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Hi everyone. I am scheduled for a tt, lipo to fill...

Hi everyone. I am scheduled for a tt, lipo to fill back and flanks, muscle repair, and bbl in February. I am currently 198lbs and 5'4". I was told the bmi has to be under 33, so I'm thinking I need to be 32( lol). So I plan to be 185 by my sx date which is my lowest weight since middle school. I am seeing some ladies say they are 5'5" and 180 and need to lose to clear for bmi. I'm wondering have the bmi requirements changed.

2 months 17 days pre op

Wish pics playing with the plastic surgery app. I'm looking to get a bbl with most of the fat put in the sides and bottom, similar to a Latina booty. Is there a certain name for this shape?

69 days!! and it's kinda setting in

I'm 2 months 9 days pre and I'm now starting tho think about it more and more. When I lay in bed I practice sleeping with pillows under my back and thighs to take pressure off of the bbl I'm supposed to be getting. It seems to work, although dyer a while my back aches a little. I'm just starting my vitamins today, not sure if I'm going to do the sstonic or irons pills... Might get both. I'm going to start purchasing more of the things on my travel list and finish getting the rest of my money together. It's getting real guys. 9 more days to stop smoking, the cutting back has been getting easier!

Starting my vitamins!

I'm thinking about going to my doctor he. And getting a full preop work up to see where I'm at. I've had a csection and a outpatient surgery with no complications, however I wasn't a smoker then. My iron mill says 325mg ferrous sulfate and 65mg iron. I'm wondering if I'm supposed to take 1 or 5. Am I supposed to go by the ironing or the ferrous sulfate mg. anyone, I'm getting excited!

Before pics :(

Well, well, well... I am finally uploading before pics. The truth is, I still love myself and is comfortable with my fat, however, I have been overweight since I was a baby. I want a new start! I used to weigh 280lbs + and I'm only 5'4". I the fact that people told me I had a pretty face distract me from shedding the weight. Over the years I have gotten under 200lbs. I am currently 197lbs and is working on getting to 185lb by surgery(bmi requires no more than 190lbs).

The irony is, I was way more confident with my body when I was bigger. After the weight came off, I grew mad at myself for stretching my skin this way. My main concern is my back rolls. The pockets are so huge and I can literally pick them up away from my body. Dr. Medina assured me that lipo sculpture would make my back appear smooth, however, I am preparing myself for if I need a direct incision. I am adding some pics with and without clothes.

Thinking about switching doctors :/

I have become attached with Medina and love her work, but I came across Robles before and after a and I like her bbl and tt. Robles is great with turning square bodies into a hour glass and she has 17 years experience. Because Robles is more experienced with larger body frames I and leaning towards her. I am waiting for my quote, I contacted her on Whatsapp and she said she will email me. I found out that Robles work out of CECIP, Not CELIP, 2 different places. So once I revive my quote, I will move forward with my deposit if she has an available day on 2/4. I have already purchased my plane ticket and my passport is on the way. So I would need a date between 2/3- and 2/5 so I wouldn't have to change my departure date. I will post pics of the difference.

I had a full preop done by my primary doc and everything came back great! My hemoglobin is currently at a13.9. I still have 10 lbs to lose to meet the bmi requirements. I am freakind out because when I went to the doc, I measured my height and it was between 5'1" and 5'2". That is totally off. All of my doc records and ID say 5'4". I even went home and measured my height and I got 5'3" and 3/4. The ruler at the doc office does not start at the floor!!

I'm doing a 10 day master cleanse to shed the 10 lbs and then I will be moving to the 3 day military diet for another 5 to 10 lbs, then eating only red meats, beet smothies, and green veggie for the last week and a half up until the surgery. That's what my normal life is, diets every other week. Once you lose weight it is a struggle maintaining, but I get better and better.

Pics didn't all load

These are the pics of me comparing Medina and Robles bbl. I think Robles is great with square body frames.

Lost 12lbs in a week!!

Been on a weight Loss journey and I'm trying to get my bmi under the requirements. I have 7lbs to go, in going for 10! The count down is real. I think I'm going to start packing and getting thing together this week.

Supplies and natural iron vegetables!!

I was in Walmart shopping for household items when my friend mention supplies for the trip! So I started to grab a few things and it didn't come out to that much!! I used my company HSA card. I got supplies for the trip and after care when I return home.

I also picked up some things for my beer smoothies I will be drinking up until the trip!

Guess what came!

My passport is here! I have been freaking out lately. I have been watching these procedures for years wanting one and now I'm actually going to be the person on the table. I'm praying that everything will be ok and my experience will be satisfactory!

I'm excited and freaking out at the same time!!

1. I have 8 more lbs to lose in 12 days
2. I hope the diet doesn't lower my hemo
3. My hemo was 13.9 on 1/4, I'm thinking of getting another blood test the day before
4. Looking at all the pics and realizing that will be me on the table got me sweating bullets!!
5. IM EXCITED!!! :-)

Weight loss update! 6.6lbs away from goal

I got so messed up before with my bmi thinking I was 5'4" for YEARSSSSS!! That height is on everything! Welp I'm 5'1"3/4 or 5'2" so that meant more work to drop the lbs. the crash diets are working but I hope it doesn't mess with my hemo. I was 13.9 when I got checked on 1/4/16. I'm going to make another appt to get checked 2 days before I leave!

I'm panicking!!

I have 4 more lbs to lose to meet the bmi, I've been thinking I was 5'4" all of these years and I'm 5'1"-5'2"! I'm currently on the military diet and had great results, by I'm hoping all the dieting won't mess with my hemo. It was a 13.9 on 1/4. I am getting it rechecked on 2/1 before I leave and praying these lbs drop off! Also I got a boil! It's not where I will be getting lipo, but it is in the vicinity omg! I need a blue pill now so I can stop freaking out lol!

I have arrived in DR! Without my luggage :(

Well, I arrived on time as scheduled. I filled out the immigration papers online and printed out my tourist card online. My luggage did not show up, they said it would be here at midnite and dropped off at CECIP in the morning. I am scheduled for surgery at 7am, I did all my labs and got marked up. Everyone has been very nice to me and after drinking the JUICE in DR, I realize the juice in the states is just sugar water. Robles assistant gave me some fruit punch juice and I could actually taste every piece of fruit in it. Amazing. The wifi has been working fine at CECIP and I experience 1 power outage, it lasted for about 3 secs(hope it doesn't happen while I'm on the table LOL). Everyone has been very supportive and called to pray on the phone with me so I'm in the best of spirits. I will do my best to keep you all updated and also post my mark up pics.

Mark ups

It's going to look like a meat market after she cut all of this skin off LOL!

Waiting!! I need a blue pill or a chill pill asap!

I'm up waiting in my room doing homework until they come get me. This is such an emotional process, it's not all about being snatched. you have to be mentally prepared to risk your life for a better body. I am giving all my worries to God. If feel better if I had breakfast lol.

Made it!

Thanks you Lord for continuing to wrap you're loving arms around me

A few pics. I am more than satisfied!

All the staff have been extremely nice to be and attentive. I am staying at Paradise recovery house, it is pretty and the food is good. I was a 13.9 before surgery and a 7.8 after so I got 2 blood transfusions and went to the oxygen chamber. If they wouldn't have told me my hemo was that low I like the have known because I felt normal after surgery, just stiff. Robles stitch game is amazing. Behave also been laying and sitting in my butt. With a tummy tuck there is no other way to sleep lol

Pics didn't load

Home sick!

Everyone has been more than friendly and nice here, I have enjoys my stay, however I am home sick. 10 days in a hospital bed, not sleeping comfortably has taken a tole on me. I have even asked was it worth it. This surgery was definitely harder than a c-section, but when I walk past the mirror I smile! I leave Monday and I want to get all the staff something small, they cared for me like I was their child! I have still been sitting and laying on my butt, I have no choice with the tt, hope I have some left after I fully recover.


I go home tomorrow and can't wait! Im upset that u haven't got any massages yet. I feel like my results would have looked better by now, although I know I still have a long way to go. My back is still so puffy and stick and I think massages would have worked some of that out and also drained me more. The RH nurse said she only has 1 number and they have not been answering. I also have been sitting on my bbl because I have a tummy tuck. I have not been able to find an inflatable pillow here. I guess I'll have to wait until I get back to the states.

My incision is healing great in the flip side of things


I made it home safely and the plane rides were not that bad. I had a wheel chair thru the DR airport, but walked thru the other airports. I am amazed at my incision. Dr Robles instructions are no showers what so ever until my drain is out and I'm going to follow because my incision is healing wonderfully! I do wash and lather my legs and arms and everything else and use my shower head to rinse off, not getting my stomach wet.

I had my first massage right before my flight and it felt so good and loosened me up that I wish I would have had more. I have to find someone in my area, but I have bee trying to massage myself.

I do still have my back rolls but they are much smaller and I think they will go down a lot because I am still very swollen. I do not compare my results to others because I feel I was a special case. I had way more loose skin that fat and the fat pockets on my back were very large.

I plan to work on my thighs and arms myself and return for a breast lift because these thanks are hanging a lot with the stomach being gone. My boyfriend has been amazing and very attentive although I am able to do a lot on my own. I'm standing up strait 80% and can get around very good. I still have back pain after waking up, but after I walk around for a few minutes it goes away for the day.

I have been home trying on clothes looking at my butt! Lol. It is not as big or the shape that I imagined it to be, but I think it it is enough and perfect for me. I will post a few pics. Thanks for taking the time out to look. <3

Back shot :-)

I have been wearing my waist trainer today because I am washing my stage 1 garment which was not tight at all! Just from wearing this garment since this morning, my back swelling has went down soooo much. I switch into my stage 2 garment in Thursday which will be at 2 weeks post ops(Dr Robles recommendation). I'm excited to see the shape come in more.

As stated previously, I have only had 1 lymphatic massage and I'm going to hopefully find some one here to do them and look up do it yourself massages until I find a good one.

Pic didn't load

Small update, the difference in 8 hours!

Dr Robles instructions was not to wear my stage 2 faja until 2 weeks post op, however my stage 1 was so loose so I've been wearing my waist trainer. The left pic is the day I left the RH and the right is after I wore my waist trainer from 10am - 9pm. I'm going to continue to wear it until Friday. This goes to show what good compression does and how your results change. I'm excited!

Incision pics

A little over 2 weeks, my incision is healing great. I won't start any scar treatment until after 2 months.

I don't want to speak too soon!

Don't want to speak too soon, but this may be my first night sleeping in my stage 2 faja. I have been switching to my waist trainer because this things squeezes the mess out of my vagina!! OMG! I feel like I'm going to be in yeast infection central! It also cuts into the crease of my thigh meat. I know I need the compression for my wait as I am still draining about 100 to 200 cc's a day. If anyone has any recommendations for altering the thighs on these fajas or if you have had it done, please let me know, I'm am trying to stick it out and follow my post op instructing as closely as possible, thanks loves!

Drain, BACK PAIN, and sex (smh lol)

I'm trying not to rush the process but I'm coming up on 3 weeks with my drain and I've read that massive weight loss patients and a lot of lipo and drag out the process. On the bright side yesterday was the first day the drains didn't give me any problems with blogging and burning.

My stage 2 faja! This is the 2nd night I have slept in it and I can now pull it up from my body so in thinking I might me moving to the 2nd notch in a couple days! I'm also scheduled for a massage tomorrow!!! I need it sooo bad.

Back pain! It's a killer! My back stills feels the same pins and needles burning feeling since day 1. It has not subsided one bit, but massages does loosen it up some. I don't think I've read a post prior to surgery that prepares you for the pain of aggressive lipo. I have not came across a pain pill that's works for my back.

TMI (can I post this lol) I know it's way too early, but I have had sex twice, careful and soft, with my garment on. Shame shame shame, I know, I begged and begged It did not hurt, my stomach felt the same. I told my self I would wait until the drain came out, I mm just going to hold out until 4 weeks. Overall, everything is coming along fine.

Recovery kicking my butt!!

I got a great hour and a half massage earlier today and I just looked down and my feet and kneed are so swollen. I'm still draining 200 ml a day :-(. My incision has healed, but the tightness and uncomfortableness is still here. I can't see it subsiding at 4 weeks. Praying tomorrow will be better.

Drain still in :(

Not much to update, but my back swelling have went down a lot. The back pain is still there, I can walk standing up straight "sometimes." I am on the last hook of my stage 2 faja. I damn-near cut the whole crotch out so I can use the bathroom without taking it off. I'm going to wash it tomorrow so it can get tighter. THE DRAIN! OMGGGGGGGGG, in still draining between 200-250 ml a day. Idk if it's because I'm moving too much or not drinking enough water. Dr Tobles assistant said my drain site still looks good and no infection, however I'm giving myself until 6 weeks. If I'm not done draining I'm going to take the risk and take it out. Dr Robles said the longest a patient had the drain in was 42 days, that is CRAZAYYY!! I'll drop a couple pics. Inbox or ask any questions you may have. I'm completely open to answering!

Let me tell you guys how slow I am!!

I've been reading my drain wrong this whole time!!! Arggggg!!! When you dump your drain you have to compress it so it sucks the fluid thru the tube right... so I've been reading my drain while it was compressed so the only reading I would see was 200ml. This morning I opened the top and let air in and was able to see the other 50ml-400 ml readings and I am draining less than 50 ml!!! Omg I could have slapped myself lol, so now I'm going to go 2 more days to make sure!!


I so dreaded this. I got my drain taken out at 33 days and I was draining between 50 and 75mls a day. Robles assistant, Dr Gonzalez said I could take it out and wear a tight compression garment after I sent her a pic of my drain hole.

I was feeling like it was fluid running down my insides but I didn't know if it was just in my head, but when I sit down and press my stomach, there is fluid sitting at the bottom of my stomach, it's like a big waterbed. So I'm thinking I have about 150 to 200 ml sitting in my stomach. Huhhhhh

I'm going to email my doc hoping she can help me but I know I'll more than like have to pay out of pocket.

Seroma pics

I can't even call this a pocket of fluid. It's also under my breast. I'm waiting to hear back from my primary doc. In dreading the amount it will cost to get drained or place another small drain.

On my way to the ER, hopefully they can drain this seroma

Well this is more than a seroma, it's all over my abdomen. I don't have severe pain, but my surgeon said to get it drained immediately. I primary physician did an ultra sound and provided antibiotics, but she has a different protocol tha PS. My family doc said go to ER.

I'm having booty greed! I want moreeeee

I want more booty, but the way my backs till feels idk lawd!! I'm still holding the fluid and have 2 seroma a on my stomach but they aren't infected and I get them drained Tuesday! Any questions feel free to inbox or ask!

Update, before and after

I was feeling so big yesterday and my boyfriend had to remind me of my before photos!

I consider myself a special case because I had so much loose skin(which I still have some). My tummy and back is not as flat as everyone else's, but I am me, and Dr Robles made me the better version of me :-)

Small update! Don't forget to love yourself

Haven't updated in a while, I'm doing fine. I'm still dealing with swelling and a very small seroma. I have minimal pain, again lipo is the worst! Lol. I am now able to take a nap or go out for a few hours without my garment. When I see myself spreading and getting wider I out it back on.

As mentioned before I still have small rolls on my back and flanks, but I have decided I will not not get another round for them because I am happy with what I have. My body has brought back my inner confidence as shopping for clothes is the bomb! I'm able to wear tight fitting clothes with no garments and not be in 2 garments! *twerk twerk*.

Lastly I want to say don't forget to love yourself thru this whole journey. I see so many of us ever owner depression on different levels and can get TOO wrapped up in perfecting out bodies. Yes it's your money and your experience, but remember to enjoy it and not focus on all the other flaws you feel you have left.

I'm going to start weight training for my back and arms and hit them squats to complete my look. I am so thankful to Dr. Robles

Pics with clothes on and no garment

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I made it home safely and the plane ride wasn't that bad. I just want to thank Dr Robles so much for everything!! Her and the staff will forever be in my heart, I was treated with the best care and I am more than satisfied. I am amazed at my incision every time I look at how great it is healing. I will be sure to follow all of her after care instructions and will refer her to everyone. Until we meet again to lift these boobs! ❤️

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