44 Yr Old. No Kids. Bbl, Bl, Tt, Body Lipo - Dominican Republic

So much to do to get ready for surgery... I'm just...

So much to do to get ready for surgery... I'm just starting to buy my medical supplies. How is one to pack so much in such a little bag for the Dominican Republic. Lol...
I'm 5"7 Weigh 177. Trying to grt down to 165 by surgery date...
I'm getting bl with implants
Lipo w tt
Bbl with fat grafting bra armpit thigh back flanks hip lipo...
This is alot of surgeries at once. But hey,, I can do this. Dr. Tuctuk is my PS. Can't wait. Starting taking Iron Supplements now... if anyone has any advice, I'm all ears. But please, no criticism. :-)

Wish pic BBL small waist


Day 5

Ok so im very pleased with Dr. Tactuk.. ladies if you are considering him. Go fir it. Hes so sweet, super helpful. Did a phenominal job.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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