39 Year Old Needs Complete Overhaul: LIPOSCULPTURE, BBL and TT - Dominican Republic

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I've been unhappy with my body for a while now. ...

I've been unhappy with my body for a while now. I've had my children young and think I've been a good mum. I don't want anymore children and have decided to do something for myself.

I've spoken to my children and they are very happy for me to go forward. Been reading and reviewing countless reviews and posts and I am getting quite excited.

I will update further 1 week before my surgery when I have done everything and completed my packing and planning. I will then upload before pics of myself and give you all a complete review of my experience with my doctor, staff, recovery house and my personal journey through the recovery process.

The reviews of others before me has helped me and I hope that my own review will help others hoping to make the journey as well.

Looking forward to a better body.

I can't believe

Recovery House Buddy

I've been booked with Dr. Hungria. I feel comfortable with him. He replies via what's app within hours and from what I get it's safety first. He won't do too much if he thinks it won't be safe. (Better have a round 2 than compromise your safety. )

Anyway I'm booked for December 5th 2016 and wondering if there's anyone travelling for surgery around that date. I'm staying until the 17th as I want to be on the way to recovery when I travel back home. The journey home will be hard enough.

It would be nice to have someone you already spoke to at your recovery house. I've looked at a few but haven't booked yet.
Any ladies out there needing a friendly companion?

Quote and Before Pics

My cost might be high but it's because I calculated everything in there. Surgery costs, 20 massages, extras you have to pay for, average cost of recovery house for 10 days, extra garment needed and added US$500 for back up and my flight. I think that gives a true picture of what I might spend for this surgery instead of just doctors fees.

I've decided to upload some pics of my body. It's shameful and you can understand why I need a change. I need to feel good about myself again.
A front, side and back.


Hello everyone. Well it's a week until I emerge on the flat side. I've been busy with my preparations, taking my supplements and getting myself ready.

I've booked my ticket, confirmed my date. Happy still with Dr. Hungria. I was told he had everything I need but still bringing a few things with me to keep my wound clean and speed up delivery.

I didn't want to travel alone so I got someone to go with me. I didn't tell many people of my plans as the few I told, I seem to get negative feedback from them.
My children are supporting me and I believe that it's all I need at the moment.

Big decision not to book a recovery house. I want Rocio Ortega but as I'm going to be there a few days before my surgery I decided I will drive around and get the best one available. I want a clean environment with happy and satisfied patients. Booking blind wasn't doing it for me. Failing that I will book a hotel for my Dominican friend and I for our stay. I'm not alone so I'm not scared of the last minute booking. My friend is actually from the Dominican Republic so language barrier won't be an issue for me.

I'm excited and scared all at the same time but you know what I've got to feel beautiful and confident again. It is with confidence in our self and our abilities that we reach our full potential. I'm doing this for myself and my children.

Ladies stay blessed.


Well I am here in the Dominican Republic. Arrived yesterday and waiting on my surgery.

This week has been really hard for me. My emotions have been all over the place thinking the worst that I almost cancelled the entire thing, but my perseverance won. I was so stressed getting everything together thinking of leaving my children and the worse outcome that my blood pressure went through the roof. My doctor had me come twice this week to check my blood pressure and we were not happy. My shoulders were aching so damn bad with the stress that I was in tears. I still decided great results come with great sacrifice. I was doing this for myself. I've prayed so hard this past few weeks. I need to get out of this depressive state with my body.

Landing in the Dominican Republic, I'm a little less stress. I got picked up by the doctor's driver who was waiting for me at the airport. He wasn't very chatty but nice. Told me his English is very bad but put on some nice Spanish music and we drove straight to my doctor.

Getting to the doctor, meeting the secretary and seeing Cecip was really good. I felt my anxiety melt away. The secretary was lovely. I was so relieved, she was chatty and put me at ease.
I paid up and we done my blood work and other tests like X-ray, the cardiologist etc. I was floored when he told me my blood pressure was normal. My prayers worked. I asked God to please do his thing with my body and everything went well, all my test were okay. I couldn't believe it.
The secretary told me the owner of Rocio Ortega and the doctor were friends and it's really good. It was my top choice anyway. She booked for me and I went there straight away. The driver took me there. I wanted a single room despite being told I could get one, non was available. I haven't paid for my room yet and so I am waiting for the owner and manager tomorrow to see what is going on. The staff is so nice. I was immediately offered dinner which I accepted, I was starving. There was a doctor on call and a nurse and I was put in a room for four. The ladies were really nice. Everyone so far has been welcoming and I am excited. A little anxious but eagerly awaiting my surgery.

I haven't seen my doctor yet but that's okay. I'm happy I came a few days early best thing yet. Now I can chill for a few days waiting for my surgery and relaxing.

Pic of reception at Cecip and my first dinner at Rocio Ortega. Sorry photo not uploading will try later.


Well this journey has definitely been interesting. I'm completely happy with my doctor of choice.
After the surgery is a whole different matter. The pain is seriously real and bad. Nothing could prepare me for it. I will speak more about it later but right now I'm in too much pain.

Just wanted to say I've made it and for now I'm happy with my results.
Dr. Hungria

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