37 Years Old, 4 Kids and I Want a Knew Mee!

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I want to look at my self and say wow , i love...

I want to look at my self and say wow , i love what i see!! I want to go through with this because i never think about me!! I always think about my girl's and husband!! It's never about me!! So this time i want to do something for me!! I had my surgery date for November 4, 2016.. with Dr. Llubere I had everything but my hemo came 11.6 and they told me I could go through with it but at the end maybe they had to put blood in me.. I know that dr. Llubere is a great dr and that he was not going to put me in danger put I got cold feet my period was one month late and I got it the day i was supposed to leave to Dominican republic.. so I decided to cancel !! And girls since that day I have been soo frustrated because we had everything , my husband took days off from work, had our plane tickets, babysitter for the whole week and BOOM I decided not to go.. well it has been a hell of a week because every day passes by and I think my god I would have been over with this.. if I decide to go DR.. Llubere I would have to go alone.. and I really want to get my surgery with him!! That night before I was going to write my review but I just did not had the courage to do it ! I thought maybe the real self girls have been through this.. but oh well I just have to decide whats next.. I live in a place where the Dr. Don't practice bbl like the one we see with the girl's in real self .. For example My dr was going to do a lipoesculture, bbl and breast lift!! Here where I live they just want to do a lipo in my flanks a breast lift, and after I don't know how much time, do a bbl.. I was like why?? And they said that the dr. Where I live could not move me because use of the incision they do in the breast. Then the dr.. where i live ask them self why do we get our surgery in other places.. I now its hard after words but not impossible..

Got a new dr..

Hello ladies, I got a new dr. And i am going through with this the 12 of December.. i am getting a breast reduction, lipo and bbl.. i already gave the deposite so there is no turning back!! I am happy with this, but at night I start freaking out, and thinking that i am being selfish but then i just start reading rs and I see it just normal nervous feeling.. my pre op is 7 of December that is next week .. I will be posting my story ..

Pre-op tomorrow!! Kinda freaking out!!

Well tomorrow is my pre-op! I feel excited but at the same time scare!! There are so many crazy thinking!! I just want it to be over with!! You call that normal !! Being scare and excited ????

Big day tomorrow

Well feeling very scared!! I just want to get it over with!!

Surgery day

Well girl's i did it!!

Day 4

Well yesterday i g

Day 4

I got my massage yesterday it hurt but it feel good at the time. I got my breast reduction , lipo and bbl.. i love my boobs!! But the rest is like freaking me out! I am very bloated, and i am feeling down because i stayed in my country to give it a chance with the bbl let see what happen .. iam going to upload pic ..


Was a good day !! Was a pain free day, i got a massage but afterward my butt started to hurt! I guess its part of the process.. today i am going to put a before and after of my breast reduction its been hard but my breast haven't giving me any problems..

He is great i haven't had the privilege to meet him in person, but the Dr and his coordinator are great!! I just have to say thank you beacuse they where very professional and caring with me!!

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