33 Years Old Married and Mother of One - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello realself been stalking this site since...

Hello realself been stalking this site since 2011 I believe. I've been researching and researching day and night. Well in 2013 my dreams were shattered, I was diagnose with multiple sclerosis (MS) was hospitalized for a week and out on FMLA for 3 months. I actually cried and cried like a baby because this was something I really wanted. Well a couple of months ago I decided to talk to my neurologist about the surgery. We talked and she told me that I could live a normal life with MS and could hv any cosmetic surgery I wanted to have, she even wrote me a clearance letter and told me I was clear to hv any cosmetic surgery from a Neurologist stand point ???? So all this time me thinking just because I had MS I was unable to have the surgery. I called Dr. Jimerson in ATL and his assistant just told me straight up no he don't operate on anyone with an disease. My feelings was was really hurt because I got just a straight up no. After I got a no from Dr J I pretty much gave up again. I waited about a year and called jimersons office bk and found it very strange that he said yes he would do the surgery???????? so as I started doing more and more research on him his wk just wasn't the same and to many of his patients was ending up in the hospital. I started to do my research on Dr Fisher, called his office got a quote and I made sure that was the first thing I asked well he do the surgery by me having MS. I can't remember the Cordinators name but she told me that she would have to talk to the anesthesiologist to see what he says. Whoever the Cordinator was I remember reading good reviews about her I'm thinking Lynette was her name. About an hour later I received an email and she told me that the anesthesiologist said I could do the surgery just send them my medical Clearance letter and I also received my quote???? So once again I'm bk at my research and reading my reviews and feeling good.....????

Changed Doctors

I had everything planned out that when I come off my vacation I would call vanity and put my deposit down. I already had my money put aside for that. One day I was talking to a friend and she showed me some pictures on IG of some girls who went to the DR, I said no I've read all the horror stories and a lot of girls are not making it bk and besides something is not right because these girls waist line is to damn small and I mean everybody body is on point, to me something is just not right. So one day I was sitting at home and just decided to go on IG and look at these girls the more and more I looked at them the more and more I just fell in lov with there bodies ???? So I started researching on doctors in dr, of course when I googled any doctor that had deaths I just went on to the next one. On day I decided to follow a few girls journey on YouTube, ran across a couple of Medina Barbies and watched her on snapchat and IG . About a week ago I DM Dr Medina and let me tell you her response time is so quick. Dr Medina answered all my questions and told me I would hv to get cleared in the Dr for surgery and to send my paper work to her. She's a sweetheart. As of today my BMI is 34 and she told me I hv to be less than 33 so I hv to lose about 10 pounds to be on the safe side so let's see how this goes????

Weight loss

If you are looking to lose weight quick order this book off Amazon. I promise if you follow this book you will lose up to 15 pounds in 10 days and dolls this is no lie. You can look it up on fb and read the reviews. I tried it about two months ago and loss 8 pounds in 10 days.
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