40ish, Two Almost Grown Children- Looking for a Small Waist - Dominican Republic

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I have been thinking about lipo with fat transfer...

I have been thinking about lipo with fat transfer for a few years. I have always had a nice shape and pretty good eating habits. I'm not ready to starve myself just to get a small waist. I have weighed between 145-155 for lbs for the last 3 years. My ideal weight is 140-145. I like my body, including breasts and thighs when I'm under 150. But even at 145, my entire midsection is a little boxy. I also have a little muffin top. I work out and am pretty active. Ladies I a'm sick of girdle panties, Spanx and lord knows I couldn't keep a waist - trainer on for more than an hour. So..... I finally decided to get lipo of my entire torso with fat transfer to my butt. I'm only 5'2"- so I don't want a big donkey butt. I would like it more perky with more projection. I'm going to Dr. Tania Medina in two weeks l. I had consults with 2 other doctors, but the cost was twice as much, even with the cost of airfare and 10 days at recovery house in Dominican Republic. The doctor has suggested a tummy tuck based on my photos. But, two in person doctors here recommend only liposuction. I also love getting away to a tropical island so I'm excited about my decision.

Lipo or Tummy Tuck?

I've been lurking in RS day and night to answer this question. I see lots of pics with ladies who had lipo only with a stomach like mine. I also see women who had tummy tuck for a slight belly. I think I have minor muscle seperation (less than. 5 inch). Is the tt recovery and scar worth the results?

One week to go!

I'm super excited and perfectly comfortable with my choice of Dra Medina. I gained a few pounds so I'm back up to 155 pounds. My waist is still 32 inches though? I can't wait to get this layer of fat off of my mid-section :) My kids are almost grown and still love to hug up on me because I'm "warm and soft". They think it's a compliment, but I'm not a blanket.....lol.

Three Days Post Surgery

I thank God I'm alive and seem to be healing well. This experience was excruciating and I was with other women in the Recovery house that said the same thing. My doctor did an excellent job. My waist is snatched, and back fat completely gone. The wild thing is i requested and paid for lipo and bbl, and woke up with a tummy tuck. The doctor knew i was on the fence and either forgot I said no tummy tuck or she did me a favor and decided she would cut away the 8 lbs of skin when she lipo ' the 5 liters of fat. It was quite a surprise, but I paid today because the work is excellent

I am not a doll, I am a human full of nerves

The pain in my legs (maybe liposuction there without my request or permission) has been excruciating for three days. My butt cheeks hurt really bad too. However , when the doctor was told about it, she brought me right in for an exam and a new pain medicine. It's much better now. She definitely has an artist is eye for shaping a women's body and she is very sweet . The process before surgery was not pleasant. Disorganized, bad communication. Maybe party because of the language barrier? I'm deciding was the pain and headache worth it l.

Recovery House

The food was good and most staff very sweet, but almost nobody spoke English. The owner seems sweet and concerned, but accommodations not good. I would not recommend Spa Jacqueline. There was no running water in my bathroom sink, then 3Rd night no water in whole house, nor in the morning. Nobody kept rooms clean, no sheets changed, no ac in common areas, nurse call buzzers not provided, beds not good for tummy tuck, you can't put toilet paper in toilet, but nobody dumped nasty trashcans for days. The toilet is in a tight space that is hard to get to if you are not very skinny, the nurses did not wake up and help a patient that was in urgent need.

Hotel Catalonia

My cousin came with me and she was invaluable and the absolute best. Our first night in DR we stayed at the Hotel Catalonia. It was a very nice room, ocean view, great service and cute little casino. Very little English speaking staff, but they were so attentive and pleasant.

Lipo Bruises and swelling

I didn't ask for "banana roll " lipo. Apparently it is part of her " standard" bbl package, to shape the butt. I could have did without. The rushing and lack of good communication was tough. Hopefully the swelling goes down and it was worth it

Feeling Better : ) 7 Days Post-Op

Not much pain except my lower back from walking bent over. And my right butt cheek and thighs still HURT. I also have fairly deep indentations on butt cheeks from the faja and a seam on a pillow. My hands and feet are so swollen too. Does anyone know will the indentations go away?

Great Hotel for Recovery

Crown Plaza in Santo Domingo was absolutely amazing! All of the staff were top notch. They had a wheel chair to help with long walks and a beautiful handicap suite with tall toilet, grab rails, big bathroom with handicap shower stall. Plus amazing views. You can get pharmacy deliveries there too. Hubby was an excellent nurse for me while I recuperated.

Post-Op Issues and Care (Infection/Necrosis )

Dra Medina did a good job on my liposuction and even my non-requested tummy tuck. But, I am super annoyed at the time and care the tummy tuck recovery is taking.... healing, bandages, incisions. Scars.....it's a lot, which is why I did not want it this go around. She did not give any post op care instructions nor contact me after I came home. She still does respond quickly if you email or Whatsspp- but that never gave any post surgery instructions. Worse issue is I have an infection/necrosis at two incision sites on my right butt cheek. The problem started the day after surgery and the doctor did no type of testing about my complaint. I'm worried and stressed waiting to see the final results of my bbl. I'm hoping the hard spot inside the cheek softens up and the infection clears up. Also the problem cheek is bigger than the other cheek - where she made a small butt dimple much bigger by not releasing the fibrous cord that made it a dimple. She just tried putting fat in in, and made a flat spot with a deeper dimple in the middle. I am not happy with the bbl.

Approximate two month Review

I am overall very happy with the results of my surgery. Dra. Medina gave me a nice hour glass figure! The result I dislike is she did not know how to correct my hour one butt dimple. She tried to fill it with fat, but the fibrous cord pulling the dimple in should have been detached. Though she did not conduct any follow up with me, she was very responsive and helpful with concerns I had throughout my recovery. I also had an infection at an incision site that possibility came from non-sanitary surgery procedures. It caused me to have a lot of pain for over a month. It had to be treated with strong antibiotics. My TT scar is low and healing well. I am still somewhat annoyed about having to continually nurse the scar.

Good idea to invest in Fajas!

FYI- you can find great deals on Fajas on Amazon. I bought 2 more after my stage two. So I have different leg lengths (including a no leg one in the picture above). I also bought two panties with built-in corset from Walmart for $8 each.. After the leg swelling stopped stopped I wanted torso compression only. It's too hot to keep squeezing my thighs...lol

There Monty update

I have to admit, despite my issues with post-op care and unhappiness with my TT scar, Dra Medina gave me a very nice shape. I stopped wearing my faja 2 weeks ago. I think the compression was making it hard to eat enough. I was loosing weight. I do love the curves she gave me!

Tummy Scar is No Buena

I have a raised scar around belly button and also at my tummy tuck incision. I think if I had better post-op instruction, this may have been avoided.

Loose skin or back fat ???

I am 3.5 months post-op. I have least noticed my back has rolls again. Is this loose skin or back fat? I'm going to try wearing my compression t-shirts for a month or so and see if the look changes. A little bummed about the thought it's skin. At least I still look good in my clothes.....lol. Hope it's fat so I can get it lipo'd off !!!!!

One year update

After a whole year post-surgery I would have to finally say I should have chose a doctor that didn't rush through everything. I may have to have additional procedure to correct asymmetric butt, did his shape and to correct banana good defect. Not to mention this huge scar. Overall I look better in my clothes and was motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. But Dr. Media's lack of pre-surgery communication and post surgery care caused me a lot of problems. After pics below


If you are going to use Dr.Medina be sure to discuss this with her BEFORE surgery because she did not mention these important things to me AT ALL !!!
(My surgery time was moved up from 1130 am to 630 am, while I was in the hospital. Doc rushed me into surgery to fill a time slot with almost know discussion .)

1. Show her a pic of the shape butt you want....heart, bubble, hippy. She never asked me details or explained her surgery plan. I wanted heart but have a bubble.

2. Have her SHOW you everywhere she will Lipo and transfer fat or cut. This could have saved me from the unrequested tummy-tuck.

3. Make sure you take someone with you to surgery, even if you have to pay a local. Some hospital staff was very rude and unprofessional, while I was drugged and weak.

4. Make sure you ask a lot of questions about post-surgery care. I had told her my sister keloids, but she did not pre-treat or post-treat for scar management

5. Learn and then discuss everything you can about post surgery infection signs, symptoms, treatment Dr. Medina should have ran a test for infection because of my severe pain in one area. She only gave Lyrica?! I HAD BAD POTENTIALLY CRITICAL INFECTION from that incision that required several lots of treatment.

Dr.. Medina was responsive to any text message/DM. BUT, as a doctor she should have been proactive to prevent the problems escalating.

Cute shape in clothes though

Dr. Medina did a nice Lipo job, gave a cute shape. She did not warn about loose skin possibility on my back from aggressive Lipo (which I now have)


Doctor should have discussed/ warned about loose skin
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

The doctor is very responsive to any questions emailed to her. She is a little higher than some other doctors in D.R., but I preferred her prompt answers to my questions. But, she did not give very good post-op instructions or care. If you are prepared to fully educate your own self about post-op care or issues, she is a good choice.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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