32 Years Old With2 Children and Ready for Lipo, Tt, and Bbl. I Want to Feel Sexy and Ready to Go to DR to Do It. ;) - DO

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Ok for those of you trying to reach Dr. Duran I...

Ok for those of you trying to reach Dr. Duran I just received my email questionnaire to fill out after texting her assistant laura on the what's up app. She has been texting me right back since this morning. That's awesome. So i sent my pics and now I'm waiting for my quote. To me its better to text because i tried calling multiple times on several different days but was unsuccessful. Good luck dolls.

BBL, Lipo. 2 Kids. 32 Years Old.

So today i decided to email Dr. Yily my photos and my blood work results. Knowing that Dr. Yily and Dr. Duran work in the same facility i decided to google Dr. Yily and i was shocked to read that a girl died under her practice. Not under the procedure going on but as i was trying to understand that it was due to not having the right care after the surgery. Then read another story of a girl that was smacked repeatedly and medicated on top of the anesthesia she was already on all because she woke up during the surgery and noticed that a man was doing the lipo on her arms when 1 she didn't consent for this man to do the work and 2 she never agreed for her arms to be worked on. Then they proceeded to cover her face and when all was done the girl tried to say what had happened save basically they just said many woman are delusional and hallucinate under the anesthesia... Will someone please tell me if this is true or what.. Please do your research.

Ok so im changing to Dr. Yily.

Despite the 1 negative review i read about Dr. Yily I'm still deciding to change my choice from Dr. Duran to Dr. Yily. The good really does outway the bad reviews. The overall reviews about her is good. I received my quote from yily and tomorrow i will send my deposit. I'm hoping March or April is still available. Im trying to get this procedure done before summer time.

Sent my deposit now i have my appointment.

So now i officially got my appointment date for April6 2016. I am nervous and scared all at the same time. Does anyone no how many deaths and infections were caused due to Dr. Yily? Maybe not caused by her but the after care? It was said that due to over booking girls, a man actually does the lipo instead of Yily. Does anyone no if this is true? Im so worried. RS please help.

My before pics...

These are some pictures of me and my fat ol belly. Again im going for a bbl with fat grafting to hips and butt i hate my dent's, and breast augmentation. I'm questioning the tummy tuck though. I'm not sure if i need it. Any thoughts RS?

Looking for a travel buddy

So i have been buying pain meds for after surgery and now in the process of buying my passport and faja. Anyone know where we can find a good faja for sx? I'm also looking for a travel buddy. Anyone going for April 4th? Im leaving April 3rd. Thanks Realself crew.

So i booked my flight. Anyone available?

So ladies i booked my flight last night. I be flying from Delta and will depart in the afternoon on April 3rd. I will stay April 3rd to April 13 and sx on April 4th. I'm already nervous and all types of emotions are already starting especially knowing that I'll be flying alone and i hate heights. I'm really looking for a travel buddy. Is anyone traveling around this time that wants to meet and give each other support? :(

Im still looking for a travel buddy for April 3rd. Anybody traveling that day and with which airline?

Im still looking for travel buddy real self. :( anybody traveling to DR. For beginning Aprl??

Yay my passport is here!

Yay i finally got my passport. I can't believe my time is getting closer. Soon ill be in another country missing my munchkins. I hope i Dont catch a panic attack on the flight. I literally caught one 11 years ago when i flew to Florida. Too bad i can't drink or take something to ease my nerves. :( IDK but every time i see a plane up close or driving by the airports my knees literally get weak and they shake. I need to put this fear behind me because mommy needs boooootttttaaaayyy and booobbbiiiees.. Lol. Wish me luck girlzz. My heart pounds out my behind just the thought of taking off... Any one has any suggestions on what i can do to ease my nerves? Idk if we're able to take anything. xoxo. Heres some wish pics of mine.

Ladies please do your research

Omg. Ladies please be careful. Dr. Cabrel just had another death.

OMG 7 days left for me

Omg omg omg i cast believe i have 7 days left and I'll be out of this country. All types of emotions and feelings are hitting me. Nervousness, frightened, happy, excited, guilt, sadness I'm just all 1 big mess. So Yily here i come i pray that I'll have a good surgery, recovery and experience. I'm really going to miss my babies. I never left them not even for a day, so this is really going to be something for me, my youngest is 9 moths old. ????.. I hope i don't miss out on his crawling. So heres a pic of what I'm bringing.
1. Maxi dresses
2. vitamin c pills
3. Folic acid pills
4. Iron pills
5. b-complex pills
6. B-12 pills
7. Sleep aid pills
8. Zantac in case of heartburn
9. Feminine cleansing clothes
10. Alcohols wipes
11. Iodine wipes
12. lotion
13. Pads for period
14. Pads for cusion
15. gloves
16. Bed pads
17. big panties in case
18. Arnica cream
19. Tooth paste/brush
20. Gauze pads
21. flip flops
22. Another faja
23. Ocean spray burn relief
24. Arnica meggaging oil
25. Antibacterial soap
26. Baby wipes
27. My rosey and bible
28. Blanket
2 spandex
29. Tank tops
30. Bandages
31. Q-tips
32. Tylenol
33. Motrin
Hopeful this can help some of you ladies as you do your packing. If I'm missing anything please let me no. Thanks a bunch.

More travel items

Finally here

Ok so i arrived yesterday evening. My driver took me to do my blood work and chest exam. I have to be at Cipla 5:30 in the morning. Wish me luck girls. Keeping my Lord first!!!

Day 2

Well today is my second day post op. Booooooy this pain is not a joke. Lol. Im hanging in there though. So far everybody has been tremendously helpful in Luxury. I hate that im on the 2nd floor but as soon as i press my help button they come quick. The food is great. There's issues with the water through. TThy have keep adjusting their pipes downstairs or something so we can have hot water and a running toilet other than that its very nice

New Mission

Its been a while since I've been on this account. I didn't remember my password, and was occupied recovering and parenting my two children. I'm glad i can reunite with you gals on here. So i had my bbl with lipo and fat transfer done in April of 2016. Everything went well. My next mission to to hopefully fly to Miami to get my boobies done. Does anybody no about Dr. Ary Krau's work? I was recommended. He has been in the field for about 25 years and no deaths as to what i was informed. I emailed but haven't heard anything yet. I called but the number is disconnected. Anybody has any other info of this doctor? Thanks a bunch. Hugs

Thought id update my BBL results for you all.

appointment and balance set and paid for. Miami here i come!

So i will be traveling to Miami on April 7th to have my BA surgery scheduled for the 8th of April with Dr. Ary Krau. My coordinator has been such a sweetheart and has been on top of all my questions and concerns by telephone. Her name is Anne. I was supposed to be traveling with a friend since she is also getting a BA, but she needed to change her date, and now we won't be able to book a hotel together along with her sibling. Because of this, I don't have a recovery house booked and i am a week away. I was recommended to call a recovery house through another coordinator since Anne has left the office for the day, but her phone is full of voice mails and i am not able to leave a message. Any recommendations on recovery houses thats near CG cosmetics and prices ladies. Thanks so much if your'e able to help.
Dr Yily

Dr. Yily was ok. She tends to overbook her patients though. When I was setting up for my surgery, she completely rushed our conversation about my wants. I couldn't get a second sentence in, and she rushed the markings on my body, It was a 1,2,3 and bam, she moved on to the next patient. I had surgery in the emergency hospital instead of Cipla. I didn't no what the issue was in Cipla, but people were saying that there were issues over there, and it was too packed (maybe a death). During my stay at the emergency room, she came to visit me twice and she gave me the attention and care I needed. She also came to visit me once while i was recovering in the recovery house. I even took a picture of her. She showed us love there. Overall my surgery went well. I am happy, and now moving forward for my next surgery.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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