31, had wls, now need lipo, tt, bbl and i'm confused - Dominican Republic

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HI, I've been reading every possible review,...


I've been reading every possible review, thread, etc I can find on this forum or anywhere else about surgeons. I've finally decided to take the plunge and do it.

From my research I see many names so I'm confused.

First I saw Yily and Cabral but then I read horrible things about Cabral so he was immediately scratched off of my list. Then I've read quite a bit about Yily that also turns me off.

I still have on my list:
Almonte (she has no available dates until September and I need to do it before then)
Duran (the fact that shes difficult to reach may take her off of the list also)
Disla (not much on her so she's most likely a NO)
Baez (leaning towards her)

Can anyone help me with this decision? It would be even better if you were between them or some of them and you can say what helped you to make your decision...

I'm also anemic so I've scheduled an appointment with my PCP here for bloodwork....I'll take care of that asap.

-Stats about me:
had RNY 4.5 years ago so my skin is sagging in many areas
-I feel that I need work on my chin, back, thighs, stomach, and breasts but I know its not all possible at once
-first I would like: TT, BBL, and liposculpture

*I've also been speaking to Dr. Fisher's office but apparently with Vanity it's either TT and 12 points lipo OR just a tummy tuck. Neither of those sound ideal and I don't know if I'll be willing to do a round 2 so I don't want to chance it unless someone can tell me otherwise.

Also I've been looking into recovery houses and so far I like: high class, armonia, and serenity. Some of the pictures of the RHs I just cannot bring myself to want to stay there. Are there any other RHs similar to the ones I've listed or even nicer? I'm willing to pay a bit more if it's very nice.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate any guidance!

Recovery house....anyone already stay at COSMICARE??

I've emailed some recovery houses for availability and quotes.

Armonia: booked most of July

Waiting on responses from High Class and Serenity. I really like the look of Serenity.

Cosmicare: good package that includes everything including a guest which I need

Problem is I haven't seen anything on Cosmicare in Santo Domingo. I can't find pics or anything. Has anyone already stayed there? If I can't see any decent info and pics Irefuse to book there....

Quotes, quotes, quotes......help me, please.

I have quotes from Baez and Almonte. Almonte has nothing available until September. I prefer July.

Baez has July and a good price but her results look a bit subtle?

I did set a date with Cabral (YES, well aware of his past) but his girls all have a serious video vixen body and it may be extreme for me. Can I ask him to tone it down a bit?

Yily: emailed but unsure

Robles: waiting on her final response with a quote. Can she give what I want?

Duran: sent numerous emails and what's app messages. I spoke to someone yesterday morning at her office and she said she saw the emails and would have her respond in a few hours but still nothing....
She's my first choice but she probably has no availability.

Bello: no
Disla: no
Medina: no

What about Molina(s)?

Any input would be appreciated

High Class Recovery

I emailed days ago and no response yet. I haven't seen one review or picture. Anyone stay there and can share?? Also, I heard Cabral had a death TWO WEEKS AGO. Can anyone confirm and show a story about it?


Recovery house 101

Searching for recovery houses has been the most annoying part!

I have a buddy and we have looked into many RHs and obtained quotes:

Our first choice was Serenity or Armonia but both were booked...

We then looked into:

High Class (liked but my quote was too high)
Cosmicare (liked until I read about the fake pic stuff and I checked it out for myself)
Healing haven (quote was ridiculous)
Tropical Deluxe
Venus (also liked but quote was high)
Rocio Ortega (no response)
Sea Lily (best quote, easy to contact, and booked with them!!)

Some homes we looked at but didn't like or want to contact:
JM Spa
Barbie dream (or whatever it's called)

Couldn't find ANY contact info:

Sea lily gave the best quote and included everything: transportation, massages, wifi, laundry, meals, etc. I found 2 reviews and the only negative was they didn't have hot water. My family is from the Caribbean and many homes there have water issues so this wasn't terrible to me. Also, I asked them and they said they've fixed the issue. I guess I'll find out!
They didn't charge me much for bringing my mom whereas some other homes wanted almost 700-800 extra for her.....

If anyone needs any info I can probably help....
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