Dr. Duran planning on August 2016 - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi all. So after years of researching and saving...

Hi all. So after years of researching and saving money, I've finally decided to go ahead and get my body right with Dr. Duran. I haven't booked an appointment yet because I finally made up my mind today. I need all you dolls to help me through this process please! I will be coming from Dallas, TX. I have family in DR but I barely talk to them. I need information on how to get in contact with Duran and finding a great RH...I'm thinking of getting something private (depending on the price)? If there are any links..please share. I may be accompanied by my mom (she may be getting a little something done herself maybe botox). I will def be getting those massages/lymphatic drainage. Depending on price I may say there from 10-14 days...or whatever is best. I really had my heart set on Medina because she's so transparent with her work but Duran has the results that I'm looking for. Any advice or tips are welcomed. I will be posting pictures soon.
Other questions that I have
1.)When getting lipo would I need a spinal tap (an epidural) or is that just for a tummy tuck?
2.) Can someone provide a list of things that I will need and where to order them?

Thank you dolls! Peace and love!

Posting wish pictures in the time being....

The first Dr that got my attention

Ayman Shahine in NY...yeah, his work is hands down amazing! But he had so many bad reviews! So, I changed my mind about him. Sine then I was on a quest to find a plastic surgeon that could do similar work. I found Dr. Fisher in Miami but... it's not 100% comparable to Shahine. Then I looked at Columbia...they do the ab sketching which is great but.... nothing dramatic like Shahine. Then I found Dominican Republic. YES!! They understand what a woman's body is supposed to look like. All the beautiful African features...small waist and big butt's yes ! Anway, I was torn between many plastic surgeons like Dr Duran, Dr Robles, and Dr Medina. Dr Medina her bedside manners and customer service are superb as I've read and she's really transparent with what she does which I love! But THAT Dr Duran and snatching waist's boy!! Very Dramatic results. I recently found out about Dr Robles from a youtube review. I like her work but I haven't done much research on her. So far my heart is set on Dr Duran but many can't get in contact with her so they usually go for someone else. I hope that's not the case for me.

My pictures...crying!!

Just took these pictures 30 minutes ago before a shower...I couldn't even do that because I'm so heartbroken after seeing my pictures. I don't take naked pictures...never realized the damage. I think I need to do this more often to get myself in check! I'm so disappointment. I need a lot of work done!! I'm wondering how did I let it get this far? It's odd but this is not how I think I see myself when I look the mirror.
My night has gone down the drain.
When looking at this photo..I more work done than anticipated.

I've been reading that these Dr's do not do too much during one surgery...which is okay with me. It's safer but I definitely need to even out my body proportions. I need to shave done my upper body, thin my waist and add some hips and bum.


Just got in contact with Dr Duran's office!!

Wow! I can't believe this is really happening! I sent an email around 1:00 then read reviews that I would need to call the office as well so I can ensure she has my case. I kept calling the office since 2:30 today and NOTHING :(. Then something told me to try again and I finally got in contact with someone!! They asked me for my email and told me that she would get in contact with me this weekend with a quote! Whoa!! SOOOO EXCITED! I specially told her the date I want my surgery...I hope she can book me for these dates. I found some dirt cheap tickets that I want to purchase but I have to wait...just in case. I hope she doesn't say I'm too fat for the lipo!! ***I had called surgical coordinators too but decided to keep calling Dr Duran. Shortly after I got a hold of them! YES!!!! So EXCITED. My heart just told me to go with Dr. Duran.


When I called the office and finally got a hold of someone they had me hold for a while so make sure you have enough $$ on your calling card.

Mom has been having cold feet

Yeah, so my mom has been feeding into the stigma of having surgery in DR. She's been on and off for the past couple of days. I'm still going through with it and I know if it's meant to be it'll happen.

Did not get quote yet

Hey it's still Sunday. I'm on Duran's Instagram and saw that she had posted some nice pictures of herself enjoying her weekend. :) So I guess I shouldn't be expecting a quote early Sunday morning. I

The world's happiest Dr!

So I didn't get a quote, kinda bummed but I knew going in she's mostly booked to capacity. She's busy and it's HER weekend so..I can't be mad.
I have some rethinking to do. I'm thinking about hiring outside services to help me. My gut is telling me to go with Duran. I just want to get this done before I go on my job interviews.

I'm going to sleep a little disappointed but I will not give up on the world's happiest Dr!! :)

I never heard back from Duran

As I was waiting for Dr Duran and requested a quote from Dra Robles...I received a reply within 48 hours. I also receive replies to my emails promptly. Her price included everything including the RH...excluding some things like blood transfusion etc. I really like her work. I'm going to have to make a decision soon.

Dr. Julio Molina Suárez

Forgot to mention that I'm also looking at this Dr as well. He doesn't have many reviews on this site so I'm a little skeptical.

I called Dr Duran's office again

I got a hold of someone...finally! She indicated that the Dr was supposed to call me last weekend...She again added me to Dr. D's agenda and that I should expect a reply on Monday. I've read that Monday's are a busy day for her so...we'll see. I also asked her if they're booked for August and she indicated that she did not know. Anyway, I've also been looking at other Dr's as well as I mentioned before. Dr Fatima Almonte and I even contacted Carbal...yes I did. Dr Carbal actually responded but I missed the reply text via whatsapp!!

Finally got a reply

I was told to lose 5-10 pounds before she would be able to work on me. I had contacted Dr. Julio Molina Suárez said the same thing.

:( I'll be working on it.
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