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So I've just recently gotten interested in going...

So I've just recently gotten interested in going to the DR for surgery. Seems like they curve women way better than here in the U.S. I'm still undecided on a surgeon. I love Dr. Durans work and have reached out to her but I hear getting her is like finding a needle in a haystack. I was able to get a quote from Dr Robles it was 5200 which seems to be just her standard fee. i have a friend to went to her and she looks great.But she said I would need to lose like 30 pounds. I'm 5'4 185 booo lol. My other friend is interested in Dr Almonte because that's who her friend used. Ugh all these decisions. I'm so ready for my new body tho. Would be great if I could find a travel buddy for this summer!

quote from Almonte

So I got a quote from Dr. Almonte. It was 5100 all inclusive including recovery house and meds. She also said for 1200 more I can get a breast lift. That's a great price. I think I would be miserable getting everything done at once but it's probably better than suffering twice.She didn't mention my weight just said make sure I keep my bmi under 35 and my hemo over 13. Gave me the info about deposits scheduling everything. I love that they were more detailed than Dr Robles. If I could just get a response from Duran life would be perfect! Is anyone going during the summer this year? I will post done before and wish pics hopefully today

definitely going with Dr. Almonte

So I've definitely decided to go with Dr Almonte. I love the prompt responses I've gotten. I'm even adding on a breast lift. I was gonna wait for that but I decided better to be miserable once than twice! BeCause of the extra cost I am pushing the surgery back a few months. I'm tentatively set for November 13th. But I have some wiggle room if anyone else is going around that time. I'd love to find a surgery buddy! I'm going to the gym for the first time in whooo who knows how long. I've gotten my list of vitamins and I plan on putting down my deposit next week. So excited!

stared my workout yaay

So I finally started going to the gym. Definitely wanna drop as much weight as possible for the best results. I saw my pcp today. We briefly spoke about the work I was getting done. I didn't tell him where tho. He was ok with it. He did however suggest I get to my "goal" weight and be in an established diet and exercise regiment to avoid gaining it back after surgery and to help with the healing process. I've told myself I can't put down my deposit til I've lost 15 pounds. Kind of like a reward and proof to myself in serious! Wish me luck. Oh and I got the orders from my Dr for my blood work. Really interested to see what my hemo and iron levels are now before I start the supplement s

slowly but surely

So I've started taking my vitamins. Seems like so many pills to take . I thought a multi vitamin would be easier but I think I read some where is best to take them separately. My doctor gave me my papers to get all my blood testing done. Even tho my surgery is so far out I want to know where I am.now so I know how I should be adjusting my iron intake. My appointment is tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed my hemo is at a decent number naturally. I want to book my flight. I saw some great prices but I kind of want to wait just in case I'm able to go sooner. November seems so freaking far away! Anyway here are some before pics and the vitamins. Guess I need to work on some wish pics

Dr. Robles final answer

So after much debate I've decided to go with Dr.Robles and that's it. I love Dr. Almontes work but I don't think she can give me the looking I'm going for. More than natural but less barbiesh than Duran. Dr. Robles is a perfect balance between the two. I am aware of her recent deaths and being a mommy of course I do not take this decision lightly. I will make sure I'm in optimal health so surgery or recovery isn't as tough on my body. I've already started losing weight. I haven't been exercising but that's about to become mandatory for me. I've been putting off booking a flight and paying the deposit because I wasn't sure about dates or drs. But now that I'm decided I will do both. I'm moving my surgery up to September. I'm just excited for the journey.

change change and more change

Ok so I haven't updated in a while but I've definitely been around. I've decided to go back to almonte. Laura's attitude totally put me off. Kind of seemed like I was bothering her and at one point stopped replying all together after I only asked three questions regarding my quote and making my deposits. Leslie has been soawesome with answering and replying. That makes me more comfortable plus hopefully I've found a buddy going around the same time. I got my blood work back . Despite being over weight my health is excellent. Everything came back great but My hemo is only 12.0 booo but that's natural so I shouldn't have a problem getting it up with my supplements and eating high iron foods. I really online oysters were good for raising your hemo so I'm going to be eating lots of those and taking some canned ones with me lol. I have lost weight only 7 pounds but it's a start and I'm seeing a trainer 3 times a week. I just want these next 5 months to fly by. Tomorrow I'm going to apply for my passport. I've been meaning to do it forever but my schedule has been crazy. Now I need to start working on my list of things to get. Is it September yet????

Deposit sent Robles barbie it is ladies

Alright I debated about Drs so much that I drove myself absolutely looney. At one point I even fell in love with yily who was never on my radar to begin with initially. After going through so many pictures reviews etc I've decided on Robles. I've sent my deposit so there is no changing my mind again. Btw I totally didn't know a wire transfer cost so much. But anyway I will say I've been much happier with one of dr robles new assistants lefney I hope I spelled that right. The reponse time has been awesome and now I'm juat excited to have everything finalized. Now I have to look for a flight. I'm sooooo excited I can't wait. I got my list of everything I need and vitamins and just in general. Time to start buying supplies! anyone else going in november? I would really love a surgery buddy for real for real. Please let these 4 months pass quickly.

Flight booked and I got my confirmation receipt!

Ecstatic doesn't even begin to describe what I am right now. I got my date confirmation and receipt from Dr Robles today and I booked my flight since I found what I consider to be a reasonably priced ticket. Now I just need to start getting the things on the list but I guess I can get those slowly. The list seemed pretty short. I need to find someone who has been before and get a list. I also need to find a surgery buddy but regardless I'm on my way woohoo.

Social media????

So I'm just wondering how some of you ladies have ,are currently, or plan on handling your social media accounts through the journey. I'm pretty active on fb and insta and although my surgery isn't a secret it's not something I want to share so freely with people who I may only know casually. I guess I'm not interested in dealing with a bunch of questions or judgment so I considered getting rid of it all together. But I do follow some ladies on insta who I know have went on or currently are on a journey . So idk if I should have a page just for that or juat keep my current page and say screw it. My friend deleted all her atuff a month or so before her surger and then created a new one a few months after but idk.I figured seeing how other women are handling it might Help

Supplies ....

So I started ordering supplies. I'm not sure where to start and where to stop. I also have some super thick pads (no wings) . A young lady on here inboxed me a list so I'm gonna go from there. I still need to get some sundresses I don't mind messing up. Since my surgery isn't until Nov I'm hoping before then I can find some on clearance before then. I also already have wipes. I made an appointment for my passport but they didn't have anything til the end of the month. I wasn't expecting to wait so long but that's still 10 weeks before I'm scheduled to leave so hopefully that's plenty of time. I havemt been to the gym in forever. I really need to do better because I want my results to be awesome. I don't want the dr to have to work a miracle for me to look how I want lol. I've started my vitamin regimen. Only since yesterday tho and it's getting hard keeping track. I wanna add in some blood builders. I've been looking at everything other dolls have used to see what I should try since last time I got my hemo checked it was only 12. I want awesome levels before I leave because it seems like they always drop once your there. Any ideas ladies?

Passport applied for

Sooooo I feel like I haven't updated in forever. Not much has changed except I did apply for my passport. Woohoo. That was an experience. Never try to think you can take a couple hours off in the middle of work to handle it. Your appointment means nothing lol. Also idk how much wlagreens or cvs or wherever charges you for a passport photo but the post office charges 15 and you only get one shot. I happen to look like a serial killer in mine so I would have loved a do over but no go. Oh well such as life. At least my complexion was clear lol The lady was super nice so thank God for that because I've heard horror stories. She said they at around 4 weeks so I should have plenty of time to get it. I also didn't know that they keep your birth certificate. I have a cruise coming up in oct and I will need one or the other but that's when they told me the wait is only about 4 weeks now . Tomorrow I'm goimg to have my hemo checked again. We will see if its went up any. I'm goimg to buy some geritol today but currently I'm using the vitamins and sss tonic. I want it as high as possible so I can get everything done. I have been freaking out a little lately. Second guessING if I really wanna do this. I think it's just nerves. I actually flat out said I wasmt last weekend and my bf who at first was against it was like no you're doing it. It's what you really want and we've put too much money into it to turn around now lol. Well less than 90 days away!

28 days!

So i have 28 more days left. I remember when surgery was just a thought. Well lets see whats new... i got my passport. It took exactly 4 weeks. Ive purchased most of the stuff im taking with me. Next week i go on a cruise with my bf and kids. I figured it would be nice to do something fun before im shut in for a couple months. I have not los any weight but im still at the bmi range. Im at the top but im there lol. I go through so many different emotions. Excited terrified happy sad wondering if im being selfish and how this all affects eveybody especially my babies if something happened in effort for me to feel better about myself. So i pray and i think and ultimately I just wanna be happy when i look in the mirror. I dont wanna be an instagram model or video vixen. I just wanna see my cooch without holding my stomach up amd look good in a dress. im just impatiently waiting for a new me. I know i dont update here much. Im on instagram all day lol but i promise to post pics and reviews after and not just stop like some women on here. Well until next time!

Date change ugh!

So after months of trying to get my hemo up its not budging from 12.2 I spoke with robles offices who advised i could do iron treatments for 3 or 4 days. That would put me coming back on thanksgiving and that wasnt an option. So i changed my flight arriving in dr jan 7th with surgery on jan 12th. This will allow me to get my iron treatments since im not absorbing iron orally and still be able to get all my procedures done. I was bummed that now im basically waiting another two months but I would rather wait and get everything done then get there and be turned away. So now its hurry up and wait AGAIN

Less than a week

Sooo I have less than a week 6 days to be exact before I head to the dr. Ive been waiting for this for soooo long. Im not even packed yet. These next few days are going to go by super quick I know it. Ive passed being scared now im just anxious! Getting my hemo checked again tomorrow. Hopefully its in a good place. Ive never wanted anything as bad as I want to just look nice in a dress. I pray this all works out

I made it to dr!!!!

I have trouble sleeping away from home so while I'm up just wanna give y'all a quick update on progress so far. I left yesterday morning and man was that hard my daughter cried and I cried and got upset. I have never left my babies for even close to this long. I was running late md almost missed my flight and as a result got careless and left my phone in tsa screening and didn't have time to go back and get it. Thankfully I had a back up and my fiancé was able to pick it up for me. I got here at 4 Wilson was waiting with signs with our name as promised. I happened to catch the same connecting flight here with my sx buddy.He took us straight to Cecip for tests. That process is LONG not each test because they are all quick but the waiting. So bring your patience and a snack. Everybody was nice but almost no one speaks any English. So any Spanish you know is helpful. My hemo is a 13.3! So I don't need any iron treatments and I'm all clear for surgery. Now I'm kicking myself I came so early. I was told if anyone's sx gets cancelled or postponed they will move me up tho. Virginias was full so I'm at paradise but if vip gets an opening after sx I can move and I will definitely be taking them up on that offer. Paradise is ok but they speak almost no English and the hot water is lukewarm at best but Thank God I made it here safely and everything is good. Woohoo

Ready to go

I had surgery everything went good. So far I'm really unhappy with my butt however I will go into detail once I'm back in the states. Two days left woo hop. Crazy how we couldn't wait to get here then get here and can't wait to go home here are a few after photos. I will use someone to take better pics once I'm home
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