32 Years Young with 4 Kids Ready for a Body I Haven't Seen in 15 Years!!!!!!!! Dominican Republic, DO

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Well first off hello ladies and gents I have been...

Well first off hello ladies and gents I have been stalking this site for some time now all day everyday lol. I have been looking at a few doctor's in the DR and thanks to a lot of you ladies reviews I have considered dra.baez. I must be honest when I first found real self my heart was big on being a yily doll but after further review I couldn't understand why most of her patients have to get blood transfusions that just don't sit well with me and ladies let me be clear I understand that if you have to get that's just what you got to do to save your life!!! I also understand that the blood is checked and clean but I have spoke with doctor's that have said you shouldn't have this problem so please don't knock my feelings and beliefs although her work is outstanding????moving forward I am just very comfortable with baez and have done tons of research and have yet to see or hear bad feed back if I'm wrong about this please dolls feel me in..... Ok ladies my journey is know starting and I will post pics of me soon!!!!!

okkkkkk heres the dreadful little photos whooo saaaaa

Ok so these pics give u a little piece of my nightmare lol true story

its going down

So i was having second thoughts dilue to family having negative inputs on my decision but I had a genuine convo with my hubby and he says go for it shit you only live once and while im still young i might as well. So im officially sticking with baez i just emailed her and we spoke within 20min of my sent email so her communication is great and on point. Im using google translate and when i wrote my questions in english her response was late but in spanish it was quick so ladies use it!!!!

Not sure about taking BF

This dude dont know how serious this is. Dont get me wrong he's with it, but he b@*#& to much on a regular so im not sure if I need that extra stress while trying to recover. But im scared as hell to go alone though im a beast lol and have been tempted to go alone since I started this journey. I may need a buddy hit me up if your going around the end of april also SHOUT OUT to all the beautiful ladies that took the journey alone YOUR A BEAST FA DAT!!!!!


So ladies im getting discouraged because I haven't been able to send my deposit to guarantee my date with baez. I've notice other girls reviews having the same problem???? if anyone can help with this info that will be appreciated. I have emailed her but no response and I know she just had her baby and I respect that. Thanks ladies

wish pics


Bye Felicia!!!!
That the azz aint for me son!!

real self needs to fix their upload

Trying to update with pics and cant!!! Frustrated as hell!!

Yily de los Santos???

So I have been emailing dr.Baez for days and haven't got a response. So this morning yily responded and has openings for my dates!! Now after seeing some bad reviews I wasn't thinking twice about going to yily but besides the bad Ive also seen some good and I know she can deliver good results. And this waist hunny needs to be snatched!!! So Im thinking of making my deposit to her first thing in the morning... Also I cant continue to wait on responses from other doctors by the time I get an answer they'll be booking for june and ish and I cant risk that I like yilys work but I was alittle sketchy to go with her hmmmm IDK....

Not rushing

So Ive decided this is not something to take lightly I will not be going to yily because she responds quicker because shes never been in my choice catogory. I am scared of what I gave read and seen about her and with 4 kids I cant take a chance because im inpatient!!! Baez have not responded to my emails and I just know whatsapp her so im currently waiting but I figure ive been in this body this long so why rush:/ honestly if I cant get her it nay be a sign so ill continue to hold out on a response from baez!!! Anyone else get a response lately???..

No wonder

Thanks to some dolls I know baez is stil out on maternity leave Thanks luvs

whatsapp returned from baez

Ok so baez whatsapp me back asking what my name was? and did i already recieve a quote? i told her my name and the quote amount and she says Ok.. and that was it she didnt answer not one of my questions!!! I asked her if she had any dates available in april?? and how can I send my deposit?? So I asked the same two questions again and no reply and were speaking in spanish so this shit just make me second guess what im doing or trying to do... Also this is my first time using whatsapp with baez we normally email each other so it didnt bother me that she didnt know who I was what bothers me is the communication barrier is real as hell and obviously texting in spanish gets me no where!!!!



No waist just square

Sent my deposit

So I sent my deposit now im just waiting for baez to get back to me and confirm in the mean time I have this feeling in the back of my head like am I really going to do this.... Am I making a mistake thennim like what if everything go wrong or I die from this shit!!!! So I thought I would be happy knowing my deposit is sent and this is really bout to go down but im nervous as hell

My date is CONFIRMED

So Baez just confirmed my date omg!!! Now what do I need to do to prepare? I know I need to apply for my passport and buy plane tickets also i quit smoking like 6 months ago and started back a month ago so I have a pack of cigs that I will finish and then quit hopefully 5 months of not smoking will be enough. Also I checked in to recovery houses any suggested recovery houses??? Real armonia quoted me 75 dollars for a double room a night but i will share a triple or quad not picky hit me up if you know of a good but affordable one.. Real Armonia seems nice!!!

time to VENT

So does anybody else got somebody in there damn way!! Like I love my man to the fullest but he doesnt understand im dead ass serious about getting stuff ready i need to get vitamins, my pass port his damn pass port im asking him if he's coming im getting half ass answers like really!!! im puttin in hella hours at work for this, and honestly I dont like when shit aint real serious to the next so its not on they agenda and not spoken about unless i bring it up!!! This man think this a game see when I want something I work my ass off and gets it.. he on the other hand waits a last minute type of N!!!a but not everybody is the same I dont wait on hand outs but gladly accepts lol but on the real his hustle game aint like mine we 2 peas in different pods! Everything is coming before anything that has to do with my surgery!!!! Everytime I try to show him pics of baez work he wont even look at my phone he be like I DONT WANT TO SEE THAT SHIT!! I think he low key hatin and Thats just wrong because he should know i aint going no where SMH!!!!Im going alone f&#$ IT!!!!!!!

some quotes i recieved

Silhouette Recovery Home
The recovery home fee is
$100/day per person for a single room
$85/day per person for a double room
$75/day per person for a triple room
and this includes :

24hr care
3 meals a day
Fresh fruit juices
Free international long distance calls.
Hot water.......Real Recovery House
Hello good morning have private rooms for $ 85 a night double 75 triples and 65 massages are $ 20 and this includes transportation to and from the airport to all appointments 3 meals 2 snack plasma tv air conditioning and laundry girdles wiffi juices stockings tv plasma bottled water 24 hours per nurse cable..... Marias recovery Hi sorry for not reply
the prices is 75 dollar per night and include transport to and from the airport and the dr appoiment , also meals, nurse 24 hours , laundry , wifi , air conditiong , cable tv
and if you come with companion is 120 dollar per night and include all serviles
and the masajes aré 15 dollar each... Hopes this helps im still waiting on Yasmins quote. And these are for 15 day stays!!!!????

belly buttons

Omg i've ran across some weird looking belly buttons lol on RS I will not post the blogs of these ladies because thats just not lady like but I WIll show Dr.baez what type of belly button i want!!! See this was something I didnt think about so thank god im researching every little thing everyday lol Some didnt even look in the center they were off and I would be pissed the hell off luckily these post are not dr.Baez girls but they are reputable known Doctorsl On Realself. Not all the girls look like this maybe just a few bad apples!!! But its not whats up any whoo I get my vitamins friday and will start this get healthy way of life lol something I lack but thats it for now tootles;)

Im hoping i have enough fat for bbl

Im a small built women most of my weight is in my mid section my legs are a lil thick and I love my thighs. Sooo I dont want fat removed from my thighs im just hoping she can gather enough fat out of my tummy and back my arms are also not to be touched lol thinking chin lipo is needed because this double chin thing i get from my momma lmao gots ta go!!! Also lots of Questions about deposits to baez heres what I recieved tho we were speaking in spanish

whatsapp from Dr.Baez

I deleted my full name and reference number and city but this is our convo I really think that some of the padies that recieved emails with confirmation booked months ago when baez was still in office.....I booked recently while baez was still out on maternity leave And you can only communicate with her via whatsapp at this time im just alittle confused on how some dolls are not paying a deposit???? baez never asked me for proof of plane tickets......because i havent bought that yet and wouldnt until I was confirmed a date so What is this doll not paying a deposit and the next doll has too bullshit smh??? Im clueless

health update

Ladies Im upset wit myself!!! This quitting the cigs and drinking is hard asf like im going to really do this new years day!! Start the vitamins eat healthier and get ready my only concern is that i will be 3 months pre when I really go hard do u ladies think 3 months is long enough??? Speak to me lol!!! I need yalls encouragement and discipline shit its hard but im bout it... I just know New years eve is coming and vegas is where ill be smh lol but after im 100% ready !!!

question to all dolls having sx with baez

Has anyone got a quote for just a tt? Im second guessing getting both done... Thing is the results of just a bbl look great but with tt I dont think its worth the struggle the laying on the ass got me second guessing my bbl results and my ass is flat as hell to me.. honestly I haven't seen much of a difference in ass size from realself post op dolls getting the 2 done at the same time and this is just my opinion feel free to comment with yours?. Im in desperate need of a tt and bbl but I am more then willing to wait on my bbl besides tt's are much more costly in the states but the bbl is a little more easily affordable... I think im about to whatsapp baez and get the quote on just tt What do yall think I should do??

wondering if my date is to soon

So my date is in exactly 3 months and I am in the process of moving back to my home state. I now have to start my life over and that consist of new job, new house, switching schools ect! ect! which equals a major set back smh just hoping I dont have to reschedule for a later date. I really wanted this done and over before the hot summer months....

Anyone looking to switch dates??

Ladies I need a later date if anyone want my april 20th day let me know asap hate to lose my deposit but I cannot make this date I will contact baez soon to switch thanks Ladies

How Do I Pay Me Deposit to Lock in New Date with Dr. Australia Baez

Can someone please tell me how your sending your deposits to dra BAEZ she no longer accepts WU/MG and I have my quote with new account info but my question is how do I send it there??? Also I am a past realself member that eas scheduled for april 2016 but couldn't go because I had to relocate bit but know im more than ready to get this body hooked up!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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