Round 3 w/ Dr Baez February 8, 2017

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Hey everybody, Ive been stalking this website ever...

Hey everybody, Ive been stalking this website ever since I stumbled upon it. I have thought about this for some time now, but wasnt sure if this was a good choice for me, I've had personal trainers weight loss clubs but nothing has gotten rid of my (BABY WEIGHT) yea right she is 9 yall lol. Im not fat Im 5'6 180 and still losing weight,but no matter how much weight I loss that pouch wont go away. So here I am, I wanted to go to HOTLANTA to get this done, but Ive decided I would rather stay financially stable then spend my all my saving. I have gotten so much information from you ladies and your stories Im using to help convince my husband that the DR is the way to go! He thinks I can just lose the tummy but this is coming from a man with 5% body weight. This dude never gains weight SMH! I have reached out to Dr's Baez,Duran & Yily. Of course you all know who got back to me first, The wonderful Dr Baez, she gave me a quote of 3800 for lipo of the full back,flanks stomach and tummy tuck with a bbl and an additional 300 for 5 massages. Haven't got a response for the others yet. Im so excited to be apart of the journey with you ladies.

Yily's Quote

Finally I received the email from Yily, but to my suprise the information received was not what I was expecting! Disappointing I should say! This is what I received!
BBL, 3,500
TT, 4,300
Lipo 3,300!!!!!

Can Somebody Please tell me what this suppose to mean! Wtf

Dr Baez

So frustrated, trying to weigh my options but so far Baez will have my money if I dont get any other quotes, SMH

This is Me!

Quotes Coming in YYYEEESSSSS!!!

Hey Dolls, So I recieved 3 quotes within the last week. Yily (4500), Baez (3800 +300 for massages) Robles (4350 or 5200 w recovery house), SUPER EXCITED!!!! WHO DO I CHOOSE????? I need to experienced Dolls and the Dolls who have done more reseach then I. Im looking at June 23 for my date. Desicions Desicions


I just got my date for July 2, Just have to book my flight and recovery house. I want to thank Beazbeauty2014 for all her help

Weight Gain WTF!!!!!!

Hey Babies, Just wanted to share some frustration about my journey, for some damn reason I've gained 5 pounds im hoping its my cycle, but Im not sure. My goal is to be at least 170-175 at the most, I want to get the best results at my ideal weight. Will keep you all posted, BTW can anyone tell me how many times you see ur physician before going to the DR and do I need any special testing before I go.


Me and my sister buying the plane tickets TONIGHT!!!!!!!


Too Excited!!!


Im excited to say I had my labs done on Saturday my Hemo is 13.5 I have 5 weeks until my SX day!!!

30 days and Counting

Got all my supplies, now trying to lose the last 7 pounds, I think the stress is keeping it on!

17 days and Counting

Received confirmation email from Dr Baez!!! Nervous and Excited, yet disappointed My husband won't be coming he has to go out of town for business so its just me and my sis!

7 Days and counting

7 days until my Day in the DR, Im excited yet nervous at the same time. I have been waiting on this Day for a long time.

Round 2 Breast lift +Implants,Lipo & Another BBL

Hey RS, I'm going back to the DR for round 2, Dr Baez gave me life with the 1st round , but now I have ass greed so I'm going back for more, if any of you can tell me what I need to bring for my Boobs, if anything, I know all the other stuff I need. I learn from the first time I don't need all the crap that I brought with me what I had left was donated to the recovery house.

post op photos

Post op photos

6 months post op!!

Wish Pics for Round 2

I kno this is something that I can achieve with Round 2, what u all think?

More Wish Pic


Need Advice

Hey girls, I need some advice, so I'm going to do round 2 as you all kno, I'm doing a BA/implants and another BBL. My question is since I'm going to be sitting on my butt should I have her to utilize all my fat and get a bigger butt just in case I lose projection and volume? Dr Baez said it's possible that I will lose some because of the BA, I'm afraid it will be too big? Help


Finally less then 2 months to go!


Do anyone have a March Date with Dr Baez that's willing to switch for my April 17th date please willing to pay for a nights stay at your RH.

Round 2 BBL, BA, Full Lipo

Hey Realself, I'm starting my journey yet again, It's been 1 year 4 months since my last procedure, Dr Beaz did an amazing job on my tummy tuck

to. July 2014

50 Days to Round 2

Very excited to become a better me! My family thinks I'm crazy because I'm doing this again but this time I'm going solo my girl coming in a few days later! I've been looking at every ones post trying to decide how big I want my breast and but this time..

All packed up!!!!

I decided round 2 I will pack light my last suitcase my 11 year old could fit in it comfortably and it was heavy ass hell! I will carry on my 2 boppy pillows in my purse which is damn near a suit case!!!

Tomorrow I'm officially 30 days away

This is me now

SHOULD I SAY MORE????????????????????

More wish Pics

You guys are getting me more excited about this Round then I was the first I think this 2016 dolls are on point!!! I can't wait until everybody is done so we all can see our BEST BODIES EVER!!!!

Booty poppy in my Cardi B voice

Compliments of the Boo!!!!

20 days Remaning!!!

Super Excited!!

My cycle timing!!! Wtf

So my cycle is due to come the day before my surgery not good!!!! I just email Dr Baez to see if I can push my date back 1 week to get my hemo back up!!! Fingers crossed praying she say yes!!!!

How can I delay my cycle?????

Any suggestions???

Hemo 13.2 need to get it up!!!

Ok well my cycle came early thank god! Need to get my Hemo up in 13 days any suggestions I'm already taking my vitamins.

The Anticipation!!!

I'm all set ready to go! I've been down this road before I'm ready for the surgery but not looking forward to the recovery! I'm off work until April so I have plenty of time to heal, I saved all my vacation time for this. My first go round I went back to work to early and had to take additional time off I didn't have to recovery!! As the clock ticks I can remember the pain I had in my ass literally lol, but it what I'm here for big ass and fat titts in my Cardi B voice hehehe


I have clear and concise instructions for Dr. Baez make my waist tiny and my ass fatter, my breast on point as I know that's her thing. I want her to show up and show out on my body Amen!!!

Excitement is an understatement!!!!

I've gained a total of 12 pounds for this procedure I'm so ready to get this damn weight off starting to feel sick because I feel so heavy!!

4 DAYS and counting!!!

I can't wait to wake up to new boobs a kills waist and a bigger ass!!! LMAO my mother in law says she can stand me lol she jelly!!!

I'm Down to hours now!!!!

At the Airport waiting to board!!!

Flight leaves at 5:00am

Surgery was a breeze! But recovery is a bitch!!

Made it to DR on Tuesday, went straight to the Dr office had my labs done then off to the recovery house I went. surgery was Wednesday the 24 shout out o my girl WSHORTY for comin to check up on me! Although she scared the shit out of me because I couldn't get a hold of her the day of her schedule but she cool in the gang now with a snatched waisted, my boobs are very swollen and my ass feel like a rock, haven't taken any pic because my arms arms are so swollen will post pics soon Please excuse the typos

Will updat pics soon

I very swollen was put on bed rest by my primary she thought I had a blood clot do to all the swelling. My boobs look great I'm getting the stitches out today and will post pics this evening just wanted to let u all kno I'm good recovery just haven't been very friendly and my husband got me on lock down and keep me off the site smh once some of the swelling goes done I will post full body pics thanks for all the thoughts and prayers much love dolls

Stitches taken out yesterday

This picture doesn't do my results any good I'm still very swollen in my stomach waist and back


Well I'm back not because I want to but because I need my breast revised, you might ask why so here it is, my right breast came out of its pocket and I can feel I moving around!!! So while Dr Baez is doing that repair I said what the hell why not get my sides and back touched up!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She has been nothing but good to me, I don't have one bad thing to say about my experienced there.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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