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I have been lurking on RS for over two-years. ...

I have been lurking on RS for over two-years. Love what I see. I was raised in a family with voluptuous women Tits, Hips, and Ass all over the place. I mean even my daughters were blessed. That DNA strand skipped me and didn't even look back. Even after children, weight gain/loss, stress, exercise 50 squats a day...you name it, I have tried it. So here I am looking to start this BBL journey. I have read several hundred posts, you tube, consulted surgeons that I work with and all of that! I have put it off and on and then off again. My last child left for the Air Force, my husband well that another story...it is now time that I do something for myself!! I was also looking into a Breast Lift years of breast feeding has left them a whole lot deflated. Love the reviews of Duran, however being a surgical Registered Nurse I am a little concerned about out of the country surgery. However with $7-12,000 price quote here in the states and the price difference in DR I will pray, prepare, pray some more and get the better me that I have longed for!!

Patiences is golden...

I know it is Sunday and that no one in their right mind should be up, working, or obsessing about an A**! However I am...lol I have read enough of the RS reviews and the process for contacting Dr Duran in DR can be daunting but worth it in the end. I have reached out to her on Facebook (which I hate), the whatssup app, and through the consulting questionnaire, so hopefully soon I will hear something back. Waiting....please hold!

Steady as you go.

My communication with Laura has been good had to resend pictures because 1st set came out grainy, she got those and now I will sit and wait for a quote! I mean I am anxious to have my booty, but I think as l stay organized and keep up with the things I need to have for the surgery and the recovery it will all be less stressful in the end. I really would love to put up wish pictures and eventually I wil, but I have my mind set on an upside down heart shaped ass with some hips. I'm not looking for the attention of a man or to be out shaking my ass up and down just a little too mature for that, but I do want my clothes to fit better and to be able to know in my own mind I got it going on. I finally raised my family and this will be the first thing that I give back to myself that is all for me. So until next time have a great day ladies.

So no quote yet...

Not upset just patiently waiting I do whatsup Laura very couple of day, but I think that I will give the office a call tomorrow to see if I can catch Elizabeth or just put myself on the radar. I want to be able to plan my vacation out with no hiccups. Yeah I know I am planning for next March, but given the summer, holidays, the new year will be here before you know it and I want to just have. My bags ready and go have all the down payments out the way flight booked and RH done so I will just be and my flat a** hitting the road...lol. I just read all of Leslie Mosko post and I did read view her blog on YouTube along with several other informative posts and video. All of the information has been laid out for me all I have to do is shop and stack my cash and go! The prices are different from 2-3 years ago I am sure, but the difference of the price here and there still don't compare. I still haven't figured out out how to do my wish pictures yet, but coming soon. Have a great rest of the day.

One step at a time

So my life is a complete mess, but I get up put on a smile and make the best of ever moment...so yesterday I read the entire post from the lovely Leslie Mosko and found that call Dra Duran office may get me a step closer! So at 2:15pm today I called and spoke the Spanish I knew to get the English I very much needed to get a step closer...the number is 809-331-5050 Ext:212 Waikaria answered and said I should get a quote this weekend...So as I am waiting with the world on my mind and heart I found a bright spot. So as I said even I don't get a call or message I'll be calling from now on...smiling smiling smiling...one step at a time...


Wish pic...just in the shade of milk chocolate

Pretty much sum my want up!!!

Wish picks...

Just passing the time

So let's see...I am 5'4" 180 lbs have chocolate completion, 42, 3 grown children, a husband that is still trying to find himself, a career and what I want for myself is a nice big ol bootay...I'm as flat as a wall with big thighs and breast feeding boobs...when I was 17 it was cool just thin with a nice rack, now at 42 no one needing me I can put my money into repositioning my body to the one I would never get no matter how many leg lifts or squats I do...dreams of a big butt...goal 2017....

Hips did I mention

I wants some hips to I'm so damn square...lol off my soapbox....lol

Where is the quote

Where is the quote??? See the anticipation of receiving anything from anyone can kill you!!! Lol Waikara said this weekend but I guess that was not on the schedule for Dra Duran. It is cool though waiting for tomorrow and the call or calls will be made. See I guess one the best things about this website is you can get the story or the game that has to be played figured out and maybe avoid some of the pitfalls. See from what I have read they want that customer that is going to call the one that is ready for the deposit the one that is understanding her wants. My issue now do I want TT as well? I mean honestly I could do it I'm not having anymore babies and really this is a once in a life time operation for me at 42 (not old), but wise enough to know that I have to maintain this work and keep it tight! So the BBL with lipo to abdomen, back, flanks, and thighs is a must but I was thinking if the tummy got snatched that would excellent. Now the BA with no implants is a maybe I wear good bras and the girls look good when they are up. Idk maybe I'll get it all done...lol!

Time waits for no one....

It has Ben a minute a shot one but I've been busy... So I've collected my vitamins and went with a pre-natal because it give you all you need plus an added iron pill. I hate taking meds just cause so the least amount the better. I was going through my clothing and honestly I don't need to buy one dress. Just thinking ahead. Also since the SurgiCoordinator keeps telling me to hold on and doctor will send quote and Dra Dura office seems to keep saying hasta luego call after call I've moved on still hoping. However hoping don't get work done so I have reached out to Dra Baez with no reply and then to Dr. Cabral no he responded within minutes via whstsapp...sent information and photos to his hotmail and the waiting continues. Talk to you soon guys.

Contact has been made....yeah boooooooy!

So I reached out to Dr. Baez and two days later I got a message from her...I used her hotmail account draustraliafragosobaez@hotmail.com and sent my message in Spanish using the translator app here is her reply: Hola Un placer recibir tu mensaje, si es posible por favor envíame tus fotos y tus datos acerca de tu salud, por ejemplo si sufres de alguna enfermedad, fumas o tomas algún medicamento, además si tienes hijos y cuantos embarazos has tenido para poder enviarte un presupuesto. Cordialmente Basically it was her wanting my health history and photos in order to give me a quote: so I replied in Spanish below: Hola pensé que os adjunto mis fotos pero volverá a enviarles otra vez... está bien así que estoy a 42 años de edad tengo tres hijos que son adultos 26, 24 y 18 todos los partos vaginales. Tengo enfermedad de Graves, pero tratan con levothyroxin 75 mcg diariamente. No problemas de corazón o pulmón. Soy enfermera y trabajo en cirugía. Agradezco reac hing vuelve a mí y me encantan tus comentarios en el verdadero ser y creo que usted sería el mejor doctor de mi procedimiento. Espero oír de usted pronto. This is me basically saying that I had sent my photos already but would resend and giving her my health history, pregnancies, etc. So finger crossed ladies and then it is on. I just want the date so I can secure my three weeks off at work and come back to work in a half way descent way. I am a Nursing Administrator for surgical services so I sit the majority of the day, but I will accommodate my booty accordantly for this surgery and the recovery. I also sent at an email to Eden Recovery House to see what there inclusions are with their house. I have read many of the reviews and I honestly think this part of the trip makes or breaks your experience so I am looking for the best that my money can give me. I don't speak a lot of Spanish, but my medical Spanish will definitely be on deck, plus my husband speaks enough and I will not be without a translator of some sort. Oh yeah my half of husband wants to come with me honestly I want him to come because I know he will speak up if I can't and he ain't gonna let nobody get the best of use. Been to DR before and while they $1 American dollar is like $45 peso it means nothing to them when they can hustle you out of your money. I did let it happen last August and it won't happen next March...hell we all trying to get ahead in this world...lol Listen I think that I went or I want to go with Baez because I already know what bedside manner is and what is not. I don't need a doctor to be on me about anything, but I do need a doctor that is going to give a F*ck about me when it is over. I read in one of the post that she (Dr. Baez) came to a recovery house to visit her patient(s) and ended up treated me of Cabral's that was with fever. Now don't get me wrong it could have been a flick, but I have not read about Cabral or Baez coming to any of the recovery houses to check on their patients. For us coming from the states there is a certain level of care we have grown to expect with our health care providers and if we don't like them we move on to the next. Me going out the country and having surgery and the doctor never seeing me again kinda of makes me nervous. She seems to exhibit the care that would be expected if she was the patient. Again every experience is different but post after post about Baez starts out, she is so caring, she is this and she is that in regards to her patients. Also she does two patients a day. Again I am 42 and I am not dropping anything hot or twerking anything not saying that I can't, but I am beyond that just a little, I am looking to have my clothing fit nicer and my confidence in my look go up a few levels...photos of my body...I will say this I look nice with my clothes on and I work with what I have with them off, but it is my time and I want what my mother had and didn't give me...I post me with clothes on too...

Clothes do make a difference

So I got it!!!!

Got my quote from Baez today! Yes I am happy drum rooooooollllllllllllll.....$3900 for BBL, Tummy Tuck, and liposulture to bak waist abdomen and sides...I still need to find about the liposuction to the inner thighs. Haven't heard from Cabral or Duran maybe I'm not there type which is fine by me at this time. The price is good for six months so I wil pay my deposit and plan plan plan. So I have to take my time now and just make sure that I get mentally ready. Also I have gotten two quote for recovery houses Tropial Deluxe and Eden Recovery...so for Tropical deluxe for a single room form myself and half of husband it would be $1200 for 10-days and for the Eden rock it would be $1270. So when I add this all up it come to $7500 and then add another $1000 forinidentals. With the $7500 that includes the flight, RH, 2nd faja, cardiology (if needed) blood transfusion (if needed) and extra 200 for anything else they want to have tested for! I figure maybe $200-300 for supplies. I think that anything under works. So just have to make the house of RH so if anyone has any comments about either one I would love to hear them. I think that Tropical Deluxe sound better and the location is across from the beach and I love the water. So chips comments please.


Cabral gave me a quote...tummy tuck, liposuction, and BBL for $5000... After reading and my scary ass I think for his price and lack of bedside manner I will still lean towards Baez. Duran nothing yet? Even Baez went into hiding on me after the initial wore I want to see if she can lift the girls no implants. I've been going through so much emotionally and this project or goal is the only thing that brings me peace. I'm a planner and doing this down to last details allows for my mind to be at peace...

RH and Baez

Today was a focused day for there has got to be something said for broken heart and bs on the brain. All I can say is I'm doing the damn thing. So I went outside the box on the RH search I have sent my deposit to Stayatbodied RH the owner is a New Yorker yes I understand she may not be on site, but I gonna leap out my faith with her! The price for me and guess is pricey compared to other quotes I received, but she has had surgery and after extensive conversation has gotten my faith that she knows who and what is needed to care for the new bodied ladies staying under her name and care she is on IG @bodiedrecuperationspas. Grand opening in December 2016. So as I was saying Baez contacted me and asked which dated I wanted in February I said 2/20 arrival and surgery 2/21 or 2/22 with me leaving DR March 6... Waiting for that confirmation so I can send my deposit and get this party started on the good foot. I started my shopping and any maxi dresses bought this summer will be used there. Drugs will gotten all here in the states...have annual physical in September I may or may not discuss out of the country surgery just will let her know I'm have cosmetic surgery in late winter and need clearance. I will have base labs drawn next week both chemistry and cbc. I'm excited I just need to sit back and relax and finalize if my half a husband will be joining me or not...maybe me doing this alone will be best or I'll pay for my girl to come and be my guard.
I also asked about a breast lift and I really would love to go from no ass at all (noassatall) to hello baby with the hips to match.

Idle minds not here got things done

Have my date February 21st DR here I come...yaaaayyyyy!!!! Dr. Australia FragosoBaez will give what I always want a little cushion...excited. Did inquire about thigh lipo $200 additional and breast lift $2500 no implants I want the inner thigh done so bad and I want the breast lift even worse...have to way my money and see which I can squeak out the thighs no problem the lift well now we are talking girl sacrifices...oh well I will only do this once so maybe get it done and be happy...now onto securing my half husband to come with it surgery buddy...happy it is done at least this part????????????????????????

Be true to yourself

So it's been a minute and my life has taken me away from RS for a minute but as I sit at my grandson football game I'll take a minute...so I have sent my deposit back in July to Baez via bank transfer...my recovery house is booked deposits sent plus some extra. My use to be half husband will be with me his moderate Spanish and my medical Spanish will get me through. Will be staying at Bodied Recuperation and Spa a new establishment due to open in December 2016. I have purchased compression stockings, all vitamins, arnica pellets and gel, Tylenol PM, I figure why spend the money on maxi dresses I have quite a few that can use and replace for the new body...yaaasss! So I have had pre-blood work done last week, this is for me to see where I stand...will have a three month mark and 1 week before leave date. IG has been a great resource but I'm more of an introvert so I tend to read and learn and comment very little...again this has been a journey that has been in the making for a long time and as one doll posted...I'd rather live with Oh wells than regrets...
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