FUTURE DURAN DOLL!!!! 36 Yr Old BBL and Possible TT - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am a 36 year old Latina with 1 son and I want to...

I am a 36 year old Latina with 1 son and I want to finally feel good about how I look in certain clothes!!!!
I tried contacting Dr. Augustina Hilario Duran via FB, IG, and personal email but never could get her so I finally contacted PHENOM BEAUTY CONSULTANTS and they are in the process of helping me! : )

I'm ok to cut on!

I told PHENOM I never heard from Dr Duran and they said if she refuses to operate on you then she just won't answer and they asked me to fill out a form and they would look for red flags as to why she may not have answered me. I asked what the red flags be? I know I am a little overweight but that's why we have the surgery to begin with right?
They said usually prior surgeries or medications. Also, I guess if your BMI is over 31 she won't operate either but I PASSED!! I'm waiting for PHENOM BEAUTY CONSULTANTS to send me my quote and invoice. They will take care of travel, RH (I'm going to ask if I can choose which one), and send you your supply list so I don't buy any extra things I don't need for the surgery! Will post more soon!


Wouldn't mind an apple bottom but the more I see the Duran Dolls the more I like the hips and thighs WITH a butt.


5'3" 170lbs....hoping to lose 10-15lbs by sx. Totally doable! : )


I'm just not sure what butt will be better for my body type..I'm short.....and thick......I really hope Dr. Duran can give me a beautiful shape!!!

RH CHOSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I couldn't wait to pay the deposit! I am SO READY FOR THIS even though it feels so far away, I know time will fly once school starts in January.
I contacted Princes Recovery House and included with their quote are transportation to and from the airport, to and from the pharmacy to pick up medications, and meals. The massages are $20/hr. They also told me that in recovery houses the price is PER PATIENT and NOT per room so "splitting costs" of a RH is not really a "thing".
More later!


Ok, so there are pluses and minuses to being a "Type-A" or "Go-Get em'" personality. The plus is that when I want something, I move mountains to go and get it and this has led me to to being accepted to an amazing graduate school program.
The minus? Sometimes I don't know how to be patient and just wait........lol So ......still being about 7 months pre-op, I went ahead and bought my flight tickets. I couldn't resist. I found them on CHEAPOAIR for $502 and with travel insurance they are $534. I'm flying from GDL (Guadalajara, Mexico) to DR!!!
I'm sending my itinerary to PRINCESS RECOVERY HOUSE where I'll be staying.....can't wait....this is going to be AMAZING!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, my sx buddies didn't end up working out. : (
They seemed really sweet but I think I am just going to go by myself. Trying to coordinate people's schedules is just more than I care to deal with anyway and you don't really get to "share costs" at a RH. You pay for a room per patient and not per room so there will automatically be other people in the room with me so I'll have company.
Good NEWS: I GOT MY QUOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dra Duran sent me the price for lipo and BBL and for lipo/BBL/TT.........AAAAHHHHH I am so excited. I will pay the $250 deposit soon!


So thanks to the wonderful company PHENOM BEAUTY CONSULTANTS I got my quote from Dr. Duran's office!!
For a BBL/Lipo she quoted $4000 USD
For BBL/Lipo/TT she quoted $4900 USD
She said she couldn't tell by my photos if I would need a tummy tuck or not but that when I get there, she can better evaluate me. I have all of her banking info but won't be able to put down the deposit until after the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. The price also did not include medications $250 and pre lab work ($220) or any emergency expenses if they come up. I am not too concerned with that as I am a healthy individual overall. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I´m now 7 months pre-op. I have to do it in because of the school semester. I can't pay Duran her deposit until after the Christmas holidays........I start school in in January and I know that once the semester starts that time will fly so quickly but from now until January.....sigh....time is going so slow!!!!!!
Good news is that my travel buddy (she lives in Jamaica) and I have been communicating regularly and we are keeping each other motivated! I want to thank RealSelf.com for bringing a new and amazing friend in to my life! Shout out to CARAMELPRINCESS!!!!!


I am so excited!!!! I will be arriving to SDQ (the airport in DR) on Monday June 27, 2016 at 6:47am. I am hoping that I can get all my labs done that day and that I can have the surgery on Tuesday the 28th. My sx buddy CaramelPrincess will probably be there a day or so before me. I AM SO EXCITED!!! It's getting closer to me being snatched and sassy!!! Nobody will be able to tell me NOTHING lol. I will stay 14 days at Princess Recovery House but I think I'll stay an extra week at an Airbnb place...Just to have a mini vacation while I'm there...why not get some bachata in right?? LOL


So, I read on RealSelf one girl who is staying at Princess Recovery House and originally was quoted 65 dollars a night but when she got there is was changed to 75 dollars a night AND she was charged $50 airport pickup when she thought it was included so lesson to be learned ladies.....GET IT ALL IN WRITING BEFORE YOU GET THERE AND PAY YOUR MONEY!!!
When I get the rest of my money together, I'm going to tell them I need a list of exactly what their price is and what is included with that price before I pay anything else!


So, I have paid the deposit to Duran and am waiting for her to confirm. I am studying in Mexico so was having some issues with how to bring the rest of the money because trying to exchange pesos for dollars, I would actually be losing money and paying MORE for my surgery and you know what? PHENOM Beauty Consultants has offered for me to deposit the rest in their account and they will take the money with them in March. It's a huge leap of faith but I feel confident that all will go well. Phenom has been so helpful so far.
Now, a few concerns for others to be aware of : I have paid the deposit to Princess Recovery House but please note that when you tell them you are going to pay the deposit, if you don't pay it immediately they are going bother the heck out of you to send the money. Also, I paid the deposit to Yaniri for the massages and fajas and she did not give me her full name so now that she is trying to pick up the money there is an issue with the Western Union that thankfully, my bank is handling.
Just know that it will be a bit of a headache but I'm hoping that all difficult things are worth it and I am going to be SO FINE thanks to Dra Duran!!!!!!

NOT HAPPY WITH DURAN'S OFFICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I submitted my original date of June 27 several months ago and was assured Duran would be available, but had not yet paid the deposit. I paid the deposit about a week ago and asked for June 28th to be the new surgery date. One day difference should be no big deal right?? WRONG!!!!! So Duran's secretary notified Phenom today that Duran would not be there the week of the 28th. YOU COULDN'T HAVE TOLD PHENOM THAT SEVERAL MONTHS AGO???!!!!
I ALREADY BOUGHT MY NON REFUNDABLE AIRLINE TICKETS AND PAID ALL MY FEES UP FRONT TO THE RECOVERY HOUSES AND YANIRY! I am so freaking mad right now!!! Phenom is trying to be super supportive but there is not much they can do with bad communication from such an unprofessional office. I am NOT happy with my overall customer service experience from Duran's offices. The problem is, she is the best so unless you want less than the best you have to just take what ever BS she hands out (not answering emails, failure to work with currency exchange issues, poor communication with surgical coordinators, etc) Not happy right now.......


Ok, so with the help of Phenom Beauty Consultants and Princess Recovery House, my surgery is back on track!!!
This process has been like a roller coaster and I'm hoping this isn't a negative omen! Phenom and Princess worked with Duran's offices to get me a June 21st sx date. I had to pay the $200 airline penalty fee for changing my flight but at least the flight price was less than I originally paid so I didn't have THAT extra cost on top of everything else!
I fly in on Monday the 20th, get labs done, and go in for surgery on Tuesday the 21st.....THIS B*SH BETTER BE WORTH ALL THIS TROUBLE but I know she is.......Duran is at the top of her game right now and is the best and if there is one thing I am, it's PERSISTENT.......I do NOT let little hiccups get in my way! For better or worse.....lol

PS since moving here to study in Mexico Jan 4, I have lost like 8lbs already! Walking everywhere and the fresh food has really helped.......I am going to be so snatched!! : )



So, apparently she has not worked for Princess RH since Feb 2016 but she is still taking money from people for PRH "reservations". I paid ALL my $975 up front. The scam is that closer to time, she will make up some reason (overbooked, etc) of why you can't stay at Princess and will take you to Oasis...Her NEW place of employment. So basically I have paid all this money up front and have to stay at this second rate recovery house because otherwise Ill lose my money. I'm trying to get a discounted rate at the new RH (60/65 a night) so please wish me luck and DO NOT, LADIES, I REPEAT, DO NOT SPEAK TO GISELLE>>>SHE DOES NOT WORK FOR PRINCESS RECOVERY HOUSE ANYMORE!!!!!!


When traveling in South and Central America, it is tempting to think that people are honest and that the system works the same as in the USA. That would be your first mistake.
1- Never pay all the money up front.
Pay your deposit...Pay half of the total balance if you must but NEVER PAY ALL UP FRONT! You will regret it because the Spanish Culture is on a reward system and if you give the reward (money) before you get the product, you will not be happy I promise. It is not like the US where you HAVE TO pay up front.

I trusted 1 WhatsApp phone number to be the place where I was going and if I had just looked a little harder online, I would have seen that there was another number and this # actually was to the manager...not one of the employees. I now am finding myself having to stay somewhere I didn't reserve because I didn't research enough.

So, a lot of times here in the tropical climates, people will try to "blow you off" by saying they will take care of everything...don't worry....all will be alright. DON'T LET THEM DO THAT! Press them for specific answers to specific questions and if they don't answer those questions....RUN AWAY FAST......

Just wanted to share a little bit of what I have learned so far......Nothing of value in life comes easy and so I am just hoping that Duran is going to give me the body built by THE GODS!!!! sigh........73 days and counting........

38 DAYS!!!!

Omg, i can't believe i will be a Duran doll in 38 DAYS!!!!
Im still praying the whole Oasis thing works out but i bought my ab board, compression socks, and back molder from chisled lux! So.... getting excited.... It will be a great reward to passing my first semester of medical!


I've bought all the supplies I can afford, I've been taking iron to build up my blood. Im still a little nervous about the whole recovery house situation since little dramas keep coming up concerning where I'm staying but they keep assuring me that everything is alright so I guess I'll just have to have faith. I'll be sure to let all you dolls know when i get down there! Eek! June 22 is coming fast!!
I ordered some supplies from chiseled lux so as soon as it gets here, I will post pictures and prices of everything. GOOD LUCK DOLLS!


Soo...I still haven't received my package from chiseled lux but I'm currently studying in Mexico and their postal system is HORRIBLE. I wanted my ab board and compression stockings before I left but maybe I'll just pick up some stockings there in DR...... sigh...... I just don't want to spend extra $, on supplies I've already bought. Plus, I'm wondering if i can wait to use the ab board (hopefully it will have come by then) when i get back in 15 days.... I hope thats not waiting to long : (


So just to update you ladies. If you are looking to get a quote from the famous and elusive Dra Hilario Duran, I would contact the recovery house of your choice and have the owner set it up for you. I went through Phenom Beauty Consultants and at the end of it all, I just don't feel that I was well taken care of. They DID get my my surgery date but that was it. I have since sent them a professional email that I am posting below:

To Phenom Beauty Consultants,

I would just like to send a formal email to express my disappointment in your service or lack of. In this list of what you say you offer for services:

We will get you a quote from your preferred doctor, set up a surgery date, prepare you for surgery and walk you through all necessary pre-op instructions. We also send you possible flight choices , based on the recommended time for your arrival and recovery. We coordinate your recovery home, massages, and transportation. We will also guide you through purchasing supplies, and post-op garments. We also ensure that you have access to whatever sightseeing/leisure activities that you choose. We are here to back you up 100% and provide you with affordable travel , and medical solutions.

The only things your company did for me was to get my quote and get the surgery. I am leaving in a day and a half and your company has not contacted me at all about massages, transportation, purchasing supplies, or post surgical garments. I have to say that I am not a completely satisfied customer and when I come for round two next year I will not be using your services nor will I be recommending your company to any of my friends.

Every person's experience is different of course but I know for round two I will choose another method of getting an appointment with Dra Duran that doesn't include this very expensive service


So apparently what happened is that PHENOM sent me my email sx instructions after I had cancelled that email account and when I notified them of the email change is was 3 days later. Since we cleared up the miscommunication, they have been very helpful. I just wish they had sent me that email sooner because it would have saved me some money. For example: DID YOU KNOW THAT

1. You can buy compression stockings, ab boards, and back molders in DR????!!! I DIDN'T!!! So now, I'm going to try to get my money back from chiseled lux because I still haven't received my package a month later. (Not their fault, I'm studying in Mexico and their postal system is HORRIBLE)
2. Doctors in DR work with recovery houses like Princess Recovery House, Armonia (sp?), etc. So, in order to save money on all those "surgery coordinator fees" you could try contacting the recovery home first and seeing if they can get your sx date for you.
3. I would buy the sx packets that websites offer you like chiseledlux and other companies. It will save you a whole lot of running around buying unnecessary supplies.
4. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! This journey has been very difficult because I didn't always know the questions to ask and I was trying to take care of business from outside the states so please please please ladies, never just accept 'brush off' answers....always ask questions and be persistent in getting your answers!!



So, I landed in DR about 6:30 this morning and Wander from Oasis RH was there to pick me up. Not only is he cute but he's also an ANESTHESIOLOGIST! So ladies.... A cute doctor awaits you at Oasis.....lol lol
He took me around with Judith, one of the nurses, to all my lab appointments. Judith was super sweet and funny. Wander speaks perfect English but Judith and Mabel only speak Spanish. The place is beautiful!!! The food so far has been AMAZING!!
Im looking forward to having my surgery tomorrow!!!
See you ladies on the other side!!


So I'm sitting here waiting to leave to become a Duran Doll..... I'm a little nervous but excited....... It's 6:11 and I don't have much to say except this:
Don't give up on what you want ladies. You are beautiful even without surgery and if you will only realize how powerful God made you when He made you a Woman you would know that You can rule your world!!

Good luck and I'll post more pics after!


I promise to write more as soon as I feel better but here is a pic for now.


PS We didn't do the TT because Dr Duran said my muscles were strong I just had a lot of fat over them so I just got lipo and BBL


1- When my sx buddy caramelprincess gets here tomorrow I'll post better pictures.
2 - Arrived on Monday Jun 20 at 6:25 am. The airport is small and they are doing construction so they have every thing set up to move people in 1 direction so don't worry about getting lost.
3-Buy the $10 Dominican Tourist card online. It will save you time at the airport.
4-Tell customs you are there for pleasure.
5-Oasis RH was there to meet me and Wander (Manager) is a doctor, cute, and speaks English.
6- Did labs all day Monday. If you smoke or even USED TO smoke then for Duran, you will have an extra $100 breathing test that you will have to do. I was mad at first because it was an added cost I didn't plan for and I haven't smoked since 2010 but I'm glad they did bc they found something in my left lung that I'll be investigating later. This may have saved my life.
1- If you are looking for a warm, squishy, over emotional doctor, go somewhere else.
2- However she is sweet, professional, and the best at what she does. I found her staff (Fania and Walkirie) to be helpful and VERY BUSY.
Patients don't understand that they are 3 people trying to answer the call of thousands.
Also, from some of the behavior I saw in the waiting room..... It helps if you are polite and not the typical "rude American" while traveling.
The overnight nurses came and checked on me multiple times through the night to give me juice and medicines so I feel bad for those who may have felt neglected by CIPLA staff because I didn't. I'll be back for round 2!

Better pictures to come soon! Promise!
Agustina Hilario Duran

I am not loving that she is so hard to get in touch with but if her work is true to the photos than I am OK with it....

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