! A little girl inside of me w...

I'm besides my self! A little girl inside of me w a dream finally coming thru. U know how it feels to live w a complex & imagine yourself w the butt you've always wanted if you're in your 20's. Now imagine having to go thru those feelings for DECADES! Watching other women's bootays & wishing.....wish no more!

Reposting ( think I posted in wrong place,Lol)

After many nights of research and back n forth into the wee hours of the morning.....okay, obsessing I should say, I decided to choose Dr. Leon to perform my sx. So many reasons, and same as others have said about him but bottom line was that I just kept going back to him and if one thing I've learned in my 53 yrs of life is to ALWAYS go with your gut feeling and especially if it was your initial feeling. Don't second guess yourselves. I've found that second guessing has always led me down the path of regret and Monday morning quarterbacking. The reviews that he has are all very good and yes, he is very prompt in responding, very pleasant and answers all questions without rushing you and speaks perfect english. I speak spanish so I wouldn't have a problem w language barrier but I'm sure this is very helpful to many prospective patients. But here is why I decided to go with him......he emitted a sense of peace and security that my soul appreciated, and I felt comfort in that. Again ladies, it's that inner gut feeling that you have to listen too. When you're laying on an operating table about to go under, that is the feeling you wanna have about the person who has your life in his hands. You want to feel that he/she is a vessel that God will be doing his best work through. That's what I felt with Dr. Leon and I'm at peace and know everything will be alright. There were a couple of other more popularly used doctors that I looked into but there was always one thing or the other that nudged me, and I didn't like that feeling. I call that when God gives you a head nuggey as to say " hey, not right for you"! Well, when I decided on Dr. Leon, God gave me a " God Wink", so need I say more! ;) I deleted my " ewww" pics that I sent Dr. Leon from my phone but I promise I'll retake them and post them within the next few days. Anyways, I'm happy to share my journey and countdown with you and I'll continue to share more thoughts with you from here on. I want to give a shout out to Desdamona, she was a godsend.....very happy that I came across her review and learned of Dr. Leon which prompted me to add him on to my short list and look into. Thank You Desda!! ;)

A little background.....

As I said earlier, I'm 53 y/o and I'm married with 3 grown kids. Not a grandma yet, and dare I mention it I get ????rolls....lol! They're busy juggling careers and social lives and don't appear to be in a rush to take on responsibility of children just yet.....so guess what???? Perfect timing for " future grandma" to get an ass!!! .....cause with my luck, I'll have one of the grand kids blurting out in front of a crowd of people " Grandma, why your butt so big all of a sudden"?.....ayyyy Lmao
At first, when I started reading on this site, I became a little disillusioned because suddenly I felt very old and started thinking maybe this was inappropriate for me to even entertain this idea of getting the butt I always wanted. I felt this way because I started noticing that not many women my age were on here, so I also started to feel a bit embarrassed. I could even hear in my head the words " Vieja ridicula" , a term that's commonly heard in my ethnic community. But then I started thinking, nah, we're out there in numbers, it's just that most older women are hesitant to post because of the " Vieja ridicúla" stigma. Then my emotions went into another stage....I said " wait a minute, I've waited/ we've waited more years for this than anyone else, why should we feel less deserving than the younger girls??" As all you dolls know, this is not something that just pops up in your head once you're an adult. This is something that you realized very early on, as a pre-puberty little girl playing with Barbies. You notice the figure and you notice other women with a beautiful backside that looks terrific in clothes and calls attention, after all, you're still little and yet even you noticed and are daydreaming on how nice you will look once you get you're " friend" and you turn just like that.......NOT! Am I right? Did these thoughts go thru your minds too as a child? Or am I just weird? Lol. I will say, I'm uber fem. I mean I was born as girly as girly can get! Give me hair,nails,makeup,heels, lashes and anything else that screams " NENA" as far back as I can remember. So you can see where I developed a complex all my life for having a flat butt. I do have boobs but ironically, I was never into boobs.....go figure! My husband supports me 100% in this not because it benefits him, but believe me he knows it will, but more because my husband supports me in anything 100%. He always says if I decide something, he trusts in it fully because he knows I've thought it thru and researched and once I make the decision, he knows he can count on it for being a wise one and just goes with it. But believe me, he still a man, so there will be new meaning to the term " wanna hit that ass"! I guess what I'm trying to say is , no matter what age we are, we are still that little girl inside from back then with hopes, dreams, insecurities and vulnerabilities. My mother suddenly passed away 2 years ago at 74 and I can tell you when I looked at her lying in that hospital bed unaware I was there, all I could see was the child in her....frightened and vulnerable and I couldn't help but think that her little child spirit was also yearning her own mother in such a frightening time. My mother was an uber feminine person also, so needless to say, I would pull out the lipstick and put it on her, and I would get a heartwarming response. Without being able to communicate or open her eyes, she would actually purse her mouth as to accept the lipstick. That made me cry everytime. It was the least I could do for her. I would make sure my mami went out in style and as she would want. In her wake, people were amazed on how beautiful she looked. The mortician dyed her hair for me, full makeup, her designer eyeglasses, beautiful french manicure and dressed as she was on a Caribbean cruise which she loved to do. We dressed her in the colors of the Caribbean Sea, Turquoise, Aqua, Royal and Cerulean Blue.......she looked FABULOUS!!! Moral of my story.......You do you! If it makes us happy and puts a skip in your step, DO IT!! As long as you're not causing pain and hurt to others, DO YOU! Take out the " Lipstick" and PUCKER UP......Snap, Snap!

Pics....proceed with caution

Put Bengay in your eyes before viewing....Jus kidding....don't do that! Lol

Recovery Homes

Does anyone have suggestions for recovery homes? This part is more overwhelming than choosing the Doctor!
Dr. Leon's office has the Rocio Ortega Medical Spa Recovery House that I believe they just opened but I would like to open my options and look into others too. Single room and hospital beds a plus but open to other options. Thanks Dolls!


After much researching and back and forth, I've chosen and paid the deposit for Serenity RH. This place seems to always be booked up so I decided it was best to secure my spot way in advance, especially since I wanted a private room and those tend to go fast. Yayyyyy......feeling as if things are moving along :)

Sleeping w a BBL & TT

I cannot for the life of me figure out how anyone is supposed to sleep with both a BBL & TT at the same time. Doesn't this compromise one or the other? I'd hate to think that I'm killing off my fat cells because I'm sitting on my new fat ass, due to the tummy tuck that prohibits you from lying on your stomach! I'm getting nervous about this because then it defeats the purpose of getting a BBL. Does any one that has already gone thru these two procedures find a way to have this down pact so that neither procedure is compromised? I'm seriously losing sleep over this, trying to figure it out.......Any suggestions that worked like a charm that any of you Dolls can share? I'm sure many of us would appreciate any tips offered!

Abnormal thoughts????

I'm getting worried about myself now. Is it normal to think about your upcoming surgery everyday and all day??? Seriously,......from moment of waking up till moment you fall asleep....is it just me, or are my thoughts getting the best of me? I go from daydreaming of outcome to worrying about all the bad things that could happen.....my thoughts go from each and every scenario a mind can go through! Now I'm even starting to worry if this is even normal to think about, no, I should be real and say obsess over this surgery so much......oh and the countless hours looking up and reading stuff.....Dios Mio!! Tell me, did or does this happen to anyone??

Prayer for my buddy....

Hey ladies, join me in sending out a traveling mercies for our RS buddy Desdamona who is on her way to DR today. Let's lift her up in prayer and claim her success and speedy recovery. May God use Dr. Leon as a vessel and pour his blessings upon him too. May both of them be placed in Gods favor and their steps be ordered. IJN Amen...


Hi nenas, I have 4 mo countdown and it seems like foreveeeeeeeeeeer! Whyyyyyy does it go by so slow? Maybe that's just how it feels to me, but it seems so far off , arghh! I guess it would help if I stop thinking about it because it's like watching a clock or paint dry, and we all know how that goes! Smh, geez!
Did any one else feel this way before their time came?

Burning pain

Though I haven't had my surgery yet, this has helped me immensely over the years with a burning skin sensation I get from FM & also post op nerve pain from BR. I swear by it!.....And I definetely will be taking it with me to DR for use after my Sx. If your struggling with burning pain, I recommend giving it a try!

Desdamona Surgery

Hi Dolls....Desdamona ia about to go into Surgery any minute. Let's lift her up in prayer and welcome her into the side of Victory!!! Yayyyy Desda!!!!!!
(Btw, I still don't know what the " Flat side" means, Lol!)

RS Alerts

Why is it that RS alerts that you have a reply yet when you check nothing shows up? Is there some kind of delay or computer glitch or I don't know wth I'm doing?

The Doubt Demon

Today, the doubt demon has made his grand entrance into my mind. Doubt, worry, panic, indecision, what if this and what if that, ect.......UGH!!!!! I really hope this fee long goes away and is just part of the process.....don't like it's company!!!! Well, the day is still early.......maybe I'll get a sign that will assure me everything will be fine.....I hope! Trying to figure out what sign to ask for cause don't think I can ask to see a butterfly or hummingbird this time of year but hey, ya never know! Ay Dios mio........smh

Doctor Questions

Hi ......when bored I start reading the " Doctors Questions" section and other than my own, ;) Lol, there's a doctor that I particularly always like his answers, very detailed and informing, sort of like a " Doctors Doc", which is what we called people with his years of experience and a teaching quality to them, when I worked in healthcare. I recommend you look him up, there were some things I found very helpful! His name is Larry S. Nichter MD, MS, FACS and he is from Newport Beach, CA

Now, there is ANOTHER Dr, that I will address on a later date when I'm good and ready to step on my soapbox. I am sick and tired of hearing DR bashing but everyone is entitled to an opinion and I truly respect that but this particular Doctor took it to a whole other level that I found very unprofessional, condescending, offensive & downright mean spirited. Well without mentioning her name ( location yes), I will have a few words about her and her views. Worked with US Providers for 29 yrs and let's just say I witnessed enough to trip this self righteous, full of herself " provider" right off her pedestal! ENOUGH ALREADY with the bashing of the DR and it's providers!

Security Breach????

Did anyone get email about a security breach/ hackers?? I'm thinking it may be wise to change info.....hmm

My NYears main focus.....keep it humble and in perspective

As my time is nearing for this life changing experience, and a New Year upon me, I've had some thoughts about this upcoming surgery and it's affect on me. This will not only be a physical change, but just as importantly, if not more, it's a mental and emotional change also., but ONLY if it's a change for an enhanced positive attitude that can be a blessing to myself and others. If I become cocky, arrogant and entitled, then no, I'm not a blessing to myself or others just another conceited woman who thinks more highly of herself than others will......and that's UGLY, no matter how much body you have, you'll be beautiful on the outside but FUGLY as hell on the inside.....and that will STILL make you NOT all that with NO bag of chips instead!! This is my PERSONAL criteria, along with safety that will make this sx a success......having the butt and curves that I want alone will not do it for me because that alone would be superficial to me. There must exist a package that works together in perfect unison. Mind, Body & Spirit.

Here is my reality.........I am NOT all that and a bag of chips, so I must keep in mind that the foundation any Doctor is starting with is unique to myself and he can only work with what MY body offers. If you ain't got enough fat to get the HUGE ass that you want, as far as I know, there are still no DONOR fat transplants that exist! So you can't just snap your fingers for more fat to appear and on the flip side, you may have TOO MUCH fat and there's only a certain amount that can be SAFELY taken out by law, unless your willing to flatline on the table......I'm NOT! Also, my skin elasticity may be different from the next persons elasticity, if my skin will only take in a certain amount of fat, what do i expect the Doctor to do with the remaining fat???? Slather it on me and hope it' ll adhere on the outside? Really now! Also, I've read hundreds upon hundreds of girls complain that they have lost volume within the first couple months......well, of course I will, it's the SWELLING that any surgery causes, going DOWN! And, let's NOT forget, different surgeons use different " techniques". Taking into account that the butt that you first see is enhanced with a lot of swelling that you WILL loose (reality),and some dr's only inject superficially, making it APPEAR as these huge globes.....that fat may either die off faster or have other problems later on. This is the feeling I get with some of these Dr's that use uber aggressive and exaggerated results from just one surgery, but that's just my personal opinion. These ladies also tend to have very difficult recoveries, necrosis, seromas at higher rates, based from what I've read.
I have not posted any wish pics for various reasons. One of them being that I noticed that most of the wish pics we all love and display are not reality. Do we forget we live in a world of Photo Shop?? Also, because none of us start off with perfect bodies, because if we did we wouldn't be seeking surgery obviously, some of us need a little more work than others, and ladies I assure you, some of those wish pics are NOT first timers! They have gone back 2-3x to perfect those bodies to the point of having us use them as WISH pics! For example, my body reminds me of a Mc'ds Chicken Nugget.....with legs! So if my Doctor can do his best with what he has to work with then I'm grateful and appreciative. I refuse to compare myself with ANYONE else's body or outcome because we DONT all start with the same foundation, and someone else's outcome was not meant for my body or vice/versa! Oh yeah, I definitely have pics that I would love to look like and if it can be done on my frame, then great, it was meant to be......but that's only because I may have had the foundation, elasticity and amount of fat needed to get me there from the start and the Doctor had the right tools and experience to do what he was highly trained to do.....under much sweat and sacrifice I may add. We gotta eat and pay bills, so do they! They're human also.....with family's to support.....just like us! Oh, comes to mind.....did we even tell them ALL of our medical history, smoking, alcohol,drug use( prescription or not) past surgical problems ect??? When we keep these things from a Dr. then run into medical problems we wanna be quick to point blame. And who's really to blame then?? Did we make sure our Dr. doesn't have an assembly line of patients on one given day as if your a product on a factory belt? How about the integrity of our Dr? Overcharging or itimizing minimal crap just to pad and fill his/ her coffers? We need to choose and stick with a Dr. that can come as close to integrity as possible while fulfilling a REALISTIC dream. Remember, when you criticize one outcome, be it known that there's someone out there that thinks your outcome ain't all that either! So be careful who you put down and turn your nose up in the air up to cause you may just end up with somebody who jacked you up!
If there's ONE thing I've learned after all my years, and believe me, you WILL see things differently after 45 and and EVERYTHING falls into place once you hit the big 50.... a lil God given gift called wisdom! I think he throws that in there for hanging in there and learning from your many mistakes! Lol! But you HAVE to have learned.....not free, and it does come with a wrinkle or two but that's ok! Lol ;). The one thing that I've noticed that always got me into trouble in the past was second guessing myself and what they call " Monday morning quarterbacking". I won't do that anymore. I do enough research to make a decision and I stick to it......as soon as the doubt demon has crept on in, and I've changed my decision, I always ended up regretting it!
I am more than happy and confident with whom I have chosen, Dr. Leon, to do my surgery.....I trust in knowing that he will do the best job possible on me with what my body offers and his skill set. Unfortunately, he can't just blow on me and "WALLA", a bombshell automatically pops out.....no, it doesn't work that way! I LOVE the work he has done on EVERY SINGLE one of his Ladies, all beautiful and unique to themselves. Heck, if we all looked alike, what's to admire.....that becomes boring, who wants to open a Dunkin Donuts box of all glazed donuts.....you want a variety and uniqueness! He's just human with a God given talent to do his best with what he has before him. In the end God is the Surgeon General that will work his intended favor upon me using Dr. Leon as his chosen vessel......and to me, that's a privileged position to be in!

Happy New Year everyone! May we all be placed in Gods favor and may we be blessed with Good Health, Peace and a spirit of Humility and Gratefulness in the coming year!!! ;) xoxo

The Real Diva!

¡Que Linda!!.....She's BEAUTIFUL!!

Wise words from a fellow Doll regarding the CC " syndrome"

I loved her post so much, I want everyone to see it since I've noticed that the "CC" hang up can become a fixation then an obsession, when in all reality, we are all different and the CC's in each of us can actually prove to be irrelevant.....so why even wrack your mind about it. Remember, for example, 1000cc each cheek on you may/ will look totally different on someone else! 600cc each cheek may look bigger on someone else's body frame than your 1000cc and vice/versa.....it's all relative! Click on the link she provides also.....great info!

How Many CC's Removed
5 Mar 2016 18 days post
I have had a lot of people ask me how many CC's I had removed and how many were put back in. Here's the thing, IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Believe me, I searched high and low to find out how much girls had removed and how much was put back into each butt cheek and hips. The thing is, there are SO many variables when it comes to calculating the amount removed that unless you have ALL the facts, the numbers really don't mean much. Also, each person's skin is different meaning the doctor WILL NOT know how much fat he can transfer to into your buttocks and hips until he has you on the operating room table.

If you want to know more about this, below is a link that explains this in further detail:


All of that said, below is what I found out was removed and replaced:

Total of 3300 cc's removed
1450 put into each side (buttock and hip)

So, 2900 put back in.

What does this mean for you and your desired results? Nothing! :)

My point is, the best results are achieved by having wish pics to give your doctor an idea of your desired results in regards to shape and volume AND more importantly by having realistic expectations.

Wishing everyone the best on their own individual journey!

Btw, this was by NewShape4Me.......she looks great!!!!

Who knew.....

I had my BBL; Lipo;TT on March 23, 2016. A couple months before I had decided not to continue on RS for personal reasons but I would be remiss if I didn't give Dr. Leon his due respect and accolades.....hell, I'd give the man a daily standing ovation, and trust me, my husband would too, probably shine his shoes too.....LOL!!! Anyway, my review on Dr. Leon will be in a separate posting.
Remember, I'm in my mid 50's, no spring chicken, well seasoned though (adobao, as we say), but I definitely looked like a Chicken McNugget.....I'm a realist by nature so I sugar coat NOTHING! It is what it is!
I'm still in shock and awe because though I saw pics of these procedures, I couldn't really see it on me. I could clearly see the transformation in others but for some weird reason I always felt everybody looks fabulous and well deserving but I myself, that would be too good for me and my outcome wouldn't be like that so my mindset was one of " don't get to excited girl, that happens to others, not you",......personal childhood demons I guess, dunno, but I feel like a princess, yes at 54! Some of us felt like a princess all our lives,some of us don't. I have words, and I have no words.......If anyone has made a difference in my life, it's Dr. Leon. This is NOT about vanity or just shaping the outside. That's the wrapping. What's more is what he did for me on the inside. I feel a sense of being and satisfaction beyond words. A sense of overwhelming humble peace inside me that ends with a constant smile at the dusk of each day. Yes, it can happen to me also....and it did!

P.D- having hard time posting pics.....stay tuned

Pics for above post

This is giving me a hard time but I'll keep trying

More pics.....

Butt shots seperate.....Why? Because on any given day, your butt will look differently. All part of the process....
Also take into account the different style faja, the angle of the camera shot and with me, I particularly notice a difference when I wake up vs end of night.....strange. Lol
I DID NOT want to know how many cc's I got since same amount of cc's on 2 different bodies can look completely different anyway and didn't want to get caught up in those head games with myself.....I also have never measured and never will.....just promises I made to myself, keeps me satisfied, grateful and content and from getting caught up in numbers. What ever works for you as an individual, right?? :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

To add on to today's above post " Who Knew..." On Dr. Leon......... A unique and talented physician that you can only wish all of your doctors had his traits. Extremely talented, yes, but combined with integrity, class, transparency, dedication, sincerity, compassion, humbleness for dayyyyyyyyyyys......throw in a smile that lights up a room, and when you don't feel well, trust me, you gonna need the light beams of a genuine smile sent by the heavens! I can't say enough about him but you get my drift.......A blessing and a privilege to have found him! I will neveeeeeeeeer let anyone else touch me for any cosmetic purpose in the future....need look no further! ;) "If you never thank God after every smile......Then, why do you blame him for every tear?"

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