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Why is there no more comments for this year 2015,...

Why is there no more comments for this year 2015, I want to know if anyone know about the recovery homes is there different ones to choose from? Can I go by myself or take someone to be there for me? Need more information for 2015 please, I'm wanting to go for this upcoming year 2016. I have read the comments for year 2013 and 2014 but would love more feed back to know the personal opinion of the new Duran Dolls who been there recently. If you girls would be so kind to please share and inform me more of your most recent experience.

Getting more info on the procedures

I know learned more and have so much more knowledge on what's out there in RD and know the meanings to the initials! Reading helps to learn more about what other ladies been through and yes I do want this procedure. The more I spend time on this website I get motivated to go get my procedure done. I seen many of you who has had BBL & TT walk around like nothing in less then 2 weeks using there FAJA. If any of you have had quotes or paid for the 3 procedures I want to get done please let me know. So I can see what doctor really does a good job and how much they charge. I'm wanting to get TT, BBL, and breast implants. Thanks baby dolls!


I am grateful for all the information and this seems to be real and not a joke! I have talk to a person at Princess RH and they have gave me more information.....so far on safety no one stealing your belongings, medications you buy with Dra Duran $250, on lab work I still need more info.....got to do it here in USA and in DR? Well no problem here you find all the answers. As far as sleeping after BBL and TT, I got that answered PRINCESS RH said I don't need to take anything of pillows or cushions for the bootie! I did make up my mind I am only doing BBL and TT. Breast implants are just going to have to be done here in USA for safety reasons. Yes, I need a doctor that I can follow up and that can check on them from close by. About the scam and being careful of wiring money to an account, I do not trust that cus its not safe. I hope I can pay when I am over there since I seen many girls say the doctor asks you to go 2 days before surgery. That's enough time to get my mom or sister to send the money to the correct account. I hope I can work anything out with Dra Duran of paying her up front and yes I know she will see my flight ticket. Let's see what happens mean while I am still reading the other beautiful ladies posts and infor you all share. So let me continue learning from what you all experience.

I have more information the when I started on Realself.com

I have to say now its like I am a pro know more about surgery what to expect and how to deal with some situations when it gets time to go to RD. All these girls here on real self.com are wonderful and help each other. I love this website there is not one day I don't get in to learn more, I am still getting ready for my surgery in RD still saving $$$$ and losing that weight after VSG SX. I think taking things step by step is important and listening to the recommendations of a doctor as well makes a difference. I still have to wait at least 2 more months to go to RD and get my body back in shape. Its never to late to get a nice figure and feel better, so many gave birth to beautiful babies its our turn to do for ourselves. I'm more then convince I will not permit any negative thought destroy my dream of looking great. There will always be risks and I seen these girls hop on a plane and do it. Yes you do go through pain but its worth it, I am just 35 yes old and AI want to look good when I'm 40yrs old. I'm done having babies no more so time to do me!!!!!!! It's now all about me!!!!!

35 Yes Old Having Multiple Procedures with Dr. Mallol

I am going to go get TT, BA, BBL, and Lipo on arms and inner thighs, I'm scared that I won't be able to hables it all. Has any of you all beautiful ladies done all this work to you body? Any tips on what to do to handle the pain or sleep? What RH can I get that will make me feel comfortable and help me mean while I heal. I am now about 175lbs I am 5.4 tall, does any of you girls have experience with traveling from Houston, Texas to DR? I seen many reviews and I would like to hear what anyone knows about Dr. Emmanuel Mallol he seems very good. I did want to go with Dr. Duran but to hard to get plus the waiting at CIPLA I can't wait 3 to 4 hours to see her after surgery. I did check to see if Dr. Mallol Cotes is certify and he is I seen his videos on YouTube interviews he has done. I love his quote he did not charge so expensive like other doctors. His communication is great via email. I am wanting to go in September 2016 to do all this. I am also waiting to see what quote Dr. Baez is going to give me, she said she does not have anything for September for this year. The one thing I am wanting to avoid is CIPLA, I heard enough about that clinic. If you have any information please share I and other girls will be greatful. I do have full support from my mother and husband I will be traveling alone sine my husband has to work and my 3 children will be staying with my mother, I feel guilty cus I have a special child, and feel if anything goes wrong I'm leaving her behind. But I want to have my old body back and I am tired of seeing myself all ugly every time I change. I don't even want my husband to see me sometimes. I don't know how many women out there feel the same way I do but I hate the way my butt looks it disgust me. I am ready done so much research and I want this, I really do! So I'm taking the risk putting my life in God's hands and this doctor who I see as the one who will be doing surgery on me. I was told to choose the implants gummy bear, silicone gel, or the euro silicone. If anyone out there knows about implants please let me know what best. I will be staying 3 weeks at DR to ensure nothing goes wrong just in case I need medical attention I'm there. I seen many leave to early and end up at the ER. I am not doing that Doctors in the USA don't want to deal with all that so I'm taking extra precautions. Love you all beautiful ladies for all your support! Hope to hear all your feedback!

After doing so much research I decided Dr....

After doing so much research I decided Dr. Australia Baez she is a great doctor and love her work. I tried with many doctors but never had success with getting them to call back. Other doctors have done malpractice on their patients, I do not want to end up spending more money on fixing something major. I decided to not do my breast at DR that will be done in the states for safety reasons. My surgery day will be on the 30th of November 2016. I have all my things on my wish list of AMAZON, I feel ready. I want to be back home for the holidays with my family. Its been a roller coast and so much reading to get the right doctor. I am aware anything can go wrong but I'm not thinking negative, I have done so much to make me happy. I had 4 children my body is a mess my self-esteem as a woman is down on the floor and I'm going to pick it up with this surgery. I am not going to back up, I have always done everything to take good care of my children been with 2 different partners and have been cheated on. I have always had that feeling that I can't keep no one for long (insecurity) its time they feel the heat. Now its my turn to walk on the street and have all those heads turn my way, I am done with worrying when is he going to leave me! Or feeling less of a woman time to move on forward and jump on top of that operating table and get all this fat snatched once and for all. I know many of you feel the same way I do and do not want to talk about it but I am. I want to be a different person, a better woman not just a simple lay down in the couch fatty who keeps looking bigger and bigger watching TV. I already lost 60 lbs now I'm ready to take what's hanging out! I have the biggest support which is my mother she is staying with my kids and my dude can stay with his frown watch the new me come back in that door soon. I ant worried about him so if you got the same problem leave that person right where they are at and hop on that plane so when you come back he be like "DO I KNOW YOU?" Girls mean while I will be doing more exercise and eating well to have that HEMO level on target. Tomorrow I'm going to my doctor to get my blood drawn. I will see what RH is best in prices so I can get good attention and be taken care of. If any of you have one let me know please and I wish you all the best keep posting cus I will. I'll do videos when I get out the airplane and step by step so you can see what's going on over there. Love you all girls!!!!!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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