I want to be comfortable in clothes again. I'm...

I want to be comfortable in clothes again. I'm tired of holding my children back because I'm to insecure to go places. Not being able to dress and feel confident after graduation and accomplishing my dream job. I have to move forward in that knowing no matter how many stairs I run or how many gyms I've tried or better yet paying for a trainer 1,300 a month for three months! I'm done and no matter how scared I get or stories I hear. I am doing this change for me and of course hope to wake up!

Cant wait for change

Nine months away and im nervous like its tomarrow! Febuary 2017

I have made up my mind no dought who I want to sculpt my body other then Dr. Tactuc I have had some mind changing and of course questions and I just love how responsive Dr. Tactuc Luis is. apparently I am losing to much weight so I keep grubbing down at 167 today. The struggle exercise to be fit enough to go under but gotta keep my fat!

My wish pics

Hips please.

I had a dream

Woke up in my dream looking down at my torso I had a brown garment on and I thought omg it's done! I can't believe I did it! Then I woke up. And the disappointment I felt the feeling it was just a dream was emotional for me. Then I knew what I have to do to find me again. And not this feeling inside me that wants to dodge every outing or make up an excuse to not show face. Like my education I need to make change so that I can succeed and be confident.

Shopping List Tummy tuck, BBL, & Breastfeeding lift oh my!

Okay so here is my list for the DR! I almost fell guilty shopping like this but since I've always made sure my family was taken care of the best way I knew how I decided to also do the same for myself for once. Now these are what I feel would comfort me and my body pre-op and post-op. Most people don't go this far out but at least you can have an idea what you would need or wouldn't. Everything on my list I bought from Walmart and Amazon.

Shopping List continued

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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