41 Yrs Old BBL and BA with Dr Hungria in the Dominican Republic

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I am 41 from the UK. I am healthy but i am...

I am 41 from the UK.

I am healthy but i am looking for a few body improvements.

I had my breasts done 14 years ago so I am looking to have them replaced with a slight enlargement and a rounder fuller look.

I am also having a BBL to reduce stubbirn waist fat and increase the butt suze resulting in a more pronounced contour.

This is an earlier review showing other options that i was contemplating.

I decided on Dr Hungria as he gad positive reviews and he also appeared sensible and responsible.

I found his website and emailed over my derails and also spoke to him on Whatsapp.

I am flying out to DR on 17th April in less than a week and surgury is on tge 17th of april.

I have attached before pictures and I will try and maintain updates until I am 6 months post op.

So far all communication has been good, replys have been quick and the information provided has been good.

I have obviously researched these surgurys and no what to expect.

My biggest worry is the surgury does not change my appearance and also things like infection.

Fingers crossed everything will be fine.

I will try and add info on my surgury, my overall trip from the UK, my recovery house and my recovery

Dr Hungria correspondence

Your price will include:

- Hospitalization
- Medical Fees
- Anesthesia
- (1) Girdle
 The post-surgical medications prescribed, Lymphatic drainage massage and the recovery will are not included in the cost of surgery.
The minimum time must be in the Dominican Republic is 5 days without taking into account the day of arrival and departure.
The driver of the doctors would gathered in the airport so it is very information that you let us know all the information regarding your flight (arrival time, flight number, airline) then would be bringing the hospital to let her inside, so the Doctor on call I would be practicing the analysis necessary for the day of surgery.
If you have no family in our country, I was referring to the recovery house, costing $75.00 a night, this includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and the nurse if you come with a companion this will cost extra $65.00 includes breakfast, lunch and dinner just like you. The cost of this house of recovery is not included in the cost of surgery,  transport to and from the airport and recovery House is included. Home Recovery or care homes do not accept credit card, just cash only.
The surgery alone Payments are made in cash, paypal and / or bank transfer
To confirm your surgery, you must make a deposit of $ 200 using Paypal or Wells Fargo Bank
Paypal: hungria@cirplastica.com
Wells Fargo: 1010146323119

You can arrange an appointment at least two weeks prior your surgery by email or phone
please book your flight with time and send us the information.

We encourage patients to schedule their flights for a Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday so the next day would be being your surgery. The days of surgery Dr. are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
If you have any question contact us.

You can check my results at www.facebook.com/drhungria


Recovery house

The prices for recovery is Us$75.00 a night at Rocio Ortega Medical Spa.

Extra Info

Here is some additional information.

I had my bloods done here in the UK and emailed them to DR Hungria.

My bloods were all fine and healthy.

I also asked Dr Hungria about the cost of doing a bit of lipo on the arms and he said he would do it for free. This was very kind, way to go Dr Hungria.

I am paying through paypal

Flying out Tomorrow

Well im feeling nervous but a lot of that is because of flying.

Its a long 13 or so hours from the UK.

Landed in the Dom Rep

So i landed last night later than expected due to delay at Madrid. Was picked ip from the airport and straight to the clinic, dropped my stuff of in the clinic room where slept last night and again tonight after surgury. Wjen I got here I had Xray, my bloods, urine sample, blood pressure and heart scan. As i smoke a very nice lady came to test my lungs to be on the safe side. I think everything was fine. I slept ok and then this morning yhe nurse talked me through the forms and disclaimers. I then spoke with Dr Hungria to discuss the procedures. He is very nice and friendly. He marked me up and talked about what he was going to be doing. After meeting him I felt more relaxed, he explained id be taking a blue pill to help me relax. I hope i sleep throughout the surgury and feel no pain, ( ill tell you later ). Here are a few pics x

Hungry with Hungria lol

Well yesterday i ate loads.

I had breakfast at the Airport. Then British Airways fed me on my flight from London to Madrid.

Then I had to more meals on the flight from Madrid to Dominican.

Then when i got here they gave me more food.

Since then no food or water. So I'm hungry, probably shud have ate less yesterday.

Decided to go around 2 sizes bigger up to around an F or G cup.

Here is some more pics before

out of Surgury

Well im out and tired and sore and dehydrated and hungry.

Enter the dreaded recovery

Just went 10 rounds with Tyson fury

He avoided my face lol
Some pics of my soreness


day after surgury

Well everything so far has gone well.

Ive bruised most on my arms and shoulders, havnt seen my back yet.

I havnt seen much of anything as im bandaged up and swollen.

Ill take some pics when in by a proper mirror.

Hospital staff are nice as well.

I just had a little walk indoors.

The hospital/clinic is quite small but modern and clean and not overcrowded. Its actually nice and quiet.

Anyway thank god for Diazepam and cocodomol ( i brought my self but DRs approved. )

At the Recovery house

Its a different from planned but its pleasant and spacious and has air con and cable tv ( not much in english ).

I have an adjustable bed and tonights food was nice.

Ill try and find out the name.

im not too sore can walk ok.but getting up out of bed or from the toilet requires effort especially as i had my arms lipod so they are sore as well.

So far so good though !!

Recovery house problem

Well after the Rocio Spa was fully booked i was moved to a different recovery house.

I was in a tiny room with 2 beds there was just enough room to put my suitcase on the other non medical bed and a side table for my meds etc.

This morning they informed me another patient was going to.in the same room. There was certainly nit enough room for 2 people in that tiny room. It was difficult to move around the room with just myself.

I spoke to my Drs secretary Massial who arranged for me to move to Tropicana recovery.

This is a spacious shared room with walk in closet for bags and suitcases and an ensuite bathroom.

The decor is really nice as well very colourful and cheerful.

The tv is good and wifi works well although streaming video is a bit slow.

I feel way more relaxed and comfortable here.

Having said that the staff at the other recovery house were very nice but i dont know the name of it.

Pics of Tropicana recovery from my bed

Feels more relaxed and bright and colorful here.


I'm not looking forward to mine as im still tender. But i really want the swelling to go down

The plantain was nice today, i bought some sneaky MnMs from the shop yum.

Day 3

Well im still sore and swollen but managed to go to the shop for some bits and bobs like fruit, protein shake and some sneaky chocolate as well as some more paracetamol and iron.

Feel fine but a bit bored just looking forward to faja coming off and having a nice wash.

Final review with Dr Hungria

Went to see Dr Hungria and we removed the Faja. My bum looks plump and rounded. Belly and back still swollen.

All scars look neat. I had the breasts done through the nipple.

Had a nice shower without the Faja but I have to.put it back on when its washed

I have to wear it for 6 weeks snd then i can switch to the waist clincher which Dr Hungria kindly gave to me as a gift.

I will post after pictures in a few days after a bit of massage.

Also today i did my first no 2, that was a very nice feeling. I also brought a douche to help with this. I nought some mild laxatives over here as i forgot them from the uk.

So far so good though, Dr Hungria has been honest informative and friendly and you feel he genuinely wants the best for his patients.

He speaks good English and has a humerous side.

Ill keep the blog going way after surgury so you can follow the most important bits which after full recovery.

My meds and stuff i brought

Ive been taking ibuprfen 3 times day. Cocodomol twice a day. Tramadol twice a day. And diazepam twice a day ( to chill me out )

Occasionally ill have paracetamol rather than cocodomol if im not too sore.

Ive also taken wirh meals - iron - Omperazole - aloevera - acidopholus - multivitimin - calcium and vit d - glucosamine and chondratine, evening primrose oil and Omega 3 fish oil. 

Most of these I have anyway.

Plus i took my normal day to day meds. 

I brought some sleepers as well and i brought some excma type emoliant cream and bio oil.

I brought mainly comfy clothes and shoes and basic beauty regime stuff etc.

Dr Hungria even gave me a free T shirt with his name on

Ill try and do a sexy pic with it on lol.

A week after surgury

Im still swollen but today i leave the recovery house and go to a hotel.

I will take some pics in the Faja later but with the swelling and garment its a bit hard to see much.

Ive decided not to have massage and do it myself. Ill maybe get lower back done on the UK when Im back.

I may try one massage on friday but o think its too soon and lymphatic drainage occurrs anyway and i can always tighten my garment.

I think.irritating an area may end up increasing swelling and liquid build up.

Pic in mirror

A week after pic with faja and tshirt bra etc.

Still swollen. Ill try and do a side one soon but my lower back is most swollen right now


Here is some pics 10 days after. I took them after my shower while my faja was off.

Not the clearest sorry. Im still very swollen and a bit bruised etc.

Although swelling is deffo going slowly

Quick update

Arrived home safe and sound. Possibly the worst part of the whole thing was traveling home. I was having a bit of withdrawel from the meds as had stopped taking tramadol and diazepam. Plus i had a 9.hr flight to madrid then 2 hr transfer then 2 hr flight then 1hr to London Train Station then a 4 hr wait at the station due to peak off peak rules and then a 3hr train home. Prob over a day of traveling. I did sleep on the journey from dom rep.to madrid though. I was sore and exhausted by the time i got back. Surgury was simple compared to traveling. The train part was the worst bit. British rail is a discgrace. Healing is going well swelling going slowly. I tried massage but i wasnt keen, i have been doing my own massage just gentle for an hour or so.every day. When my skin feels less tender ill try another massage. I can keep my circulation going myself but i guess at some point ill need it all proper massaged and squeezed out. Im not major bumpy however but there are a few little bumps here and there. Any way i need to try and sleep. Jet lags a biatch xx

Been home a week

Ive been back a week and still sore though. Although its more sensitive in a tickly painful way where the lipo was done. It feels worse when the numbing wears off like all your nerve endings are coming back to life.

Results are looking good, my mum came over and got her seal of approval.

She said my bum looks like Chloe Kardasians now.

Im looking forward to the sensetivity goung so i can start swimming. I expect it to start easing off over the next week or so.

Will post more pics soon xx

3 weeks post op pics

These are 3 weeks post op. Im still swollen and sore around the tummy and back though. Ill try and get my friend to take better ones
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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